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Arifa Noor

Arifa Noor

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Dawn News

Arifa Noor's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
The US President announced the date for the US forces evacuation from Afghanistan.
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Lahore High court approved bail of Shahbaz Sharif
News Wise 12-Apr
News Wise
PPP responded over show-cause notice
News Wise 7-Apr
News Wise
Why Awami National Party left the PDM?
News Wise 24-Mar
News Wise
NCOC decided to keep educational institutions close till April 11
News Wise 11-Mar
News Wise
Discussion on the chairman senate election.
News Wise 5-Mar
News Wise
PM Imran Khan confident for a vote of confidence
News Wise 3-Mar
News Wise
A big surprise in the senate election.
News Wise 24-Feb
News Wise
Discussion on the proceeding in the supreme court regarding an open ballot case
News Wise 23-Feb
News Wise
Returning Officer admitted irregularities in the NA-75 before the ECP
News Wise 18-Feb
News Wise
Discussion on the judges remarks in the open ballot case
News Wise 15-Feb
News Wise
The open ballot in the senate election
News Wise 11-Feb
News Wise
What will be the end of open ballot issues?
News Wise 10-Feb
News Wise
Islamabad turned out to be a battlefield between the government and the employees.
News Wise 8-Feb
News Wise
Who did drag the army in the politics?
News Wise 1-Feb
News Wise
How people of Pakistan get vaccinated for COVID19?
News Wise 27-Jan
News Wise
Will the opposition support the government in the legislation process?
News Wise 14-Jan
News Wise
Discussion on the Broadsheet allegations on the government of PTI
News Wise 12-Jan
News Wise
Is dialogue being done with the opposition?
News Wise 5-Jan-21
News Wise
Hazaras community is sitting on the road of Quetta in wait of PM Khan.
News Wise 4-Jan-21
News Wise
Discussion on the PDM movement and Mach massacre
News Wise 21-Dec-20
News Wise
What is going on within the jUI-F?
News Wise 1-Dec-20
News Wise
The government still have no idea about how to deal with the PDM
News Wise 30-Nov-20
News Wise
Discussion on the PDM political power show in Multan.
News Wise 27-Nov-20
News Wise
Naeem Bokhari is the new Chairman PTV, Chinese Corona vaccine is being trialed in Pakistan.
News Wise 26-Nov-20
News Wise
PM Khan meeting with Chaudhry brothers, Bilawal tested positive for Corona.
News Wise 24-Nov-20
News Wise
Increased cases of COVID19 across the world
News Wise 23-Nov-20
News Wise
Discussion on today meeting of NCOC regarding School closure
News Wise 20-Nov-20
News Wise
New code of conducts for social media
News Wise 19-Nov-20
News Wise
Discussion on the PM Khan visit to Kabul
News Wise 13-Nov-20
News Wise
The political heat is up again, the possibility of big political change
News Wise 11-Nov-20
News Wise
The opposition boycotted the parliamentary leaders meeting
News Wise 10-Nov-20
News Wise
What will be the political impact of the Army court of inquiry report?
News Wise 9-Nov-20
News Wise
Discussion on the PDM objectives and GB election
News Wise 4-Nov-20
News Wise
COVID19 is creeping up in Pakistan again, what will be the strategy of the government?
News Wise 3-Nov-20
News Wise
Terrorists attack in Kabul University, Earth Quack in Turkey
News Wise 2-Nov-20
News Wise
The opposition showing serious concerns over the Interior Minister statement.
News Wise 30-Oct-20
News Wise
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
News Wise 29-Oct-20
News Wise
Discussion on the release of Abhinandan and statement of Ayaz Sadiq
News Wise 28-Oct-20
News Wise
What was discussed in a meeting between Shahbaz and other PMLN leaders?
News Wise 27-Oct-20
News Wise
Peshawar blast & 73 years to Indian occupation on Jammu & Kashmir
News Wise 21-Oct-20
News Wise
No coordination between the institutions caused the Karachi incident
News Wise 20-Oct-20
News Wise
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
News Wise 19-Oct-20
News Wise
Discussion on the Captain Safdar arrest after PDM Jalsa in Karachi.
News Wise 15-Oct-20
News Wise
Lady health workers protest at D-Chowk, Islamabad
News Wise 14-Oct-20
News Wise
Indian hand involved in terrorism in Pakistan.
News Wise 13-Oct-20
News Wise
The high rate of inflation all across the country made the life of the people difficult.
News Wise 12-Oct-20
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif


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