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News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Talks with banned TTP in progress
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
Why is not an issue of missing persons being resolved?
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Electricity relief in Punjab, Imran Khan warning to the establishment.
Zara Hat Kay Tuesday
Zara Hat Kay
Why is anchor Imran Riaz Khan arrested?
Zara Hat Kay Monday
Zara Hat Kay
Whay actually happened with Ayaz Amir? Dua Zahra case
News Wise Monday
News Wise
Why Imran Khan addressing neutral again and again?
News Eye Monday
News Eye
Did PTI really apologize to the US over malicious campaign
Zara Hat Kay 1-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of Viewers regarding the current issues.
News Eye 1-Jul
News Eye
Imran Khan accepted Hamza Shahbaz as CM Punjab till July 22
News Wise 1-Jul
News Wise
Supreme Court made PMLN & PTI agree on a midway solution
PTI Challenged LHC Verdict in SC 1-Jul
PTI Challenged LHC Verdict in SC
PTI challenged Lahore High Court verdict in Supreme Court.
News Eye 30-Jun
News Eye
Hamza Shahbaz will get legal cover as CM Punjab tomorrow.
News Wise 30-Jun
News Wise
Condition over condition from IMF and LHC verdict
Zara Hat Kay 28-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Another attack on health workers in North Wazirstan
News Eye 28-Jun
News Eye
Are the decisions of the coalition government being done somewhere else?
News Wise 28-Jun
News Wise
Discussion on the party position in the by-election in Punjab?
In Focus 25-Jun
In Focus
Discussion on the super tax on the industry.
Zara Hat Kay 24-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Forceful disappearances increased, Social media activist forcefully picked in Karachi
News Wise 24-Jun
News Wise
NAB amendments were compulsion or necessary.
Zara Hat Kay 23-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
How PAK fishermen saved the life of fishermen of Amman
News Eye 23-Jun
News Eye
What are the challenges ahead of PTI candidates in Punjab by-poll?
News Wise 23-Jun
News Wise
Why did PPP step back in the by-poll in Punjab?
News Eye 22-Jun
News Eye
An allegation of political engineering before by-poll in Punjab
News Wise 22-Jun
News Wise
Who to TLP actually is challenging in Karachi?
News Eye 21-Jun
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Shah Mehmood Qureshi
News Wise 21-Jun
News Wise
International conspiracy followed by inflation and now NAB amendments.
In Focus 18-Jun
In Focus
Exclusive interview of senator Saleem Mandviwala
News Eye 17-Jun
News Eye
Is Pakistan going to out of the FATF greylist in OCTOBER?
News Wise 17-Jun
News Wise
PTI vs Establishment on the issue of conspiracy.
News Wise 16-Jun
News Wise
What was an agreement PTI signed with IMF?
Zara Hat Kay 15-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
An increase in the petroleum products and its impact on the inflation
Zara Hat Kay 14-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Corruption scandal of Al-Qadir Universitry.
Zara Hat Kay 13-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Police crackdown on Baloch student families.
News Wise 13-Jun
News Wise
By-poll in Punjab will be a bigger challenge for PPP & PMLN
In Focus 12-Jun
In Focus
Indian police crackdown on Muslim protestors
In Focus 11-Jun
In Focus
Another relief for PM Shahbaz & his son CM Hamza in money laundering case.
Zara Hat Kay 10-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
What did the government announce for the poor?
News Eye 10-Jun
News Eye
Is there any relief for laypeople in the budget 2022-23?
News Wise 10-Jun
News Wise
An increase in the defense budget was necessary or a compulsion?
Dr Amir Liaquat Died 9-Jun
Dr Amir Liaquat Died
PTI MNA Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain died.
News Wise 9-Jun
News Wise
Economic performance of the PTI and the coalition government.
News Eye 8-Jun
News Eye
Will PTI show flexibility to get on the table with the government?
News Wise 8-Jun
News Wise
Load shedding of electricity reached a new high
News Eye 7-Jun
News Eye
PDM decided to contest by-poll in Punjab as a political alliance
News Wise 7-Jun
News Wise
Economic & public pressure on the Shahbaz government.
In Focus 5-Jun
In Focus
Will Imran Khan be arrested or prisoned at home?
News Eye 3-Jun
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Ameer JI Sirajul Haq
News Wise 3-Jun
News Wise
What is going to happen in the coming days?


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