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ARY News
Off The Record Wednesday
Off The Record
Discussion on the current political certainty.
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
Key points raised by the SC in its verdict.
Off The Record Tuesday
Off The Record
Has PMLN government ended in PUnjab after the verdict of SC?
Power Play Monday
Power Play
What is the big issue for the current government?
Off The Record Monday
Off The Record
Challenge of economy and Imran Khan movement.
The Reporters Monday
The Reporters
The government is unable to bring the economy on track.
Sar e Aam 13-May
Sar e Aam
Talking with people and get views about Inflation and prices increase of petrol and other neces..
Power Play 12-May
Power Play
The future of corruption cases against Shahbaz Sharif?
The Reporters 12-May
The Reporters
Fresh statement of DG ISPR
Power Play 11-May
Power Play
Key state decisions are being taken in London.
Off The Record 11-May
Off The Record
Key decisions expected in London after Nawaz & Shahbaz meeting.
The Reporters 11-May
The Reporters
PMLN leaders meeting in London and Maryam Nawaz speech in Swabi
The Reporters 10-May
The Reporters
Disagreement in the PMLN, Nawaz Sharif called everyone in London
Power Play 9-May
Power Play
Has the governor of Punjab exercised all the legal options?
Off The Record 9-May
Off The Record
PMLN changed its position on the various issue.
The Reporters 9-May
The Reporters
Malicious campaign against Pakistan Army
Sawal Yeh Hai 8-May
Sawal Yeh Hai
An increase in the current rate of inflation.
Aitraaz Hai 8-May
Aitraaz Hai
High rate of inflation and DG ISPR statement.
Aitraaz Hai 7-May
Aitraaz Hai
PMLN schedule for public rallies and PTI long march
Sawal Yeh Hai 6-May
Sawal Yeh Hai
PTI rejected inquiry commission announced by the government.
Aitraaz Hai 6-May
Aitraaz Hai
Imran Khan announced big protest campaign against the government.
Off The Record 5-May
Off The Record
PTI demands of a fresh election and its possibilities.
The Reporters 5-May
The Reporters
Imran Khan long march vs Shahbaz Sharif govt
Sar e Aam 4-May
Sar e Aam
Eid Special show.
Off The Record 2-May
Off The Record
Why is social intolerance increasing day by day?
The Reporters 2-May
The Reporters
US media confirms conspiracy against Imran Khan
Aitraaz Hai 30-Apr
Aitraaz Hai
Hamza Shahbaz became Chief Minister of Punjab
Aitraaz Hai 29-Apr
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the Masjid-e-Nabvi incident and an attack on Qasim Suri
Off The Record 28-Apr
Off The Record
What option does Imran Khan has left?
The Reporters 28-Apr
The Reporters
FIA harrasing journalist, Islamabad High Court order
Off The Record 27-Apr
Off The Record
Imran Khan call for sit-in in Islamabad
Power Play 27-Apr
Power Play
Discussion on the various issues about current scenario
The Reporters 27-Apr
The Reporters
PTI sit-in in Islamabad and other issues.
Power Play 26-Apr
Power Play
The new government is trying to suppress media.
Off The Record 26-Apr
Off The Record
Interference or conspiracy.
The Reporters 26-Apr
The Reporters
Twitter trend on imported government in Pakistan
Power Play 25-Apr
Power Play
The US operation of regime change in Pakistan.
Off The Record 25-Apr
Off The Record
Is Shahbaz Sharif also a selected PM?
The Reporters 25-Apr
The Reporters
Imran Khan could become a tough challenge for the Shahbaz government.
Sawal Yeh Hai 24-Apr
Sawal Yeh Hai
Political uncertainty and other issues
Aitraaz Hai 24-Apr
Aitraaz Hai
Constitutional crisis in Punjab and other issues.
Sawal Yeh Hai 23-Apr
Sawal Yeh Hai
Campaign against ARY News initiated by Maryam Nawaz.
Sawal Yeh Hai 22-Apr
Sawal Yeh Hai
Why is The Shahbaz government not forming a judicial commission to prob letter gate?
Aitraaz Hai 22-Apr
Aitraaz Hai
NSC meeting today enorsed our position about international conspiracy. Shah Mahmood
The Reporters 21-Apr
The Reporters
Imran Khan talk to public on Twitter Space
Power Play 20-Apr
Power Play
Story of Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz money laundering
Off The Record 20-Apr
Off The Record
Why Arif Alvi is not being removed as President?
The Reporters 20-Apr
The Reporters
Fight for ministries within the PMLN


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