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Paras Jahanzeb

Paras Jahanzeb

Address: Hyderabad, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Paras Jahanzeb's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Beat Sunday
News Beat
Can the issue of moon sighting be solved permanently?
News Beat Saturday
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Beat 9-May
News Beat
The government issues the Presidential ordinance for electoral reforms.
News Beat 8-May
News Beat
Why doest not the government want to let Shahbaz Sharif go out?
News Beat 7-May
News Beat
Who is spreading rumors that PM going to dissolve assembly?
News Beat 2-May
News Beat
Discussion on the performance of the PTI government
News Beat 1-May
News Beat
Discussion on the results of by-election in NA-249
News Beat 30-Apr
News Beat
PPP shoots multiple targets by one arrow
News Beat 25-Apr
News Beat
Talking with Islamic scholars about activities in Ramadan.
News Beat 24-Apr
News Beat
A huge crisis in India, PM Khan should not be blackmailed at cost of the government.
News Beat 23-Apr
News Beat
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has to tender apology to the speaker.
News Beat 18-Apr
News Beat
The referee judge will decide the bail issue of Shahbaz
News Beat 17-Apr
News Beat
Why did PM Khan fail to control mafias?
News Beat 16-Apr
News Beat
Season of bails, PM visit to Sindh & other issues
News Beat 11-Apr
News Beat
Bilawal Bhutto tear-off show-cause notice sent by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.
News Beat 10-Apr
News Beat
PMLN is likely to win in Daska repoll, Why Maryam Nawaz silent again?
News Beat 9-Apr
News Beat
A friend turned into an enemy, cracks in the PDM, Daska re-poll
News Beat 3-Apr
News Beat
Bilawal Bhutto again criticized the leadership of the PMLN
News Beat 2-Apr
News Beat
PTI appeal to stop repoll in the whole constituency of the Daska rejected by the SC
News Beat 28-Mar
News Beat
Politics of allegations & counter allegations
News Beat 27-Mar
News Beat
Has PPP really sign a deal with the establishment?
News Beat 26-Mar
News Beat
Another big success of Asif Ali Zardari
News Beat 21-Mar
News Beat
The differences among the PDM parties are increasing day by day.
News Beat 19-Mar
News Beat
What went wrong between the PPP & PMLN?
News Beat 14-Mar
News Beat
7 rejected votes of the PDM, lONG MARCH & OTHER ISSUES
News Beat 13-Mar
News Beat
A reason behind Yousuf Raza Gilani defeat in the senate?
News Beat 12-Mar
News Beat
The opposition witnessed the beauty of the secret ballot
News Beat 7-Mar
News Beat
Did PM Khan get strong after getting a vote of confidence?
News Beat 5-Mar
News Beat
Maryam Nawaz believed the election ticket of PMLN worked for the PDM in the senate election.
News Beat 28-Feb
News Beat
Is the PTI government really running out of the contest of Daska?
News Beat 27-Feb
News Beat
When will Nawaz Sharif come back?
News Beat 26-Feb
News Beat
ECP announced repoll in the NA-75, Daska
News Beat 21-Feb
News Beat
The election commission of Pakistan has to show responsibility for rigging charges.
News Beat 19-Feb
News Beat
The government is seeking help from Tareen in the senate election.
News Beat 14-Feb
News Beat
PDM is preparing for a long march after the senate election
News Beat 13-Feb
News Beat
Horse-trading video scandal, details of senate candidates
News Beat 12-Feb
News Beat
The government is not confident about its members
News Beat 7-Feb
News Beat
Supreme Court ruling will be important for the Senate poll.
News Beat 6-Feb
News Beat
Will the PDM call sit-in after a long march?
News Beat 31-Jan-21
News Beat
The PDM has defeated on all ends against the government.
News Beat 30-Jan-21
News Beat
Why is the PMLN criticizing Justice Azmat Saeed?
News Beat 24-Jan-21
News Beat
The Government increased the prices of electricity and petroleum products.
News Beat 22-Jan-21
News Beat
Everyone is asking for the accountability of others
News Beat 17-Jan-21
News Beat
PTI Govt failed to bring the opposition on board in every matter
News Beat 15-Jan-21
News Beat
The Broadsheet scandal cost Pakistan over 4 billion
News Beat 10-Jan-21
News Beat
The government put the responsibility for the recent blackout on the previous government.
News Beat 9-Jan-21
News Beat
How can Hazara victim blackmail the state?
News Beat 8-Jan-21
News Beat
Discussion on the issue of Hazara coal miners assassination followed by a sit-in


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