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Arshad Sharif Programs & Videos
Power Play Yesterday
Power Play
Turning black money into white by using TT
Power Play 16-Apr
Power Play
Why Salman Shahbaz living in exile?
Power Play 15-Apr
Power Play
Discussion on possible change in the ministry of various prominent faces of PTI
Power Play 11-Apr
Power Play
Corruption & money laundering scandals of front men of Hamza & Salman Shahbaz
Power Play 10-Apr
Power Play
People of Pakistan under severe tsunami of inflation
Power Play 9-Apr
Power Play
Pakistan close to sign deal with IMF.
Power Play 8-Apr
Power Play
Whose Mushtaq Cheeni front man is?
Breaking Point with Malick 7-Apr
Breaking Point with Malick
What is game being playing on the land of Pakistan steel mill
Power Play 4-Apr
Power Play
More increase in electricity prices along with high inflation rate
Power Play 3-Apr
Power Play
PTI government to introduce new tax amnesty scheme
Power Play 2-Apr
Power Play
Fake accounts case proceeding, Owais Muzaffar Tappi arrested by Interpol
Power Play 1-Apr
Power Play
Tsunami of inflation and worst condition of economy
Power Play 28-Mar
Power Play
Will Sharif family return looted money as plea bargain?
Power Play 27-Mar
Power Play
Will Nawaz Sharif go to London for treatment purpose?
Power Play 26-Mar
Power Play
Discussion on Supreme court written order on Nawaz bail plea
Power Play 25-Mar
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with PM assistant on NAB affairs
Power Play 21-Mar
Power Play
Fake accounts case, Nawaz medical condition
Power Play 20-Mar
Power Play
Discussion on today appearances of Bilawal & Zardari before NAB
Power Play 19-Mar
Power Play
Today proceeding of supreme court, PPP leadership to appear before NAB
Power Play 18-Mar
Power Play
Fake accounts case, Nawaz Sharif bail plea & Model Town JIT
Power Play 14-Mar
Power Play
Illegal construction in Islamabad and negligence of CDA
Power Play 13-Mar
Power Play
Fake accounts case, Nawaz appeal for early hearing of his plea accepted by SC.
Power Play 12-Mar
Power Play
Has Danger of war gone? Opposition again lining up against PTI government
Power Play 11-Mar
Power Play
Nawaz is now ideologist, his party also turned into ideological party. Bilawal
Power Play 7-Mar
Power Play
Where does Nawaz Shari want to be treated?
Power Play 6-Mar
Power Play
Pulwama attack was India own drama to malign Pakistan
Power Play 5-Mar
Power Play
Discussion on Modi war ambition to win general election
Power Play 4-Mar
Power Play
Indian PM Modi ambition of war & post Pulwama scenario
Power Play 28-Feb
Power Play
Propaganda at its best on Indian news channels
Power Play 27-Feb
Power Play
Indian media still doing propaganda against Pakistan
Arshad Sharif Reached Jabba 27-Feb
Arshad Sharif Reached Jabba
Arshad Sharif reached Jabba to expose Indian claim
Power Play 25-Feb
Power Play
Nawaz plea for bail on medical grounds rejected by IHC
Power Play 21-Feb
Power Play
NAB rejected allegations from PPP after Agha Siraj arrest
Power Play 20-Feb
Power Play
NAB arrested Speaker Sindh Assembly in assey beyond meas case
Power Play 19-Feb
Power Play
Indian threats of war after Pulwama attack, Hearing Kulboshan case in ICJ
Power Play 18-Feb
Power Play
Hearing of Kulboshan case in international court of justice
Power Play 14-Feb
Power Play
Shahbaz Sharif bail will put negative impact on society. Fawad Chaudhry
Power Play 13-Feb
Power Play
Saudi investment, IMF conditions and voices of NRO
Power Play 12-Feb
Power Play
General Bajwa determine to eliminate corruption from army
Power Play 11-Feb
Power Play
Will PTI government take parliament & people of Pakistan in confidence on IMF DEAL?
Power Play 7-Feb
Power Play
Nawaz back in Kot Lakhpat Jail again, Aleem Khan judicial remand
Power Play 6-Feb
Power Play
NAB took Aleem Khan into their custody in assets beyond mean case
Power Play 5-Feb
Power Play
Nawaz medical condition & rumors of deal
Power Play 4-Feb
Power Play
Huge increase in this month gas bills
Breaking Views with Malick 3-Feb
Breaking Views with Malick
CM Usman Buzdar performance, Deal or relief for Sharif family?
Power Play 31-Jan
Power Play
Gas bill increased big, CTD men stepped back from previous statement
Power Play 30-Jan
Power Play
Discussion on PTI petition against former President Zardari in IHC
Power Play 29-Jan
Power Play
Sahiwal incident, Bilawal threat of long march & current political scenario
Power Play 28-Jan
Power Play
Corruption in Karachi to Lahore motorway project.
Power Play 17-Jan
Power Play
Who is pushing Zardari toward wall, Next CJP will take oath tomorrow
Power Play 16-Jan
Power Play
Supreme court asked JTI to support NAB in fake accounts case
Power Play 15-Jan
Power Play
Opposition joint venture, PTI new mission in Sindh
Power Play 14-Jan
Power Play
Why Supreme Court rejected NAB appeal against Nawaz bail?
Breaking Views with Malick 11-Jan
Breaking Views with Malick
Mohmand DAM contract should be reviewed
Power Play 10-Jan
Power Play
Once again voice of NRO rising in the politics of Pakistan
Power Play 9-Jan
Power Play
Accountability of government members, Journalists protest against Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan
ARY Shown PM IK Whatsapp Msgs 9-Jan
ARY Shown PM IK Whatsapp Msgs
ARY News anchor shown PM Imran Khan Whatsapp messages
Power Play 8-Jan
Power Play
Chief Justice of supreme court harsh remarks in Azam Swati case.
Power Play 7-Jan-19
Power Play
JIT report is not baseless. Chief Justice of Pakistan remarks in fake accounts case
Who Wants Dr. Shahid in Jail? 7-Jan-19
Who Wants Dr. Shahid in Jail?
Rauf Klasra & Arshad Sharif telling why & on whose wish Dr. Shahid Masood is in jail.
Breaking Views with Malick 6-Jan-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Real face of Zardari being exposed before people now
Power Play 3-Jan-19
Power Play
Who is real owner of New York Pant House?
Power Play 2-Jan-19
Power Play
Exclusive interview of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor
Power Play 1-Jan-19
Power Play
Future of accountability in 2019
Power Play 31-Dec-18
Power Play
PTI & PPP are trying to topple each other governments
Power Play 27-Dec-18
Power Play
Is Asif Ali Zardari ready to go to jail? PPP leadership names listed on ECL
Power Play 26-Dec-18
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Power Play 25-Dec-18
Power Play
Nawaz Sharif again in jail, Ali Raza Abidi murdered
Power Play 24-Dec-18
Power Play
Zardari will son be in jail after Nawaz in fake accounts case
Power Play 20-Dec-18
Power Play
Asif Ali Zardari hidden asset in New York
Power Play 19-Dec-18
Power Play
Next Monday will decided Nawaz Sharif future
Power Play 18-Dec-18
Power Play
Tax invasion or failure of Federal Board of Revenue
Power Play 17-Dec-18
Power Play
Does Faisal Wada really have illegal properties in London?
Power Play 13-Dec-18
Power Play
Falling popularity of Modi in India and recent election
Power Play 12-Dec-18
Power Play
PM formed fact finding committee over gas crises in Karachi
Power Play 11-Dec-18
Power Play
Relationship between Khawaja Brothers & Paragon housing scandal
Power Play 10-Dec-18
Power Play
Is PM Imran Khan happy from performance of his ministers?
Klasra, Arshad Met Dr. Shahid in Jail 10-Dec-18
Klasra, Arshad Met Dr. Shahid in Jail
Rauf Klasra & Arshad Sharif telling about their meeting with Dr. Shahid Masood in Adiyala in Ja..
Breaking Views with Malick 7-Dec-18
Breaking Views with Malick
Why does not Nawaz want to change NAB laws now?
Power Play 6-Dec-18
Power Play
Discussion on corruption stories of Azam Swati
Power Play 5-Dec-18
Power Play
Azam Swati apology rejected by supreme court
Power Play 4-Dec-18
Power Play
Is PM Imran government really a puppet as mentioned by Zardari today?
Power Play 3-Dec-18
Power Play
Abraj Group & Sharif family denied US Newspaper story
Power Play 29-Nov-18
Power Play
JIT stunning revelation in IG Islamabad transfer case
Power Play 28-Nov-18
Power Play
How opposition is taking Kartarpur corridor initiative of PTI government?
Power Play 27-Nov-18
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Assistant for PM on Accountability
Power Play 26-Nov-18
Power Play
What is relationship between Capital FZE & Flagship?
Govt to Call An Imp Meeting Today 26-Nov-18
Govt to Call An Imp Meeting Today
An important meeting is going to held today. What will be decided in it?
Breaking Views with Malick 25-Nov-18
Breaking Views with Malick
Why state helpless in front of religious extremists who have been challenged writ when ever the..
To The Point 25-Nov-18
To The Point
PTI government performance in first 100 days and future priorities
Power Play 22-Nov-18
Power Play
Prove corruption in any project of CPEC, Ahsan Iqbal
Power Play 21-Nov-18
Power Play
JIT report about Azam Swati, PM visit of Malaysia, Indian false propaganda revealed about Ajmal..
Power Play 20-Nov-18
Power Play
How much effectively Pakistan responded on Trump statement
Power Play 19-Nov-18
Power Play
What U-Turn actually is? Why opposition criticizing PM Imran on it?
What is Going to Happen with Nawaz 17-Nov-18
What is Going to Happen with Nawaz
What is going to happen with Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz in next few days.
Breaking Views with Malick 16-Nov-18
Breaking Views with Malick
Discussion on Nawaz Sharif answers in Al-Azizia reference
Power Play 15-Nov-18
Power Play
Nawaz Sharif disowned Qatari letter in NAB Court
Power Play 14-Nov-18
Power Play
People being ignored in the parliament due to serious differences between Government & oppositi..
Power Play 13-Nov-18
Power Play
PMLN raised questions over PM personal expenditures


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