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Dunya News is a 24/7 Urdu news and current affair Pakistani channel. It was launched in December 01, 2008. Channel’s headquarter is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Dunya News generally broadcasts news, headline news, news bulletin, weather & sport updates and other entertainment & infotainment based programs. Dunya News is rated among Pakistan’s top news & current affair channels due to its balanced and in time reporting. Pakistan’s top journalists are part of the channel which makes Dunya News a credible source of information for every Pakistani. Dunya News can be seen on local cable, satellite receiver and via PTCL smart TV in Pakistan. It can also be seen on the other countries across the world via their respective cable or satellite mediums.
Dunya News is a part of Dunya Media group. It is operated under National Communication Service (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Famous businessman and former politician Mian Amir Mehmood owns Dunya Media Group. He is also the chairman of Punjab Group of Colleges providing quality education to the people of Punjab and rest of the Pakistan. Daily Dunya newspaper which is an Urdu based national newspaper and Lahore News is other products of Dunya Media Group. Flood in 2010, general election of 2013 & 2018 and ouster of former PM Nawaz Sharif in 2017 due to Panama scandal are the major events covered by the Dunya News.

Dunya News Programs & Talk Shows

Dunya News is a 24 hour based Urdu news & current affair channel. It has variety of news & current affair shows, sports programs, Islamic shows and other entertainment & infotainment segments. Dunya News live covers every single development in the political and regional scenario of and around Pakistan in its news & current affair shows. Dunya News is a complete news channel which presents programs not only on national issues it also covers international issues as well. Indian brutalities in Indian occupied Kashmir, US conflict with Iran, Middle East internal problems, Yemen war, peace dialogue between Afghan Taliban and US authorities in Qatar are the most highlighted international issues being discussed on Dunya News these days. Dunya News best viewing programs are as under:

  • Nuqta e Nazar
  • Ikhtilafi Note
  • On The Front
  • Think Tank
  • Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Sath
  • Sawal Awaam Ka
  • Mazaq Raat
  • Hasb-e-Haal
  • Peyam-e-Subh
  • Ilm o Hikmat

Nuqta e Nazar

Nuqta e Nazar is a political analysis based show in which one of Pakistan’s most senior journalists Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami presents his analyses on current happening in Pakistan. Ajmal Jami hosts this show on Dunya News live from every Monday to Thursday at 07:05PM. Nuqt e Nazar covers daily headlines and other national & international issues.
Ikhtilafi Note
Ikhtilafi Note covers day’s top story, political statements of government & opposition leaders and NAB proceeding. Young, energetic Umm-e-Rubab hosts this show along with senior journalist Habib Akram who appears as a political analyst and Barrister Saad Rasool who gives his legal opinion on the issues. In the show, senior journalist Habib Akram often comes with laymen opinion directly taken by visiting local markets, cities and other areas to get an idea of what a layman is thinking about the performance of both government & opposition. This show is aired on Dunya News live from Friday to Sunday at 07:05PM.

On The Front

On The Front is a political discussion based program aired on Dunya News from every Monday to Thursday at 08:05PM. It is part of Dunya News prime time transmission. Foreign bachelor degree holder Kamran Shahid hosts this show on Dunya News. He is a son of famous Pakistani film actor Shahid. On The Front is a discussion based show in which guests from different political parties are invited to discuss the day’s top headings.

Think Tank

Dunya News has the services of few of Pakistan’s top analysts which provide an authentic & deeply driven analysis to their viewers. Few of them appear in Think Tank. Show is aired on Dunya News live from Friday to Sunday at 08:05PM. Analysts appear on Think Tank are

  • Ayaz Amir
  • Salman Ghani
  • Khawar Ghumman
  • Hassan Askari

They all are heavily experienced analysts; give their best of opinion on the issue.

Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Sath

Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Sath is a 90 minutes long news & current affair show hosted by highly experienced journalist, program host Kamran Khan who is also the president of Dunya Media Group. Show is presented on Dunya News live from every Monday to Friday at 09:35PM. Kamran Khan not only hosts this show also gives own analyses on daily headlines. He also invites relevant guests to further discuss the issue. Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Sath is a complete news & current affair show that covers all the national & international issues.

Sawal Awaam Ka

Sawal Awaam Ka is a public type of show in which host Masood Raza generally visits local markets to get people opinion on the current political happening and performance of the ruling party. He also highlights people’s issues before concerning authorities by taking them on the spot. He generally highlights problems of the people of Karachi by visiting markets, roads there. Sawal Awaam Ka is aired on Dunya News every Saturday & Sunday at 10:05PM.

Mazaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a Pakistani political comedy show aired on Dunya News. Actor, writer and film producer Vasay Chaudhry hosts this show along with team of stage comedians including Iftikhar Thakur, Akram Udas & Qaiser Piya. Hiba Waqar is the co host of the show. One political celebrity along with female showbiz star is generally invited in the show to have fun with them. Mazaq Raat was started on Dunya News live in 2013, that time it was hosted by a veteran artist Nauman Ijaz, from 2015 to till now Vasay Chaudhry is hosting this show.


Hasb-e-Haal is a leading political satire show. It is the oldest segment of the Dunya News. Famous stage, TV & film actor Sohail Ahmed is the main star of the show. At start, Hasb-e-Haal was hosted by Aftab Iqbal but then Junaid Saleem replaced him after his exit. King of comedian Sohail Ahmed appears in a dummy getup of politicians, policeman, singer, retired government officers, layman and many others. Jia Dil Nawaz is the co host of the show. Amanat Chan, Nawaz Anjum, Zulfi Ali & Goga Ji are the other comedians appear in the show. Sohail Ahmed or Azizi appears in a main character whereas other comedians assist him in a supporting role. Hasb-e-Haal has great viewership not only in Pakistan also in abroad due to its quality based & non-vulgar comedy. Hasb-e-Haal airs on Dunya News live from every Thursday to Sunday at 11:05PM.

Peyam e Subh

Peyam e Subh is an Islamic show in which famous religious scholars appear to discuss multiple topics based on viewer’s questions and host’s choice. Aniq Ahmed hosts this show on Dunya News everyday at 07:05AM. Peyam e Subh is an authentic source of Islamic knowledge.

 Ilm o Hikmat

Ilm o Hikmat is a discussion based Islamic show in which famous & broad minded Islamic scholars Allama Javed Ahmed Ghamdi answers the questions of audience and the host. Dr Zubair Ahmed hosts this show on Dunya News live every Saturday & Sunday at 11:05AM. He always comes with questions asked by the program’s viewers via emails & video messages.

Journalists, Analysts, Anchors, News Readers

Dunya News is an Urdu language based Pakistani news channel. It has the most talented team of journalists, analysts, anchors and news readers. They all are highly professional, skilled and ready to work under any challenging environment. Analysts of Dunya News provide in-depth & factual based analyses on current happening to the viewers. Journalists of Dunya News live are very keen to give accurate and in time information to the viewers of the channel. Program’s anchors of Dunya News are doing best in raising basic questions before the concerning authorities in their respective shows. They all work as a whole to make Dunya News an unbiased and balanced source of information. Their brief introduction is as under:

Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami

Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami is a Pakistan veteran journalist, columnist and analyst. He is the chief editor of Daily Pakistan a national newspaper. He appears as an analyst in Dunya News talk show named Nuqta e Nazar. Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami also writes columns publish on Daily Dunya & Daily Pakistan every Sunday at once.

Kamran Khan

 Kamran Khan is one of the most experienced journalism & anchor person of Pakistani talk show. Currently he is hosting a 90 minutes long political show called Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Sath on Dunya News live. He has huge experience of journalism. He has lasted 3 decades in service with Jang media group. But in 2014, he left Jang media group and joined BOL Network. Then in 2015, he left BOL network and joined Dunya media group and a president. Kamran Khan is known for his deep analyses and breaking corruption stories of the ruling elite.

Kamran Shahid

Kamran Shahid is an energetic and well organized TV host & anchor person. He started his career of hosting a TV show from PTV. He got degree in international relation from London. Currently he is hosting a talk show on Dunya News named On The Front. Kamran Shahid is also the writer of book “Gandhi and the Partition of India”. He is the first Pakistani who wrote book on Gandhi.

Habib Akram

Habib Akram is a senior journalist, program host & an analyst. He is associated with Dunya Media Group. He writes column for daily Dunya newspaper. He appears as an analyst in Dunya News political show Ikhtilafi Note. Habib Akram used to visit local constituencies of political parties to get an idea people political intend.

Ayaz Amir

Ayaz Amir is a former politician appears as an analyst on Dunya News talk show Think Tank. He has great command on regional relation. He deeply understands the politics of Pakistan. His analyses on politics & regional relation are highly appreciated by the viewers of Dunya News. Ayaz Amir has been the member of national assembly from 2008 to 2013. Later he left his political party (PMLN) and politics on multiple issues.

Salman Ghani

Salman Ghani is a head of political affairs on Dunya News. He is also the executive editor of daily Dunya newspaper. He appears as an analyst on Dunya News political talk show Think Tank. Salman Ghani is known as close friend of former ruling Sharif family.

Dr Hassan Askari

Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi is known as political scientist and military analyst. He has also served as caretaker chief minister of Punjab during 2018 general election. He has great knowledge of domestic policy and Pakistan nuclear deterrence strategy. He appears on Dunya News program Think Tank as an analyst.

Khawar Ghumman

Khawar Ghumman is a bureau chief of Islamabad office of Dunya News & daily Dunya newspaper. He appears as an analyst in a political talk Think Tank on Dunya News. By running a bureau office of Dunya News in Islamabad Khawar Ghumman always inside of what is happening in the capital city.

Ajmal Jami

Ajmal Jami is a TV host & talk show anchor person. Currently he is hosting a political analyses based show Nuqta e Nazar along with veteran journalist Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami who appears in the show as an analyst. Ajmal Jami also hosts special transmission of Dunya News live during a major happening.

Barrister Saad Rasool

By profession Saad Rasool is a lawyer & legal adviser. He got his law degree from abroad. He appears on Dunya News as a legal expert/analyst. He is a permanent part of Dunya News show called Ikhtilafi Note. He also gives his legal opinion via audio/video beeper on Dunya News whenever it needed.

Syed Ayesha Naz

Syed Ayesha Naz is a news caster & program host. She is hosting a prime time based political talk show named Think Tank. She also appears in Dunya News hourly headline and news bulletin.

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail Ahmed is known as a king of comedy. He is the big name of Pakistani Punjabi stage drama. Sohail Ahmed is also known for his non-vulgar and quality based comedy. He is a one man show. He can make anyone laugh even talking normally. He is a main star of Dunya News political comedy show Hasb-e-Haal. His character name is Azizi in the show.

Junaid Saleem

Junaid Saleem is a Pakistani journalist and program host. He hosts political comedy show of Dunya News named Hasb-e-Haal. He is also the chief editor of national newspaper Daily Insaf. He belongs to well educated family of Okara. His father & uncle is doctor by profession. His first cousin Salman Ghani is also a journalist and part of Dunya Media Group.

 Vasay Chaudhry

Vasay Chaudhry is Pakistan TV/film artist/producer and writer. He hosts Dunya News comedy show called Mazaq Raat. Vasay Chaudhry took over the show in 2015 after the exit of veteran TV artist, host Nauman Ijaz. Vasay Chaudhry himself is a good comedy writer & actor.

Dunya News Competitors

Dunya News was launched in 2008 when a part of private electronic media had already been established. Despite that, Dunya News had succeeded in getting a top position along with few other news channels in no time. Some of its main media competitors are as under:

Dunya Media Group Family

Dunya News is a part of Dunya Media Group owned by famous Lahore based businessman & former politician Mian Amir Mehmood. Lahore News & Daily Dunya newspaper is the other family part of Dunya Media Group.


Since its launch, Dunya News live never been a part of any controversy, nor taken any political side. Balanced reporting and unbiased analysis are the main characteristics of Dunya News.

Dunya News live streaming

Dunya News live streaming is available on its official website and their official YouTube channel. Dunya News live streaming can also be seen on ShaamTV.com

Dunya News Live

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