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Shahzad Iqbal

Shahzad Iqbal

Date of Birth: 23-May-1982 (Age: 40 Years)
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Shahzad Iqbal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Naya Pakistan Friday
Naya Pakistan
The US dollar on rise, Ishaq Dar policies did not work
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
Pervez Elahi stunning statement and big jump ofthe US dollar
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
What did the PDM government achieve from the arrest of Fawad Chaudhry?
Naya Pakistan 22-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Can PTI challenge the caretaker CM announced by ECP in Supreme Court
Naya Pakistan 22-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive discussion with Mian Javed Latif
Naya Pakistan 21-Jan
Naya Pakistan
The government decided to fulfill all demands of the IMF
Naya Pakistan 20-Jan
Naya Pakistan
The petrol crisis could rise in the next month, Caretaker CM in Punjab
Aapas Ki Baat 19-Jan
Aapas Ki Baat
Is Imran Khan going to face a tough legal challenges in coming few days?
Report Card 19-Jan
Report Card
This PDM government has no explanation to give to the IMF
Report Card 18-Jan
Report Card
The PDM government is still in big trouble despite speaker accepted resignations of 35 PTI MNAs
Naya Pakistan 15-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive show on the local body election in Sindh
Naya Pakistan 13-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif unhappy after the dissolution of the Punjab assembly
Report Card 12-Jan
Report Card
Would rebranded MQM be able to get back political support in Karachi?
Report Card 11-Jan
Report Card
Both the government and the opposition are claiming majority in the Punjab assembly.
Naya Pakistan 8-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive talk with PSP chairman on the current developments in the Karachi.
Naya Pakistan 7-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan doubts the neutrality of the establishment.
Naya Pakistan 6-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Attack on Imran Khan was drama. Pakistan is on the risk of financial default
Report Card 4-Jan
Report Card
PTI finding trouble in getting vote of confidence in Punjab
Naya Pakistan 1-Jan
Naya Pakistan
Who will be vindicated in 2023, PDM or PTI?
Naya Pakistan 30-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
National Security Committee Meeting and Local Body Election in Islamabad.
Report Card 28-Dec-22
Report Card
Economy of Pakistan is not progressing. Is technocrat form of government coming in Pakistan?
Report Card 22-Dec-22
Report Card
Who will be the main beneficiary of delay in the dissolution of the Punjab assembly?
Report Card 21-Dec-22
Report Card
Who would possibly be vindicated under the current political crisis in Punjab?
Naya Pakistan 18-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
What will Shahbaz & Zardari offer to Chaudhry Pervez Elahi in return?
Naya Pakistan 16-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Why did Mustafa Nawaz decided to leave PPP?
Report Card 15-Dec-22
Report Card
Plan B of Imran Khan created Choas in Pakistan
Report Card 14-Dec-22
Report Card
Would Imran Khan be able to force this government for fresh election?
Naya Pakistan 11-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Has Imran Khan been ready for election after May 2023?
Naya Pakistan 10-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Shortage of the US dollar increased economic crisis in Pakistan.
Naya Pakistan 9-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Two weeks passed to Imran Khan statement about the dissolution of the assemblies.
Report Card 8-Dec-22
Report Card
Contradictory statements of Imran Khan about Toshakhana gifts raised many questions
Naya Pakistan 4-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Will Imran Khan really take risk of the dissolution of the assemblies?
Naya Pakistan 2-Dec-22
Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan offered the PDM a dialogue to agree on the election date.
Report Card 1-Dec-22
Report Card
What does Imran Khan want in Pakistan? Political crisis in Punjab
Report Card 30-Nov-22
Report Card
Zardari on mission to save the Punjab assembly, Will he be succeeded?
Naya Pakistan 27-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Will the PDM government consider an early election after the surprise move of Imran Khan?
Naya Pakistan 26-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
A new move from Imran Khan will create a further chaos in the politics of Pakistan
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 25-Nov-22
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Has the government changed its position of how to deal with Imran Khan?
Naya Pakistan 25-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
The future of PTI long march after the appointment of a new army chief
Naya Pakistan 20-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Still stability in the economy despite lead role of Ishaq Dar
Naya Pakistan 19-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the final call of Imran Khan and the appointment of a new army chief
Naya Pakistan 18-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
What was discussed between style out watches and Umar Farooq Zahoor
Report Card 15-Nov-22
Report Card
Shop in Islamabad where Imran Khan sold the gifted watch found after the current owner of the w..
Naya Pakistan 13-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Pakistan defeat in the T20 World Cup final and political scenario
Naya Pakistan 12-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the appointment of a new army chief, Shahbaz stay in London, and the final of the..
Naya Pakistan 11-Nov-22
Naya Pakistan
Important meeting between PM Shahbaz & Nawaz Sharif
Report Card 10-Nov-22
Report Card
Accountability or the elimination of the opposition? When would Nawaz Sharif comeback?
Report Card 9-Nov-22
Report Card
What does PTI chairman Imran Khan want? Pakistan reached in the final of T20 World Cup


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