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News Wise

News Wise

Anchor: Arifa Noor
Channel: Dawn News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates
Analyst: Zahid Hussain Kazmi

News Wise Talk Show Program - All episodes
News Wise Friday
News Wise
Has PMLN got anti PTI narrative in the right time?
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
Law & order in KPK, is TTP really taking over in Swat?
News Wise 5-Aug
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif.
News Wise 5-Aug
News Wise
Downfall of the US dollar and possible return of Nawaz Sharif
News Wise 4-Aug
News Wise
How strong a reference would be against Imran Khan?
News Wise 2-Aug
News Wise
The coalition government got enough material to push PTI back.
News Wise 1-Aug
News Wise
PTI announced to file judicial reference against the Chief election commissioner.
News Wise 29-Jul
News Wise
Controversy on appointments of new judges in supreme court.
News Wise 28-Jul
News Wise
Will PTI dissolve Sindh assembly?
News Wise 25-Jul
News Wise
Will PMLN buycott proceeding of supreme court if full court bench is not formed?
News Wise 21-Jul
News Wise
Both PTI & PMLN are claiming numbers for CM election
News Wise 20-Jul
News Wise
Exclusive talk with finance minister Miftah Ismail.
News Wise 15-Jul
News Wise
The future of the anti-establishment narrative of Imran Khan.
News Wise 13-Jul
News Wise
By-election in the 4 constituencies of Lahore.
News Wise 6-Jul
News Wise
Talks with banned TTP in progress
News Wise 5-Jul
News Wise
Why is not an issue of missing persons being resolved?
News Wise 4-Jul
News Wise
Why Imran Khan addressing neutral again and again?
News Wise 1-Jul
News Wise
Supreme Court made PMLN & PTI agree on a midway solution
News Wise 30-Jun
News Wise
Condition over condition from IMF and LHC verdict
News Wise 28-Jun
News Wise
Discussion on the party position in the by-election in Punjab?
News Wise 24-Jun
News Wise
NAB amendments were compulsion or necessary.
News Wise 23-Jun
News Wise
Why did PPP step back in the by-poll in Punjab?
News Wise 22-Jun
News Wise
Who to TLP actually is challenging in Karachi?
News Wise 21-Jun
News Wise
International conspiracy followed by inflation and now NAB amendments.
News Wise 17-Jun
News Wise
PTI vs Establishment on the issue of conspiracy.
News Wise 16-Jun
News Wise
What was an agreement PTI signed with IMF?
News Wise 13-Jun
News Wise
By-poll in Punjab will be a bigger challenge for PPP & PMLN
News Wise 10-Jun
News Wise
An increase in the defense budget was necessary or a compulsion?
News Wise 9-Jun
News Wise
Economic performance of the PTI and the coalition government.
News Wise 8-Jun
News Wise
Load shedding of electricity reached a new high
News Wise 7-Jun
News Wise
Economic & public pressure on the Shahbaz government.
News Wise 3-Jun
News Wise
What is going to happen in the coming days?
News Wise 2-Jun
News Wise
Has the government decided any possible date for a new election?
News Wise 1-Jun
News Wise
Detail verdict of supreme court about PTI long march
News Wise 31-May
News Wise
Today is the last day of Imran Khan deadline
News Wise 27-May
News Wise
Possibility of a further increase in the petroleum products.
News Wise 26-May
News Wise
New deadline from Imran Khan to the government to call a fresh election
News Wise 25-May
News Wise
Clashes between police and PTI workers
News Wise 24-May
News Wise
Exclusive interview of Khawaja Muhammad Asif
News Wise 20-May
News Wise
Another setback to the new government.
News Wise 19-May
News Wise
Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto in America, Suo moto from the supreme court.
News Wise 18-May
News Wise
US Dollar completed double century. Political crisis in Baluchistan.
News Wise 17-May
News Wise
The verdict from SC increased political uncertainity
News Wise 11-May
News Wise
Khawaja Asif statement regarding the fresh election.
News Wise 10-May
News Wise
What is the solution to the political crisis in Punjab?
News Wise 9-May
News Wise
Political rift on its peak, Serious allegations on the institutions.
News Wise 6-May-22
News Wise
Imran Khan clearly signalling for sit-in.
News Wise 5-May-22
News Wise
Is Twitter Trends rightly indicating the political scenario?


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