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Shahzad Iqbal

Shahzad Iqbal

Date of Birth: 23-May-1982 (Age: 38 Years)
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Shahzad Iqbal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
Over Rs 400 billion loss to the people of Pakistan due to incompetence of the government
Naya Pakistan Saturday
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the detailed verdict of Justice Qazi Faez Isa case.
Naya Pakistan 23-Oct
Naya Pakistan
Did PM order Captain Safdar arrest or he was not on board?
Report Card 21-Oct
Report Card
The opposition is looking for PM after the incident in Karachi.
Naya Pakistan 17-Oct
Naya Pakistan
PDM ka Pehla Jalsa Ba-Asar ya Be-Asar
Naya Pakistan 16-Oct
Naya Pakistan
Special Program live from PDM Jalsa in Gujranwala!
Report Card 15-Oct
Report Card
Maulana Fazal & Maryam Nawaz will lead the rally from Lahore to Gujranwala.
Naya Pakistan 11-Oct
Naya Pakistan
Will the PTI government able to stop PDM from the demonstration?
Naya Pakistan 10-Oct
Naya Pakistan
We will keep supporting the civil government as per the constitution. Army Chief
Naya Pakistan 9-Oct
Naya Pakistan
PM Khan endorsed the ISI political interference in his speech today.
Report Card 8-Oct
Report Card
GDP growth will remain under 1.0 percent, Another minor girl killed after rape.
Naya Pakistan 4-Oct
Naya Pakistan
None of the popular leaders in the history of Pakistan could avoid an allegation of treason.
Naya Pakistan 2-Oct
Naya Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif is under moral & legal pressure after IHC remarks
Report Card 1-Oct
Report Card
Is Nawaz Sharif doing right by addressing party from London?
Report Card 30-Sep
Report Card
Important remarks of Islamabad High Court about Nawaz Sharif
Naya Pakistan 27-Sep
Naya Pakistan
PMLN leadership in Pakistan is trying to cool down the situation
Naya Pakistan 25-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Sheikh Rashid says he has a big data of telecalls of politicians to b leaked.
Report Card 24-Sep
Report Card
Why does NAB want to arrest Shahbaz Sharif?
Naya Pakistan 13-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Politics on the motorway incident could benefit the culprit
Naya Pakistan 11-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Police still failed to arrest the rapist even after two days of the incident.
Capital Talk 2-Sep
Capital Talk
What is the future of Nawaz Sharif politics after IHC direction?
Naya Pakistan 30-Aug
Naya Pakistan
infrastructure collapsed in Karachi after the urban flood
Naya Pakistan 29-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Discussion with governor Sindh on Karachi issues
Naya Pakistan 28-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on a controversy over Nawaz Sharif medical reports
Naya Pakistan 23-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Pakistan is struggling against England in the 3rd test.
Naya Pakistan 22-Aug
Naya Pakistan
The government also active in reply to Nawaz Sharif political moves
Naya Pakistan 16-Aug
Naya Pakistan
CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah will lead the committee formed to address Karachi problems
Naya Pakistan 15-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Why Maryam Nawaz kept silence before NAB episode?
Naya Pakistan 14-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Turkey & Iran have shown severe concerns over UAE, Israel deal
Naya Pakistan 9-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Maulana Fazal again unhappy over PPP & PMLN
Naya Pakistan 8-Aug
Naya Pakistan
One after one government bill creating new controversy
Naya Pakistan 7-Aug
Naya Pakistan
NAB finally tarts action against the ruling party
Naya Pakistan 31-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Naya Pakistan 26-Jul
Naya Pakistan
PM Khan is being called a facilitator to Indian PM Modi
Naya Pakistan 25-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Two years to the government of PM Khan who came into power with a promise of change
Naya Pakistan 24-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Kulbhoshan is still alive in the politics of Pakistan
Report Card 23-Jul
Report Card
Immoral comments from Shahbaz Gill on Bilawal Bhutto face mask
Report Card 22-Jul
Report Card
Supreme Court detail verdict in Khawaja Saad case
Naya Pakistan 18-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
Imran Khan visit of Lahore and Meeting with Usman Buzdar
Naya Pakistan 17-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
Pm Imran now consider for change, 5 names are in list for CM Punjab
Report Card 15-Jul-20
Report Card
Discussion on the PIA pilots fake license issue and latest development between Iran & China
Naya Pakistan 12-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
Talking with governor Sindh Imran Ismail on the issue of contacts between PTI & Uzair Baloch
Naya Pakistan 11-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
What is the followup of the sugar commission report
Naya Pakistan 10-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the Mir Shakeel case and court proceeding
Naya Pakistan 5-Jul-20
Naya Pakistan
Special Talk on internal issues of PTI with Zulfi Bukhari
Report Card 2-Jul-20
Report Card
A new survey showing interesting results about political leadership popularity.
Report Card 1-Jul-20
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto called Imran Khan a PM of social media
Naya Pakistan 28-Jun-20
Naya Pakistan
Pakistan tour of England, How did Shahid Afridi go through from the period of quarantine?


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