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Power Play

Power Play

Anchor: Arshad Sharif
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 38 m
Type: Talk Show
Email: powerplaypakistan@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arsched
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arsched

Power Play is a talk show which is based on current daily, weekly, national, international and political issues. The show is very popular due to quality analysis is provided in it. Arshad Sharif hosts this show on ARY News. All the major issues in the governance of the ruling party, corruption scandals in different federal and provincial ministries are discussed fearlessly. Guests from politics, media, journalism and organizations are invited in the show to present their experts analysis responding to the questions asked by the host Arshad Sharif. In each show, Arshad Sharif tables most highlighted agenda concerned with the major crises and the laymen problems with the governance of the ruling party. Power Play broadcasts on ARY News from every Friday to Sunday at 8:03pm.

ARY News presents Sawal Yeh Hai every Friday to Sunday. The show is one of the newer production of the channel. ARY News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan available both on cable and satellite. ARY News live was launched on September 26, 2004 with headquarter in Karachi, Pakistan. ARY News is a part of ARY Digital Network which is subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY is a shorter version of the name of Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob who was the owner of the group. ARY News live generally broadcasts news, hourly based headline news, talk shows and many other programs based on social issues. Apart from Power Play ARY News also broadcasts Off The Record, Khara Sach, Sawal Yeh Hai  Ander Ki Baat and Ab Tak. These all are the  top rated talk shows based on current political and national issues. ARY News channel is known for one of the big critics of the current government and for this the channel has paid price of becoming off aired by PEMRA for several time. The channel is competing with many other top news channel including Khan tv, Geo News, Express News, Dunya News, Aaj News and Samaa News.

Arshad Sharif is currently associated with ARY News. Prior to this, he was crime reporter and bureau chief of Dunya News channel where he was also hosted a talk show called Kyun.

Power Play Talk Show Program - All episodes
Power Play Thursday
Power Play
NAB notices Finance adviser Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.
Power Play Wednesday
Power Play
Detail of Ishaq Dar assets in Pakistan and abroad.
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
How many properties of Ishaq Dar in Pakistan and outside?
Power Play 30-Nov
Power Play
The government helped the political launch of Asifa Bhutto.
Power Play 26-Nov
Power Play
Will the opposition change its position regarding Corona?
Power Play 25-Nov
Power Play
Are our hospitals ready for the challenge of COVID19 patients?
Power Play 24-Nov
Power Play
2nd wave of COVID19 & other political issues
Power Play 23-Nov
Power Play
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan
Power Play 19-Nov
Power Play
An issue of a ban on speeches of convicted Nawaz Sharif
Power Play 18-Nov
Power Play
Billionaire rulers of a poor country like Pakistan
Power Play 16-Nov
Power Play
With the peaceful election in GB, PTI become the leading party in the results
Power Play 12-Nov
Power Play
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan
Power Play 11-Nov
Power Play
Shahbaz Sharif & Hamza Shahbaz indicted in the NAB court
Power Play 10-Nov
Power Play
Court of inquiry report of the Army endorsed our point of view. PMLN
Power Play 9-Nov
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Lieutenant General (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch
Power Play 5-Nov
Power Play
US election, results are being prepared, Trump not happy over the delay
Power Play 4-Nov
Power Play
Trump announced to go in the supreme court over fraud in the election
Power Play 3-Nov
Power Play
The PTI government announced a relief package for industry in Pakistan
Power Play 2-Nov
Power Play
Exclusive show on the enthusiasm of the soldiers of the Pakistan army.
Power Play 29-Oct
Power Play
there are serious concerns within the army regarding Ayaz Sadiq statement
Power Play 28-Oct
Power Play
Should a question be raised on the patriotism of any Pakistani?
Power Play 27-Oct
Power Play
What is the reason behind a new wave of terror in Pakistan
Power Play 26-Oct
Power Play
PDM Movement, PM Khan mission of bringing Nawaz Sharif back
Power Play 22-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive show with communication minister Murad Saeed
Power Play 21-Oct
Power Play
NAB Court directed the authorities for providing all the facilities to Shahbaz Sharif as per la..
Power Play 20-Oct
Power Play
Who were those people surrounded IG Sindh residence and later abducted him?
Power Play 19-Oct
Power Play
Are PPP & PMLN on the same page? Could the Sindh government take back the FIR?
Power Play 15-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive show from North Waziristan
Power Play 14-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive show from the North Waziristan
Power Play 13-Oct
Power Play
Was Maryam Nawaz seeking a deal? 2nd wave of COVID19
Power Play 12-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Federal Minister for Civil Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan
Power Play 8-Oct
Power Play
FATF to meet this month to discuss Pakistan in grey-list
Power Play 7-Oct
Power Play
PAF fighter jets landing exercise on the motorway, the treason case
Power Play 6-Oct
Power Play
Too many differences within the opposition will help them in the movement against the GOVT
Power Play 5-Oct
Power Play
PDM announced its management structure, treason case against the PMLN
Power Play 1-Oct
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Federal Communication Minister Murad Saeed
Power Play 30-Sep
Power Play
What is the advantage of increasing the prices of life-saving medicines?
Power Play 29-Sep
Power Play
The federal cabinet decided to take back all salaries paid to to former Chairman PEMRA Absar Al..
Power Play 28-Sep
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Special Assistant to PM Barrister Shahzad Akbar
Power Play 24-Sep
Power Play
PM Khan got the mandate of eliminating corruption in Pakistan
Power Play 23-Sep
Power Play
Detail of NAB new reference against Shahbaz Sharif
Power Play 22-Sep
Power Play
Who was the mastermind of the Baldia factory tragedy?
Power Play 21-Sep
Power Play
Detail of army chief meeting with parliamentary leaders
Power Play 17-Sep
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Power Play 16-Sep
Power Play
Exclusive interview of the British High Commissioner
Power Play 14-Sep
Power Play
Could the government be able to bring Nawaz Sharif back?
Power Play 14-Sep
Power Play
Overall performance of the Punjab police in the motorway incident
Power Play 10-Sep
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with the federal minister Murad Saeed


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