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Arshad Sharif

Arshad Sharif

Date of Birth: 22-Feb-1973 (Age: 51 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News

Arshad Sharif's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Power Play 28-Dec-23
Power Play
Could PTI be able to get rid of May 9 incidents before the election?
Power Play 15-Nov-23
Power Play
How much chance of a relief to PTI chairman in the Cypher case?
Power Play 12-Sep-23
Power Play
Confusion on the issue of the election date, Why is PMLN running away from the election?
Power Play 16-Aug-23
Power Play
Discussion on the economic crisis of Pakistan and caretaker setup
Power Play 4-Aug-22
Power Play
The Federal government going to file reference to disqualify Imran Khan
Off The Record 4-Aug-22
Off The Record
PTI agitation against ECP, Cabinet approved reference against Imran Khan
Power Play 3-Aug-22
Power Play
Overseas Pakistani rejected the ECP judgment against PTI
Power Play 2-Aug-22
Power Play
PTI decided to challenge ECP verdict in the higher court.
Power Play 1-Aug-22
Power Play
Possible verdict of PTI foreign funding casae
Power Play 29-Jul-22
Power Play
Exclusive Interview of PTI Chairman Imran Khan
Power Play 28-Jul-22
Power Play
The coalition government plan against supreme court.
Power Play 25-Jul-22
Power Play
Why is the coalition government demanding full court bench?
Power Play 21-Jul-22
Power Play
PMLN and PPP are busy in horse-trading in Punjab
Power Play 20-Jul-22
Power Play
Another round of horse-trading in Punjab
Power Play 19-Jul-22
Power Play
The economy of Pakistan is on the verge of destruction.
Power Play 18-Jul-22
Power Play
The defeat of PDM in the by-election and its reasons.
Power Play 14-Jul-22
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Power Play 13-Jul-22
Power Play
Flood in Punjab due to monsoon rains
Power Play 12-Jul-22
Power Play
The economic hub of Pakistan is under water.
Power Play 7-Jul-22
Power Play
By-election in Punjab and an arrest of Imran Riaz Khan.
Power Play 6-Jul-22
Power Play
Discussion on the arrest of anchor Imran Riaz Khan
Power Play 5-Jul-22
Power Play
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan.
Power Play 4-Jul-22
Power Play
A new FIR registered against PTI chairman Imran Khan
Power Play 30-Jun-22
Power Play
Exclusive interview of PTI Chairman Imran Khan
Power Play 29-Jun-22
Power Play
A tsunami of inflation is coming in near future.
Power Play 27-Jun-22
Power Play
Regime change operation and MQM Pakistan reservations.
Power Play 23-Jun-22
Power Play
This coalition government has made the NAB powerless
Power Play 22-Jun-22
Power Play
Exclusive show on PTI seminar on regime change.
Power Play 21-Jun-22
Power Play
Which corruption cases of the current rulers will end with NAB amendments?
Power Play 20-Jun-22
Power Play
Why did a regime change operation conducted in Pakistan?
Power Play 15-Jun-22
Power Play
Political victimization of Chaudhry Mounis Elahi
Power Play 14-Jun-22
Power Play
Shahbaz government has surrendered before IMF
Power Play 13-Jun-22
Power Play
The high price of an electricity and load shedding.
Power Play 9-Jun-22
Power Play
Is this coalition government benefitting only a certain class?
Power Play 8-Jun-22
Power Play
What is the real solution of the current political crisis?
Power Play 7-Jun-22
Power Play
Will the government give any sort of relief to the public in the upcoming budget?
Power Play 6-Jun-22
Power Play
Discussion on the current economic crisis
Power Play 2-Jun-22
Power Play
Coalition government did not learn from past
Power Play 1-Jun-22
Power Play
This is decisive moment for Pakistan
Power Play 31-May-22
Power Play
Exclusive interview of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
Power Play 31-May-22
Power Play
When will Pakistan make its foreign policy independently?
Power Play 30-May-22
Power Play
Islamabad High Court verdict about missing persons.
Off The Record 26-May-22
Off The Record
An offer from Shahbaz Sharif to Imran Khan
Power Play 26-May-22
Power Play
Has the Shahbaz government surrendered before IMF?
Power Play 23-May-22
Power Play
Who is threatening Imran Khan?
Power Play 19-May-22
Power Play
Discussion on the current political & economical crisis
Power Play 18-May-22
Power Play
Discussion on the current political & economic scenario
Power Play 17-May-22
Power Play
Key points raised by the SC in its verdict.


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