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ARY News live is the most famous Pakistani news and current affairs channel in Urdu language. It was launched on September 26, 2004 in the era of General (r) Pervez Musharraf former president and army chief of Pakistan. ARY News live is a part of ARY digital network which is subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY is a shorter version of Abdul Razzak Yaqoob who was the founder owner of the ARY Group. Initially, ARY digital network had one channel only named ARY Digital that was an entertainment channel with a part of transmission based on current issues.
Dr. Shahid Masood a famous analyst & anchor person hosted a current affair show on ARY Digital. Then ARY group decided to expand its digital network by adding a proper news channel with a name of ARY One World in 2004. Later it changed into ARY News. Now ARY News live is one of the leading news and current affairs channel in Pakistan among few others. Now, it has set a remarkable credibility and authenticity among its viewers not only in Pakistan as well as in abroad also. It can be seen via local cable, satellite receiver and PTCL smart TV application in Pakistan.

ARY News Program Archive

ARY News is a 24/7 Urdu news & current affairs channel in Pakistan. It has variety of programs which it has divided into few categories. They are as under:

  • Talk Shows/Political Debate
  • Political Analysis
  • Crime Shows
  • Entertainment
  • Sports Programs

Talk Shows/Political Debate

ARY News broadcasts many news & current affairs based programs in which guests with political background, media industry, civil society, business community and from government & opposition parties are invited to discuss current matters. Few of ARY News top discussion based talk shows are as under:

Off The Record

Off The Record is the oldest news and current affairs talk show of the ARY News live. The show was set to broadcast soon after the launch of the ARY News channel in 2004. Kashif Abbasi is a well-known journalist and senior anchor person hosting this show from the beginning on ARY News. In the show, anchor person Kashif Abbasi has interviewed several big faces of the Pakistani politics including current PM Imran Khan, former presidents Asif Ali Zardari & General (r) Pervez Musharraf, MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain and many others from various political parties. Off The Record is aired every Monday to Thursday at 08:05PM on ARY News prime time transmission.

Aiteraz Hai

Aiteraz Hai is a political discussion based show which is aired on every Friday & Saturday at 08:05PM on ARY News. It is a typical news & current affairs show in which political celebrities are called to discuss current matters. Adil Abbasi hosts this show on ARY News. Three or four guests from political parties are generally invited in the show to answer the questions of the anchor regarding day’s top story & other issues.

Power Play

Power Play is the leading political discussion based show of ARY News. It is the show that broke many corruption stories of the past ruling elite including famous Panama scandal in which former PM Nawaz Sharif was ousted by the highest court of the country. Undeclared properties of the leadership of two major political parties of Pakistan were also exposed in the show. Guests from government alliance, opposition, media industry, economy & law experts generally take part in the show. Arshad Sharif who is known for his investigative journalism hosts this show from Monday to Thursday at 10:05PM on ARY News prime time transmission. He has interviewed political leadership, former & currently in-service military leadership, foreign guests and many others in the show.

Sawal Yeh Hai

Sawal Yeh Hai is another typically formatted talk show of ARY News in which guests from politics, media, and other field of life are invited to discuss daily matters. Anchor person Maria Memon hosts this show on ARY News live from every Friday to Sunday at 10:05PM.

11th Hour

11th Hour is one of the old brands of ARY News channel after the show “Off the Record”. As like other show, 11th hour also has the same pattern of discussion in which anchor put topic regarding daily political & regional development before guests from politics, media and other section of the life. Wasim Badami who is known for his innocent (masoomana) questions hosts this show from every Monday to Thursday at 11:05PM on ARY News prime time transmission. He generally discusses daily political development, upcoming challenges to ruling party and future of opposition with his guests. 11th hour owns great viewership response from the people in Pakistan as well as in abroad.

Political Analyses

ARY News has the luxury of very articulated, authentic and credible analysts who with their deep & fact based analyses make the channel a reliable source of information. These analyses based shows give the viewers an accurate idea of the situation. Few of them with short description are as under:

The Reporter

The reporter is the only regular political analyses based show on ARY News. Analyses of daily based political, internal & external security and regional development is done in the show. Two experienced journalists Sabir Shakir & Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain run this show on ARY News from every Monday to Thursday at 07:05PM. While analyzing the current issues both Sabir Shakir & Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain come with many insides of the day’s top heading. Sometime as per need a special guest related to the issue is invited to give viewers more authentic information regarding topic.

Special Transmissions

ARY News always runs special transmission to cover special events like any big political or regional development, general election, important proceeding of the Supreme Court etc. Nawaz Sharif ousted in result of Panama scandal in 2017 followed by his daughter Maryam Nawaz arrest prior to general election and general election July, 2019 are the recent events covered by ARY News while running special transmissions. All the anchors, analysts & journalists belong to ARY News give their side of opinion on the situation developing in such special transmissions.

Crime Shows

ARY News is a 24/7 news channel airs all kind of shows to highlight every sing issue related to layman. Crime shows is another category of programming in which channel exposes the criminal element of the society and the performance of the law enforcement agencies. Few of popular crime shows of ARY News live are as under:

  • Sar e Aam
  • Criminal Most Wanted
  • Zimmedar Kaun

Sar e Aam

Sar e Aam is the leading crime show of the ARY News. It is the only show of ARY News which is still on top among other brand of its kind of other news channels. Iqrar Ul Hassan is host/anchor of this show. He is the toughest man in the category of crime show hosts. He has exposed many fake elements of the society including malfunctions in the government departments especially in police. He recovered several abducted girls, boys, men, women from illegal custody of power houses. Sar e Aam is aired on every Saturday, Sunday at 07:05PM on ARY News live prime time transmission.

Criminal Most Wanted

Criminal Most Wanted is basically a show in which real action between criminals and law enforcement agencies recorded. Police investigation and crime ratio in the city are other parts of the show. Ali Raza hosts this show on ARY News. It is aired on every Sunday at 11:05PM.

Zimmedar Kaun

Zimmedar Kaun is a type of crime show which generally exposes malfunctions of the government department & police. They mainly focus on bribe issues and corruption in lower level of police & departments of the government. Ali Rizvi hosts this show on ARY News on every Sunday at 08:05PM.


Entertainment is a must part of any news channel 24/7 transmission. You can’t run a news channel with boring news content only. Entertainment is just like a cup of tea in a job break. ARY News also airs entertainment content time to time in its daily transmission to make its viewers interested towards the channel. Morning shows, political satires & few others are the main source of entertainment of every news channel.

Sports Program

ARY News is a complete news channel which covers every element of the news including sport. Sport is a must part of everyone life which keeps human body healthy. Every region of the world has own sporting trend. Pakistanis are crazy for cricket and they follow their team where ever it goes to play. ARY News covers every little about sport related to Pakistan and the rest of the world. ARY News is also a part of Pakistan Super League as its owner Salman Iqbal owns one of the franchise “Karachi Kings”. ARY News live broadcasts sport updates in its every hourly headline & news bulletin. It also airs complete sport shows to cover main sporting events around the world. Some of its regular sport shows are:

Sports Room

Sports Room is a regular part of ARY News 24/7 transmission. It is a complete sport program which covers every kind of sport inside & outside Pakistan. Najeeb Ul Hasnain who is known as sport analyst/expert hosts this show on ARY News. After CWC 2019 Pakistan team is facing problem of finding new head coach and chief selector. Najeeb in his show covers every effort of the PCB towards the issue.

Har Lamha Purjosh

Har Lamha Purjosh is not a regular part of ARY News daily transmission. Show is aired during major sporting event like Pakistan Super League & major cricketing event under ICC. News anchor Wasim Badami hosts this show along with former cricketer Basit Alvi as expert and few comedians who make Har Lamha Purjosh more interesting with their humors.

 Journalists/Analysts/News Anchors

Since its launch in 2004, ARY News is been a leading news channel due to luxury of many experienced, well-updated & broad minded news anchors, analysts and reporters. Its vast network of reporters, advance DSNGs, and state of the art news room make ARY News a world class news channel. Its team of journalists, analysts & anchor persons are serving with an aim of providing fact based stories. Few of its top rated journalists, analysts, & anchor persons are as under:

  • Kashif Abbasi
  • Waseem Badami
  • Sabir Shakir
  • Arshad Sharif
  • Maria Memon
  • Adil Abbasi
  • Iqrar Ul Hassan
  • Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain

Kashif Abbasi

Kashif Abbasi is 44 years old Pakistani journalist, talk show anchor & host. He was born in 1974 in Rawalpindi. He completed his graduate from Barani Institute of Information Technology, Rawalpindi. He is hosting news & current affairs show on ARY News named “Off The Record” since the launch of the channel in 2004. Kashif Abbasi is now the most senior anchor person of ARY News with an experience of 15 years of hosting a talk show. He has great ability of raising the key questions about the issue before concerning authorities’ representative facing him in the show. His show is aired on ARY News live from every Monday to Thursday.

Wasim Badami

Wasim Badami is the 2nd most senior anchor person, talk show host in ARY News live. He joined ARY back in 2006 as a news caster. After having little experience in the news room he started hosting a talk show called 11th hour. His show is aired at 11:05PM from every Monday to Thursday on ARY News prime time transmission. Wasim Badami introduced very unique style of asking question to program’s guest that is called “Masoomana Sawal”. He, in his hosting career interviewed many big faces of the politics of Pakistan. Wasim Badami also appears in a special Ramadan transmission of ARY News as a host every year.

Sabir Shakir

Sabir Shakir is a Islamabad based Pakistani journalist, analyst and talk show host. He started his career as a Bureau Chief Islamabad office of ARY News live. He is the key figure of the channel to cover every political event within the capital territory. He appears in ARY News analyses based show “The Reporter” as a host from every Monday to Thursday at 07:05PM. He also appears in other channel’s talk show as an analyst to give his side of solid view regarding current happening.

Arshad Sharif

Arshad Sharif is mainly known for his investigative stories. He has an expertise in investigative journalism. Arshad was born in Karachi, served with many national & international news journals. He received President Pride of the performance award earlier this year over his great serving for the journalism. Currently, he is hosting a talk show named “Power Play” on ARY News. His show is aired on every Monday to Thursday at 10:05PM. Prior to this, Arshad Sharif was part of Dunya News network as a news director and program host.

Maria Memon

Maria Memon is Karachi based program host & talk show anchor. She started her career in electronic media from GEO Group as a news caster. Then she started hosting a show with senior columnist/analyst Hassan Nisar. Few years back she left Geo and joined ARY News as a host & talk show anchor. Currently, she is hosting a talk show called “Sawal Yeh Hai” which aired 3 days in a week from Friday to Sunday at 10:05PM on ARY News.

Adil Abbasi

Adil Abbasi is relevantly a new face in ARY News program hosts & anchor persons team. He is hosting a talk show named “Aiteraz Hai” on ARY News live prime time transmission. His show is aired on every Saturday & Monday at 08:05PM.

Iqrar Ul Hassan

Iqrar Ul Hassan is known for his crime show Sar-e-Aam which is aired on ARY News. Iqrar joined ARY News as a reporter way back in 2006. Before becoming a program host he was working as a news caster on ARY News. Iqrar was born in Lahore in 1984. Iqrar has experienced worst situations several times in his career. In 2016, he was arrested by Sindh police for highlighting the vulnerable security of the Sindh Assembly premises. He, in his show, has exposed several fake, criminal & corrupt elements of the society. His show is aired on ARY News twice a week.

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain is an experienced journalist. He has served with several national news agencies, journals and newspapers. Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain has the great knowledge of Pakistani politics. He is one of the eye witnessed journalist who went through the political scenario of early 70s. Currently, he is appearing as an analyst along with his partner Sabir Shakir on ARY News show called “The Reporter”.


Journalism is not easy under current circumstances in Pakistan where political division on its peak these days. Many news channels has taken a clear line either in the favor or against to the power houses. Reporting facts, showing true picture of the incident and describing situation accurately is not easy due to that. ARY News is blamed for supporting current ruling party PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) before and after the election process of 2018 by the opposition. Channel is also criticized over giving favor & defending every step of the Pakistani establishment. This clear division in electronic media created many doubts on the credibility of the media houses.

Media Competitors

ARY News is the leading news channels of Pakistan among few others. Its main rivals are GEO News, Dunya News, Express News, Samaa TV, 92 News HD etc.

ARY Digital Family

ARY digital family is consist of

ARY News live streaming is available to its official website as well as YouTube. (External link: Kund medlemssystem sverige)

Contacts ARY News:

For those who have some issues and concerns and want to discuss with the anchors or behind the screen persons of ary, here is given the details of their contact. You can approach any of these persons any time you like during the working days and working hours of the week.

ARY Communications

6th Floor, Madina City Mall
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar
Karachi, Sindh


Office # 139 ,1st Floor,
Building No 9 ,
Dubai Media City,Phase -3
Ph: +971-4-3664888

UK/Europe :

65 North Acton Road,
Park Royal, London
NW10 6pj,United Kingdom
Ph: +44 208 838 6300
Fax: +44 208 838 6122

U.S.A :

76 N Broadway, Suite 3012
Hicksville, NY 11801
Phone: +1-516-937-1279
Fax: +1-516-937-1280

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