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Syeda Shehla Raza

Syeda Shehla Raza

Date of Birth: 15-May-1964 (Age: 56 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan People's Party

Syeda Shehla Raza's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
To The Point Monday
To The Point
Discussion on the JIT reports of Liari gangster
Kal Tak 25-Jun
Kal Tak
Why did PM Khan call Usama Bin Laden a martyr? Reason beind ceasefire between the PM Khan and t..
Clash With Imran Khan 9-Jun
Clash With Imran Khan
Shahbaz Sharif big revelation before NAB
To The Point 9-Jun
To The Point
After sugar & flour crises people are facing a shortage of petrol
In Focus 6-Jun
In Focus
Under the heat of current political scenario is there any chance of dialogue between Govt & the..
Clash With Imran Khan 3-Jun
Clash With Imran Khan
What are the behind the scene facts in NAB action against Shahbaz?
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 2-Jun
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
NAB Raid to Arrest Shahbaz Sharif
Kal Tak 20-May
Kal Tak
An ease in the lockdown, an increase in the Corona spread
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 18-May
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Transporters are on strike in Punjab despite government announcement of opening transport
To The Point 18-May
To The Point
Supreme Court of Pakistan asked the government to open all markets.
Face to Face 16-May
Face to Face
Barrister Shahzad Akbar another press conference against Shahbaz Sharif
Live With Nasrullah Malik 15-May
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Who suggested PM Khan announce the opening of public transport.
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 14-May
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
The number of new corona cases is increasing rapidly after an ease in the lockdown.
11th Hour 12-May
11th Hour
Latest Corona updates and national assembly session
On The Front 11-May
On The Front
COVID19 exposed lake of leadership in Pakistan, national assembly session
Face to Face 8-May
Face to Face
The federal government left people on the clemency of COVID19 by easing lockdown.
Clash With Imran Khan 6-May
Clash With Imran Khan
Are NAB laws going to be changed soon? PMLN vs NAB
To The Point 5-May
To The Point
Doctors & paramedics are soft targets of COVID19
Aitraaz Hai 3-May
Aitraaz Hai
Shahbaz Sharif stunning revelation about 2018 election
Sawal Awaam Ka 2-May
Sawal Awaam Ka
Discussion on the performance of Sindh & the Punjab government against COVID19.
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 1-May
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Provinces are suffering due to the confusing policy of the federal government on the issue of C..
Sawal 25-Apr
Sindh & the federal government could not come on the same page on the issue of COVID19
Kal Tak 23-Apr
Kal Tak
When will a consensus be created between Sindh & the federal government?
Clash With Imran Khan 21-Apr
Clash With Imran Khan
PM Khan media briefing regarding COVID19 and Taraweeh issue.
To The Point 20-Apr
To The Point
Will NAB arrest Shahbaz Sharif at time of Pandemic in Pakistan?
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 18-Apr
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Differences between Sindh & Federal government
Aitraaz Hai 17-Apr
Aitraaz Hai
Doctors & paramedics are infected by COVID19 in the big number
Clash With Imran Khan 15-Apr
Clash With Imran Khan
Horrible fact & figure about COVID19 exposure and destruction in Pakistan.
Sawal Awaam Ka 12-Apr
Sawal Awaam Ka
The only way of controlling COVID19 is a strict lockdown
News Beat 10-Apr
News Beat
Discussion on the distribution of relief package among poor
News Eye 8-Apr
News Eye
Why apex court not satisfied with efforts of the government regarding COVID19?
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 7-Apr
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
No one could avoid accountability in the government. PM Khan
Clash With Imran Khan 6-Apr
Clash With Imran Khan
Differences between PM Imran Khan & Jehangir Khan Tareen
Sawal Awaam Ka 5-Apr
Sawal Awaam Ka
PM Khan is waiting for a forensic report of sugar & flour crises
In Focus 4-Apr
In Focus
Government & opposition could not create a consensus on the issue of COVID19
Rubaru 3-Apr
Fight against COVID19 & poverty
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 2-Apr
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Why Corona Tiger Force is being criticized by the opposition?
On The Front 1-Apr
On The Front
Corona exposure is increasing in Pakistan, what is government preparation?
Aapas Ki Baat 31-Mar
Aapas Ki Baat
The opposition rejected PM initiative of creating Corona Relief Force
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 31-Mar
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Discussion on PTI government performance under COVID19 exposure
Kal Tak 25-Mar-20
Kal Tak
Corona cases crossed 1000 in Pakistan, No unity between opposition and government
Clash With Imran Khan 23-Mar-20
Clash With Imran Khan
What will be next after 14 days lockdown in Sindh & Punjab?
Sawal Awaam Ka 22-Mar-20
Sawal Awaam Ka
We are more in danger not because of corona but to creating panic. PM Khan
Kal Tak 18-Mar-20
Kal Tak
First death due to COVID19 in PAKISTAN, Young doctors are on strike again
To The Point 17-Mar-20
To The Point
Are we fully ready to fight against coronavirus?
Sawal Awaam Ka 14-Mar-20
Sawal Awaam Ka
Why did not the federal government take the corona issue seriously?
Sawal 14-Mar-20
Government media policy, is it accountability or media management?
Aitraaz Hai 13-Mar-20
Aitraaz Hai
Pakistan day parade cancelled due to fear of corona


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