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Today's Talk Shows Programs & Videos
Live with Dr Shahid Masood Today
Live with Dr Shahid Masood
Tareen blamed PM Principal Secretary for his name in FIA report
Nadeem Malik Live Today
Nadeem Malik Live
Exclusive discussion with Jehangir Khan Tareen
Spot Light Today
Spot Light
COVID19 exposure in Pakistan, Reshuffling of the cabinet
Night Edition Today
Night Edition
PM fulfilled one his promise of across the board accountability.
Ho Kya Raha Hai Today
Ho Kya Raha Hai
How long lockdown will go in Pakistan? Another reshuffle in the cabinet
Off The Record Today
Off The Record
Tareen says an incomplete report released to malign me.
G For Gharida Today
G For Gharida
FIA Report on sugar & flour crises & action taken by the PM Khan
On The Front Today
On The Front
How ECC approved sugar export before crises?
To The Point Today
To The Point
Another reshuffle in the federal cabinet, Tareen refused any authority from Govt.
Report Card Today
Report Card
PM action after FIA report over sugar & flour crises
Faisla Aap Ka Today
Faisla Aap Ka
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Khabar Hai Today
Khabar Hai
Who creates conspiracy against Jehangir Khan Tareen?
Score Today
Could Sarfraz Ahmed make come back in T20 & ODI?
The Reporters Today
The Reporters
FIA report over sugar & flour crises jolts federal cabinet
Tonight With Fareeha Today
Tonight With Fareeha
What action will be taken against big names held responsible by FIA
Harf-e-Raaz Today
PTI government in serious trouble after FIA report
Shahid Khaqan Press Conference Today
Shahid Khaqan Press Conference
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi press cpnference
Nuqta e Nazar Today
Nuqta e Nazar
PM close friends badly exposed in FIA report over sugar & flour crises.
Experts Today
PM Khan made history by releasing Sugar & Flour crises inquiry report
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem Today
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Big reshuffle in the federal cabinet after FIA report
People Stealing Sanitizer from ATM Today
People Stealing Sanitizer from ATM
People Stealing Sanitizer from ATM in Pakistan.
HR Exposes Mismanagement of CM Today
HR Exposes Mismanagement of CM
Haroon-ur-Rasheed exposes mismanagement of CM Punjab Buzdar
Virus Infected UK PM Hospitalized Today
Virus Infected UK PM Hospitalized
British PM hospitalized after health deteriorated while in quarantine.
COVID19 Destruction in Ecuador Today
COVID19 Destruction in Ecuador
Dead bodies of people died because of corona everywhere around the road in Ecuador.

Yesterday's Programs & Videos
Muqabil Sunday
Political manipulation, Sugar & Flour crises inquiry report
Aitraaz Hai Sunday
Aitraaz Hai
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Live with Dr Shahid Masood Sunday
Live with Dr Shahid Masood
PM reaction on FIA report over Sugar & Flour crises, Trump response on COVID19 exposure
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Corona exposure could not be controlled in Pakistan
Breaking Point with Malick Sunday
Breaking Point with Malick
Will PM Khan really take action against his right hand & left-hand allies?
Meray Mutabiq Sunday
Meray Mutabiq
PTI government released FIA report on Sugar & Flour crises
Amir Online Sunday
Amir Online
Preparing chicken butter in today show.
Rubaru Sunday
FIA inquiry report over Sugar & Flour crises and reaction from PM Khan
Khabarnaak Sunday
Dummy of Sheikh Rashid is an exclusive guest in today show.
Hasb-e-Haal Sunday
Azizi in a getup of Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Today Show
Awaam Sunday
Who were the main beneficiaries of sugar & flour crises?
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
Discussion on an impact of FIA inquiry report
Tabdeeli Ameer Abbas Kay Sath Sunday
Tabdeeli Ameer Abbas Kay Sath
What has been revealed in the FIA report was an open secret
View Point Sunday
View Point
PMLN demanding action against PM Khan and CM Punjab after FIA report
Live With Nasrullah Malik Sunday
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Big political elite was responsible for sugar & flour crises
Sawal Yeh Hai Sunday
Sawal Yeh Hai
A real story of how sugar & flour mafias made money
Sawal Awaam Ka Sunday
Sawal Awaam Ka
PM Khan is waiting for a forensic report of sugar & flour crises
Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga Sunday
Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga
A real crime story with footage of a real crime scene
Jirga Sunday
Social & psychological impact of COVID19
Express News 09:00PM Bulletin Sunday
Express News 09:00PM Bulletin
Express News 09:00 PM Bulletin
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath Sunday
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
No development work is being done at the moment
Sawal Sunday
Provincial governments incompetent also caused sugar & color crises
Naya Pakistan Sunday
Naya Pakistan
Some important revelations in FIA inquiry report about sugar & flour crises
In Focus Sunday
In Focus
Pakistanis are at the top in the world in charity giving
Cross Talk Sunday
Cross Talk
Pandemic COVID19 & lockdown creating multiple psychological problems among people.
92 At 8 Sunday
92 At 8
Will PM Khan take action against own party leader involved in sugar & flour crises.
Awam Ki Awaz Sunday
Awam Ki Awaz
Highlighting social injustices & layman issue
Q & A with PJ Mir Sunday
Q & A with PJ Mir
Lockdown & social distancing creating positive trends among people
Hamare Mehman Sunday
Hamare Mehman
Exclusive show with Dr Seemi Jamali on COVID19 prevention
News Talk Sunday
News Talk
Inquiry report of sugar & flour crises, poor seeking food & financial aid
Asad Umar Press Conference Sunday
Asad Umar Press Conference
Federal Minister for planning Asad Umar press conference
Ikhtilafi Note Sunday
Ikhtilafi Note
FIA inquiry report on sugar & flour crises revealed by the government itself
Face to Face Sunday
Face to Face
Poor suffering from severe problems due to COVID19
Aik Din Geo Ke Saath Sunday
Aik Din Geo Ke Saath
Exclusive show with federal minister for science Fawad Chaudhry
Muqabil Saturday
FIA inquiry report for sugar & flour crises revealed.
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
We cannot afford to take COVID19 lightly. It could hurt us beyond our expectation


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