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Sawal Sunday
How many candidates of PM exist in the cabinet?
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
How to overcome sexual harassment?
Sawal Friday
Discussion on the Lahore High Court verdict against judge Arshad Malik
Agenda 360 Friday
Agenda 360
Discussion on the Lahore High Court verdict about judge Arshad Malik.
Awaz 1-Jul
Why did not CAA take action over pilots fake degree issue?
Awaz 30-Jun
Why did PM Khan himself talk on minus one issue?
Awaz 29-Jun
Why the opposition failed to challenge the government while getting budget approval
News Beat 28-Jun
News Beat
PM Khan called allies on dinner to remove their reservations
Sawal 28-Jun
Will the PTI government able to get the budget pass from the national assembly.
Sawal 27-Jun
Petrol price is a lot lesser than the other countries of the region.
Agenda 360 27-Jun
Agenda 360
Discussion on the internal affairs of the ruling party
News Beat 26-Jun
News Beat
The threat of war from India, PM speech in the national assembly
Sawal 26-Jun
Are the government and the opposition going to create consensus in the assembly?
Agenda 360 26-Jun
Agenda 360
Finally, PM Khan let go of the container tune and decided to create consensus with the oppositi..
Awaz 24-Jun
Unelected people have taken over government affairs. Fawad Chaudhry
Awaz 22-Jun
Two renowned religious scholars left us in the last few days
Sawal 21-Jun
Is PPPP doing the real opposition instead of PMLN?
Awam Ki Awaz 21-Jun
Awam Ki Awaz
Highlighting social injustices & layman issue
News Beat 20-Jun
News Beat
Political point-scoring on Corona destruction
Sawal 20-Jun
Discussion on Justice Faez & sugar crises cases
Agenda 360 20-Jun
Agenda 360
Did Faez Isa case put the government future in danger?
News Beat 19-Jun
News Beat
Discussion on the political impact of Qazi Faez case verdict
Sawal 19-Jun
Is Qazi Faez Isa case a beginning of confrontation between the government and the judiciary?
Sawal 14-Jun
Discussion on the federal budget 2020-21
Sawal 13-Jun
PM Khan refused to impose lockdown in Punjab
Hum Log 13-Jun
Hum Log
How much p police of all provinces prepared for the COVID19?
News Beat 12-Jun
News Beat
Discussion on budget 2020-21 with economy experts
Sawal 12-Jun
Has the government set unrealistic targets in budget 2020-21?
Agenda 360 12-Jun
Agenda 360
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Awaz 10-Jun
Neither the governments nor the public fulfills their responsibility regarding Corona.
Awaz 10-Jun
Discussion on corona & other political issues
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 9-Jun
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
A real crime story with fictionary characters
News Beat 7-Jun
News Beat
Exclusive show on the problems of Auto Industry
Awam Ki Awaz 7-Jun
Awam Ki Awaz
Highlighting social injustices and layman issue
Sawal 7-Jun
The PTI government strategy against the sugar mafia
News Beat 6-Jun
News Beat
After sugar & wheat crises now petrol shortage is creeping up
Sawal 6-Jun
Will allegations put by an American lady be probed?
Agenda 360 6-Jun
Agenda 360
Social media has become a source of character assassination
News Beat 5-Jun
News Beat
The government is being criticized over privatizing Pakistan Steel
Sawal 5-Jun
Upcoming budget 2020, COVID19 exposure and other issues
Crime Scene 5-Jun
Crime Scene
A real crime story with footage of a real crime scene
Agenda 360 5-Jun
Agenda 360
The whole family of Faisal Subzwari infected by Corona
Awaz 4-Jun
Discussion on COVID19 exposure in Pakistan and Pakistan Steel Mill
Awaz 3-Jun
Why the people of Pakistan not taking COVID19 seriously?
Awaz 2-Jun
Talking about NAB action against Shahbaz and other Sharif family members
PM Imran Khan Speech 1-Jun
PM Imran Khan Speech
There is poverty in our country, permanent Lockdown is not possible
Awaz 1-Jun
Today PM Announcement to smart Lockdown
Naya Din 1-Jun
Naya Din
Govt applied new social media rules, dance in weddings


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