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Rasul Baksh Rais

Rasul Baksh Rais

Address: Rajanpur, Punjab
Profession: Professor & Scholar
Affiliation: Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Phone# 04235722670-79
Email: rasul@lums.edu.pk
Twitter: @RasulRais

Rasul Baksh Rais's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card 10-Jul-21
Report Card
The investigative team of FIA misbehaved with me. Shahbaz Sharif
Report Card 9-Jul-21
Report Card
Discussion on the Usman Mirza case and Kashmir election
Report Card 3-Jul-21
Report Card
PM Khan absence in the national security meeting became controversial.
Report Card 2-Jul-21
Report Card
PM absence in the national security become controversial.
Report Card 26-Jun-21
Report Card
Pakistan stayed in the Greylist of the FATF
Report Card 21-Jun-21
Report Card
Is PM Khan righted refused to provide airbases to the US?
Report Card 7-Jun-21
Report Card
Who is responsible for train accident in Sindh
Report Card 24-May-21
Report Card
Which country played its role in the cause of Palestine?
Report Card 22-May-21
Report Card
Shahbaz Sharif invited the whole PDM on dinner
Report Card 18-May-21
Report Card
PMLN is demanding resignation from PM Khan over Rawalpindi Ring Road scandal.
Report Card 17-May-21
Report Card
We are not sure about whether or not Shahbaz Sharif come back. Sheikh Rashid
Report Card 10-May-21
Report Card
Discussion on the government actions against Shahbaz Sharif
Report Card 8-May-21
Report Card
Discussion on the Shahbaz Sharif incident and other issues
Report Card 7-May-21
Report Card
Lahore High Court granted permission to Shahbaz Sharif to leave for abroad
Report Card 26-Apr-21
Report Card
Discussion on the Qazi Faez Issa case, Corona situation in Pakistan.
Report Card 24-Apr-21
Report Card
Split in the cabinet on the issue of meeting with Tareen group.
Report Card 19-Apr-21
Report Card
Sending the French ambassador back is not s solution. PM Khan
Report Card 17-Apr-21
Report Card
PM Khan should send notices to the members are with Tareen.
Report Card 12-Apr-21
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto press conference, Daska re-election result
Report Card 3-Apr-21
Report Card
U-turning over U-Turn by the PTI government
Report Card 29-Mar-21
Report Card
Is the provincial government responsible for the Corona situation in Pakistan?
Report Card 27-Mar-21
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz grilled the PPP over taking support from the BAP
Report Card 26-Mar-21
Report Card
PPP will lose politically after leaving the PDM
Report Card 22-Mar-21
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz decided to bring workes with her to NAB on March 26
Report Card 20-Mar-21
Report Card
Discussion on the differences among PDM parties and COVID scenario
Report Card 13-Mar-21
Report Card
NAB contacted Lahore High Court to cancel Maryam Nawaz bail.
Report Card 6-Mar-21
Report Card
Did PM get rid of trouble after taking a vote of confidence?
Report Card 27-Feb-21
Report Card
Can Maryam & Hamza give a tough time to the government?
Report Card 26-Feb-21
Report Card
Could the US president force the Indian PM to bring down extremism?
Report Card 19-Feb-21
Report Card
People of Daska witnessed aerial firing for a whole day during the by-election.
Report Card 28-Jan-21
Report Card
Why did corruption increase under the PTI government?
Report Card 22-Jan-21
Report Card
The opposition rejected the appointment of Justice Azmat Saeed as a broadsheet inquiry head
Report Card 21-Jan-21
Report Card
PM Khan claim of police reforms was just a political stunt
Report Card 18-Jan-21
Report Card
What will be the logical end of the broadsheet issue
Report Card 11-Jan-21
Report Card
How damaging allegations of CEO Broadsheet on Nawaz Sharif?
Report Card 7-Jan-21
Report Card
Ministers criticizing the opposition leaders for visiting Quetta
Report Card 4-Jan-21
Report Card
Is PM Khan rightly declared the year 2021 of economic growth?
Report Card 2-Jan-21
Report Card
Did the PPP really create a crack within the PDM?
Report Card 1-Jan-21
Report Card
CCPO Lahore changed one more time. What option Nawaz will have after the cancellation of his pa..
Report Card 28-Dec-20
Report Card
Discussion on the issue of the PDM resignations.
Report Card 26-Dec-20
Report Card
Shahbaz Sharif in favor of dialogue and Maryam Nawaz is against it.
Report Card 25-Dec-20
Report Card
Is Shahbaz Sharif still want dialogue with the government?
Report Card 21-Dec-20
Report Card
PM Khan should come forward to initiate dialogue with the opposition.
Report Card 14-Dec-20
Report Card
Was the PDM show in Lahore successful? What the government will do now?
Report Card 12-Dec-20
Report Card
How much chance of success in the PDM movement?
Report Card 7-Dec-20
Report Card
What big announcement PDM will make in Lahore Jalsa?
Report Card 24-Nov-20
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz asked Nawaz Sharif not to come back.
Report Card 23-Nov-20
Report Card
The government decided to not allow the opposition for Jalsas.


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