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Dawn News
In Focus Saturday
In Focus
How much trouble PDM rallies are creating for the government?
Zara Hat Kay Friday
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay Thursday
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan future in FATF, 2nd wave of Corona Virus in Pakistan
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
Why did not IG Sindh register FIR against his own abduction?
Zara Hat Kay Wednesday
Zara Hat Kay
Once again Sindh government and the federal government are on face to face after the Karachi in..
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Why PM Imran Khan is behaving as irrelevant after the Karachi incident?
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
No coordination between the institutions caused the Karachi incident
Zara Hat Kay Tuesday
Zara Hat Kay
Senior officers of Sindh police manhandled & ridiculed
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
All the senior officers of Sindh police are going on leave in protest after the Karachi inciden..
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
News Eye 19-Oct
News Eye
The Prosecutor of the Sindh police opposed the bail of Captain Safdar.
News Wise 19-Oct
News Wise
Discussion on the Captain Safdar arrest after PDM Jalsa in Karachi.
In Focus 17-Oct
In Focus
Exclusive interview of Khawaja Mohammad Asif.
Zara Hat Kay 15-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Terror attacks in Waziristan & Baluchistan
News Eye 15-Oct
News Eye
PDM Jalsa in Gujranwala will set the tone for the future movement
News Wise 15-Oct
News Wise
Lady health workers protest at D-Chowk, Islamabad
News Wise 14-Oct
News Wise
Indian hand involved in terrorism in Pakistan.
News Eye 14-Oct
News Eye
I will not go for consensus with the opposition at any cost. Imran Khan
Zara Hat Kay 14-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Government employees protest in D Chowk, Islamabad
Zara Hat Kay 13-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Baloch Students are on protest for not being granted admission in the educational institutions ..
News Eye 13-Oct
News Eye
India itself involved in state terrorism & money laundering
News Wise 13-Oct
News Wise
The high rate of inflation all across the country made the life of the people difficult.
Zara Hat Kay 12-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Ban on TikTok in Pakistan, Main accused of the motorway rape case arrested.
News Eye 12-Oct
News Eye
Asim Saleem Bajwa should resign from the post of Chairman CPEC Authority as well.
News Wise 12-Oct
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif
In Focus 11-Oct
In Focus
The current inflation rate increased the problems of the people
In Focus 10-Oct
In Focus
The political confrontation between the government and the opposition in full swing
Zara Hat Kay 9-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show
News Wise 9-Oct
News Wise
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
Zara Hat Kay 8-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Protest in Gilgit Baltistan to get him to release from Baba Jan & his men.
News Eye 8-Oct
News Eye
PDM movement, Nawaz Sharif narrative & precautionary PPP
News Wise 8-Oct
News Wise
2.5-year-old girl first raped and then killed in Charsada
Zara Hat Kay 7-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
A huge increase in the prices of life-saving medicines
News Eye 7-Oct
News Eye
Why Bilawal Bhutto was not invited to the meeting between Maryam & Maulana?
News Eye 6-Oct
News Eye
Is PPP fighting a war of its survival or for the sake of democracy?
Zara Hat Kay 6-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the current hike in the prices of necessity items
News Wise 6-Oct
News Wise
The government is on the back foot on the issue of the treason case against the PMLN leadership
Zara Hat Kay 5-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
History of treason cases in Pakistan
News Eye 5-Oct
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Wise 5-Oct
News Wise
Pakistan Democratic Movement announced the schedule of public rallies.
In Focus 4-Oct
In Focus
The opposition is setting up a tempo for a mass movement.
News Wise 2-Oct
News Wise
Restaurants and marriage halls are causing COVID19 cases in Karachi.
News Eye 1-Oct
News Eye
Nawaz Sharif is playing the Indian games. PM Imran Khan
Zara Hat Kay 1-Oct
Zara Hat Kay
Ban on Nawaz Sharif media appearances and other issues
Zara Hat Kay 30-Sep
Zara Hat Kay
Nawaz Sharif address to CEC meeting of his party
News Eye 30-Sep
News Eye
Nawaz Sharif says current parliament is not autonomous
News Wise 30-Sep
News Wise
Why is COVID19 appearing again in Karachi?
Zara Hat Kay 29-Sep
Zara Hat Kay
Maulana Fazal ur Rehman vs NAB, War between Azerbaijan & Armenia


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