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News Beat

News Beat

Anchor: Paras Jahanzeb
Channel: Samaa TV
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates

News Beat is a talk show based on current affairs. It broadcasts on samaa news from every Friday to Sunday at 10:03pm. Paras Khursheed hosts this talk show on samaa tv with guests belong to politics, journalism, media and others relevant fields. News Beat is conducted under the formation of discussion with the invited guests upon latest current issues and latest happening in the region. Paras Khursheed is known for her hard work and ability to raise core issues in front of guests and ask questions in incisive way.

Samaa news presents News Beat every Friday to Sunday with host Paras Khursheed. Samaa is one of Pakistan's rising news channel among other top rated. Samaa news is a 24hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan. It was launched in December 2007 with headquarter located in Karachi, Pakistan. The channel generally presents news bulletin, talk shows, morning shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs. Samaa news is highly watched channel in Pakistan among others including: express news, geo news, dunya news, news one and dawn news. Samaa news also broadcasts other talk shows with same category including: Nadeem Malik Live and Awaz. News Beat do have great amount of viewership in Pakistan. The talk show has competition with Kal Tak of Express News, Khara Sach of Ary News and Jirga of Geo News.

Paras Khursheed hosts News Beat on samaa news every Friday to Sunday at 10:03pm. She possesses very distinctive personality coupled with great ability to deal with her work. She has clean career without any scandals as many other ladies from media do have. She was born in Hyderabad. She completed her Master in political science. She is associated with electronic media since 2004 when she started anchoring a program. She joined Samaa TV Live half a decade ago and has anchored many of its talk shows. Currently she is hosting a talk show named News Beat which is a political and current issues based talk show and very popular among the people of Pakistan. She has won many hearts with her in-depth analysis and ability to highlight major issues fearlessly in front of concerned authorities.

News Beat Talk Show Program - All episodes
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
PM Imran Khan vs PDM Alliance
News Beat Saturday
News Beat
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Exclusive Interview
News Beat 16-Oct
News Beat
The opposition launched a movement against the government
News Beat 11-Oct
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
News Beat 10-Oct
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Beat 9-Oct
News Beat
Big collision expected between the opposition and the government.
News Beat 4-Oct
News Beat
An allegation of secret meetings with Indian on the Sharif family
News Beat 3-Oct
News Beat
The war of narratives & future scenario
News Beat 2-Oct
News Beat
Opposition movement against the PTI government
News Beat 27-Sep
News Beat
Tallal Chaudhry incident and overall performance of the Punjab police
News Beat 26-Sep
News Beat
Nawaz Sharif speech still under the attack of the PTI ministers
News Beat 25-Sep
News Beat
An effective speech by the PM before the UNGA
News Beat 20-Sep
News Beat
Discussion on the action plan of the opposition APC
News Beat 19-Sep
News Beat
Will opposition APC proved to be tough for the government?
News Beat 18-Sep
News Beat
All parties conference of the opposition and its objectives
News Beat 13-Sep
News Beat
How did the main accused able to escape before the police raid?
News Beat 12-Sep
News Beat
Both accused of the motorway incident escaped before the police raid.
News Beat 11-Sep
News Beat
New CCPO Lahore under a lot of criticism over irresponsible statements.
News Beat 5-Sep
News Beat
Kia Karachi Ki Qismat Badle Gi?
News Beat 28-Aug
News Beat
No one taking responsibility for rain destruction in Karachi
News Beat 23-Aug
News Beat
The increasing rate of lawlessness in the lower courts.
News Beat 22-Aug
News Beat
The government active again to bring Nawaz Sharif back in Pakistan
News Beat 21-Aug
News Beat
Heavy rain paralyzed life in Karachi, What is way out of problems in Karachi?
News Beat 15-Aug
News Beat
How electricity price will be decreased for domestic consumers?
News Beat 14-Aug
News Beat
Pakistan Independent Day and Two Nation Theory
News Beat 9-Aug
News Beat
Heavy monsoon rain destroyed everything in Sindh & Baluchistan
News Beat 8-Aug
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with the former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Beat 7-Aug
News Beat
NAB actions and opposition plan against the government
News Beat 26-Jul
News Beat
The opposition and the government are on same to eliminate NAB
News Beat 25-Jul
News Beat
Too many crises in the first two years of the PTI government
News Beat 19-Jul
News Beat
One rain and the whole of Karachi will be converted in the swimming pool
News Beat 17-Jul
News Beat
Talking about issues of K electric, what is the Compulsion of federal Govt?
News Beat 12-Jul-20
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with PSP Chief Syed Mustafa Kamal
News Beat 10-Jul-20
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
News Beat 5-Jul-20
News Beat
How to overcome sexual harassment?
News Beat 28-Jun-20
News Beat
PM Khan called allies on dinner to remove their reservations
News Beat 26-Jun-20
News Beat
The threat of war from India, PM speech in the national assembly
News Beat 20-Jun-20
News Beat
Political point-scoring on Corona destruction
News Beat 19-Jun-20
News Beat
Discussion on the political impact of Qazi Faez case verdict
News Beat 12-Jun-20
News Beat
Discussion on budget 2020-21 with economy experts
News Beat 7-Jun-20
News Beat
Exclusive show on the problems of Auto Industry
News Beat 6-Jun-20
News Beat
After sugar & wheat crises now petrol shortage is creeping up
News Beat 5-Jun-20
News Beat
The government is being criticized over privatizing Pakistan Steel
News Beat 31-May-20
News Beat
When govt take action against the sugar commission report?
News Beat 30-May-20
News Beat
Analysis of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan and other countries
News Beat 29-May-20
News Beat
Discussion on PIA plane crash and its causes
News Beat 24-May-20
News Beat
How much different this year Eid from previous years.
News Beat 23-May-20
News Beat
What action will be taken over sugar inquiry commission report?


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