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Samaa tv live also known as Samaa news live is among the leading current affair, local and international news and entertainment channel in Pakistan. Samaa news believes in to provide natural and unbiased news to its viewers in more ethical and responsible manner. One of great feature of Samaa’s success that from its beginning the channel is working hard to provide authentic and neutral current affair discussions without any secret agenda and political affiliation. Samaa News has a large network of reporters and correspondents in the local areas of Pakistan and in other region outside Pakistan as well. Samaa News live possesses more advanced and state of the art studios with moderated facilities in federal and provincial’s territories. With some biggest name in the journalism along with highly professional and experienced team Samaa ensures timely telecast the right news in professional manner all the time. Zaffar Malik is the pioneer of Samaa News also holds the designation of Senior Executive Producer has given a very unique slogan to his Samaa tv that “Sansani Nahi, Siraf Khabar” on the launching ceremony of Samaa News Urdu on December 25, 2007.
Since its opening, Samaa tv live has provided many incisive talk shows on political and social issues of Pakistan. Featuring with Samaa News live bulletins and wide range of other program like social issues, sports and infotainment segments Samaa News has enabled to stay among the top news and infotainment channels in Pakistan.
Just like express news live Samaa tv has introduced many new way of journalism. ISamaa is one of its unique features that is included with user generated information. ISamaa ( allows the common man to take part in sharing news and other information worldwide by using citizen journalism platform of Samaa tv online. Sending ‘Breaking News Alert’ on cell phone is another key initiative from Samaa tv live to keep people up to date with rapidly changing political scenario and other news from inside and outside Pakistan. This has proved to be most convenient and well efficient way of keeping people up to date with the latest happening. By setting these new standards of innovative journalism Samaa tv has become the leading channel in Pakistan. With it responsible and accurate reporting it also has become the voice of Pakistani people. Samaa News has earned many national and international awards of high integrity for his unbiased and prompt reporting. Increasing viewership day by day is another proof to its remarkable credibility as a responsible media.

Popular Anchor Persons and Journalists

Samaa News has very professional team of journalists and anchor persons. With its highly committed and efficient team of journalists Samaa tv has broken many hidden stories and pointed out many issues of the society. It has presented many talk shows and organized thoughtful discussions to find the solution of may disputes in Pakistan. Here are the introduction of popular journalists and anchor persons associated with Samaa tv. 

Nadeem Malik (Anchor, Journalist & Analyst)

Nadeem Malik is Samaa’s most experienced and professional journalist. Currently he is conducting his popular current affair talk show Live With Nadeem Malik on Samaa News Pakistan. Before joining Samaa, Nadeem Malik has worked for aaJ tv as director program and host of Islamabad Tonight as well. He has also hosted the talk show News Guru on CNBC channel and served as Bureau chief of CNBC for Islamabad. He has deep and longstanding association with news organization and business journals.
He, being freelancer has contributed to various local and international news journals like BBC Online, Asia Times and The News International. As a host, he has presented many talk shows to discuss the current affair issues in Pakistan. Nadeem Malik has covered all the election held in Pakistan from 2002 to 2013. He also has covered all the parliamentary sessions to elect the prime minister and speaker of the national assembly. Before joining CNBC in 2005, he has served as an analyst and commentator for many tv and radio channels in local and international media.
Nadeem Malik is also one of those senior journalists who has worked in Ptv before the opening of private channels in Pakistan and conducted its popular talk show of that time ‘News Morning’ and ‘News Night’ which were based on current affair. He has interviewed many national and international celebrities including American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and etc.

Paras Khursheed (Anchor)

Paras Khursheed was born in Hyderabad. She started her career as an anchor in 2004. Because of her very distinctive personality she has been remained very successful anchor person since 2004. Currently she is hosting a talk show ‘News Beat’ on Samaa News which is on aired from Friday to Sunday late at night.

 Ali Mumtaz (Anchor, Journalist)

Ali Mumtaz was born and brought up in Gujranwala. After joining radio Pakistan in 2000 he was the only member of his family who was associated with media. Since then he never looked back. He hosted many shows for Pakistani tv channels held in United Kingdom before joining the Pakistan Television News channel as an anchor and analyst of current affair based talk show. He is among journalists who have used to work in toughest condition along with limited resources. He has strong believed on himself. He has faced many testing time in the field but he stood up remained committed to his profession. He is such journalist who has covered flood, bomb blasts and violent protests fearlessly. Currently he is presenting ‘Hum Log’ on Samaa News which is very popular show based on the issues of the common man.

Ali Haider (Anchor, News Presenter)

Ali Haider was born in Jhang then shifted to Lahore and completed his study there. Ali Haider hold Master degree in journalism. He started his journalism career as news presenter in 2009. He worked for various channels and hosted many talk show based on current issues. Currently he is hosting a talk show ‘Awaz’ on live Samaa tv.

Beena Khan (Writer, Producer and Anchor)

Beena Khan is associated with Samaa from its beginning. She started her career with English morning Daily and wrote lot of content for different department. She wrote lot of material on political, current and women issues. She shifted to electronic media after joining Samaa News and started working there as news presenter and crime reporter.  ‘Crime Scene’ is Samaa’s pioneer and longest running program which is written, produced and hosted by Beena Khan. Beena Khan is also certified International Trainer of Trainers in communication skills, corporate communication and strategy planning. She got her certification from Germany.

There are some news in that a famous anchor person of samaa tv has joined the new coming tv channel bol tv live, he will resign soon but name of the anchor is not known publicly yet.

Popular Programs

Samaa tv has been presenting lot of intellectual and meaningful programs since its launched. With comprehensive discussion in the shows Samaa News helped the authorities to find way out from different social and political issues. Some of its popular shows are as under

Live With Nadeem Malik

This is Samaa’s most popular talk show based on current affair, social and economy issues. It is hosted by one of most experienced journalist Nadeem Malik. The host has an extensive knowledge over politics and the economy of Pakistan. It is presented every Monday to Thursday at 8.00pm on Samaa news live transmission.

News Beat

News Beat is Samaa’s another talk show based on political and current issues. It is hosted by Paras Khursheed who started her career as an anchor long ago. She is most experienced anchor in Pakistani electronic media. In the show, discussion is done on various current issues among the senior politician, civil servants and the other part of the society. News Beat is presented on Samaa News live transmission from Friday to Sunday at 10.03pm.


Awas is prime time talk show hosted by Ali Haider a famous news presenter and now hosting a program. Politician and analysts are invited in the show to discuss the core issues of the country. Participant of the show have to face scissoring questions asked by the host.  

Hum Log

Hum Log is very unique program presented by Samaa. Host Ali Mumtaz presents the show in three different styles. Some time he presents the show by interviewing single personality. Some time he goes on field to highlight general problem of common man. And some time he presents a show with lot of guests in front of public. In this type of show usually he allows the public to ask direct questions to the guests.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene is based on investigations of different crimes held in the society. It is hosted and produced by Beena Khan who is very talented and fearless journalist. Until now crime scene has reveal many crimes, social injustice and other bad acts.
No doubt Samaa is a great addition in electronic media industry in Pakistan. Live Samaa tv along with other channel like geo news live and dunya news live has telecasted live transmission on various occasions. Whether it is to cover any live event or protest on any issue, Samaa never seem to be incompetent among other news channels. To watch Samaa tv live streaming on internet long on to:

Samaa TV Live

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