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News Wise

News Wise

Anchor: Arifa Noor
Channel: Dawn News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates
Analyst: Zahid Hussain Kazmi

News Wise Talk Show Program - All episodes
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
Exclusive talk with Miftah Ismail about the issue of over billing
News Wise 5-Dec
News Wise
PTI founding member Akbar S Babar challenged intra-party election.
News Wise 4-Dec
News Wise
How to prevent PTI to get majority i nthe election? State is doing everything to make sure it.
News Wise 30-Nov
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with special assistant to the caretaker PM on privatization.
News Wise 29-Nov
News Wise
Today verdict of IHC will increase perception of Nawaz Sharif romance with the establishment.
News Wise 28-Nov
News Wise
Is the open trial of Imrna Khan possible in the Adayala Jail?
News Wise 23-Nov
News Wise
Would PTI be able to retain BAT symbol after today verdict of ECP?
News Wise 21-Nov
News Wise
Saeed Ghani of PPP harsh statement about MQM Pakistan
News Wise 20-Nov
News Wise
Bilawal Bhutto criticizing Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan at once
News Wise 16-Nov
News Wise
Pakistan is out of risk of default, inflation may come down in the near future.
News Wise 15-Nov
News Wise
Why did Nawaz Sharif visit Baluchistan first? Will PMLN be able to form a Govt there?
News Wise 14-Nov
News Wise
Nawaz Sharif active in Baluchistan, Will PPP & PTI join hands?
News Wise 13-Nov
News Wise
Will Shahid Khaqan Abbasi contest the election on the platform of PMLN
News Wise 9-Nov
News Wise
Will Baluchistan Awami Party make alliance with PMLN before the election?
News Wise 7-Nov
News Wise
What is the reason behind a series of terror attacks in Pakistan.
News Wise 31-Oct
News Wise
A deadline to illegal Afghan living in Pakistan is ending today.
News Wise 30-Oct
News Wise
PMLN has made plan against PPP, When will ECP announce the election date?
News Wise 26-Oct
News Wise
Shortage of food & medicines in Gaza, The World is silent
News Wise 25-Oct
News Wise
Who is facilitating Nawaz Sharif? PMLN is not united right now
News Wise 24-Oct
News Wise
Was President taken into confidice before the proposal of dialogue?
News Wise 19-Oct
News Wise
Who is taking revenge from Imran Khan? Will Nawaz Sharif be arrested on October 24?
News Wise 18-Oct
News Wise
America is backing Israeli brutal aerial attacks on Gaza
News Wise 17-Oct
News Wise
Why PMLN is pretending that they are coming into power
News Wise 16-Oct
News Wise
Is Nawaz Sharif coming back in result of any deal or backdoor contacts?
News Wise 12-Oct
News Wise
The terrible situation in Gaza after Israel retaliation. No support from rest of the world.
News Wise 11-Oct
News Wise
Privatization of loss-bearing institutions of Pakistan, SC judgement
News Wise 10-Oct
News Wise
Differences among the judges in the full court bench during the hearing of SC Practice & proced..
News Wise 9-Oct
News Wise
Shahid Khaqan criticized own party, Hamas attack on Israel
News Wise 5-Oct
News Wise
Election could be delayed, Would the establishment be able to give level-playing field to all p..
News Wise 4-Oct
News Wise
All political parties are agreed for dialogue but none of them wants to take first step.
News Wise 3-Oct
News Wise
A grand dialogue among all stakeholders has been indispensable.
News Wise 2-Oct
News Wise
MQM power show in Karachi, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is going to form own political party.
News Wise 30-Sep
News Wise
Political parties are not happy with the reopening of NAB cases.
News Wise 28-Sep
News Wise
Has PMLN stepped back from an aggressive narrative?
News Wise 27-Sep
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Is he going to make a new party?
News Wise 26-Sep
News Wise
Will Nawaz Sharif be arrested or allowed to go home upon his return?
News Wise 25-Sep
News Wise
London has become the centre of PMLN politics, freedom of expression in Pakistan.
News Wise 21-Sep
News Wise
Entry of a new political party in the politics of Pakistan
News Wise 20-Sep
News Wise
Highest prices of petroleum products, Privatization of national assets.
News Wise 18-Sep
News Wise
Live broadcast of Supreme Court proceeding first time in the history of Pakistan.
News Wise 14-Sep
News Wise
New political & constitutional crisis, IED blast in Mastung
News Wise 13-Sep
News Wise
Where would Nawaz Sharif be taken on October 21, Home of Jail?
News Wise 12-Sep
News Wise
Why PPP is floating two different narrative before the election?
News Wise 7-Sep
News Wise
Would this caretaker government be able to hold election in 4 months?
News Wise 6-Sep
News Wise
How is PMLN taking Army Chief meeting with business community?
News Wise 5-Sep
News Wise
What traders demanded to the army chief on the issue of election?
News Wise 4-Sep
News Wise
Would a long-lasting caretaker setup be able to face the rage of the public?
News Wise 31-Aug-23
News Wise
Who wants a delay in the general election? Who would be the major beneficiary of it?


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