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Paras Jahanzeb

Paras Jahanzeb

Address: Hyderabad, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Paras Jahanzeb's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
Next level of Imran Khan political campaign after being ousted.
News Beat 20-May
News Beat
Imran Khan postponed announcement of date for a long march.
News Beat 15-May
News Beat
Will immediate elections solve economic problems?
News Beat 14-May
News Beat
Controversy over Jalsa in church grounds in Sialkot
News Beat 8-May
News Beat
The regime changed but policies continued.
News Beat 7-May
News Beat
Shahbaz Sharif announced big relief for the people of KPK
News Beat 6-May
News Beat
The political scenario after EID is heating up
News Beat 1-May
News Beat
Increased use of religion cards in politics.
News Beat 30-Apr
News Beat
First three weeks of a new government. People are waiting for relief
News Beat 29-Apr
News Beat
Regime has changed but problems are still there
News Beat 24-Apr
News Beat
Exclusive talk with Maulana Tariq Jameel
News Beat 23-Apr
News Beat
Regime changed but debate on letter conspiracy still continued.
News Beat 22-Apr
News Beat
Fire incident in Dadu, other political issues.
News Beat 17-Apr
News Beat
The pressure of PTI demonstration on the current government.
News Beat 16-Apr
News Beat
Battlefield in Punjab assembly, PTI jalsa in Karachi.
News Beat 15-Apr
News Beat
Conspiracy or interference, how PTI will narrate it now?
News Beat 10-Apr
News Beat
PM Khan voted out finally
News Beat 8-Apr
News Beat
Supreme Court surprise over PM Khan surprise
News Beat 3-Apr
News Beat
Will the Supreme Court overturn the speaker ruling?
News Beat 1-Apr
News Beat
Secret letter and the vote of no-confidence.
News Beat 25-Mar
News Beat
What surprise PM Khan could give to the opposition?
News Beat 20-Mar
News Beat
The opposition on protest over Speaker for not calling the assembly session on the 21st of Marc..
News Beat 18-Mar
News Beat
PTI workers attack on Sindh house
News Beat 13-Mar
News Beat
PM Khan public address and its objectives
News Beat 11-Mar
News Beat
Use of abusive language in the politics
News Beat 6-Mar
News Beat
PM Khan threatening the opposition if the vote of no-confidence failed.
News Beat 4-Mar
News Beat
A tough time for PM Khan, how could he survive?
News Beat 27-Feb
News Beat
Political long marches and other issues
News Beat 26-Feb
News Beat
How dangerous PM Khan could be if removed?
News Beat 25-Feb
News Beat
Discussion on the PM Khan visit to Russia
News Beat 20-Feb
News Beat
The government beleives that vote of no confidence will be failed?
News Beat 18-Feb
News Beat
Does the opposition have any solution for inflation in Pakistan?
News Beat 13-Feb-22
News Beat
The opposition is seeking allies support for the vote of no-confidence.
News Beat 11-Feb-22
News Beat
Only 10 ministers out of 50 got performance award
News Beat 6-Feb-22
News Beat
Chinese model, Who is enemy & who is friend?
News Beat 5-Feb-22
News Beat
Political rivals are ready to become allies
News Beat 4-Feb-22
News Beat
PM Khan visit to China and future of CPEC
News Beat 23-Jan-22
News Beat
What are the real issues of the people and the priorities of the government?
News Beat 22-Jan-22
News Beat
The system itself or those who are running this system is the main problem.
News Beat 21-Jan-22
News Beat
Story of a secret meeting of 4 top faces of PMLN
News Beat 16-Jan-22
News Beat
Compromise on national secrity and tough conditions of IMF
News Beat 14-Jan-22
News Beat
Discussion on the future political scenario of Pakistan.
News Beat 9-Jan-22
News Beat
The next three months are very important. PM Khan
News Beat 8-Jan-22
News Beat
Who inducted favorite persons in media?
News Beat 2-Jan-22
News Beat
Will Nawaz Sharif come back or the PTI Govt brought back
News Beat 1-Jan-22
News Beat
New year, new hopes, and new expectations
News Beat 31-Dec-21
News Beat
How was the 2021 for the Govt & the opposition?
News Beat 26-Dec-21
News Beat
Can new party structure help PTI in the next phase of the local body election?


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