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Dawn News
News Eye Friday
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Qurrat Ul Ain Rizvi
Zara Hat Kay 16-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
News Wise 16-Jul
News Wise
Man tried to attack Maryam Nawaz with TV logo
News Eye 16-Jul
News Eye
Exclusive interview of spokesperson of Afghan Taliban.
Zara Hat Kay 14-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Upper Kohistan bus accident. Several Chinese & Pakistani lost their lives.
News Wise 14-Jul
News Wise
The rift within the federal establishment
News Eye 14-Jul
News Eye
No one talking on the real issues of the Kashmiri people.
Zara Hat Kay 13-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the tough scenario of Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.
News Eye 13-Jul
News Eye
Discussion on the rapidly changing scenario of Afghanistan.
News Wise 13-Jul
News Wise
After the US, India also leaving Afghanistan
Zara Hat Kay 12-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Progress in Usman Mirza case & other issues.
News Wise 12-Jul
News Wise
Why is Bilawal Bhutto visiting the United States?
News Eye 12-Jul
News Eye
Does the US really want peace in Afghanistan?
In Focus 11-Jul
In Focus
Possible civil war in Afghanistan in its impact on Pakistan
In Focus 10-Jul
In Focus
Where opposition stand on the issue of Kashmir, Afghanistan and the US?
News Eye 9-Jul
News Eye
Why Maryam Nawaz is silent on Bilawal statement?
Zara Hat Kay 9-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
News Eye 8-Jul
News Eye
Who is trying to become next selected?
Zara Hat Kay 8-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Exclusive discussion with Pakisani Ambassador to Kabul
Zara Hat Kay 7-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Legendary actor of sub-continent Dilip Kumar passed away.
News Eye 7-Jul
News Eye
Discussion on the issue of Baluchistan.
News Eye 6-Jul
News Eye
What wrong with the anti-domestic violence bill?
Zara Hat Kay 6-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Future of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US forces.
Zara Hat Kay 5-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Sister tortured by brothers over demanding share in the property.
News Eye 5-Jul
News Eye
Have we learnt any lessons from the past?
In Focus 4-Jul
In Focus
How much alarming PDM Swat rally for the Government?
Dusra Rukh 4-Jul
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive show on general election in Kashmir
In Focus 3-Jul
In Focus
Were everyone on the same page in the national security meeting?
Dusra Rukh 3-Jul
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive discussion with Federal Minister Hammad Azhar
Zara Hat Kay 2-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of viewers in today show.
News Wise 2-Jul
News Wise
Fawad Chaudhry told the reason for the absence of PM Khan from the national security meeting.
News Eye 2-Jul
News Eye
Do not play dirty politics on the issue of national security.
Zara Hat Kay 1-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
An important huddle of civil, military leadership on the issue of Afghanistan.
News Eye 1-Jul
News Eye
Is our foreign policy heading in the right direction?
Zara Hat Kay 30-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan & the US are no more friends.
News Eye 30-Jun
News Eye
The opposition scattered, PM strong
News Eye 29-Jun
News Eye
Afghanistan is going toward another civil war.
Zara Hat Kay 29-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
The trend of small businesses is getting promotion in Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay 28-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Hostile intelligence agencies were involved in the Lahore blast.
News Wise 28-Jun
News Wise
Current scenario of Pakistani politics
News Eye 28-Jun
News Eye
PM Khan serious about the development of film industry.
In Focus 27-Jun
In Focus
Asif Ali Zardari on a political mission in Lahore.
In Focus 26-Jun
In Focus
what message PM Khan is giving to the world by interacting with the International media?
Zara Hat Kay 25-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of viewer in today show.
News Eye 25-Jun
News Eye
FATF gave Pakistan 7 points action plan
News Eye 24-Jun
News Eye
Who will lift the trophy of PSL-6?
News Wise 23-Jun
News Wise
Huge increase in the rape cases in Pakistan.
News Eye 23-Jun
News Eye
American leaving Afghanistan and wants logistic support from Pakistan.


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