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92 News
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada Monday
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Is PMLN doing politics on the issue of audio leaks?
Ho Kya Raha Hai Monday
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Pakistan & Saudi Arabia signed an agreement of US 3 billion
Muqabil Sunday
A possibility of no-confidence against Imran Khan. Which party from next PM will be?
92 At 8 Sunday
92 At 8
Alleged video of buying votes in NA-133, ECP took action
Cross Talk Sunday
Cross Talk
How much do we prepare for the new variant of the Corona?
92 At 8 Saturday
92 At 8
When will Maryam Nawaz be held on ads scandal?
Cross Talk Saturday
Cross Talk
Audio scandal of Maryam Nawaz and an issue of Nasla Tower
Muqabil Friday
Vote of no-confidence possible against Chairman senate, Maryam Nawaz press conference
92 At 8 Friday
92 At 8
IHC dismissed petition against PMLN leaders for maligning the former CJP
Cross Talk Friday
Cross Talk
Electiom commission of Pakistan asked the Govt for EVM funds
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada Thursday
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Which are the media houses given government ads by Maryam Nawaz?
Night Edition Thursday
Night Edition
Discussion on controversy after Maryam Nawaz confession
Ho Kya Raha Hai Thursday
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Who is responsible for the petrol crisis? talks between the US & the Taliban.
Night Edition 24-Nov
Night Edition
Discussion on the Saqib Nisar audio leaks & Petrol Pumps strike
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 24-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
How bigger challenge the PDM movement is for the Govt?
Ho Kya Raha Hai 24-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Mini budget expected after deal with IMF, Maryam Nawaz press conference
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 23-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Problems of the people are not in the priority list of the govt
Ho Kya Raha Hai 23-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Scenario after audio tape of Saqib Nisar, future strategy of the PDM
Night Edition 22-Nov
Night Edition
Leaked audio of Saqib Nisar and deal with IMF
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 22-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
New deal with IMF will bring new wave of inflation
Ho Kya Raha Hai 22-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
An agreement with TLP, Rana Shamim affidavit and now audio tape
Muqabil 21-Nov
PDM has lost the momentum, Nawaz Sharif is looking toward lawyers.
92 At 8 21-Nov
92 At 8
Can the opposition challenge PTI Govt by no-confidence motion
Muqabil 20-Nov
PDM rally in Peshawar, Justice system of Pakistan
Cross Talk 20-Nov
Cross Talk
Government get passed several bills from the senate despite the opposition majority.
Muqabil 19-Nov
Would EVM be used in the next election?
92 At 8 19-Nov
92 At 8
How many states are using EVMs? Legislation in the joint session.
Cross Talk 19-Nov
Cross Talk
Fear of controversy in the next general election due to EVM
Night Edition 18-Nov
Night Edition
Use of EVM in 2023 election will be a bigger challenge for the Govt.
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 18-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
What are the real differences between the opposition and the govt on the issue of EVM?
Ho Kya Raha Hai 18-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Implementation on the agreement with TLP completed.
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 17-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
The opposition announced to challenge electoral reform bill in the supreme court.
Ho Kya Raha Hai 17-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
The bad strategy of the opposition cost them a defeat in the joint session.
Night Edition 16-Nov
Night Edition
Government to present 8 bills in the joint session
Ho Kya Raha Hai 16-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
The government succeeded in making the allies agree for the joint session.
Night Edition 15-Nov
Night Edition
A new Pandora box opened, big question mark on the judicial system
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 15-Nov
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Rana Shamim is telling a lie. Sabi Nisar denied all allegations
Ho Kya Raha Hai 15-Nov
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Saqib Nisar rejected all the allegations put on him by former Chief judge GB
Muqabil 14-Nov
Nawaz Sharif rejected suggested to make Shahbaz PM
92 At 8 14-Nov
92 At 8
Crises again in the politics of Punjab, Allies are expressing serious concerns.
Cross Talk 14-Nov
Cross Talk
Nawaz Sharif assigned an important task to Maulana
Muqabil 13-Nov
No results found in talks between Nawaz Sharif & Establishment.
92 At 8 13-Nov
92 At 8
The PDM & the government own allies have become a bigger challenge for the Govt.
Cross Talk 13-Nov
Cross Talk
What is the government strategy to overcome inflation?
Muqabil 12-Nov
Establishment dragged back its support to Khan
92 At 8 12-Nov
92 At 8
Another gas crisis is coming this winter as well
Cross Talk 12-Nov
Cross Talk
Why the joint session of the parliament called off?
Night Edition 11-Nov
Night Edition
Pakistan lost against Australia in the T20 semi final


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