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Wednesday 18-Sep-2019

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It is always interesting for us to get updated with the current news and gossips of the world. This has not only become a necessity but also a habit. Even an individual can not survive in this world without knowing the current issues and circumstances of his state. Dunya news live has given a new edge and totally new shape to the world of news. This channel has every thing for the people of Pakistan to remain occupied. It’s not only a news channel but also a political information hub. It won’t be wrong at all to say that dunya news has won the hearts of various people within and outside the country to much extent.

A brief about dunya news

It is always more than interesting and informative for us to have a chance of knowing about a channel and its history. That is absolutely true that the hustle and bustle of our lives has made is irritated and totally tired. The world has become a global village so as the issues and concerns. We always want to remain updated with the current and hot political, social and cultural affairs. This is not only a way to keep us intact at the spare time but also a way to open up our minds and help us understand the current issues of the world and country we live in. In no time, when we get to know what is going on within our country and how much severe have become the negative issues, we aim to try a lot to dedicate ourselves in resolving those issues. But before all this, we try to know the origin, reasons and basic concepts of such an issue, and this is only made possible with a good and reputed television’s news channel.

It is true for us to say that the world of Pakistan entertainment is now full with variety of channels where we can see our favorite shows, dramas and news but dunya live has still managed to make its distinctive place among all those geo news I can say this for sure that dunya news live has been able to produce and broadcast not only the news shows, headlines, but also various political, reality and gossip shows. The purpose of all these kinds of shows being broadcasted by dunya tv online live has had always been to keep the people of Pakistan aware with the current affairs and issues within the country. Also a variety of news based programs make sure that the people are motivated more and more through various aspects to come up and play their role in making this country a peaceful place to live in.

Historical overview of dunya news

When it comes for us to name dunya tv online or write something about it, then how can we forget to brief about its history. This is why I must say Pakistan live is one of the famous urdu language news channels. It tracks its history back from 2008 when this channel’s foundation was laid down. The credit should be given to National Communication Service Pvt. Ltd. This company laid the prior foundation of live tv dunya. The purpose of the management for broadcasting such a channel was to keep the people of Pakistan aware with the country and international issues. The governed bodies of dunya live streaming are well versed and fully professional. They know very well how to keep up the pride of the channel high. It is true that the competition among the news channels is really tough, we can also enlist some names like express news, ARY news, Sama tv and others. But still let me tell you that www.dunyanews.com live has its distinctive and special place in the hearts of Pakistani people. The headquarter of the channel is in Lahore, however, its city based offices are spread all over the country.

News came into being with a purpose to create awareness into the Pakistani people. It also urges to provide the people sufficient information and keep them updated with every big or small happening within or outside the nation. To make all this possible, management and vocal bodies work day and night and try to keep the spirit of its fans high and progress more and more.

Bureau office locations of dunya news

As it has already been mentioned that live is headquartered in Lahore, but its bureau offices are based in different other cities as well, but some of the most recognized and well versed office locations are in;

  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar
  • Multan
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Sukkur
  • Dera Ismail Khan

The persons and staff members working in these offices always try their best to be competitive. Samaa tv live has fully focused on providing top notch and quality oriented news programs. Its staff and anchor persons are fully educated, highly professional and dedicated. They make sure that each and every affair, issue or concern is being brought to the attention of the people. This is done to keep the people especially the youngsters of the country aware of what is happening within the country and how they should act to bring it towards a successful pathway.

How to compare dunya news with an entertainment channel

It is quite tough for us to compare a news channel with an entertainment channel. But what makes dunya live wonderful is the variety of shows and informative programs which are being broadcasted every day. These shows include not only the news ones, headlines, but also a lot of critical and analytical reports, adventurous shows, political talks and similar other talk shows. I must say that dunya tv live provides a lot of variety programs to its viewers that naming this channel to be a full source of information won’t be wrong at all. But definitely if you have a mode to not watch those talk shows or listen to the news, then you turn it off and move to an entertainment channel. But still this is absolutely wrong for us to say that an entertainment channel can be the best alternate of a news channel like. This is due to the reason that the kind of information and awareness a news channel can provide us, is simply impossible to get from an entertainment channel. For example, Express news live keeps us updated with the country’s issues and the international problems. It also keeps us aware of the crisis and concerns of the world and all the countries around the globe. This becomes the reason to motivate us more and more to act like the backbone of our nation’s prosperity. The development of such a deep and creative thought is simply not possible by an entertainment channel. So by all means we can say that a news channel like has much better opinion than an entertainment or drama channel.

International broadcasting services of Dunya news:

It is a quite interesting phenomenon that dunya tv live has not only been a famous news channel at national level, but also it has gained tremendously high popularity at international level as well. So far, it has been broadcasting its services in different nations of the world, out of them the most prominent names are United Arab Emirates, Europe, Canada and United States of America. In these nations, dunya tv live is proudly airing its channel and the people here love to watch the news updates and other talk shows.

To keep up the level of its success high both at national and international level, dunya management truly works hard and inputs its efforts in an effective way so that not only the Pakistani people but also the Muslims and viewers of other religions can appreciate the quality programs and news updates of the channel. This has been made possible only due to the endless and dedicated performance of the whole team members of dunya.

I can say this with proud that the channel is soon going to increase the graph of its popularity as some of the upcoming shows and programs as well as reality shows of news are going to be even better than what we are already viewing nowadays. Why not, the has to compete the other news channels of international level such as BBC, CNN News Live New York Times and others, so to make it happen there is enough to work on. The competition of international news channels and surviving in this race is not a cup of tea. The management and official persons of dunya tv live are well aware with the fact and this is why their efforts and dedication to act well are doubtlessly admirable.

To empower its broadcasting more and more, it has hired some of the finest, experienced and well educated anchors who are continuously playing their vital role in bringing this channel towards a positive direction of international fame.

Best and famous anchors of dunya tv:

I can say this with proud and confidence that dunya newspaper has some of the best and most admirable anchors in Pakistan. These are the people who have worked hard to become prominent on-screen. So I can say this for sure that the role of such successful and well experienced anchors in raising the graph of channel’s popularity can not be ignored at any way. The most popular and amazing anchors of dunya;

  • Tariq Mateen
  • Javad ahmed Sadiquie
  • Muhammad Ajmal Jami
  • Junaid Saleem
  • Iqra Shahzad
  • Rehman Azhar
  • Samina Ramazan
  • Ayesha Naz
  • Ayesha Zulfiqar
  • Uzma Nauman
  • Salman Hassan
  • Nabeeha Ejaz

As we can see from the list above that dunya tv live paper’ anchors are superbly awesome and extremely talented. This is due to the reason that there is absolutely no room of compromise with the quality of a show being broadcasted. I must say anchoring is a really tough job. Not all the people, analysts and educated journalists can do it professionally. This is in fact a hidden matter of skills which are gifted by God to fewer and selected persons of the country. ARY News Live paper management and official persons worked really hard to find out these super talented and extremely capable anchors. Their role in making the channel successful is highly appreciable. These people are given full freedom to research by their own about a specific topic or issue of the country. The talk shows and political gossips these anchors bring are really critical and informative from various aspects. We, not only, get the chance of remaining aware with the insights and in depths of the current country and international problems, but also these anchors work really hard and impressively to keep up the attention of the viewers occupied. This is might be the reason that has been blessed with lots of success and fame as such anchors, directors, producers, cameramen, news tellers and other persons are in the team of the channel. There are rumours that some well known anchors of dunya news live are going to resign and planning to to join the upcoming news tv channel bol tv but it failed.

Whenever there is a new show or political talk show going to be broadcasted, or even a new style of headlines’ telling is going to be broadcasted, live representatives and management try their best to research a lot and give an awesome theme and touch to the shows. Projecting a variety of programs is what their concern is and to make it possible they work day and night. Keeping up the quality of the show is yet another aspect to be kept in mind. Thanks God, dunya news is a channel of variety and every person of the team works really hard to play his role in keeping up the level of its popularity high and high. Let us hope that this channel will bring a lot more for the viewers in the upcoming months and it keeps its journey towards success for a long and long time.

Dunya news, a reliable source of information

It won’t be wrong for me to name as a reliable channel of Pakistan. Since the day it came into being, we could have a chance to enjoy with variety of shows and programs. Amazingly this news channel has given us much more than the news and headlines. It has given us the information about various national and international affairs, political issues, country’s internal problems and much more. Such a wonderful channel which is liable to bring a lot of things and variety of programs for us is definitely the one which can dominate the heart of the Pakistani viewers. Not only the Pakistani but also the people especially the Muslims belonging to other parts of the world just love to watch the variety of shows and news sections of live. Have you ever tried to ask yourself this question that why we should give live dunya tv preference when there are so many other news channels also available? If this question strikes your mind then let me tell you that PTV News has no alternate. The amazing and informative shows, best anchors, vocals, analytics and criticists, all these people have played their faithful role in bringing dunya news to the heights of success.  The list of some of the highly admirable and well versed shows and programs of live dunya tv are given below.

  • Hasb-e-Haal (Junaid Saleem, Sohail Ahmed, Najia BaigHaving the honour of being the most watched program in Pakistan, Hasb-e-Haal is a political and social satire.)
  • Dunya Ki Tareekh,
  • Dunya Taiz Hai
  • Dunya TV Special
  • Faislay Se Pahle (Program HostAyesha Naz, Ayesha Zulfiqar)
  • Ilm-O-Hikmat (Program HostZubair Ahmedand GuestJaved Ahmed Ghamdi)
  • Khabar Yeh Hei (Program HostSami Ibrahim, Saeed Qazi, Shazia Akram)
  • Kyun (Program HostArshad Shareef)
  • Meri Dunya with Hassan Nisar (Program HostAyesha Khalid, Hassan Nisar)
  • Nuqta Nazar (Program HostHabib Akramand GuestMujeeb-ur-Rehman Shaami)
  • On The Front (Program HostKamran Shahid)
  • Peyam-E-Subh (Program HostAniq Ahmad)
  • Police File (Program HostS.P. Musa) (There is much more to a crime story than the crime itself. SP Musa takes up the daunting task to unveil and bring into light the dark world of crime.)
  • Promos (Dunya TV)
  • Saboot

Contacting the Dunya news persons:

Daily Aaj News Live representatives are always ready to get in touch with those who need their help. Their on-screen and behind-the-screen individuals are always there to listen, understand and cooperate with you during the tough times. If you have some problem and want to get the listened by media then you can freely and any time contact any of the persons of dunya news urdu with a hope and confidence in mind that they will definitely listen and get back to your at the earliest.

Head Office Dunya TV

8-A, Abbot Road, Lahore







Bureau Office Islamabad

Plot No. 11

Sector G-7/1, Islamabad





Bureau Office Karachi

42/1/E, Block No.6,

P.E.C.H.S SOCIETY, Karachi





Bureau Office Multan

64-A, Sheesh Mahal Colony, Opposite PIA Office,

Near SP Chowk Abdali Road Multan







Bureau Office Peshawar

7/A, 29-The Mall, Near First Woman Bank,

Peshawar Cantt


+92(0)91-5271801 - 4



Bureau Office Quetta

B-5, 2nd Floor, Swiss Palaza,

Jinnha Road, Quetta Cantt


+92-81-2825078, 2837180



Bureau Office Muzaffarabad

Kiyani House # 1024, Near President Secretariat,

Narrul Jalalabad, Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu and Kashmir





Bureau Office Sukkhur

Bungalow A/32, Akhuwat Nagar,

Friends Cooperative Housing Society,

Shikar Pur Road, Sukkur.



Bureau Office D.I.Khan

Dunya TV Network, Fort Road,

Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.

Bureau Office Faislabad

Paippon Wala Pull, Canal Road, Near

Happilac Paints, Faisalabad, Pakistan.





So if you have some sort of problem and want to get your voice listened by the television news channel, then you can approach dunya live tv at any of these locations, numbers or offices. Stay connected with the channel and you will get more and more updates about the current political, economical, criminal and other country issues. The channel, dunya tv is absolutely a fine and reliable source of information. It is effective and ideal for the journalism students and those who are really interested to know about the country’s and international affairs more and more.

Dunya news at internet:

Finding the social media pages and websites of www.dunya news is quite an easy thing these days. For the ease of our readers, we have given the details of the channel’s pages and website.
You can get updated with the current news and hot gossips online at their website (http://dunyanews.tv/). In addition to this, you can also approach the persons or stay connected with their social media pages like facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ dunyatvnetwork) and twitter (https://twitter.com/ dunyanetwork). So this is the best chance for any of us who is simply a fan of dunya tv news and want to join its community on the social websites. I can say this with confidence that you will get lots of information and a chance to increase your knowledge as on these web pages and social networks, a lot of people and readers come every day and input their suggestions and comments from different perspectives. So feel free to be one of them who are liking the channel in an amazing and appealing way. Follow their tweets, find them on facebook or even see the current and updated information at the website mentioned above.

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