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Power Play

Power Play

Anchor: Arshad Sharif
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 38 m
Type: Talk Show
Email: powerplaypakistan@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arsched
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arsched

Power Play is a talk show which is based on current daily, weekly, national, international and political issues. The show is very popular due to quality analysis is provided in it. Arshad Sharif hosts this show on ARY News. All the major issues in the governance of the ruling party, corruption scandals in different federal and provincial ministries are discussed fearlessly. Guests from politics, media, journalism and organizations are invited in the show to present their experts analysis responding to the questions asked by the host Arshad Sharif. In each show, Arshad Sharif tables most highlighted agenda concerned with the major crises and the laymen problems with the governance of the ruling party. Power Play broadcasts on ARY News from every Friday to Sunday at 8:03pm.

ARY News presents Sawal Yeh Hai every Friday to Sunday. The show is one of the newer production of the channel. ARY News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan available both on cable and satellite. ARY News live was launched on September 26, 2004 with headquarter in Karachi, Pakistan. ARY News is a part of ARY Digital Network which is subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY is a shorter version of the name of Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob who was the owner of the group. ARY News live generally broadcasts news, hourly based headline news, talk shows and many other programs based on social issues. Apart from Power Play ARY News also broadcasts Off The Record, Khara Sach, Sawal Yeh Hai  Ander Ki Baat and Ab Tak. These all are the  top rated talk shows based on current political and national issues. ARY News channel is known for one of the big critics of the current government and for this the channel has paid price of becoming off aired by PEMRA for several time. The channel is competing with many other top news channel including Khan tv, Geo News, Express News, Dunya News, Aaj News and Samaa News.

Arshad Sharif is currently associated with ARY News. Prior to this, he was crime reporter and bureau chief of Dunya News channel where he was also hosted a talk show called Kyun.

Power Play Talk Show Program - All episodes
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Asad Umar
Power Play Monday
Power Play
Discussion on today speech of PM Khan in inauguration ceremony of Hazara motorway
Power Play 14-Nov
Power Play
Discussion on Nawaz critical health and removal from ECL
Power Play 13-Nov
Power Play
Government officially announced conditional removal of Nawaz from ECL
Power Play 12-Nov
Power Play
Discussion on the issue of Nawaz removal from ECL
Power Play 11-Nov
Power Play
Discussion on What is main obstacle in the way of Nawaz exclusion from ECL
Power Play 7-Nov
Power Play
PTI foreign funding case & Chaudhry Pervez Elahi efforts
Power Play 6-Nov
Power Play
Did Maualana leave alone by PMLN & PPP?
Power Play 5-Nov
Power Play
No breakup in deadlock between government & opposition committees.
Power Play 4-Nov
Power Play
Dialogue between government & opposition committees
Power Play 31-Oct
Power Play
Planning of terrorist attack on Maulana unfolded
Power Play 30-Oct
Power Play
Will Maulana stay in Islamabad for PM Khan resignation?
Power Play 29-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive interview of Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
Power Play 28-Oct
Power Play
PM Khan will resign soon. Bilawal Bhutto
Power Play 24-Oct
Power Play
Government offered Nawaz treatment anywhere in Pakistan
Power Play 23-Oct
Power Play
Government & opposition agreed over next level of dialogue
Power Play 22-Oct
Power Play
Indian false claim exposed foreign diplomats
Power Play 21-Oct
Power Play
Possibility of arrest of JUIF leaders before Azadi March
Power Play 17-Oct
Power Play
Country heading toward political anarchy
Power Play 16-Oct
Power Play
How PTi government will deal with Maulana Azadi March
Power Play 15-Oct
Power Play
FATF meeting, Justice Faez Esa case, Maulana Azadi March
Power Play 10-Oct
Power Play
Altaf Hussain is in big trouble, Shahbaz suffering with back pain
Power Play 9-Oct
Power Play
Is country economy going in the right direction?
Power Play 8-Oct
Power Play
PM Khan speech in China against his opposition in Pakistan
Power Play 7-Oct
Power Play
Chairman NAB new statement regarding accountability of businessmen
Power Play 3-Oct
Power Play
Will PPP take part in Maulana long march toward Islamabad
Power Play 2-Oct
Power Play
Army Chief worried over worst economy condition
Power Play 1-Oct
Power Play
What was decided between Shahbaz & Bilawal?
Power Play 30-Sep
Power Play
Law ministry is consulted in every federal cabinet meeting.
Power Play 26-Sep
Power Play
How long world will keep silence on Kashmir dispute?
Power Play 25-Sep
Power Play
Earth Quack in Azad Kashmir, UN general assembly meeting
Power Play 24-Sep
Power Play
India Plan attack on Pakistan, 5.8 Earthquake in Azad Kashmir
Power Play 23-Sep
Power Play
NAB inquiry against Nishat Chunian who have billions of rupees illegal benefits
Power Play 19-Sep
Power Play
DG Parks Karachi arrested by NAB after the arrest of Khurshid Shah
Power Play 18-Sep
Power Play
NAB arrested Syed Khurshid Shah in assets beyond case
Power Play 17-Sep
Power Play
A plan of bringing an amendment in the article 179 of the constitution.
Power Play 16-Sep
Power Play
Accountability process, JUI long march toward Islamabad
Power Play 12-Sep
Power Play
Mystery of GIDC fund, President speech in parliament
Power Play 11-Sep
Power Play
Did Ali Zaidi really make people of Karachi fool on the issue of cleanliness in Karachi.
Power Play 10-Sep
Power Play
Will government consult corrupt & mafias for future planning?
Power Play 5-Sep
Power Play
Finally CM Punjab took notice of Salahuddin murder and called judicial inquiry
Power Play 4-Sep
Power Play
DG ISPR press conference, controversial presidential ordinance
Power Play 3-Sep
Power Play
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Power Play 2-Sep
Power Play
Rich are being given exemption from tax whereas being loaded with more taxes
Power Play 29-Aug
Power Play
Budget deficit of Pakistan at history high after one year to PTI government
Power Play 28-Aug
Power Play
Discussion on Kashmir dispute, judge issue & sickness of Nawaz & Zardari
Power Play 27-Aug
Power Play
PMLN showing concerns over Nawaz health in jail, cabinet meeting & Kashmir dispute
Power Play 22-Aug
Power Play
Why PTI government is planning to change NAB laws?


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