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Off The Record

Off The Record

Anchor: Kashif Abbasi
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Talk Show

Off The Record is a current affair based talk show which draws attention to the happenings in the political area of Pakistan. Off The Record with a typical format in which 3 guests of different viewpoints are invited to answer cutting edge matters questioned by the host. This is ARY News pioneer talk show hosted by Kashif Abbasi. In the show, all the latest happening in the field of politics, national and international issues and the day’s top story are tabled. Till now Off The Record has successfully provided meaningful analysis in the show along with hidden facts about the day’s topic.

Off The Record broadcasts on ARY News on every Monday to Thursday at 08:03pm and repeat telecasts on next day at 01:03pm. This show is one of the most watched talk show of ARY News for its updated facts and information. Khara Sach with Mubashir Lucman is another talk show with same credibility presented on ARY News. ARY News is one of the leading news channel of Pakistan. It is a 24 hour Urdu news channel available both on cable and satellite. ARY News live was launched on September 26, 2004 with headquarter situated in Karachi, Pakistan. ARY News is a part of ARY Digital Network which is subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY is a shorter version of the name of Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob who was the owner of the group. ARY News live generally broadcasts news, hourly based headline news, talk shows and many other programs based on social issues. Apart from Off The Record ARY News also broadcasts Khara Sach, Sawal Yeh Hai and Ab Tak. These are also the top rated talk shows based on current political and national issues. ARY News channel is known as big critic of the current government. The channel is competing with many other top news channel including Samaa News, Geo News, Express News, Dunya News and Aaj News.

Kashif Abbasi hosts this show on ARY News four days in a week. He is talented journalist who got graduate degree from Barani Institute of Information Technology in Rawalpindi. He is also known for his bold questioning. In-fact he has put many government official in lot of pain during his show by asking them edgy questions with bloody facts. He is fearless anchor with great self-authority of questioning.      

Off The Record Talk Show Program - All episodes
Off The Record Friday
Off The Record
ECP furst meeting after Supreme Court judgment ended without any conclusion.
Off The Record Wednesday
Off The Record
The federal government has decided not to implement SC judgment
Off The Record 16-Jul
Off The Record
What did the message government try to give by appointing ad hoc judges in SC?
Off The Record 15-Jul
Off The Record
Does the government has enough evidence to ban PTI as political party?
Off The Record 11-Jul
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry on the current scenario
Off The Record 10-Jul
Off The Record
Exclusive talk with PMLN leader Mian Javed Latif
Off The Record 9-Jul
Off The Record
What would be the judgment of SC in SIC reserved seats case?
Off The Record 8-Jul
Off The Record
Social media campaign against IHC judge and mysterious silence from the Govt.
Off The Record 4-Jul
Off The Record
Jail administration did not allow PTI leaders to meet IK, Is PPP not happy with the performance..
Off The Record 3-Jul
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Miftah Ismail.
Off The Record 2-Jul
Off The Record
Different remarks from jthe judges of a bench hearing SIC special seats case.
Off The Record 1-Jul
Off The Record
Exclusive talk with Fawad Chaudhry on the current scenario
Off The Record 27-Jun
Off The Record
PTI leadershipo still confused due to internal differences. NIKAH CASE JUDGMENT.
Off The Record 26-Jun
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with PMLN leader Hanif Abbasi
Off The Record 25-Jun
Off The Record
Will the government take the opposition parties in confidence on the issue of military operatio..
Off The Record 24-Jun
Off The Record
Who would be the real target of operation Azm-e-Istehkam?
Off The Record 20-Jun
Off The Record
What was the opinion of Nawaz Sharif about Imran Khan? Why PMLN stepped back from hard narrativ..
Off The Record 6-Jun
Off The Record
Will this coalition government be able to complete its term? Supreme Court proceeding
Off The Record 5-Jun
Off The Record
A voices of a new cases against Imran Khan, The proceeding in the supreme court.
Off The Record 4-Jun
Off The Record
A possibility of ban on PTI after controversial video, Indian general election
Off The Record 3-Jun
Off The Record
The political impact of IHC judgment in favor of Imran Khan.
Off The Record 30-May
Off The Record
The inside of the proceeding in the supreme court today, FIA to start inquiry on IK tweet
Off The Record 29-May
Off The Record
PM Shahbaz Sharif criticized higher judiciary judges, May 9 cases
Off The Record 28-May
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with PMLN leader Mian Javed Latif
Off The Record 27-May
Off The Record
Why di the state announce public holiday on May 28? What is the future of Imran Khan cases?
Off The Record 22-May
Off The Record
Rauf Klasra revealed the detail of an attack on him in a press conference
Off The Record 20-May
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with the PMLN leader Hanif Abbasi
Off The Record 13-May
Off The Record
Exclusive talk with PTI leader Asad Qaiser.
Off The Record 9-May
Off The Record
Why are political parties not ready to look upon their weekness?
Off The Record 8-May
Off The Record
PTI Rejected DG ISPR press conference, Clash between police and lawyers in Lahore
Off The Record 6-May
Off The Record
Why did the political committee of PTI expell Shel Afzal Marwat?
Off The Record 15-Feb-24
Off The Record
How productive would be the protest of PTI and other political parties?
Off The Record 14-Feb-24
Off The Record
Why did not Nawaz Sharif become PM? Who did nominate Shahbaz Sharif?
Off The Record 13-Feb-24
Off The Record
Will PMLN be agreed on power formula of PPP? Who will be the next PM?
Off The Record 12-Feb-24
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with PMLN leader Mian Javed Latif
Off The Record 31-Jan-24
Off The Record
Imran Khan has been disqualified for 10 years in the Toshakhana case.
Off The Record 30-Jan-24
Off The Record
Discussion on the sustainability of the Cypher case if PTI challenges it.
Off The Record 29-Jan-24
Off The Record
Why did not the PDM government windup NAB? Would PMLN be able to do so?
Off The Record 25-Jan-24
Off The Record
Is there any legal binding on the independents of PTI to join any party except PTI?
Off The Record 24-Jan-24
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with PMLN leader Hanif Abbasi
Off The Record 23-Jan-24
Off The Record
How effective PPP anti-PMLN narrative in Punjab? The future of PTI independents.
Off The Record 22-Jan-24
Off The Record
How much chance of horse-trading after the election?
Off The Record 18-Jan-24
Off The Record
Pakistan conducted effective strikes against anti-Pakistan elements inside Iran
Off The Record 17-Jan-24
Off The Record
Pakistan ends diplomatic ties with Iran after missile strikes
Off The Record 16-Jan-24
Off The Record
Supreme Court deprived PTI from its election symbol.
Off The Record 15-Jan-24
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with PTI lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar
Off The Record 10-Jan-24
Off The Record
Has PTI complain about level-playing field been addressed?
Off The Record 9-Jan-24
Off The Record
Which state did plan conspiracy against Nawaz Sharif?


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