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Paras Jahanzeb

Paras Jahanzeb

Address: Hyderabad, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Paras Jahanzeb's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
PDM power shows increased political heat.
News Beat Saturday
News Beat
The PDM or inflation what is the big danger for the government?
News Beat 23-Oct
News Beat
I will go to every limit to bring Nawaz Sharif back. PM Khan
News Beat 18-Oct
News Beat
PM Imran Khan vs PDM Alliance
News Beat 16-Oct
News Beat
The opposition launched a movement against the government
News Beat 9-Oct
News Beat
Big collision expected between the opposition and the government.
News Beat 9-Aug-19
News Beat
PMLN & PPP announced extreme protest after Maryam arrest
News Beat 4-Aug-19
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with senior analyst and columnist Hassan Nisar
News Beat 3-Aug-19
News Beat
Political struggle in senate, role of institutions
News Beat 2-Aug-19
News Beat
Government victory in senate, voices of horse trading and inflation rate
News Beat 28-Jul-19
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Mushahid Ullah Khan
News Beat 27-Jul-19
News Beat
One year to PTI government & opposition, US visit by PM and ban on media
News Beat 26-Jul-19
News Beat
Opposition unmoved on its stance to remove chairman senate
News Beat 21-Jul-19
News Beat
PM US visit, an arrest of opposition leaders and senate proceeding
News Beat 20-Jul-19
News Beat
FATA election after merger, Maryam Nawaz aggressive politics
News Beat 19-Jul-19
News Beat
Maryam Nawaz appearance in NAB Court, NAB arrests and narrative of revenge
News Beat 14-Jul-19
News Beat
Politics o allegations, high rate of inflation, laymen suffering after budget 2019
News Beat 13-Jul-19
News Beat
How much government prepared for increased ratio of political & economic challenges
News Beat 12-Jul-19
News Beat
Video leak, number game in senate, and restriction in the name of austerity
News Beat 5-Jul-19
News Beat
Political heat up between opposition & ruling party increased
News Beat 28-Jun-19
News Beat
Opposition all parties conference ended without any action
News Beat 9-Jun-19
News Beat
Shahbaz returned, upcoming annual budget & opposition protest.
News Beat 8-Jun-19
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Beat 7-Jun-19
News Beat
Problems, obstacles and issues in the making of Islamic state
News Beat 2-Jun-19
News Beat
Petrol bomb PMLN allegations on government, cold war within PTI
News Beat 1-Jun-19
News Beat
Perception of NAB, PTI government nexus, PTM issues and PPP position
News Beat 31-May-19
News Beat
Opposition previous track record about judiciary is not good enough to run campaign in favor of..
News Beat 26-May-19
News Beat
Country political, social, economic & moral issues in the holy month of Ramadan.
News Beat 25-May-19
News Beat
Who is the beneficiary of Chairman NAB controversy
News Beat 24-May-19
News Beat
Farishta case, Vote Ko Izzat Do Plus & controversial accountability
News Beat 19-May-19
News Beat
Is PTI government feeling pressure on opposition joint sitting
News Beat 18-May-19
News Beat
Economic scenario, budget problems and opposition protest.
News Beat 17-May-19
News Beat
Dollar hike, new Gallop Pakistan survey and possible opposition campaign
News Beat 12-May-19
News Beat
High rate of inflation, IMF program and future of PMLN
News Beat 11-May-19
News Beat
IMF program & reservations from oppositions. Will Parliament play its role?
News Beat 10-May-19
News Beat
Inflation, IMF conditions and parliamentary affairs
News Beat 5-May-19
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
News Beat 4-May-19
News Beat
Future of Sharif family & reformation of PMLN and PTI strategy on inflation
News Beat 3-May-19
News Beat
Supreme Court today verdict, Changes in PMLN and Chairman NAB statements.
News Beat 28-Apr-19
News Beat
High inflation before Ramadan, politics on non issues and NAB actions.
News Beat 27-Apr-19
News Beat
IMF program, debate on parliamentary or presidential system, Nawaz diseases
News Beat 26-Apr-19
News Beat
Priorities of government & opposition and issues of layman of Pakistan.
News Beat 21-Apr-19
News Beat
Hike in medicine prices, allegation on former health minister and problems of masses
News Beat 20-Apr-19
News Beat
PM Khan depending on non elected people instead of elected people
News Beat 19-Apr-19
News Beat
New Finance Minister will have deal with big economic crises
News Beat 14-Apr-19
News Beat
Money laundering allegations on PPP & PMLN leadership
News Beat 13-Apr-19
News Beat
Economic challenges, IMF deal and High inflation rate
News Beat 12-Apr-19
News Beat
Relief to PMLN & trouble of PPP, PM tasked ministers to expose Sharif corruption


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