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Dawn News
News Eye Today
News Eye
Would the election be called as per the constitution or consent of the certain quarters?
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
How would the government present budget 2023-24 despite no IMF deal?
Zara Hat Kay Tuesday
Zara Hat Kay
HIV is spreading rapidly in Islamabad, The terror of Vigo
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Without the opposition how would be the budget debate?
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
Asif Ali Zardari active in Punjab, Where is PMLN standing?
Zara Hat Kay Monday
Zara Hat Kay
Imran Khan from Cipher to Lobbing in the United States
News Eye Monday
News Eye
Who will be the major political beneficiary of the PTI division?
News Wise Monday
News Wise
Would next election be between the PDM vs PDM?
Dusra Rukh Monday
Dusra Rukh
Why is not the government sitting with PTI to solve the issue?
News Wise 2-Jun
News Wise
Will all PDM parties contest election at the platform of the PDM?
News Eye 1-Jun
News Eye
Will the election be now possible on October 8?
News Wise 1-Jun
News Wise
PTI president Pervez Elahi arrested from Lahore, IMF program
Zara Hat Kay 31-May
Zara Hat Kay
Downsizing of the PTI and the future of democracy.
News Eye 31-May
News Eye
What is the next destination of all those leader who left PTI?
News Wise 31-May
News Wise
Possible making of a new king party, where is the PDM standing?
Zara Hat Kay 30-May
Zara Hat Kay
What are the options left to Imran Khan? insecure Hindu community in Pakistan.
News Eye 30-May
News Eye
Would Imran Khan be trialed in the military court? Are the govt and SC agreed over wayout?
News Wise 30-May
News Wise
Could contempt proceedings be started in the election case?
Zara Hat Kay 29-May
Zara Hat Kay
Ishaq Dar performance in the last 8 months, Supreme Court review act.
News Eye 29-May
News Eye
Has Imran Khan failed to play harassment of PTI women card?
News Wise 29-May
News Wise
Supreme Court review act has become law, Who would be the major beneficiary?
Dusra Rukh 28-May
Dusra Rukh
Could Jehangir Tareen become an alternate of Imran Khan?
In Focus 27-May
In Focus
Audio leaks inquiry commission stopped working after 5 member bench stayed the commission forma..
In Focus 26-May
In Focus
PTI leaders continue to party away from the party and politics.
Zara Hat Kay 26-May
Zara Hat Kay
Voices of undeclared martial law, Would election be possible this year?
Zara Hat Kay 24-May
Zara Hat Kay
Initially, 5 military courts are being formed, What happened with Idrees Khatak?
News Wise 24-May
News Wise
A possible ban on PTI, Will the election be conducted in October
News Eye 23-May
News Eye
Are all PTI leavers going because of May 9 incidents?
News Wise 23-May
News Wise
Who else are the big faces going to leave PTI soon?
News Eye 22-May
News Eye
Judicial commission decided to public all proceedings
News Wise 22-May
News Wise
First meeting of a judicial commission formed to probe audio leaks of judges.
Dusra Rukh 21-May
Dusra Rukh
How would civilian trials in the military courts maintain transparency?
In Focus 21-May
In Focus
The confrontation between the Govt and the judiciary and future of the parliament.
Zara Hat Kay 19-May
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
News Wise 19-May
News Wise
Suicide attack on JI Chief convoy in Baluchistan, Trouble for the PTI
In Focus 19-May
In Focus
Is the government wants to declare PTI a banned organization?
Good News for PTI from LHC 19-May
Good News for PTI from LHC
Lahore High Court overturned the notification of acceptance of 72 PTI MNA resignations
Zara Hat Kay 18-May
Zara Hat Kay
Serious internal security breach found while May 9 attacks on the military installations.
News Wise 18-May
News Wise
Could the state ever be able to break a political party?
News Eye 18-May
News Eye
Will supreme court has also been influenced after the May 9 incidents.
News Wise 17-May
News Wise
Can the current situation of Pakistan afford more political instability.
News Eye 17-May
News Eye
Who is responsible to put PTI in front of the Pakistan Army?
Zara Hat Kay 16-May
Zara Hat Kay
All culprits of the May 9 incidents must be brought into a court of law.
News Eye 16-May
News Eye
The resignation of Molvi Mehmood from PTI membership is the first drop of rain after May 9 inci..
News Wise 16-May
News Wise
Direct threats to the judges of SC after serious criticism
Zara Hat Kay 15-May
Zara Hat Kay
Strict action will be taken against all culprits of May 9 incidents.
News Eye 15-May
News Eye
The government and PTI are attacking national institutions.
News Wise 15-May
News Wise
Will the supreme court still continue contempt proceeding?


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