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Geo news live is an Urdu Pakistani news & current affairs channel. Its head quarter is located in Karachi, Sindh. Geo News live was launched in 2005 when that time chief executive of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf granted permission for private electronic media to work in Pakistan. It was the time when private electronic media industry starts booming in Pakistan. Initially Geo News starts its test transmission with head office located in Dubai. But soon after a controversy with that time chief executive of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf Geo had to shift from Dubai to Karachi.
Geo News works under Independent Media Corporation owned by Jang Media Group. Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman is the chief editor and an owner of the group. Jang media group is the largest print news media in Pakistan. It was founded in 1939 by Mir Khalil Ur Rehman who was the father of Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman. Daily Jang newspapers is a flagship of Jang media group. It is an Urdu based national newspaper print from almost fifteen cities of Pakistan including five provincial capitals. Geo News live was a baby product of Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman. Since its launch, Geo News has been the leading news channel in Pakistan due to the largest reporter’s network of Jang media.
Geo News live has been involved in many controversies since its launch. First it was banned by General Musharraf in 2007 when he imposed an emergency all over in Pakistan. He banned broadcast of all news channels including Geo News to avoid any criticism on his action. In 2014, Geo News was banned & charged fine of PKR 10 millions for defaming and maligning country’s premier spy agency head over at attack on his journalist Hamid Mir. Geo News was dislocated from local cable in Pakistan in 2017 for several months by the hidden forces over taking a certain position in Panama scandal & maligning national institutions and a section of that time opposition.

Geo News Programs Archive

Geo News is the leading Urdu language based news & current affair channel in Pakistan. It has great variety of programs which cater the demand of its viewers in Pakistan and in abroad as well. Geo News live generally broadcasts news updates, hourly news bulletin, sports & weather updates and other entertainment & infotainment based programs. Geo News keeps its viewers well updated by its prime time transmission which is started from 07:00PM to 12:00AM with variety of news & current affair shows, news bulletin and hourly based headline news. Some of its popular news & current affair programs of geo news channel are as under:

Capital Talk

Capital Talk looks at the issues, challenges and concerns facing Pakistan on daily basis. It was the first proper talk show aired on Geo News live after channel’s launch in 2005. Since then, it has been the permanent part of GEO News prime time transmission. Renowned personalities are invited in the show to discuss the daily happening in the political & regional scenario of and around Pakistan. Hugely experienced journalist & anchor person Hamid Mir hosts this show on Geo News from every Monday to Thursday at 08:05PM. Issues regarding parliamentary affairs and inter-provincial matters are generally discussed in the show.

Meray Mutabiq

Meray Mutabiq program is one of the most like progarms of geo news. The famous analyst Hassan Nisar qives his political analysis on current scenario of politics of Pakistan. Viewers like this program very much, especially youngster like to listen him.

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath is an hour long show which generally targets core issues of the day. Shahzeb Khanzada hosts this show on Geo News live from every Monday to Friday at 10:05PM. It is not like a talk show in which guests are invited to discuss the topic. It is a show in which host Shahzeb Khanzada mostly itself analyzes the day’s top stories. Some time he invites relevant guest to add more information into his own analyses.

Report Card

Report Card is a popular segment of Geo News prime time transmission. In this show, few of Pakistan’s top analysts, journalists, columnists appear to give their side of opinion regarding the topic. Absa Komal hosts this show along with her team of analysts. Generally, host Absa Komal puts a question before every analyst and asked him/her to respond within 2 minutes. Analysts taking part in the show are as under:

  • Hassan Nisar
  • Hafeez Ullah Niazi
  • Irshad Bhatti
  • Babar Sattar
  • Mazhar Iqbal
  • Saleem Safi
  • Mehmal Sarfraz
  • Reema Omar
  • Mehmal Sarfraz

Naya Pakistan

Naya Pakistan is news current affair show in which guests of political affiliation, media, sports & civil society are invited to discuss the daily matters. An experienced anchor person Shahzad Iqbal is currently hosting this show on Geo News from every Friday to Sunday at 08:05PM. Prior to him, Talat Hussain was the host of the show.

Aapas Ki Baat

Aapas Ki Baat is a talk show in which day’s hot topics are discussed. Muneeb Farooq hosts this show on Geo News live prime time transmission. Few years ago Najam Sethi was also the part of the show as an analyst. But on various hidden issues he had to leave Geo News. Since then, Muneeb Farooq is hosting Aapas Ki Baat with a typical pattern of a talk show in which 2, 3 or more guests are invited to discuss the ongoing issue. This show is aired from Monday to Thursday at 11:05 PM.


Jirga covers every important issue related to country’s political scenario, economy, sociology, religious matters, security situation on eastern & western borders of Pakistan & international relation. Saleem Safi who has great experience & knowledge of regional affairs, security matters and issues between Pak-Afghan hosts this show on Geo News every Saturday & Sunday at 10:05 PM. Saleem Safi itself belongs to tribal area of Pakistan so he also has great knowledge of tribal issues which he used to discuss in his show time to time.

Geo Pakistan

Geo Pakistan is a two hour based morning news show which is aired from Monday to Friday at 09:05 AM. Abdullah Sultan & Huma Amir Shah host this show on Geo News. Geo Pakistan generally covers top stories from politics, showbiz & sports. Guests from various fields of life are also invited in the show.


Score is the only sport show in Geo News program archive. Syed Yahya Hussaini hosts this show on Geo News every day at 05:35 PM. It covers all the sports including cricket, football, hockey, boxing etc. Host Syed Yahya Hussaini also discusses the issues between players and the relevant boards.


Khabarnaak is a comedy show in which variety of parodies are presented in Urdu & Punjabi languages. Ayesha Jahanzeb hosts this show on Geo News alongside Mir Mohammad Ali who appears in a dummy getup of famous celebrities. Khabarnaak is aired on every Thursday to Sunday at 11:05 PM.

Aik Din Geo Ke Sath

Aik Din Geo Ke Sath is a unique show of its kind in which famous journalist Sohail Warraich visits famous celebrity’s homes, lasts whole day with them on camera. So hail Warrick has visited many celebrities from politics, showbiz, sports & business community. He has also lasted a day with former president Asif Ali Zardari. Aik Din Geo Ke Sath is aired on every Sunday at 07:05 PM on Geo News.

 Program Hosts, Anchors, Analysts, News Casters

Geo News has a highly professional team of journalists, hosts, anchor persons, analysts and news reader. They are highly educated, motivated and tough enough to work under any pressure, scenario and in circumstances. They are very dedicated to their respective duties. Maintaining credibility under current circumstances in Pakistan is not an easy task. Geo News live with its team of professionals is still working hard to maintain its status of only credible source of information. Its reporters has broken many stories a lot before to any other channel which helped Geo News maintaining a top position among other news channels in Pakistan.
Geo News is a part of Jang media group which is the largest print media in Pakistan. Every experienced journalist either has worked with Jang media or still in service with them. Most of them are now part of Geo News. Their names and brief information of their career are as under:

  • Hamid Mir
  • Sohail Warraich
  • Shahzeb Khanzada
  • Saleem Safi
  • Hassan Nisar
  • Hafeez Ullah Niazi
  • Muneeb Farooq
  • Irshad Bhatti
  • Babar Sattar
  • Mazhar Abbas
  • Shahzad Iqbal
  • Absa Komal
  • Wajih Sani
  • Alina Farooq Sheikh
  • Syed Yaha Hussaini
  • Abdullah Sultan
  • Huma Amir Shah

Hamid Mir

Hamir Mir is an experienced and hard working journalist. He was born in journalistic family back in July 23, 1966. He completed his master in mass communication from Punjab University, Lahore. He joined journalism in 1987 after the death of his father Waris Mir who was also a columnist. Hamir Mir started his journalistic career as sub-editor in daily Jang. During his career, Mir has broken many hard hitting stories. He lost job twice, abducted & beaten badly in price of breaking certain stories. Hamir Mir has been awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2016 & Life Time Achievement Award in 2017 due to his journalistic services. Currently, Hamid Mir hosting a political talk show on Geo News named Capital Talk.

Sohail Warraich

Sohail Warraich is a Pakistani journalist, TV host and analyst. He was born in November 08, 1962 in Jauharabad, district Khushab. He has the master degree in English literature. He joined journalism in 1985. Currently he is hosting an interview-based show Aik Din Geo Ke Sath on Geo News. He used to visit celebrities home and lasts a full day with them to reveal their lifestyle in his show. Sohail Warraich is also an author of two books, Ghaddar Kaun & Qatil Kaun. He also appears in political talk show as an analyst.

Shahzeb Khanzada

Shahzeb Khanzada is a Pakistani TV host & anchor person of a talk show. Shahzeb Khanzada was born in Karachi in 1986. His father is a doctor and mother is a domestic woman. Shahzeb has degree of Industrial Electronics Engineering. He joined media industry in 2002. Shahzeb Khanzada got boom during 2011 to 2013 when he hosted a political talk show To the Point on Express News. From 2013, Shahzeb Khanzada is hosting a political show named Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath on Geo News. He has great ability of raising key issues & asking edgy questions. Shahzeb was awarded best anchor person award in 2013 over his outstanding performance.

Saleem Safi

Saleem Safi is a Pakistani journalist & program host known as a specialist in issues related to Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkha & tribal areas of Pakistan. Saleem Safi was born in 1968 in district Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkha. He holds degree of bachelor. He joined journalism as a report of NNI (News Network International). Soon he was promoted as Bureau Chief of NNI due to his hard working and full command on reporting on key issues. During his journalistic career, Saleem Safi has visited Afghanistan several times. He has interviewed current & previous Afghan presidents more than once. Currently Saleem Safi is hosting a political show called Jirga on Geo News in which he used to invite celebrity to discuss national & regional security issues. Saleem Safi also appears in another political show called Report Card as an analyst. Report Card is also aired on Geo News.

Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar is a famous columnist & analyst. He writes column for daily Jang and appears in Report Card of Geo News as an analyst. Hassan Nisar is also a permanent part of Geo News live weekly political show Meray Mutabiq. Hassan Nisar is considered as big critic of status quo parties including PPP & PMLN. Hassan Nisar used to talk aggressively while analyzing the ongoing issues. He has great following among the youth of Pakistan due to his aggressive style.

Hafeez Ullah Niazi

Hafeez Ullah Niazi is a renown columnist and an analyst. He appears in Geo News political discussion based show Report Card as an analyst. Hafeez Ullah Niazi writes column for daily Jang an Urdu newspaper published under Jang media group. Hafeez Ullah Niazi is also in relation with current PM Imran Khan as his brother in law and first cousin. Hafeez Ullah Niazi is a big critic of Imran Khan's style of governance and his policies. He used to criticize him in his show Report Card.

Muneeb Farooq

Muneeb Farooq is a Pakistani talk show anchor & TV host. He appears in Geo News live prime time transmission from Monday to Wednesday hosting a show Aapas Ki Baat. Muneeb Farooq belongs to Photohar region of Punjab. He used to invite 3 or more guests in his show to discuss day's top heading.

Irshad Bhatti

Irshad Bhatti is a relatively new inclusion in journalism. He takes part in Geo News show Report Card as an analyst and also writes columns for daily Jang. Irshad Bhatti is very famous for his interesting style of analyses. He has great ability of speaking fluently. He always tries to dominate his opponent with references from political history of Pakistan. He is a great fan of current PM Khan Vision & strategy to eliminate corruption from Pakistan.

Babar Sattar

Babar Sattar is a lawyer by profession but he appears on Geo News as a legal expert & analyst. He is a permanent part of Geo News talk show Report Card. He also writes column for The News an English newspaper published under Jang media group.

Mazhar Abbas

Mazhar Abbas is an experienced journalist. He has over 30 years experience in journalism. He is a general secretay of PFUJ (Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists). He has worked with several national & international news agencies. He holds the degree of Master in Mass Communication. Currently he appears in Geo News political show Report Card as an analyst. He also writes stories regularly for renown print media of Pakistan.

Shahzad Iqbal

 Shahzad Iqbal is a talk show anchor and TV host. He runs a talk show named Naya Pakistan on Geo News. Shahzad Iqbal migrated from Samaa TV where he hosted a political show named Awaz.

Absa Komal

Absa Komal is a news caster and program host on Geo News. She hosts a political discussion based show Report Card.

Syed Yahya Hussaini

Syed Yahya Hussaini is a sport journalist, analyst and program host. He hosts Geo News only sport segment called Score where he comes with latest sporting updates, featuring event and ongoing event results.
Wajih Sani and Alina Farooq Sheikh are part of news casters team of Geo News. Both appear in news bulletins, hourly headlines and in breaking news segment.
Abdullah Sultan & Huma Amir Shah host morning news show of Geo News with title Geo Pakistan. Both are very energetic & talented TV host.

Geo Network Family

Geo News is a part of Geo Network family along with Geo TV, Geo Super, Geo Tez and Geo Kahani.


Major competitors of geo news are ary news live, dunya news live, 92 news, gnn news live and hum news live.

Geo News Live Streaming

Geo News live streaming is available on its official website as well as on YouTube. Geo News live streaming can also be seen on

Geo News Live

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