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News Beat Friday
News Beat
All parties conference of the opposition and its objectives
Sawal Friday
All Parties Conference of the opposition, Tax detail of the parliamentarians
Awaz Thursday
The opposition and the government blaming each other after the joint session of the parliament.
Awaz Wednesday
Closure of Peshawar BRT and the joint session of the parliament?
Awaz Monday
PM calls chemical castration for rapist
News Beat 13-Sep
News Beat
How did the main accused able to escape before the police raid?
Sawal 13-Sep
Punjab government and the police yet to arrest main accused
News Beat 12-Sep
News Beat
Both accused of the motorway incident escaped before the police raid.
Sawal 12-Sep
Civil society protesting over the motorway incident
Agenda 360 12-Sep
Agenda 360
Future of Nawaz Sharif politics in Pakistan
News Beat 11-Sep
News Beat
New CCPO Lahore under a lot of criticism over irresponsible statements.
Sawal 11-Sep
The controversy created by the statements of CCPO Lahore
Agenda 360 11-Sep
Agenda 360
The whole humanity ashamed over the motorway incident
Awaz 10-Sep
Women gang-raped on the motorway, building collapsed in Karachi
Awaz 9-Sep
New administrative Karachi failed to answer questions of the journalists
Awaz 8-Sep
A reason behind the removal of IG Punjab
Awaz 7-Sep
Discussion on the reopening of educational institutes
News Beat 5-Sep
News Beat
Kia Karachi Ki Qismat Badle Gi?
Awaz 3-Sep
Rebuttal from Asim Saleem Bajwa upon Ahmed Noorani allegations
Awaz 2-Sep
A petition filed in Supreme Court to bring the Presidential system in Pakistan.
Awaz 31-Aug
Discussion on DHA & Clifton Karachi situation and people protest
Court No 5 30-Aug
Court No 5
A real crime story with a dummy court proceeding
Awam Ki Awaz 30-Aug
Awam Ki Awaz
Exclusive show on Youm-e-Ashura
Qutab Online 29-Aug
Qutab Online
Muharram-ul-Haram special
News Beat 28-Aug
News Beat
No one taking responsibility for rain destruction in Karachi
Sawal 28-Aug
Discussion on the history of subcontinent and Qai Tribe
Agenda 360 28-Aug
Agenda 360
Rain destruction in Karachi, All previous record of raining has broken
Awaz 27-Aug
Karachi is sinking under the eye of the Sindh government
Awaz 25-Aug
Exclusive discussion with PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal
Sawal 23-Aug
Exclusive discussion with Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
News Beat 23-Aug
News Beat
The increasing rate of lawlessness in the lower courts.
News Beat 22-Aug
News Beat
The government active again to bring Nawaz Sharif back in Pakistan
Sawal 22-Aug
Who is creating hurdle in the law-making for money laundering?
News Beat 21-Aug
News Beat
Heavy rain paralyzed life in Karachi, What is way out of problems in Karachi?
Sawal 21-Aug
Why does PPP want to make a new district in Karachi?
Awaz 20-Aug
Brutal killing of Hayat Baloch in Turbat.
Awaz 19-Aug
A coordination committee formed to deal with Karachi issues
Awaz 18-Aug
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf performance in the first two years
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 18-Aug
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
A real crime story with footage of a real crime scene
Awaz 17-Aug
Discussion on the severe problems of Karachi
Sawal 16-Aug
The Federal government gives last warning to the Sindh government
Awam Ki Awaz 16-Aug
Awam Ki Awaz
An exclusive show on Baluchistan
News Beat 15-Aug
News Beat
How electricity price will be decreased for domestic consumers?
Agenda 360 15-Aug
Agenda 360
Future of CM Punjab looks like in danger due to NAB case
Sawal 15-Aug
Divided point of view in PMLN, strategy or division in the party?
News Beat 14-Aug
News Beat
Pakistan Independent Day and Two Nation Theory
Agenda 360 14-Aug
Agenda 360
NAB handed over questionnaire to CM Buzdar
Sawal 14-Aug
Parliamentary form of government or one-man system


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