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Arshad Sharif

Arshad Sharif

Date of Birth: 22-Feb-1973 (Age: 46 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News

Arshad Sharif's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Power Play Thursday
Power Play
DG Parks Karachi arrested by NAB after the arrest of Khurshid Shah
Power Play Wednesday
Power Play
NAB arrested Syed Khurshid Shah in assets beyond case
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
A plan of bringing an amendment in the article 179 of the constitution.
Power Play 16-Sep
Power Play
Accountability process, JUI long march toward Islamabad
Breaking Point with Malick 14-Sep
Breaking Point with Malick
Malfunctions of PTI government in its one year
Power Play 12-Sep
Power Play
Mystery of GIDC fund, President speech in parliament
Power Play 11-Sep
Power Play
Did Ali Zaidi really make people of Karachi fool on the issue of cleanliness in Karachi.
Power Play 10-Sep
Power Play
Will government consult corrupt & mafias for future planning?
Power Play 5-Sep
Power Play
Finally CM Punjab took notice of Salahuddin murder and called judicial inquiry
Power Play 4-Sep
Power Play
DG ISPR press conference, controversial presidential ordinance
Power Play 3-Sep
Power Play
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Power Play 2-Sep
Power Play
Rich are being given exemption from tax whereas being loaded with more taxes
Power Play 29-Aug
Power Play
Budget deficit of Pakistan at history high after one year to PTI government
Power Play 22-Aug
Power Play
Why PTI government is planning to change NAB laws?
Power Play 21-Aug
Power Play
Chinese praising leadership role of General Bajwa
Power Play 20-Aug
Power Play
Foreign Minister announced to take human rights violation in Kashmir in ICJ
Power Play 19-Aug
Power Play
3 year job extension to General Bajwa due to current security situation
Power Play 8-Aug
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with PM adviser on NAB Barrister Shahzad Akbar
Power Play 7-Aug
Power Play
India is planning to treat Kashmiri as Israeli treating Palestinians
Power Play 6-Aug
Power Play
Even China too has condemned Indian act in occupied Kashmir
Power Play 5-Aug
Power Play
India provoked every single Pakistani by invoking article 370
Power Play 1-Aug
Power Play
Big setback to joint opposition in senate, Sanjrani survived
Power Play 31-Jul
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with PM Adviser on NAB affairs Barrister Shahzad Akbar
Power Play 30-Jul
Power Play
Politics of Chhanga Maanga is being done in Pakistan again
Power Play 25-Jul
Power Play
Did opposition succeed in making marks by protesting on July 25th?
Power Play 24-Jul
Power Play
Unnamed companies of Hamza Shahbaz revealed
Power Play 23-Jul
Power Play
How much workable Trump mediation offer on Kashmir dispute
Power Play 22-Jul
Power Play
Special transmission on PM Khan visit of United States of America
Power Play 18-Jul
Power Play
Daily on Sunday story, Shahbaz presser, Shahid Khaqan arrest.
Power Play 17-Jul
Power Play
Detailed facts in mail on Sunday story against Sharifs corruption
Power Play 16-Jul
Power Play
Discussion on more facts in AC Judge video scandal
Power Play 15-Jul
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with PM adviser on NAB Barrister Shahzad Akbar
Off The Record 12-Jul
Off The Record
AC Judge video scandal reached supreme court
Power Play 11-Jul
Power Play
What law says about leak video scandal of judge Arshad Malik
Power Play 10-Jul
Power Play
More arrests by NAB in fake accounts case
Power Play 9-Jul
Power Play
Opposition submitted no confidence motion against Chairman Senate
Power Play 8-Jul
Power Play
Will Nawaz trial be persuaded again if alleged proved real?
Power Play 4-Jul
Power Play
We have no political agenda. Chairman NAB
Power Play 3-Jul
Power Play
IMF approved loan of US 6 billion for Pakistan
Power Play 2-Jul
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with with Chairman FBR Syed Shabbar Zaidi
Vision Pakistan 1-Jul
Vision Pakistan
Exclusive interview of PM Imran Khan on Vision of Pakistan
Breaking Point with Malick 30-Jun
Breaking Point with Malick
Conflict of interest is too much in PTI government
Power Play 27-Jun
Power Play
Sudden increase in the value of US dollar against rupee
Power Play 26-Jun
Power Play
An outcome of All Parties Conference of opposition
Power Play 25-Jun
Power Play
Dr Babar Awaz acquittal, Other accused of ephedrine case are still beyond reach of rule & Law
Power Play 24-Jun
Power Play
One of agenda of all parties conference is to decide line of action against ruling party
Power Play 20-Jun
Power Play
Asad Umar criticizing own budget, Zardari speech in national assembly
Power Play 19-Jun
Power Play
Production of Zardari not issued, Opposition united to challenge budget


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