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Sabir Shakir

Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Bureau Chief ARY News
Phone# 0321-5560944

Sabir Shakir's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Imran Khan Interview to Sabir Shakir 7-Jul-23
Imran Khan Interview to Sabir Shakir
PTI chairman exclusive interview to Sabir Shakir
News Beat 28-May-23
News Beat
Midnight press conference by interior minister Rana Sanaullah
92 At 8 21-May-23
92 At 8
Would the judicial commission be able to find facts about audio leaks?
News Edge 8-May-23
News Edge
Sword of disqualification is hanging on PM Shahbaz Sharif
News Beat 7-May-23
News Beat
Election or no election, what would happen after May 14?
Night Edition 5-May-23
Night Edition
Are both PTI and the PDM ready to show flexibility?
Khabar Hai 27-Apr-23
Khabar Hai
Secret game of Asif Ali Zardari against PMLN, election case hearings
92 At 8 16-Apr-23
92 At 8
Modi plan to malign Pakistan exposed
News Beat 9-Apr-23
News Beat
This year has proven the toughest for the people of Pakistan.
Khabar Hai 6-Apr-23
Khabar Hai
The government is clearly challenging the judgment of supreme court.
News Edge 8-Mar-23
News Edge
The deadline of March 15th, What could be happen?
The Reporters 21-Jul-22
The Reporters
The battle of Punjab is about to end tomorrow.
The Reporters 20-Jul-22
The Reporters
The economy of Pakistan is on the verge of default.
The Reporters 19-Jul-22
The Reporters
Why is the PDM afraid of a fresh election?
The Reporters 18-Jul-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan back in the power in Punjab.
The Reporters 6-Jul-22
The Reporters
Anchor Imran Riaz Khan arrested by Punjab police
The Reporters 5-Jul-22
The Reporters
Do not push me toward wall otherwise I will react badly. Imran Khan
The Reporters 4-Jul-22
The Reporters
Discussion on the by-election in Punjab
The Reporters 29-Jun-22
The Reporters
Hamza Shahbaz is about to lose government in Punjab
Ho Kya Raha Hai 28-Jun-22
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Exclusive discussion on the current political scenario
The Reporters 27-Jun-22
The Reporters
The government allies are threatening to leave the coalition
The Reporters 24-Jun-22
The Reporters
Political price of a new deal with IMF
The Reporters 21-Jun-22
The Reporters
This coalition government is in trouble.
The Reporters 16-Jun-22
The Reporters
Coalition government dropped another petrol bomb on people of Pakistan.
The Reporters 15-Jun-22
The Reporters
Conspiracy or intervention and Musharraf return.
The Reporters 13-Jun-22
The Reporters
Budget in Punjab, When will be a fresh election called?
The Reporters 9-Jun-22
The Reporters
Sudden death of Maqsood Chaprasi, NAB amendments.
The Reporters 8-Jun-22
The Reporters
Why Maryam Nawaz is targeting ARY News?
The Reporters 7-Jun-22
The Reporters
Exclusive talk with former Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen
The Reporters 6-Jun-22
The Reporters
Exclusive talk with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
The Reporters 2-Jun-22
The Reporters
Discussion on the current rate of inflation.
The Reporters 1-Jun-22
The Reporters
Is the government considering to arrest Imran Khan?
The Reporters 31-May-22
The Reporters
The government is wasting public money on newspaper ads
The Reporters 30-May-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan plan for the 2nd round of a long march
The Reporters 26-May-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan ended his long march with 6 days ultimatum.
The Reporters 23-May-22
The Reporters
Islamabad High Court gives relief to journalists.
The Reporters 22-May-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan long march toward Islamabad.
The Reporters 16-May-22
The Reporters
The government is unable to bring the economy on track.
The Reporters 12-May-22
The Reporters
Fresh statement of DG ISPR
The Reporters 11-May-22
The Reporters
PMLN leaders meeting in London and Maryam Nawaz speech in Swabi
The Reporters 10-May-22
The Reporters
Disagreement in the PMLN, Nawaz Sharif called everyone in London
The Reporters 9-May-22
The Reporters
Malicious campaign against Pakistan Army
The Reporters 5-May-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan long march vs Shahbaz Sharif govt
The Reporters 2-May-22
The Reporters
US media confirms conspiracy against Imran Khan
The Reporters 28-Apr-22
The Reporters
FIA harrasing journalist, Islamabad High Court order
The Reporters 27-Apr-22
The Reporters
PTI sit-in in Islamabad and other issues.
The Reporters 26-Apr-22
The Reporters
Twitter trend on imported government in Pakistan
The Reporters 25-Apr-22
The Reporters
Imran Khan could become a tough challenge for the Shahbaz government.


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