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92 News
Night Edition Saturday
Night Edition
Is Nawaz Sharif on board for a ban on PTI? The constitutional breakdown
Night Edition Friday
Night Edition
CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz hard hitting speech against the judiciary
Muqabil 16-Jul
The government decision to ban PTI created a new political crisis
Muqabil 15-Jul
Ban on PTI, article 6 proceeding against PTI leadership, Review petition against SC judgment
Night Edition 14-Jul
Night Edition
Gun attack on the rally of Donald Trump, Similarities in Trump and Imran Khan
Night Edition 13-Jul
Night Edition
NAB rearrested Imran Khan & Bushra Bibi soon after acquittal in Nikah case.
Muqabil 11-Jul
Another increase in the prices of electricity bills, SC to announce important judgment tomorrow
Muqabil 10-Jul
Pakistan has been trapped in the heavy payment of the Chinese IPP
Muqabil 9-Jul
The corruption of hundreds of billion rupees in Karachi port,
Muqabil 8-Jul
Discussion on the proceeding in the Islamabad High Court
Night Edition 7-Jul
Night Edition
What is the reason behind a long silence of Nawaz Sharif?
Muqabil 3-Jul
Tension between PPP & MQM, The possiblity of the return of Altaf Hussain
Muqabil 2-Jul
PM Shahbaz says IMF is necessary to make budget whereas Khawaja Asif says IMF is killing our ec..
Muqabil 1-Jul
PTI special seats case proceeding, New budget imposed from today.
Night Edition 30-Jun
Night Edition
PTI announced public protest but is not standing with the public
Night Edition 28-Jun
Night Edition
Who will replace Umar Ayub as PTI secretary general? Is someone coming from Punjab?
Muqabil 27-Jun
Pakistan decided to give the US strong reply, PTI reserve seats case.
Breaking Views with Malick 26-Jun
Breaking Views with Malick
When General Bajwa met Nawaz Sharif and what was the agenda?
Muqabil 26-Jun
The Shahbaz government is in trouble after the resolution passed by the House of Representative..
Muqabil 25-Jun
The Govt vs the opposition on the issue of a new military operation
Muqabil 24-Jun
The opposition parties are showing their reservations on the military operation.
Night Edition 23-Jun
Night Edition
Taking the government in Islamabad was the desire of PMLN or compulsory?
Night Edition 21-Jun
Night Edition
Exclusive discussion with the former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.
Muqabil 20-Jun
This is the budget for the ruling elites including politicians and buearucrats
Night Edition 15-Jun
Night Edition
PTI looks confused on the issue of talk with PPP & PMLN
Muqabil 5-Jun
PM Shahbaz in China on an important visit, The results of Indian election
Muqabil 3-Jun
All beneficiaries of PTI special seats are opposing PTI stance in the SC
Night Edition 1-Jun
Night Edition
Exclusive talk with ex finance minister Asad Umar
Night Edition 31-May
Night Edition
Exclusive discussion with PTI leader Amir Dogar
Muqabil 30-May
Heat wave in the politics of Pakistan, Possible relief or new taxes in the upcoming budget
Muqabil 29-May
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Muqabil 28-May
The prosperity of Pakistan snatched by a group of five. Nawaz Sharif
Muqabil 27-May
Due to incompetency of the distribution companies bill recovery has been decreased
Night Edition 26-May
Night Edition
Why is the government giving tough time to the solar consumers?
Muqabil 22-May
An alliance of PTI & JUI, Confrontation between the judiciary and the government
Muqabil 20-May
The funeral of the Iranian President and fellows will be offered on Tuesday.
Night Edition 19-May
Night Edition
What is the future of the Pakistani politics without the grand dialogue?
Muqabil 13-May
The protest in Azad Kashmir, Proceeding the Supreme Court
Night Edition 12-May
Night Edition
Could PTI sit with the government to get its chairman out of the jail?
Night Edition 11-May
Night Edition
How successful the agitational politics of JUI? The wheat crisis
Muqabil 8-May
Is the practice and procedure act contradicts the constitution?
Muqabil 15-Feb-24
Shahbaz Sharif and Umar Ayub are candidates for PM from PMLN & PTI
Muqabil 14-Feb-24
Hamza Shahbaz out of the race of CM Punjab, a coalition government will lead in Baluchistan
Muqabil 13-Feb-24
Winning candidates are waiting for their official notification from ECP.
Ho Kya Raha Hai 13-Feb-24
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Division in the PTI on the nomination of Ali Amin Gndapur for CM KPK
Muqabil 12-Feb-24
Why there is big difference in form 45 and form 47 of PTI independents?
Muqabil 5-Feb-24
Who were the candidates who lost the election for a few votes?
Night Edition 4-Feb-24
Night Edition
Rana Tanvir Hussain vs Arshad Mehmood Munda in NA-114


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