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Shahzad Iqbal

Shahzad Iqbal

Date of Birth: 23-May-1982 (Age: 41 Years)
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Shahzad Iqbal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
Non-flexible behavior of Imran Khan encourged Tareen to establish a new party.
Naya Pakistan 3-Jun
Naya Pakistan
Who will remain in the PTI until the next election?
Naya Pakistan 2-Jun
Naya Pakistan
The government is not agree to talk with Imran Khan, IMF program
Report Card 1-Jun
Report Card
What was the agenda of Fawad Chaudhry meeting with Shah Mahmood?
Report Card 31-May
Report Card
IMF program is going to end without being completed
Naya Pakistan 28-May
Naya Pakistan
Rana Sanaullah midnight press conference and reaction from Imran Khan.
Naya Pakistan 27-May
Naya Pakistan
Is Imran Khan seeking NRO in the name of dialogue?
Naya Pakistan 26-May
Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan could be tried in the military court. Rana Sanaullah
Report Card 25-May
Report Card
Imran Khan challenged the judicial commission formed by the government.
Off The Record 23-May
Off The Record
76 years old political history of Pakistan and we learnt nothing
Naya Pakistan 21-May
Naya Pakistan
Is PPP fully on board with the PDM on the issue of military court.
Naya Pakistan 19-May
Naya Pakistan
Caretaker government in Punjab failed to conduct search operation in Zaman Park.
Breaking Views with Malick 18-May
Breaking Views with Malick
Was the announcement of the operation in Zaman Park only a threat from the Punjab Govt?
Report Card 18-May
Report Card
More trouble for Imran Khan as several PTI leaders are leaving party.
Report Card 17-May
Report Card
What is the political future of Imran Khan? NSC meeting followed by CC meeting.
Naya Pakistan 13-May
Naya Pakistan
What changes are possible in the coming days? Is PTI being banned?
Naya Pakistan 7-May
Naya Pakistan
The dangerous plan of the Government, Why IMF is not giving Pakistan a relief?
Naya Pakistan 5-May
Naya Pakistan
What would happen after May 14? Will IMF program be stored before budget?
Report Card 5-May
Report Card
Break or breakup in the dialogue between PTI and the PDM?
Report Card 4-May
Report Card
Court appearance or political activity, Road blocks, container placed
Naya Pakistan 29-Apr
Naya Pakistan
Who is behind police action against Chaudhry Pervez Elahi
Naya Pakistan 28-Apr
Naya Pakistan
What is the major deadlock in the dialogue between PTI and the Govt?
Report Card 26-Apr
Report Card
Has the government decided not to sit together with PTI?
Report Card 20-Apr
Report Card
Supreme court deadline for poiitical dialogue ended
Report Card 19-Apr
Report Card
Will all political parties be agreed on one day election for provincial and national assembly?
Breaking Views with Malick 18-Apr
Breaking Views with Malick
The meeting between judges and generals, Would election be possible in May?
Naya Pakistan 16-Apr
Naya Pakistan
PPP is in favor of dialogue whereas JUIF is opposing
Naya Pakistan 15-Apr
Naya Pakistan
Emergency or political dialogue, Shahbaz government is in big trouble.
Naya Pakistan 14-Apr
Naya Pakistan
What would happen if the government does not issue funds till Monday?
Report Card 13-Apr
Report Card
The standing committee of national assembly and senate rejected election fund bill
Report Card 12-Apr
Report Card
Supreme court practice and procedure bill challenged in SC before it become law
Naya Pakistan 9-Apr
Naya Pakistan
The confrontation between the government and CJP may increase
Naya Pakistan 8-Apr
Naya Pakistan
Who is taking benefit of division in the supreme court?
Naya Pakistan 7-Apr
Naya Pakistan
The PDM government has taken an extreme position by demanding the resignation of CJP
Report Card 6-Apr
Report Card
What is the legal standing of resolution passed by the national assembly?
Naya Pakistan 2-Apr
Naya Pakistan
Is another PM going to be disqualified in contempt of court?
Naya Pakistan 1-Apr
Naya Pakistan
The PDM government is ready to confront the 3 member bench
Naya Pakistan 31-Mar
Naya Pakistan
The judicial crisis deepened further after another judge recused from sitting on the bench
Naya Pakistan 26-Mar
Naya Pakistan
Confrontation between the government and PTI, Who is going to be minus?
Naya Pakistan 25-Mar
Naya Pakistan
PMLN well left behind PTI in Punjab, Hurdles for PTI power show in Lahore
Naya Pakistan 24-Mar
Naya Pakistan
All eyes are on the supreme court on the issue of election in Punjab
Naya Pakistan 19-Mar
Naya Pakistan
More delay in the staff level agreement between IMF and Pakistan
Naya Pakistan 18-Mar
Naya Pakistan
Another big relief for Imran Khan, Police operation in Zaman Park
Naya Pakistan 17-Mar
Naya Pakistan
Another big relief to Imran Khan, What would the PDM alliance do now?
Report Card 15-Mar
Report Card
Why is not Imran Khan surrendering before police? What is London plan?
Naya Pakistan 12-Mar
Naya Pakistan
Why is not PMLN criticizing General Bajwa? Is there any deal behind?
Report Card 8-Mar
Report Card
Why did Army Chief reject Imran Khan request for the meeting?
Naya Pakistan 5-Mar
Naya Pakistan
Political drama in Zaman Park, Exclusive discussion with Maryam Nawaz


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