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Meray Mutabiq

Meray Mutabiq

Anchor: Shajia Niazi
Channel: Geo News
Duration: 20 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Hassan Nisar

Meray Mutabiq With Hassan Nisar is an opinionated talk show whose main objective is to get a in-depth and realistic analysis of the raging issues facing today's Pakistan. This program revolves around the expert opinion of country's leading journalist /analyst / intellectual Mr. Sohail Warriach and Mr Hassan Nisar on the subjects ranging from politico-economic and socio-cultural issues to the issues of national and international importance. The experience journalists, analysts who have been involved with media for quite some time and are household names because of their acerbic commentaries in print and electronic media have a wide following especially among young adults and intelligentsia, would give their expert opinions in this program. The show is a shorter version of talk shows in which host Shajia Niazi generally asks cunning questions and shares interesting and most concerning news with expert analysts to get there most valued analysis.

The show is broadcasted on Geo News every Saturday and Sunday at 06:30pm. In Saturday's show Sohail Warraich give there expert analysis and Hassan Nisar shares his expert analysis on Sunday's episode. The show is Geo's exclusive production along with other talk shows. Geo News is the leading news channel in Pakistan. . It was launched in October 2002. The channel is owned by Jang media group which is Pakistan largest media group. Geo news headquarter is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Geo news has been the leading news channel in the list of top news channels in Pakistan since its launched Their nearer competitor in the list of news channel are Express News, ARY News, Dunya News, Samaa News and Aaj News. The channel also presents many other top rated talk shows including Capital talk, Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Sath and News Room. Talk shows from other channels with same category to Meray Mutabiq are: Nuqta-e-Nazar, Khabar Say Agay and Andar Ki Baat.

Hassan Nisar participates in the show as an expert analysis. He is Pakistan's leading intellectual, journalists and columnist. His column publishes on daily jang. He is among few journalists who is very popular in younger generation. Sohail Warraich is also well known and experience journalist. He is also a writer of few books and host of Geo News program Meray Mutabiq With Sohail Warraich.

Meray Mutabiq Talk Show Program - All episodes
Meray Mutabiq 26-Apr
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan & a pandemic COVID19
Meray Mutabiq 19-Apr
Meray Mutabiq
Pandemic COVID19 & the current political scenario of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 12-Apr
Meray Mutabiq
COVID19 spread in Pakistan, Sugar & wheat crises report followed by PM actions.
Meray Mutabiq 5-Apr
Meray Mutabiq
PTI government released FIA report on Sugar & Flour crises
Meray Mutabiq 15-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the arrest of Mir Shakeel by NAB
Meray Mutabiq 8-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
Aurat march and other political issues of Pakistan.
Meray Mutabiq 1-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
The danger of Coronavirus & Afghan peace agreement
Meray Mutabiq 23-Feb
Meray Mutabiq
Before Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif also was selected. Bilawal Bhutto
Meray Mutabiq 16-Feb
Meray Mutabiq
PM statement about Turkish rule on India
Meray Mutabiq 9-Feb-20
Meray Mutabiq
Attacking Pakistan will be last mistake of Modi
Meray Mutabiq 2-Feb-20
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario & high rate of inflation
Meray Mutabiq 26-Jan-20
Meray Mutabiq
Transparency international report over corruption in Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 19-Jan-20
Meray Mutabiq
Flour crises is another example of PTI government incompetent
Meray Mutabiq 5-Jan-20
Meray Mutabiq
Opposition united for an amendment in the army act
Meray Mutabiq 29-Dec-19
Meray Mutabiq
What is more important between happiness & success?
Meray Mutabiq 22-Dec-19
Meray Mutabiq
Death sentence to Pervez Musharraf & after scenario
Meray Mutabiq 15-Dec-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on lawyers attack on PIC
Meray Mutabiq 8-Dec-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Current Political and other internal Issues
Meray Mutabiq 1-Dec-19
Meray Mutabiq
Current political scenario of Pakistan and governance issue in Punjab
Meray Mutabiq 24-Nov-19
Meray Mutabiq
PM Khan congratulated his economic team over initial stability in economy
Meray Mutabiq 17-Nov-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Nawaz removal from ECL without any condition
Meray Mutabiq 10-Nov-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 27-Oct-19
Meray Mutabiq
Exclusive discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 20-Oct-19
Meray Mutabiq
Maulana vs PM Khan and future of PTI government
Meray Mutabiq 13-Oct-19
Meray Mutabiq
PTI Govt Performance, Pakistan economic position at 110 after down 3 points
Meray Mutabiq 6-Oct-19
Meray Mutabiq
Maulana Fazlur Rehman Azadi March and other political issues
Meray Mutabiq 29-Sep-19
Meray Mutabiq
Analysis of Imran Khan Speech At UN General Assembly
Meray Mutabiq 22-Sep-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Current political and other internal and international Issues
Meray Mutabiq 15-Sep-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Current political Issues
Meray Mutabiq 8-Sep-19
Meray Mutabiq
Extremism is increasing in our society
Meray Mutabiq 1-Sep-19
Meray Mutabiq
Pakistani nation observed Kashmir hour on the call of PM Khan
Meray Mutabiq 25-Aug-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 18-Aug-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan.
Meray Mutabiq 11-Aug-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan and Kashmir dispute
Meray Mutabiq 4-Aug-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 28-Jul-19
Meray Mutabiq
Hassan Nisar analyzing current political scenario & US visit.
Meray Mutabiq 9-Jun-19
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on current political development of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 3-Feb-19
Meray Mutabiq
Has PM Imran Khan compromised on corruption?
Meray Mutabiq 25-Nov-18
Meray Mutabiq
PTI to review its first 100 days performance after coming into power
Meray Mutabiq 16-Sep-18
Meray Mutabiq
Talking about the Auction of PM house cars and other things
Meray Mutabiq 9-Sep-18
Meray Mutabiq
Reaction on Maulana Fazal ur Rehman statement on the syllabus of Islamic Madrassa
Meray Mutabiq 2-Sep-18
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Current Political and internal Issues
Meray Mutabiq 26-Aug-18
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on Current Political and internal Issues
Meray Mutabiq 19-Aug-18
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on after Imran Khan Became Prime Minister of Pakistan
Meray Mutabiq 12-Aug-18
Meray Mutabiq
Talking about current political and social issues
Meray Mutabiq 5-Aug-18
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion about current political issues
Meray Mutabiq 29-Jul-18
Meray Mutabiq
Talking on the Current political situation after the election
Meray Mutabiq 22-Jul-18
Meray Mutabiq
Analysis of Current Political and other issues of Pakistan


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