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Dawn News
News Eye Monday
News Eye
Iran-Israel tension could trigger a big war in the region which will be dragged to other countr..
News Wise Monday
News Wise
Why did the US stop Israel from counter strike on Iran? Two important visits in Pakistan.
Dusra Rukh Sunday
Dusra Rukh
Would the grand opposition alliance protest be able to get any relief for the PTI chairman?
Putin Statement on Iran-Israel Conflict Sunday
Putin Statement on Iran-Israel Conflict
Russian President Putin warned the US to stay away from the conflict between Iran & Israel.
Dusra Rukh Saturday
Dusra Rukh
Who is responsible for the increased incidents of child harassment?
Dusra Rukh Friday
Dusra Rukh
Would Shireen Mazari join the politics again? Eid special show
News Eye 8-Apr
News Eye
Is any break through possible between the establishment and PTI?
Zara Hat Kay 3-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
Threatenng letters to IHC judges, Blasphemy laws and reality
News Eye 3-Apr
News Eye
Big hearing in the Supreme Court on theletter of IHC judges.
News Wise 3-Apr
News Wise
Supreme Court hinted full court hearing of the IHC judges letter.
Zara Hat Kay 2-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
The senate election under Hybrid Plus Regime, Where is Falak Noor
Live With Adil Shahzeb 1-Apr
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Would the 6 judges of IHC be able to ever get justice on their letter?
Zara Hat Kay 1-Apr
Zara Hat Kay
An intervention of intelligence agencies in the judiciary, Rap accused released in Faisalabad.
News Eye 1-Apr
News Eye
How would Supreme Court determine the intervention of secret agencies?
News Wise 1-Apr
News Wise
A big relief to Imran Khan and his wife from IHC in Toshakhana case
Sher Marwat Slapped His Guard 1-Apr
Sher Marwat Slapped His Guard
PTI leader Sher Afzal Marwat slapped his guard, Video went viral.
Dusra Rukh 29-Mar
Dusra Rukh
Would the inquiry commission be able to conduct transparent inquiry on IHC judges letter?
News Wise 28-Mar
News Wise
PMLN is running multiple narratives, Letter controversy and follow-up actions.
Live With Adil Shahzeb 27-Mar
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Pakistan will have to face sanctions if it continues work on PAK-Iran gas pipeline. US announce..
Zara Hat Kay 27-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
A conflict after intelligence agencies intervention in the judicial affairs.
News Eye 27-Mar
News Eye
The inside of full court meeting of Supreme Court to discuss a letter of IHC judges
Live With Adil Shahzeb 26-Mar
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Who is behind an attack on the Chinese engineers in KPK? What should Pakistan do?
News Wise 26-Mar
News Wise
Coward terror attack on Chinese engineers van on the way to Dasu
Zara Hat Kay 25-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Finally Security Council of the UN passed resolution for ceasefire in Gaza
News Eye 25-Mar
News Eye
Why is PM Shahbaz forced to take U-Turn in the beginning of the government.
Dusra Rukh 24-Mar
Dusra Rukh
Question mark on the future of credibility of the coalition government.
Zara Hat Kay 22-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 21-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Now the blind people would be able to run their own businesses.
News Eye 21-Mar
News Eye
Is the statement of Donald Lu before the US congress intervention in the politics of Pakistan?
News Wise 21-Mar
News Wise
Is this PTI success that the US congress is discussing on Cypher conspiracy?
Zara Hat Kay 20-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Cypher story made by PTI was a lie. Donald Lu briefed the US congress
News Eye 20-Mar
News Eye
American congress committee hearing the case about rigged election in Pakistan.
News Wise 20-Mar
News Wise
Is there any relief in the IMF program for the people of Pakistan?
Zara Hat Kay 19-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Dacoits rule in the northeren part of Sindh, talks between Pakistan and the IMF.
News Eye 19-Mar
News Eye
How will the Shahbaz government fulfill the tough conditions of the IMF?
News Wise 19-Mar
News Wise
Nawaz Sharif criticized own federal government over high rate of Electricity and Gas
Zara Hat Kay 18-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan conducts air strikes in two provinces of Afghanistan. Putin again elected as Russian P..
Live With Adil Shahzeb 18-Mar
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Exclusive discussion with defense minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif.
News Eye 18-Mar
News Eye
PMLN is trying to convice IMF and PPP on the issue of privatization at once.
News Wise 18-Mar
News Wise
How would the government give relief to the people under the tough conditions of the IMF
In Focus 17-Mar
In Focus
Does Imran Khan really want to establish line of communication with the establishment?
Dusra Rukh 15-Mar
Dusra Rukh
Exclusive discussion with PTI leader Asad Qaiser
News Eye 14-Mar
News Eye
Should PTI open door for the establishment? Would CM KPK keep meeting with PM Shahbaz?
Zara Hat Kay 13-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
Barrister Ali Zafar presented 3 point demands to sit with the government.
Live With Adil Shahzeb 13-Mar
Live With Adil Shahzeb
Snow melting between KPK and the Federal government, Threat alert about possible attack on Adia..
Zara Hat Kay 12-Mar
Zara Hat Kay
An allegation of kidnapping for ransom on CTD and reality
News Eye 12-Mar
News Eye
The government imposes ban on meeting in Adiala jail due to threat alert.
KP Govt to Give Tough Time to Fed Gov 12-Mar
KP Govt to Give Tough Time to Fed Gov
KPK government decided to prepare plan of action to collect arrears from the Federal government..


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