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Dawn News
News Wise Friday
News Wise
Discussion on the new social media rules
News Eye Friday
News Eye
Why delay in the notification of the new DG ISI?
Zara Hat Kay Thursday
Zara Hat Kay
PIA suspend its flight operation to Kabul, Noor Mukaddam case
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
Discussion on the current political crises in Baluchistan.
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
Why did rulers fail to address the core issue of society?
Zara Hat Kay Wednesday
Zara Hat Kay
Why is the government hiding details of foreign gifts received by PM?
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Discussion on the issue of new DG ISI, Maryam Nawaz press talks
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Political scenario is heating up in Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay Tuesday
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the current issue between the civil-military
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
Discussion on the issue of New DG ISI appointment.
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Is the civil, military leadership still on the same page?
Zara Hat Kay Monday
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan
News Wise Monday
News Wise
The opposition is getting united again to challenge the govt
News Eye Monday
News Eye
Political crises in Baluchistan, CM Jam Kamal is in serious danger.
In Focus 10-Oct
In Focus
A special tribute to father of the Pakistan nuclear program.
In Focus 9-Oct
In Focus
Crises between the civilian and military leadership
Zara Hat Kay 8-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers
News Wise 8-Oct
News Wise
Maryam Nawaz latest assault against the DG ISI
Zara Hat Kay 7-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
The Government has given NRO to itself, a boy with a multi-functional bionic arm
News Eye 7-Oct
News Eye
New NAB ordinance to increase the power of its or to restrict its line of action?
News Wise 7-Oct
News Wise
Big political development in Baluchistan.
Zara Hat Kay 6-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion about new DG ISI career and presenting tribute to Umar Sharif
News Wise 6-Oct
News Wise
The government continues denying consultation with the opposition leader.
News Eye 6-Oct
News Eye
Who is leading talks with the TTP?
Zara Hat Kay 5-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Tension in India after the casualties of the farmers.
News Wise 5-Oct
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Eye 5-Oct
News Eye
The opposition rejected the investigative cell
Zara Hat Kay 4-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
What is the origin of the Pandora papers? The government ministers itself caught for spreading ..
News Wise 4-Oct
News Wise
What action will be taken after the blast of Pandora papers?
News Eye 4-Oct
News Eye
Who are the big faces of Pakistan listed in the Pandora papers?
In Focus 3-Oct
In Focus
Is Nawaz Sharif coming back? Has PM Khan narrative of accountability failed?
In Focus 2-Oct
In Focus
Inside story of government dialogue with TTP
Zara Hat Kay 1-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Storm of inflation after latest increase in the petroleum products.
News Eye 1-Oct
News Eye
Did we forget all the martyrs of APS? Pakistan in talks with TTP
Zara Hat Kay 30-Sep
Zara Hat Kay
Dengue attacks continue after COVID19, Cyclone heading toward Karachi.
News Wise 30-Sep
News Wise
The United States accepted defeat in Afghanistan.
News Eye 30-Sep
News Eye
Anti Pakistan bill presented in the congress of the US
News Wise 29-Sep
News Wise
Discussion on the electoral reforms and the other issues.
News Eye 29-Sep
News Eye
War of statements between the Govt & the opposition leader
Live With Adil Shahzeb 28-Sep
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
Zara Hat Kay 28-Sep
Zara Hat Kay
Illegal allotments of plots in Islamabad, hidden facts about NCA inquiry
News Wise 28-Sep
News Wise
Is the UK court verdict a big setback for PTI narrative of accountability?
News Eye 28-Sep
News Eye
Did the Govt of Pakistan really reach out to NCA against the Sharif family?
Zara Hat Kay 27-Sep
Zara Hat Kay
Real facts behind Shahbaz Sharif and family acquittal from the UK court.
News Wise 27-Sep
News Wise
Serious differences within the PMLN causing the party future.
News Eye 27-Sep
News Eye
Big relief to Shahbaz Sharif and his family from UK court.
In Focus 26-Sep
In Focus
5 major trends of Pakistani politics
In Focus 25-Sep
In Focus
Is Pakistan presenting its case before the world effectively?


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