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News Room

News Room

Anchor: Sana Mirza
Channel: 92 News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

News Room is a talk show in which all the daily top stories, current national and international issues and political issues are discussed. Ayesha Bakhsh a famous former news caster of geo news hosts this show along with invited guests. All the guests invited in the show generally belong to politics, media and other field related to the topic of the show. News Room on airs on geo news from every Monday to Thursday at 7:05pm. In the show, Ayesha Bakhsh asks cunning questions to the invited guests about the recent issues in the governance of the ruling party and the role of the opposition in the national assembly and outside of the parliament. Relationship with the neighbors especially current tension with India on LOC situation in Afghanistan after the departure of American forces from Afghanistan are also discussed.

Geo news broadcasts News Room from every Monday to Friday. The show is another great effort by the leading news channel of Pakistan. Geo news was launched in October 2002. The channel is owned by Jang media group which is Pakistan largest media group. Geo news headquarter is located in Karachi, Pakistan.  Geo news has been the leading news channel in the list of top news channels in Pakistan since its launched Their nearer competitor in the list of news channel are Express news, Ary news, Dunya news, Samaa news and Aaj news. The channel also presents many other top rated talk shows including Capital talk, Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Sath and Jirga. Talk shows from other channels with same category to News Room are: Bottom Line, On The Front and Off The Record.

Ayesha Bakhsh hosts this talk show on geo news. She was born in 1981. She started her journalism career with ary news as an anchor person but later she joined Geo news in 2007 as a news caster. Since then she is associated with geo news and has worked as senior news caster who has also hosted many talk shows in the absence of their permanent hosts. At now she is permanently hosting a talk show named News Room on geo news.

News Room Talk Show Program - All episodes
News Room 13-Dec-18
News Room
Money laundering case, PAC chairmanship issue resolved
News Room 12-Dec-18
News Room
Tension in national assembly, Opposition showing serious reservations over NAB action
News Room 11-Dec-18
News Room
Hamza Shahbaz got protective bail, proceeding in national assembly
News Room 10-Dec-18
News Room
Federal cabinet meeting and ministers performance in first 100 days
News Room 6-Dec-18
News Room
American need Pakistan in Afghanistan peace process
News Room 5-Dec-18
News Room
Presidential ordinance cannot be longer than 120 days after 18th amendment
News Room 4-Dec-18
News Room
Assistant to PM for overseas Pakistani affairs Zulfi Bukhari status is in danger due to his dua..
News Room 3-Dec-18
News Room
PM imran Khan not happy over performance of NAB
News Room 30-Nov-18
News Room
Government failed to control dollar value
News Room 29-Nov-18
News Room
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Room 28-Nov-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif first political statement after some time
News Room 27-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition thinks PTI failed to give any relief to people of Pakistan in first 100 days.
News Room 26-Nov-18
News Room
PTI honeymoon period over now as it completed its first 100 days
News Room 23-Nov-18
News Room
Discussion on terror attack on Chinese Consulate
News Room 22-Nov-18
News Room
Imran Khan attack on opposition in Malaysia
News Room 19-Nov-18
News Room
American President said Pakistan still supporting terror in Afghanistan
News Room 16-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition targeting PM after his sister property revealed in Dubai
News Room 15-Nov-18
News Room
Prime Minister Imran Khan asked Pervez Khattak to sort out issue between Fawad ch & Chairman Se..
News Room 14-Nov-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif submitted written answers of questionnaire of NAB Court
News Room 13-Nov-18
News Room
Across the board accountability and reservations of opposition parties
News Room 12-Nov-18
News Room
Presenting conclusive evidences before NAB has been always a challenge for NAB
News Room 9-Nov-18
News Room
Moving motion on under investigation cases is not right thing. Fawad Chaudhry
News Room 8-Nov-18
News Room
Discussion on current political scenario & hearing of multiple cases in supreme court
News Room 7-Nov-18
News Room
Faisal Wada allegations on former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Room 6-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition wants to change NAB law after its swift action
News Room 5-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran Chinese Visit, Proceeding of national assembly
News Room 2-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran visit of China and its outcome, Assassination of Moulana Sami Ul Haq
News Room 1-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran Khan in China to meet with Chinese leadership
News Room 31-Oct-18
News Room
Zardari offered consensus to PTI in his first speech in national assembly
News Room 30-Oct-18
News Room
Information Minister blasted over opposition in national assembly.
News Room 29-Oct-18
News Room
Discussion on NAB court proceeding, Shahbaz & Zardari arrival in national assembly
News Room 26-Oct-18
News Room
Political scenario after Fawad Chaudhry statement
News Room 25-Oct-18
News Room
Discussion on future of Sharif family and chance of NRO
News Room 24-Oct-18
News Room
Positive indicators of Pakistan economy after Saudi Package
News Room 23-Oct-18
News Room
PMLN continues protest outside Punjab Assembly
News Room 22-Oct-18
News Room
Shahbaz Sharif under NAB custody, Zardari challenging PTI government.
News Room 19-Oct-18
News Room
Government has left no option to deal with IMF
News Room 18-Oct-18
News Room
Hearing of Thar coal power project case in supreme court.
News Room 17-Oct-18
News Room
NAB arrested opposition leader by cheating. Shahbaz Sharif
News Room 16-Oct-18
News Room
NAB presented Shahbaz Sharif in NAB Court for more remand
News Room 15-Oct-18
News Room
Reason for PTI defeat in NA-131, NA-56 & in Bannu constituency.
News Room 12-Oct-18
News Room
Justice system of Pakistan, political & economic instability
News Room 11-Oct-18
News Room
PTI government requested IMF for bailout package
News Room 10-Oct-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif political future, opposition protest outside Punjab assembly
News Room 9-Oct-18
News Room
Lower class will suffer more with tight conditioned IMF program
News Room 8-Oct-18
News Room
PM Imran himself should have taken notice of Pakpattan issue
News Room 5-Oct-18
News Room
Shahbaz Sharif arrest, More revelations about foreign assets of Pakistanis
News Room 4-Oct-18
News Room
Pakistan & Japan have signed various MOUs regarding education & health


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