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Arshad Sharif

Arshad Sharif

Date of Birth: 22-Feb-1973 (Age: 49 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News

Arshad Sharif's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
Key points raised by the SC in its verdict.
Power Play Monday
Power Play
What is the big issue for the current government?
Power Play 12-May
Power Play
The future of corruption cases against Shahbaz Sharif?
Power Play 11-May
Power Play
Key state decisions are being taken in London.
Power Play 9-May
Power Play
Has the governor of Punjab exercised all the legal options?
Power Play 27-Apr
Power Play
Discussion on the various issues about current scenario
Power Play 26-Apr
Power Play
The new government is trying to suppress media.
Power Play 20-Apr
Power Play
Story of Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz money laundering
Power Play 18-Apr
Power Play
Overseas Pakistanis on protest against regime change in Pakistan.
Power Play 14-Apr
Power Play
Can letter gate content be manipulated?
Power Play 12-Apr
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with deputy speaker national assembly Qasim Khan Suri
Power Play 11-Apr
Power Play
Shahbaz Sharif takes oath as 23rd PM of Pakistan.
Power Play 6-Apr
Power Play
PMLN leaders meeting with the US diplomats
Power Play 5-Apr
Power Play
What was the real message about regime change in the letter?
Power Play 4-Apr
Power Play
The opposition is running away from the fresh election.
PMIK Exclusive Interview to ARY 1-Apr
PMIK Exclusive Interview to ARY
PM Khan exclusive itnerview to ARY News.
Sawal Yeh Hai 1-Apr
Sawal Yeh Hai
The government was aware of the conspiracy since August. PM Khan
Power Play 31-Mar
Power Play
PM Khan exposed the conspiracy by addressing the nation.
Power Play 30-Mar
Power Play
Is Pakistan again going to be caught by an international conspiracy?
Power Play 29-Mar
Power Play
Discussion on the government strategy to counter the vote of no-confidence
Power Play 28-Mar
Power Play
PM Khan big surprise to the opposition
Power Play 24-Mar
Power Play
Exclusive detail of a money laundering case against Shahbaz Sharif
Power Play 23-Mar
Power Play
What surprise could PM Khan give to the opposition?
Power Play 22-Mar
Power Play
Moussavi apology to Nawaz Sharif and the vote of no-confidence.
Power Play 21-Mar
Power Play
What are the methods being used for horse trading?
Power Play 17-Mar
Power Play
Has PTI been defeated in the power game?
Power Play 16-Mar
Power Play
How many PTI MNAs are in Sindh house?
Off The Record 16-Mar
Off The Record
Why are the ally parties still confused?
Power Play 15-Mar
Power Play
Is the country being pushed toward choas?
Power Play 14-Mar
Power Play
Political manipulation in the political meetings
Power Play 9-Mar
Power Play
The government vs the opposition and the vote of no-confidence.
Power Play 8-Mar
Power Play
Who are the candidates for CM in Punjab?
Power Play 7-Mar
Power Play
Is the opposition going to bring no-confidence move in Punjab first?
Power Play 3-Mar
Power Play
The opposition and the government ready to show their cards.
Power Play 2-Mar
Power Play
Dirty face of India exposed, The vote of no-confidence.
Power Play 1-Mar
Power Play
How much fiscal space the finance ministry had for PM relief package?
Power Play 28-Feb
Power Play
PM Khan speech and situation in Ukraine
Power Play 22-Feb
Power Play
How would fake news be determined? PECA ordinance challenged in courts.
Power Play 21-Feb
Power Play
PECA amendment ordinance and reaction from the opposition, media house and others
Power Play 17-Feb
Power Play
Is there a two law for rich and poor in Pakistan?
Power Play 16-Feb
Power Play
Exclusive show with Air Martial (r) Asim Sulemani
Power Play 15-Feb
Power Play
Who is Maqsood Chaprasi? Financial deficit of the national institutions.
Power Play 14-Feb
Power Play
2nd phase of Local body election in KPK
Power Play 10-Feb
Power Play
Exclusive show from Panjgur, Baluchistan.
Power Play 9-Feb
Power Play
Accounts detail of Shahbaz Sharif and Salman Shahbaz
Power Play 8-Feb
Power Play
PPP & PMLN are active for the vote of no-confidence
Power Play 7-Feb-22
Power Play
PTI decided to hold big public rallies, What about FBR Report?
Power Play 3-Feb-22
Power Play
Terrorists attack in Panjgur and Noshki


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