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Dawn News
News Wise Wednesday
News Wise
Use of force against MQM Pakistan in Karachi
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Why did police use force against the protestors of MQM?
News Wise Tuesday
News Wise
How much is the PDM ready for a long march?
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Pakistan is more down in Corruption Perception Indix as per Transparency International.
News Wise Monday
News Wise
Are the establishment and the Govt still on the same page?
News Eye Monday
News Eye
The resignation of Shahzad Akbar proves that the narrative of accountability failed.
In Focus Sunday
In Focus
Who to PM Khan is threatening by an on-road protest?
In Focus Saturday
In Focus
Change of system, secret meeting and deals
Zara Hat Kay 21-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
What is the method of suppressing media?
News Eye 21-Jan
News Eye
The government itself is behind floating a debate on Presidential system.
News Eye 20-Jan
News Eye
Authorities failed to stop the Lahore blast despite threat alert.
Zara Hat Kay 19-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan first transgender doctor, Crackdown agaisnt fake medicines
News Eye 19-Jan
News Eye
Why is the government inviting the opposition for dialogue now?
News Wise 18-Jan
News Wise
Why does Maryam Nawaz believe days are left for the PTI government?
Zara Hat Kay 17-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan boxing association asked me for their cut in my international prize money. Boxer Moham..
News Wise 17-Jan
News Wise
Dissent voices are coming more frequently in PTI
News Eye 17-Jan
News Eye
The government claiming about PMLN deal and establishment denying any deal
In Focus 16-Jan
In Focus
Overall political scenario of Pakistan
In Focus 15-Jan
In Focus
Has the government vindicated on the issue of mini-budget?
News Wise 14-Jan
News Wise
Pakistan need to look beyond military policy.
News Eye 14-Jan
News Eye
Election will be held in 2023, Sharif & Zardari will ne no more part of Pakistani politics. She..
Zara Hat Kay 13-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
New viral video of Hareem Shah, which item prices will go up after the mini-budget.
News Wise 13-Jan
News Wise
Mini-budget exposed internal differences in PTI
News Eye 13-Jan
News Eye
Internal differences of PTI exposed in the parliamentary meeting.
Zara Hat Kay 12-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Is the ban on cryptocurrency only solution of the issue?
News Wise 12-Jan
News Wise
The opposition looks serious for a vote of no-confidence
News Eye 12-Jan
News Eye
The government preparing to send Shahbaz Sharif in jail again?
News Eye 11-Jan
News Eye
Who was helping Shahrukh Jatoi in the Sindh government?
News Eye 10-Jan
News Eye
Why could not the government prevent people from going toward Murree?
In Focus 9-Jan
In Focus
Why next three months are important? which direction plane of Tareen will go?
In Focus 8-Jan
In Focus
Whose negligence cost huge loss of human lives?
News Wise 7-Jan
News Wise
Why did PPP announce separate long march against the Govt?
News Eye 7-Jan
News Eye
PM Khan admitted failure in the accountability he promised
Zara Hat Kay 6-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
First woman judge nominated for SC, What is going on in Kazakhstan.
News Wise 6-Jan
News Wise
Discussion on the current political development in Pakistan
News Eye 6-Jan
News Eye
Who taps phone calls and makes it viral on social media?
Zara Hat Kay 5-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
New development in Noor Mukaddam case, Action against TTP
News Wise 5-Jan
News Wise
Spoke person of the army rebuts the alleged deal with Nawaz Sharif
News Eye 5-Jan
News Eye
If PTI did not commit any crime then why it use delay tactics in foreign funding cases?
News Wise 4-Jan
News Wise
The fifth wave of the Corona Virus, PTI foreign funding case
News Eye 4-Jan
News Eye
The role of the government in the social issues.
Zara Hat Kay 3-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Justice Ayesha Malik appointment in SC followed by a controversy
News Wise 3-Jan
News Wise
Shahbaz Sharif once again on radar of the government.
News Eye 3-Jan
News Eye
How long further Nawaz Sharif can stay in the UK?
In Focus 2-Jan
In Focus
Is PMLN a hot favorite for the next option of Establishment.
In Focus 1-Jan
In Focus
2022 is the year of big decisions, What direction politics of Pakistan will take in 2022?
Zara Hat Kay 31-Dec-21
Zara Hat Kay
Problems for the female workers in Pakistan.
News Wise 31-Dec-21
News Wise
New hopes and apprehensions about the year 2022


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