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Arifa Noor

Arifa Noor

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Dawn News

Arifa Noor's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
US Dollar completed double century. Political crisis in Baluchistan.
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
The verdict from SC increased political uncertainity
News Wise 11-May
News Wise
Khawaja Asif statement regarding the fresh election.
News Wise 10-May
News Wise
What is the solution to the political crisis in Punjab?
News Wise 9-May
News Wise
Political rift on its peak, Serious allegations on the institutions.
News Wise 6-May
News Wise
Imran Khan clearly signalling for sit-in.
News Wise 5-May
News Wise
Is Twitter Trends rightly indicating the political scenario?
News Wise 4-May
News Wise
Revolution of digital media.
News Wise 29-Apr
News Wise
The young generation is inclining toward terror organization
News Wise 26-Apr
News Wise
PTI demand of a new election and blast in Karachi
News Wise 25-Apr
News Wise
How tough the new conditions of the IMF will be?
News Wise 22-Apr
News Wise
National Security Committee meeting once again rejected the narrative of conspiracy.
News Wise 21-Apr
News Wise
External conspiracy or issues with the establishment.
News Wise 20-Apr
News Wise
Bilawal Bhutto left for London to meet Nawaz Sharif
News Wise 18-Apr
News Wise
JUI is demanding fresh election despite in the alliance with the new government.
News Wise 15-Apr
News Wise
Reaction from Pakistan Army over international conspiracy.
News Wise 4-Apr
News Wise
Narrative of international conspiracy was the trump card of PM Khan.
News Wise 1-Apr
News Wise
We will give the opposition a huge surprise on Sunday. PM Khan
News Wise 31-Mar
News Wise
Why did not the opposition agree to give PM Khan a safe exit?
News Wise 30-Mar
News Wise
Could a threatening letter become a game changer for the government?
News Wise 29-Mar
News Wise
Did the government share threatening letter with the establishment?
News Wise 25-Mar
News Wise
Shahbaz Sharif warning to speaker of the national assembly
News Wise 24-Mar
News Wise
What is going on between PPP & MQM?
News Wise 23-Mar
News Wise
Does PM Khan really have a trump card?
News Wise 22-Mar
News Wise
MQM Pakistan is about to join the opposition camp
News Wise 21-Mar
News Wise
Now both the Govt & the opposition will have to accept the court verdict.
News Wise 18-Mar
News Wise
PTI is looking toward the supreme court as their last hope.
News Wise 17-Mar
News Wise
Is MQM going to join the opposition?
News Wise 16-Mar
News Wise
The government blamed the opposition for horse-trading
News Wise 14-Mar
News Wise
The opposition announced counter-rally on D Chowk
News Wise 11-Mar
News Wise
Discussion on the current political development
News Wise 10-Mar
News Wise
Law implementation on floor crossing
News Wise 9-Mar
News Wise
The government has shown its card, Why PPP not happy over PM Khan statement?
News Wise 8-Mar
News Wise
Smile of Asif Zardari will haunt PM Khan
News Wise 7-Mar
News Wise
Aleem Khan joined the Tareen group, what is the sign?
News Wise 3-Mar
News Wise
Discussion on Ukraine war and Peshawar blast.
News Wise 2-Mar
News Wise
What is the status of MQM in the vote of no-confidence?
News Wise 1-Mar
News Wise
After announcing the relief package, PM met the Chaudhry brothers today.
News Wise 28-Feb
News Wise
Why could not the US & the West stop Russia from attack?
News Wise 25-Feb
News Wise
PTI members or allies who would be broken first?
News Wise 24-Feb
News Wise
Death sentence for murderer of Noor Muqaddam
News Wise 23-Feb
News Wise
Islamabad High Court big verdict regarding PECA ordinance.
News Wise 22-Feb
News Wise
How to control street crimes in Karachi.
News Wise 21-Feb
News Wise
Questions being raised on the new defamation law
News Wise 18-Feb
News Wise
Journalist killed in Karachi, The opposition vs the government.
News Wise 17-Feb
News Wise
The government is active to address the concerns of its allies
News Wise 16-Feb
News Wise
An arrest of Mohsin Baig, political options for Tareen group
News Wise 14-Feb
News Wise
The opposition is contacting the government allies


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