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Arshad Sharif

Arshad Sharif

Date of Birth: 22-Feb-1973 (Age: 48 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News

Arshad Sharif's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Power Play Thursday
Power Play
Peace message to India from Pakistan
Power Play Wednesday
Power Play
Bilawal Bhutto announced a long march in March
Power Play Tuesday
Power Play
Daska by-election hearing in the ECP, Broadsheet commission proceeding
Power Play 22-Feb
Power Play
Daska by-election became controller
Power Play 18-Feb
Power Play
Each candidate of PMLN & PTI gets a walkover in the senate election.
Power Play 17-Feb
Power Play
PTI MPAs video of taking money was real. Investigative committee concluded
Power Play 16-Feb
Power Play
PTI challenged the nomination papers of Yousuf Raza Gilani
Power Play 15-Feb
Power Play
Possible corruption in the senate election 2021
Power Play 11-Feb
Power Play
The government accepted the demands of the government employees
Power Play 10-Feb
Power Play
PM Khan warned the opposition regarding the senate election.
Power Play 9-Feb
Power Play
Discussion on the senate election & possible horse-trading.
Power Play 8-Feb
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Planning Minister & Chairman NCOC
Power Play 1-Feb
Power Play
PDM has caught by division, an increase in the petroleum products.
Power Play 27-Jan
Power Play
PMLN criticizing Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed
Power Play 21-Jan
Power Play
Discussion on the hidden facts about the broadsheet and its CEO
Power Play 20-Jan
Power Play
More revelations about the broadsheet and alleged agreement with NAB
Power Play 19-Jan
Power Play
What are the real effects of the broadsheet case?
Power Play 18-Jan
Power Play
What is the total value of the assets of the Shahbaz sharif family
Power Play 14-Jan
Power Play
Interesting facts about the Broadsheet scandal.
Power Play 13-Jan
Power Play
Should an audit of IPPs be done?
Power Play 12-Jan
Power Play
Will the ongoing protest of the government employees in Islamabad become part of the PDM?
Power Play 11-Jan
Power Play
Is the PTI government also following the footprint of the PMLN?
Power Play 7-Jan
Power Play
Sit-in of the Hazara community, Why did Tabish Gohar resign?
Power Play 6-Jan
Power Play
Families of Mach coal miners are waiting for PM
Power Play 5-Jan
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Barrister Shahzad Akbar
Power Play 4-Jan
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with former chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi
Power Play 31-Dec-20
Power Play
Bigger scandals of the year 2020
Power Play 30-Dec-20
Power Play
Is the PDM alliance in danger? PPP delegation met MQM Pakistan leadership
Power Play 29-Dec-20
Power Play
Maryam Nawaz reaction on Khawaja Asif arrest.
Power Play 28-Dec-20
Power Play
PM deadline to the government to resign till January 31st.
Power Play 24-Dec-20
Power Play
What was the agenda of the Shahbaz & Darrani meeting in Jail?
Power Play 23-Dec-20
Power Play
The government filed a reference in the supreme court to conduct senate election by show of han..
Power Play 22-Dec-20
Power Play
JUI-F is in trouble before the PDM long march
Power Play 21-Dec-20
Power Play
How did the opposition ask for the NRO? Nawaz Sharif in trouble
Power Play 17-Dec-20
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
Power Play 16-Dec-20
Power Play
6 years to APS incident, Petrol crises report and LNG crises.
Power Play 15-Dec-20
Power Play
Could the senate election be held by show of hands?
Power Play 14-Dec-20
Power Play
Pakistan Democratic Movement Jalsa in Lahore, Inquiry report of petrol crises.
Power Play 10-Dec-20
Power Play
How is India lobbying against Pakistan by spreading fake news?
Power Play 9-Dec-20
Power Play
Could the assemblies be dissolved after the PDM resignations?
Power Play 8-Dec-20
Power Play
PDM meeting and Islamabad High Curt written order about the appointment of advisers to PM
Power Play 7-Dec-20
Power Play
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Power Play 3-Dec-20
Power Play
NAB notices Finance adviser Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.
Power Play 2-Dec-20
Power Play
Detail of Ishaq Dar assets in Pakistan and abroad.
Power Play 1-Dec-20
Power Play
How many properties of Ishaq Dar in Pakistan and outside?
Power Play 30-Nov-20
Power Play
The government helped the political launch of Asifa Bhutto.
Power Play 26-Nov-20
Power Play
Will the opposition change its position regarding Corona?
Power Play 25-Nov-20
Power Play
Are our hospitals ready for the challenge of COVID19 patients?


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