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Arifa Noor

Arifa Noor

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Dawn News

Arifa Noor's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
How easy it would be for PTI to dissolve Punjab & KPK assemblies?
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Future of Punjab & KPK assembly and Cipher narrative
News Wise 25-Nov
News Wise
Will a new military leadership play any role to trigger dialogue between PTI and PDM Govt?
News Wise 24-Nov
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Wise 22-Nov
News Wise
The government is waiting for the summary of senior most generals from the GHQ
News Wise 21-Nov
News Wise
Fund for climate-affected countries, Harassment of female teachers in Quaid-e-Azam University.
News Wise 18-Nov
News Wise
Toshakhwana case become a new trouble for Imran Khan
News Wise 16-Nov
News Wise
The buyer of the MBS gifted watch came on media. Imran Khan in big trouble
News Wise 10-Nov
News Wise
Appointment of a new army chief and possible return of Nawaz Sharif
News Wise 2-Nov
News Wise
Violence on May 25th, Imran Khan has to satisfy the court.
News Wise 31-Oct
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Wise 27-Oct
News Wise
A strong response from military leadership to Imran Khan
News Wise 26-Oct
News Wise
Would the government be able to cease PTI long march?
News Wise 24-Oct
News Wise
Is the death of Arshad Sharif an accident or murder?
News Wise 17-Oct
News Wise
What happened to PMLN in Punjab? Is return of Nawaz Sharif the only hope left?
News Wise 13-Oct
News Wise
What are reasons behind Azam Khan Swati arrest?
News Wise 12-Oct
News Wise
Banned TTP active in Swat again, Relief to Shahbaz Sharif family
News Wise 10-Oct
News Wise
Nawaz Sharif warned Imran Khan, Still no date of Nawaz Sharif return.
News Wise 8-Oct
News Wise
Two PTI leaders arrested by FIA in foreign funding case.
News Wise 6-Oct
News Wise
Will PTI go back in the Parliament or give a call for a long march?
News Wise 4-Oct
News Wise
What is a level playing field according to Maryam Nawaz?
News Wise 3-Oct
News Wise
The government is ready to open a new end against Imran Khan
News Wise 23-Sep
News Wise
Climate change will bring more destruction in the coming years.
News Wise 20-Sep
News Wise
PTI is stuck in the narratives of reconciliation and resistance.
News Wise 15-Sep
News Wise
Deadbodies of MQM missing workers found.
News Wise 14-Sep
News Wise
Return of an element of TTP in Swat.
News Wise 12-Sep
News Wise
Cracks in PMLN are appearing openly now
News Wise 7-Sep
News Wise
First attack and then clarification. This is the strategy of Imran Khan
News Wise 6-Sep
News Wise
Imran Khan in big trouble after giving controversial statement about army leadership.
News Wise 2-Sep
News Wise
What is the major difficulty in the relief work for flood victims?
News Wise 1-Sep
News Wise
Discussion on the issue of trade with India
News Wise 31-Aug
News Wise
Imran Khan gets time to rethink his submission in the court.
News Wise 30-Aug
News Wise
Will IMF give any relief to Pakistan due to the devastating flood?
News Wise 25-Aug
News Wise
Disqualification of political leaders by courts.
News Wise 24-Aug
News Wise
Contempt notice against Imran Khan and other political issues.
News Wise 23-Aug-22
News Wise
Legal value of ATA case against Imran Khan.
News Wise 23-Aug-22
News Wise
Another case registered against Imran Khan under anti terrorism act.
News Wise 17-Aug-22
News Wise
Exclusive interview of Miftah Ismail.
News Wise 16-Aug-22
News Wise
Petrol prices were supposed to come down, how it is increased?
News Wise 15-Aug-22
News Wise
Nawaz Sharif return and disqualification of Imran Khan.
News Wise 12-Aug-22
News Wise
Has PMLN got anti PTI narrative in the right time?
News Wise 11-Aug-22
News Wise
Law & order in KPK, is TTP really taking over in Swat?
News Wise 5-Aug-22
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif.
News Wise 5-Aug-22
News Wise
Downfall of the US dollar and possible return of Nawaz Sharif
News Wise 4-Aug-22
News Wise
How strong a reference would be against Imran Khan?
News Wise 2-Aug-22
News Wise
The coalition government got enough material to push PTI back.
News Wise 1-Aug-22
News Wise
PTI announced to file judicial reference against the Chief election commissioner.
News Wise 29-Jul-22
News Wise
Controversy on appointments of new judges in supreme court.


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