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ARY News
Heating Debate Between Analysts Today
Heating Debate Between Analysts
The heating debate between two analysts in live show.
Off The Record Thursday
Off The Record
Transparency international report about corruption in Pakistan
The Reporters Thursday
The Reporters
Davos summit, CMs of Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan are in trouble
Power Play Wednesday
Power Play
There is no flour crises in the country. Government claimed
Off The Record Wednesday
Off The Record
Forward block of PTI seeking respect for CM Punjab
The Reporters Wednesday
The Reporters
PM meeting with Trump in Davos, Will Trump visit Pakistan?
11th Hour Tuesday
11th Hour
Another beginning of the tension between opposition & government
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
PTI government in Punjab is in danger, flour crises, PIA case hearing in SC
The Reporters Tuesday
The Reporters
Eventually, Chief Election Commissioner selected, Maulana Fazal ready for another march
Off The Record Tuesday
Off The Record
Ministers of PTI criticizing CM Punjab over bad governance
11th Hour Monday
11th Hour
Discussion on rumors of change in government in Punjab
Power Play Monday
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Federal Minister for food over flour crises
Off The Record Monday
Off The Record
20 MPAs of PTI in Punjab created forward block
The Reporters Monday
The Reporters
PTI government facing serious administrative & political crises
Sawal Yeh Hai Sunday
Sawal Yeh Hai
Discussion with Federal Minister for Railway Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Sawal Yeh Hai 18-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
PTI vs Allies, CM Punjab under serious criticism due to bad governance
Aitraaz Hai 18-Jan
Aitraaz Hai
PM Khan decided not to remove CM Buzdar despite pressure
Sawal Yeh Hai 17-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Cracks within Punjab government its allies on the issue of bad governance
Sar e Aam 17-Jan
Sar e Aam
Team Sar-e-Aam exposed fake faith healer in today show.
Aitraaz Hai 17-Jan
Aitraaz Hai
PM letter to opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif over apoointment of Chief EC
11th Hour 16-Jan
11th Hour
PM action against Wada, PEMRA action agaisnt Kashif Abbasi
Off The Record 16-Jan
Off The Record
PEMRA action against Kashif Abbasi on Wada boot act
The Reporters 16-Jan
The Reporters
Maryam Nawaz is no more popular among people, who is back in PTI allies
11th Hour 15-Jan
11th Hour
Discussion on Faisal Wada inappropriate act in live show and opposition reaction
Power Play 15-Jan
Power Play
Detail discussion on Chaudhry sugar mill case
Off The Record 15-Jan
Off The Record
How long Maryam Nawaz will remain silent? rumors of differences within PMLN
The Reporters 15-Jan
The Reporters
Rift betweeen Maryam Nawaz & Khawaja Mohammad Asif
Kaira & Abbasi Left ARY Live Show 15-Jan
Kaira & Abbasi Left ARY Live Show
Qamar Zaman Kaira & Javed Abbasi left Kashif Abbasi live show on Wada bitterness
Off The Record 14-Jan
Off The Record
Nawaz viral picture and reality of his diseases, army act amendment
11th Hour 14-Jan
11th Hour
Viral picture of Nawaz Sharif, allies unhappy with PTI government
Power Play 14-Jan
Power Play
Viral picture of Nawaz Sharif made federal ministers including PM angry
The Reporters 14-Jan
The Reporters
Discusion on PTI government future and issues with allies
11th Hour 13-Jan
11th Hour
Discussion on Lahore high court verdict in favor of Musharraf
Power Play 13-Jan
Power Play
Discussion on Allies issues with PTI government & Musharraf case
Off The Record 13-Jan
Off The Record
Musharraf setence turned down by lHC, Will Farogh Nasim also leave cabinet?
The Reporters 13-Jan
The Reporters
Who stopped Maryam from politics? Why Karzai met Nawaz in London?
Sawal Yeh Hai 12-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
What actually happened between MQM & PTI government?
Sawal Yeh Hai 11-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
PML-N Ko Naye Wazir-e-Azam Aur Election Ka Intizar...!!
Aitraaz Hai 11-Jan
Aitraaz Hai
Opposition government reconciliation, what is behind the scenes ...!
Sawal Yeh Hai 10-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Zainab Alert Bill approved in national assebly
Sar e Aam 10-Jan
Sar e Aam
Team Sar-e-Aam caught blackmailer who harrassed girls came to his office for audition
Aitraaz Hai 10-Jan
Aitraaz Hai
Counsel of Islamic Ideology gives Fatwa against NAB laws
Power Play 9-Jan
Power Play
Possible amendment in the NAB laws after army act consensus
Off The Record 9-Jan
Off The Record
Workers criticizing PMLN leadership after army act support
The Reporters 9-Jan
The Reporters
PMLN under heavy criticism after supporting army act
Power Play 8-Jan
Power Play
Can Pakistan move foreard with current rate of GDP?
Off The Record 8-Jan
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif
The Reporters 8-Jan
The Reporters
What destrution US faced after Iran attack on its military bases in Iraq?


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