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Shahzad Iqbal

Shahzad Iqbal

Date of Birth: 23-May-1982 (Age: 39 Years)
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News

Shahzad Iqbal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
Pakistan presented evidence of Indian involvement in threatening the Kiwis
Naya Pakistan 19-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Once again a critical time for Pakistan cricket.
Naya Pakistan 17-Sep
Naya Pakistan
New Zealand postponed PAK series after security threat.
Report Card 16-Sep
Report Card
An offer of general pardon to the TTP from Pakistan
Report Card 15-Sep
Report Card
World democracy day, issues between the Govt & media.
Naya Pakistan 12-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the issues between ECP and the GOVT.
Naya Pakistan 4-Sep
Naya Pakistan
DG ISI with foreign office officials visited Kabul
Naya Pakistan 3-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Why is the opposition opposing the use of EVM in the next election?
Report Card 1-Sep
Report Card
Is the PDM serious about the long march against the PTI government?
Naya Pakistan 29-Aug
Naya Pakistan
PDM power show after a long break
Naya Pakistan 28-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Exclusive discussion on PTI performance and situation in Afghanistan.
Report Card 28-Aug
Report Card
Several workers lost life in Karachi factory fire incident
Naya Pakistan 27-Aug
Naya Pakistan
What would be the scenario of Pakistan Afghanistan after August 31?
Report Card 27-Aug
Report Card
PM Khan vowed the world to support the Taliban to maintain peace in Afghanistan.
Report Card 25-Aug
Report Card
Why is the government hiding media development authority regulations from all media personnel?
Naya Pakistan 22-Aug
Naya Pakistan
What are the promises the PTI government fulfilled in 3 years?
Naya Pakistan 21-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Analyzing the 3 years performance of the PTI government
Naya Pakistan 20-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Who does not want peace in Afghanistan?
Report Card 18-Aug
Report Card
A young woman was harassed and manhandled by a mob in the greater Iqbal Park
Report Card 17-Aug
Report Card
Who is more responsible for Taliban success?
Naya Pakistan 15-Aug
Naya Pakistan
The whole world is looking toward Afghanistan.
Naya Pakistan 14-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Quaid-e-Azam dream of Pakistan was a welfare state.
Naya Pakistan 13-Aug
Naya Pakistan
The opposition is criticizing the government over anti-state trends report.
Report Card 12-Aug
Report Card
Backchannel contact between PPP & PMLN, Scenario in Afghanistan.
Naya Pakistan 8-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Journalists are in serious danger in Pakistan.
Naya Pakistan 7-Aug
Naya Pakistan
FIA in action agaisnt senior journalists
Naya Pakistan 6-Aug
Naya Pakistan
The Tareen group vs the PTI government
Report Card 5-Aug
Report Card
Big U-Turn by Nazeer Chohan, Faisal Wavda comments
Naya Pakistan 1-Aug
Naya Pakistan
Unified education system for schools & madrassas
Naya Pakistan 31-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Politics of resistance not paying back to PMLN
Naya Pakistan 30-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Business community & trader associations rejejected lockdown in Karachi.
Report Card 29-Jul
Report Card
Nazeer Chohan of the Tareen group arrested
Naya Pakistan 25-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Mission to win Kashmir election
Naya Pakistan 24-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Use of immoral language in Kashmir election campaign
Naya Pakistan 18-Jul
Naya Pakistan
PMLN blaming the Govt for prepoll rigging in Kashmir election.
Naya Pakistan 17-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Azad Kashmir election is a week away now
Naya Pakistan 16-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Who holds key to peace in Afghanistan?
Report Card 15-Jul
Report Card
An increase in the petroleum prices
Report Card 13-Jul
Report Card
Is Malala a hero for the children of Pakistan?
Naya Pakistan 11-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Pakistan lost the ODI series to the B team of England
Naya Pakistan 10-Jul
Naya Pakistan
No morality left in our politics, Situation in Afghanistan
Naya Pakistan 9-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Detail verdict of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi bail order
Report Card 7-Jul
Report Card
Detail verdicts of Khawaja Asif & Ahsan Iqbal bail order
Naya Pakistan 4-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Pakistan has found undeniable evidence of Indian involvement in the Lahore blast.
Naya Pakistan 3-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Discussion on the current energy crises and other issues.
Naya Pakistan 2-Jul
Naya Pakistan
Civil & Military leadership is on same page
Report Card 1-Jul
Report Card
Discussion on the current scenario of Afghanistan.
Naya Pakistan 27-Jun
Naya Pakistan
The opposition claimed to give the Govt a tough time in the budget approval but showing not int..


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