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Dawn News
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Voters defy the tradition on the global scenario, What is the reason?
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
The freedom of expression and privacy of the people of Pakistan are in danger.
News Eye 16-Jul
News Eye
The Shahbaz government has surrendered before the IMF.
News Wise 16-Jul
News Wise
Exclusive interview of former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Zara Hat Kay 15-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
The political scenario of Pakistan and gun attack on Donald Trump
News Eye 15-Jul
News Eye
Would the PPP support the government in proceeding to ban PTI?
News Wise 15-Jul
News Wise
A strong reaction from the government on Supreme Court judgment.
Dusra Rukh 13-Jul
Dusra Rukh
What would be the future of the Presidential and senate election after the judgment of SC
Zara Hat Kay 12-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Callers day, Taking live calls of the viewers on the current issues.
Dusra Rukh 12-Jul
Dusra Rukh
Supreme Court ordered to give reserve seats to PTI as entitlement
Zara Hat Kay 11-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
IMF demands to bring big farmers into the tax net, Possible SC judgment.
News Eye 11-Jul
News Eye
ATC court judgment may cause problem for the PTI chairman
News Wise 11-Jul
News Wise
What is going on in the mind of the establishment on international pressure about Imran Khan?
Zara Hat Kay 10-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
A nexus among smugglers, criminals, and terror groups. A bombshell of high rate of population
News Eye 10-Jul
News Eye
Has this government lost the public trust due to the heavy inflation
Zara Hat Kay 9-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
The Shahbaz government authorized ISI to tap anyone phone in the name of security check
News Wise 9-Jul
News Wise
Is the verdict of ECP in SIC reserved seats as per the constitution?
Zara Hat Kay 8-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Five time increase in the expenditure of the government despite tough economic scenario
News Eye 8-Jul
News Eye
What are the objectives behind social media campaign against IHC judge?
In Focus 6-Jul
In Focus
A compromise with the establishment is the compulsion for the PMLN Govt
Zara Hat Kay 5-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
people are ctying over heavy electricity bills. Live callers day
Zara Hat Kay 4-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
A nexus between telecom companies and secret agencies revealed
News Wise 4-Jul
News Wise
Azm-e-Istehkam operation may cause the relationship between Pakistan & Afghanistan
News Eye 4-Jul
News Eye
People of Pakistan are not happy with the government regarding budget.
News Eye 4-Jul
News Eye
PTI special seats case and the future of Imran Khan cases
News Wise 3-Jul
News Wise
Taxes on already suffered class and relief for the rich
Zara Hat Kay 2-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Taxes on a salaried persons, What happened in the Sukkur?
Zara Hat Kay 1-Jul
Zara Hat Kay
Privileges and exemptions in the budget for already rich
News Eye 1-Jul
News Eye
Budget 2024-25 has been functional from today, The internal differences in the PTI and its reas..
N Korea Will Send its Trops in Ukraine 28-Jun
N Korea Will Send its Trops in Ukraine
North Korea will send its troops in Ukraine to help Russian forces. Western media claimed
Zara Hat Kay 27-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan first human milk bank on hold, Failed attempt of a military quo in Bolivia
Zara Hat Kay 26-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
PTI lobbing in the US worked as the House of Representatives passed a resolution against riggin..
News Eye 26-Jun
News Eye
PTI conditioned a dialogue with the release of Imran Khan
News Wise 26-Jun
News Wise
The opposition termed the budget 2024-25 economic terrorism
Zara Hat Kay 25-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
A new sales tax may cause an increase in the charges of medical tests.
News Wise 25-Jun
News Wise
How much possibility of consensus among political parties on the issue of a military operation?
News Eye 25-Jun
News Eye
The clarification from the Govt on a new military operation increased ambiguity
Zara Hat Kay 24-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Follow up action after killing in Swat on blasphemy charges.
News Eye 24-Jun
News Eye
What did PPP get in return of vote to budget 2024-25
News Wise 24-Jun
News Wise
What is the real reason behind military operation Azm-e-Istehkam?
Dusra Rukh 23-Jun
Dusra Rukh
PTI opposed military operation Azm-e-Istehkam in the national assembly.
Dusra Rukh 22-Jun
Dusra Rukh
Can PMLN get its budget pass from the national assembly without PPP?
Dusra Rukh 21-Jun
Dusra Rukh
PTI announced country-wide protest to get Imran Khan release from the jail.
Zara Hat Kay 20-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Why there is a delay in the use of electric vehicles in Pakistan?
News Eye 20-Jun
News Eye
Would the government and PTI sit together to settle issues?
News Wise 20-Jun
News Wise
What are the hidden objectives behind containing media? KPK vs Federal government
Dusra Rukh 15-Jun
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive discussion with the federal minister Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh
Zara Hat Kay 5-Jun
Zara Hat Kay
Question mark on the Phase-II of CPEC, Do not go to hospital if you want to keep your life safe


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