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News Beat Saturday
News Beat
Discussion on the confrontation among the institutions of the state.
Jirga Saturday
Exclusive Jirga on the problems of Baluchistan and its causes.
Naya Pakistan Saturday
Naya Pakistan
The current situation in the Kyrgyzstan and Nawaz Sharif political speech.
Directline With Ajmal Jami Saturday
Directline With Ajmal Jami
An attack on the hostels of Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan
Mere Sawal Saturday
Mere Sawal
Did Nawaz Sharif set a new target to build a new narrative?
Face to Face Saturday
Face to Face
Discussion on the situation in Kyrgyzstan and the troubles of Pakistani Students
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh Wednesday
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh
A big relief to Imran Khan, Dubai leaks exposed many big fish of Pakistan
Nadeem Malik Live Wednesday
Nadeem Malik Live
IHC accepted bail of PTI chairman in 190 millions GBP case.
Breaking Barriers With Malick Tuesday
Breaking Barriers With Malick
Exclusive interview of the defense minister Khawaja Asif
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
Justice Babar Sattar revealed that he was approached by a top military officer
Nadeem Malik Live Tuesday
Nadeem Malik Live
Justice Babar Sattar allegations about top military officer intervention
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh Tuesday
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh
Justice Babar Sattar letter against the military intervention. Proceeding in the national assem..
Breaking Barriers With Malick 13-May
Breaking Barriers With Malick
Has the state gone toward the complete political breakdown and lawlessness?
On The Front 13-May
On The Front
What is the new evidence in the report of the caretaker Govt on May 9 tragedy against PTI?
Faisla Aap Ka 13-May
Faisla Aap Ka
Who are the mind maker, planner and facilitators of May 9 tragedy?
KHABAR Meher Bokhari Ke Saath 13-May
KHABAR Meher Bokhari Ke Saath
Did the government mishandle protest in Azad Kashmir? The proceeding in the national assembly
Kal Tak 13-May
Kal Tak
may 9 tragedy was staged to counter Imran Khan, Violent protest in AJK
Hum Dekhain Ge 13-May
Hum Dekhain Ge
The future of Nawaz Sharif politics, Would PTI accept those who had left the party?
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 13-May
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
The violent protest in Azad Kashmir, What is going on in the mind of Nawaz Sharif?
News Wise 13-May
News Wise
Why there is a delay in accepting the demands of the Joint Action Committee in AJK?
Off The Record 13-May
Off The Record
Exclusive talk with PTI leader Asad Qaiser.
Capital Talk 13-May
Capital Talk
This could be the last time that we are seeing PMLN in the power. Faisal Wada
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh 13-May
Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh
Is the grand dialogue between PTI and the Government possible?
Nadeem Malik Live 13-May
Nadeem Malik Live
Is PTI ready for the dialogue with the government? When would Imran Khan be released?
Night Edition 12-May
Night Edition
Could PTI sit with the government to get its chairman out of the jail?
Jirga 12-May
Exclusive Jirga on wheat crisis and the troubles of the farmers.
Naya Pakistan 12-May
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive talk ex finance minister Miftah Ismail on the economy and IMF issues.
Live With Nasrullah Malik 12-May
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Why does not the establishment want to talk with Imran Khan?
Mere Sawal 12-May
Mere Sawal
Would Nawaz Sharif be agreed to talk with PTI chairman Imran Khan?
Directline With Ajmal Jami 12-May
Directline With Ajmal Jami
The Shahbaz led collition government is ready to talk with Imran Khan
Face to Face 12-May
Face to Face
imran khan ready for the dialogue, Crown Prince visit to Pakistan cancelled.
Samaa Debate 12-May
Samaa Debate
Exclusive discussion with chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi
Geo Great Debate 12-May
Geo Great Debate
Exclusive Geo debate on the economy of Pakistan.
Naya Pakistan 11-May
Naya Pakistan
There is no other option than to talk with Imran Khna to bring the stability in Pakistan
Night Edition 11-May
Night Edition
How successful the agitational politics of JUI? The wheat crisis
Live With Nasrullah Malik 11-May
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Governor KPK Faisal Karim Kundi vs CM KPK Ali Amin Gandapur
Jirga 11-May
Exclusive Jirga with PMLN senior leader Rana Sanaullah
Mere Sawal 11-May
Mere Sawal
A report shared with the federal cabinet on May 9 indicating that IK was directly involved in t..
Sawal Yeh Hai 11-May
Sawal Yeh Hai
New demands of the IMF for new package, Why did the Govt change PEKA ordinance
Jawab Do 11-May
Jawab Do
Exclusive discussion with Makhdoom Javed Hashmi
Sawal Yeh Hai 10-May
Sawal Yeh Hai
An offer of dialogue to PTI from the ruling alliance, A big setback to the government.
Directline With Ajmal Jami 10-May
Directline With Ajmal Jami
President Asif Ali Zardari is on an important mission, Big setback to PMLN
Naya Pakistan 10-May
Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan strategy to take the establishment under pressure did not work.
Mere Sawal 10-May
Mere Sawal
How much reality in the news of dialogue offer to Imran Khan?
Face to Face 10-May
Face to Face
The promise of constructive politics and apologize on May 9 tragedy is the only way out for IK.
On The Front 9-May
On The Front
It was forecasted well before the May 9 that army installation might be attacked.
KHABAR Meher Bokhari Ke Saath 9-May
KHABAR Meher Bokhari Ke Saath
PTI will have to change its narrative to stay in the politics of Pakistan.
Kal Tak 9-May
Kal Tak
Exclusive talk with PMLN leader Hanif Abbasi


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