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Dawn News
In Focus Saturday
In Focus
Reshuffling in the cabinet again & again in the hope of betterment.
Zara Hat Kay Friday
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers
News Eye Friday
News Eye
Whose narrative will be surfaced in the PMLN after Shahbaz bail?
Zara Hat Kay Thursday
Zara Hat Kay
Process to dissolve TLP as a political party began
News Wise Thursday
News Wise
The US President announced the date for the US forces evacuation from Afghanistan.
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
The opposition alliance is taking last breathe
Zara Hat Kay Wednesday
Zara Hat Kay
What will be the future of TLP after BAN?
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Lahore High court approved bail of Shahbaz Sharif
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Violent TLP banned by the government after loss of lives of 2 policemen.
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Will the PPP revisit its decision regarding the PDM?
KP Police Arrested Mufti Kifayet Tuesday
KP Police Arrested Mufti Kifayet
KP Police arrest Mufti Kifayet from Mansehra
Zara Hat Kay 12-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
Violence against children, Why do not parents register case?
News Wise 12-Apr
News Wise
PPP responded over show-cause notice
News Eye 12-Apr
News Eye
An impact of PPP separation from the PDM
Dusra Rukh 11-Apr
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive interview of Barrister Shahzad Akbar
In Focus 11-Apr
In Focus
Increased distance between PPP & PMLN
Dusra Rukh 10-Apr
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive interview of Federal Law Minister Barrister Farogh Nasim.
News Eye 9-Apr
News Eye
Discussion on the Tareen impact on the politics of Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay 8-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
Re-election in the NA-75, Daska, Bill to protect honor of the arm forces.
News Eye 8-Apr
News Eye
Drop scene of the PDM in just 8 months.
News Wise 7-Apr
News Wise
Why Awami National Party left the PDM?
News Eye 6-Apr
News Eye
PM Khan controversial statement regarding sexual violence against women.
News Eye 5-Apr
News Eye
Bilawal Bhutto advise for the PMLN
In Focus 4-Apr
In Focus
PM Khan position on the issue of the high rate of inflation in Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay 2-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viwers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 1-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the first openeing of a smaller scale trade with India, later rejected by cabinet..
News Eye 31-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the autonomy of the state bank of Pakistan
Zara Hat Kay 31-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the restoration of trade with India.
Tariq Cheema Blasted on TV Anchors 31-Mar
Tariq Cheema Blasted on TV Anchors
Tariq Bashir Cheema blasted on a TV anchor for questioning about a viral video of his family.
News Eye 30-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the cabinet reshuffling & other issues.
News Eye 29-Mar
News Eye
Difference stance of PPP & PMLN damaged the PDM movement.
Zara Hat Kay 29-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
A deadly third wave of the Corona Virus
In Focus 27-Mar
In Focus
Maryam Nawaz blasted on the PPP leadership
Zara Hat Kay 26-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
News Eye 25-Mar
News Eye
Why did NAB postpone Maryam Nawaz appearance?
Zara Hat Kay 25-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
PM chaired a meeting of ministers despite Corona positive
Pakistan Day Parade 2021 25-Mar
Pakistan Day Parade 2021
Pakistan day parade 2021
News Eye 24-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the future of the PDM
Zara Hat Kay 24-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Cutting of thousands of mango trees in Multan for the development of housing society.
News Wise 24-Mar
News Wise
NCOC decided to keep educational institutions close till April 11
Zara Hat Kay 23-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the differences in the PDM.
News Eye 23-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive show on Youm-e-Pakistan
News Eye 22-Mar
News Eye
PM should not underestimate the PDM strength. Maryam Nawaz
Zara Hat Kay 22-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Misinformation about Corona vaccine.
In Focus 21-Mar
In Focus
Is Pakistan going toward complete lockdown?
In Focus 20-Mar
In Focus
PM Khan himself caught by Corona
Zara Hat Kay 19-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 18-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Everyday brings new story about the differences in the PDM


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