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Sana Mirza Programs & Videos
News Point 22-May
News Point
Rising dollar put PTI government in deep trouble
News Point 21-May
News Point
Opposition grand alliance to challenge PTI government
News Point 20-May
News Point
Opposition gathered to prepare joint strategy against PTI government
News Point 15-May
News Point
Zardari announced road protest against PTI government after EID
News Point 14-May
News Point
After failing in tax collection PTI introduced new tax amnesty scheme
News Point 13-May
News Point
IMF deal, High rate of Inflation and problem of PTI government
News Point 8-May
News Point
Parliamentarians of PTI blasted before PM Kon on appointments of non elected people
News Point 7-May
News Point
Nawaz back in Kot Lakhpat, New local body bill of Punjab
News Point 6-May
News Point
Opposition protest in national assembly session
News Point 1-May
News Point
Punjab assembly approved new local body bill
News Point 30-Apr
News Point
Pak-Afghanistan Peace conference
News Point 29-Apr
News Point
DG ISPR mouth breaking reply to India,
News Point 24-Apr
News Point
PM Khan aggressive speech in Wana & Asad Umar hard hitting speech in assembly
News Point 23-Apr
News Point
Selected PM is not only incompetent also have no sense to talk. Bilawal Bhutto
News Point 22-Apr
News Point
Controversy after Asad Umar resignation and future of CM Punjab
News Point 17-Apr
News Point
Discussion on current economic scenario of Pakistan.
News Point 15-Apr
News Point
Hidden conditions of deal with IMF, NAB vs opposition parties
News Point 10-Apr
News Point
Is every thing good in Punjab government
News Point 9-Apr
News Point
An increase in electricity prices, gas prices and in inflation rate
News Point 8-Apr
News Point
Appearances of Zardari and Hamza Shahbaz before courts
News Point 3-Apr
News Point
Government of Punjab will buy new vehicles in September
News Point 2-Apr
News Point
Exclusive discussion with speaker national assembly
News Point 1-Apr
News Point
Proceeding of Musharraf case in supreme court, Rift between Tareen & Shah Mahmood
News Point 27-Mar
News Point
session on national action plan postponed after opposition refused to take part FO briefing
News Point 26-Mar
News Point
Big day for PMLN, Both Shahbaz & Nawaz got relief from courts
News Point 25-Mar
News Point
NAB action against opposition parties, PM Khan against ruled out any NRO
News Point 20-Mar
News Point
Bilawal Bhutto stunning press conference after NAB appearance
News Point 19-Mar
News Point
PPP core leadership will appear before NAB tomorrow
News Point 18-Mar
News Point
Model Town JIT to investigate from Nawaz Sharif in Kot Lakhpat jail
News Point 13-Mar-19
News Point
Chairman NAB should take action against NAB team which conducted operation at Agha Siraj reside..
News Point 12-Mar-19
News Point
Discussion on the political scenario of Punjab and Hajj draw
News Point 11-Mar-19
News Point
Bilawal Bhutto meeting with Nawaz in Jail and crackdown against extremists in Pakistan
News Point 6-Mar-19
News Point
Ready to cooperate with government on foreign policy and issue of terror. Bilawal
News Point 5-Mar-19
News Point
Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan resigned over immoral statements
News Point 4-Mar-19
News Point
American newspaper exposed Indian forces ability of war
News Point 28-Feb-19
News Point
We want peace but it should not be consider as our weakness. PM Khan
News Point 27-Feb-19
News Point
Tension between India & Pakistan
News Point 26-Feb-19
News Point
Nation standing shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan army
News Point 25-Feb-19
News Point
Accountability process will continue regardless we exist or not. Fawad Chaudhry
News Point 21-Feb-19
News Point
Exclusive discussion with Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah of PPP
News Point 20-Feb-19
News Point
Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani arrested by NAB
News Point 19-Feb-19
News Point
Hearing of Kulboshan Yadav case in International Court of Justice
News Point 18-Feb-19
News Point
New contracts will strengthen tie between Pakistan & Saudi Arab
News Point 14-Feb-19
News Point
Nawaz claimed Saudi crown prince visit of Pakistan was set during in our government
News Point 13-Feb-19
News Point
An issue of PAC and other committees, Crackdown on social media
News Point 12-Feb-19
News Point
Why PTI wants to remove Shahbaz from PAC chairmanship
News Point 11-Feb-19
News Point
Asghar Khan case still alive in supreme court, Will dollar value increase after IMF Deal?
News Point 7-Feb-19
News Point
Government wants Shahbaz to quit as PAC Chairman
News Point 6-Feb-19
News Point
Senior Minister of PTI in Punjab Aleem Khan arrested
News Point 5-Feb-19
News Point
Human rights violation in occupied Kashmir, current economic crises of Pakistan
News Point 4-Feb-19
News Point
Question marks on PTI economic policy
News Point 31-Jan-19
News Point
Important revelations in JIT report regarding Sahiwal incident
News Point 30-Jan-19
News Point
Discussion on plea bargain law of NAB, Sahiwal incident
News Point 29-Jan-19
News Point
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Point 28-Jan-19
News Point
Naeem Ul Haq threatening tweet, Bad performance of CM Buzdar
News Point 24-Jan-19
News Point
Post budget press conference of Finance Minister
News Point 23-Jan-19
News Point
Another mini budget indicates failure of economic policies
News Point 22-Jan-19
News Point
JIT initial finding proved CTD claim wrong
News Point 21-Jan-19
News Point
PM announced to give severe punishment to all involved in Sahiwal incident
News Point 17-Jan-19
News Point
Zardari believes PTI will not complete its tenure
News Point 16-Jan-19
News Point
Discussion on the issue of military courts extension.
News Point 15-Jan-19
News Point
Finally opposition agreed to prepare joint strategy against government
News Point 14-Jan-19
News Point
Is Nawaz Sharif going to be given relief in Al-Azizia reference as well?
News Point 10-Jan-19
News Point
Discussion on current economic policies of PTI government
News Point 9-Jan-19
News Point
Is PTI too following footprint of PMLN by admiring Orange Train project.
News Point 8-Jan-19
News Point
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
News Point 7-Jan-19
News Point
Has JIT lost importance after today proceeding in supreme court?
News Point 3-Jan-19
News Point
Asghar Khan case closed without any significant proceeding
News Point 2-Jan-19
News Point
Government decided to forward ECL issue to review committee
News Point 1-Jan-19
News Point
PPP counter attack on PTI after threat to Sindh government
News Point 31-Dec-18
News Point
Malik Riaz in trouble, Zardari asked to respond on JIT report till next Monday by CJP
News Point 25-Dec-18
News Point
Exchange of harsh statement between opposition leaders & ruling party.
News Room 13-Dec-18
News Room
Money laundering case, PAC chairmanship issue resolved
News Room 12-Dec-18
News Room
Tension in national assembly, Opposition showing serious reservations over NAB action
News Room 10-Dec-18
News Room
Federal cabinet meeting and ministers performance in first 100 days
News Room 6-Dec-18
News Room
American need Pakistan in Afghanistan peace process
News Room 5-Dec-18
News Room
Presidential ordinance cannot be longer than 120 days after 18th amendment
News Room 4-Dec-18
News Room
Assistant to PM for overseas Pakistani affairs Zulfi Bukhari status is in danger due to his dua..
News Room 3-Dec-18
News Room
PM imran Khan not happy over performance of NAB
News Room 30-Nov-18
News Room
Government failed to control dollar value
News Room 29-Nov-18
News Room
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Room 28-Nov-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif first political statement after some time
News Room 27-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition thinks PTI failed to give any relief to people of Pakistan in first 100 days.
News Room 26-Nov-18
News Room
PTI honeymoon period over now as it completed its first 100 days
News Room 23-Nov-18
News Room
Discussion on terror attack on Chinese Consulate
News Room 22-Nov-18
News Room
Imran Khan attack on opposition in Malaysia
News Room 19-Nov-18
News Room
American President said Pakistan still supporting terror in Afghanistan
News Room 16-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition targeting PM after his sister property revealed in Dubai
News Room 15-Nov-18
News Room
Prime Minister Imran Khan asked Pervez Khattak to sort out issue between Fawad ch & Chairman Se..
News Room 14-Nov-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif submitted written answers of questionnaire of NAB Court
News Room 13-Nov-18
News Room
Across the board accountability and reservations of opposition parties
News Room 12-Nov-18
News Room
Presenting conclusive evidences before NAB has been always a challenge for NAB
News Room 9-Nov-18
News Room
Moving motion on under investigation cases is not right thing. Fawad Chaudhry
News Room 8-Nov-18
News Room
Discussion on current political scenario & hearing of multiple cases in supreme court
News Room 7-Nov-18
News Room
Faisal Wada allegations on former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Room 6-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition wants to change NAB law after its swift action
News Room 5-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran Chinese Visit, Proceeding of national assembly
News Room 2-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran visit of China and its outcome, Assassination of Moulana Sami Ul Haq
News Room 1-Nov-18
News Room
PM Imran Khan in China to meet with Chinese leadership


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