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Munizae Jahangir

Munizae Jahangir

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Aaj TV

Munizae Jahangir's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Spot Light Tuesday
Spot Light
Human rights commission protesting over new regulatory laws for social media.
Spot Light Monday
Spot Light
Another terror attack in Quetta took several lives
Spot Light 12-Feb
Spot Light
NAB only took action against the opposition leader. European Union Ambassador
Spot Light 11-Feb
Spot Light
Opposition once again ready to challenge PTI government on the issue of inflation
Spot Light 10-Feb
Spot Light
Discussion on the resolution of hanging child abusers publicly.
Spot Light 5-Feb
Spot Light
Hard to stop independent movement in occupied Kashmir
Spot Light 4-Feb
Spot Light
Missing Kaula Lumpur summit was mistake. PM Khan
Spot Light 3-Feb
Spot Light
Worry time for PTI government as PMLQ distancing from them
Spot Light 29-Jan
Spot Light
Railway is the most corrupt institution of Pakistan
Spot Light 28-Jan
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with British high commissioner in Pakistan.
Spot Light 27-Jan
Spot Light
Own members of PTI challenging PM Khan writ on the party
Spot Light 22-Jan
Spot Light
PM speech in the world economic forurm in Davos.
Spot Light 21-Jan
Spot Light
Bad governance of PTI in Punjab giving allies an opportunity to look over other options
Spot Light 20-Jan
Spot Light
FATF meeting in China, how much chance of support from other states
Spot Light 15-Jan
Spot Light
Faisal Wada with his army boot increased the political tempreture
Spot Light 14-Jan
Spot Light
PMLN was under pressure for support of army act.
Spot Light 8-Jan
Spot Light
Future of Afghan peace process under Iran, US confict
Spot Light 7-Jan
Spot Light
Alone example of consensus between opposition & government in PTI regime
Spot Light 6-Jan
Spot Light
Standing committee of parliament approved 3 bills regarding army act
Spot Light 1-Jan
Spot Light
Taking people views on PTI performance in 2019
Spot Light 31-Dec-19
Spot Light
How can we move forward in 2020?
Spot Light 30-Dec-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with Rana Sanaullah Khan
Spot Light 25-Dec-19
Spot Light
What are the perspective of government allies under current scenario
Spot Light 24-Dec-19
Spot Light
Rana Sanaullah bail approved by LHC, Where are Shahryar Afridi big claims
Spot Light 23-Dec-19
Spot Light
Silent PMLN on Musharraf issue suddenly reacted on Ahsan Iqbal arrest
Spot Light 18-Dec-19
Spot Light
Why federal ministers foreseeing troubled scenario in near future
Spot Light 17-Dec-19
Spot Light
Special court issues historic verdict against dictator Musharraf
Spot Light 16-Dec-19
Spot Light
Why lawyers community unhappy over national media?
Spot Light 11-Dec-19
Spot Light
Clash between young doctors of PIC & lawyers group in Lahoe
Spot Light 10-Dec-19
Spot Light
PM Khan expressed great anger on anti Muslim bill passed by Indian parliament
Spot Light 9-Dec-19
Spot Light
is election suitable in this situation?
Spot Light 5-Dec-19
Spot Light
NAB quick action against Shahbaz Sharif after relief from supreme court
Spot Light 4-Dec-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with PM Adviser on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan
Spot Light 3-Dec-19
Spot Light
UK government returned 19 crore pounds of Malik Riaz to Pakistan
Spot Light 2-Dec-19
Spot Light
Students march followed by legal action
Spot Light 28-Nov-19
Spot Light
Exclusive show from supreme court while proceeding of army chief extension case
Spot Light 27-Nov-19
Spot Light
Discussion on supreme court proceeding in Army Chief service extension
Spot Light 26-Nov-19
Spot Light
Extra ordinary action by supreme court, what will happen next?
Spot Light 25-Nov-19
Spot Light
Musharraf high treason case and American statement regarding CPEC
Spot Light 21-Nov-19
Spot Light
Exclusive show World Children Day & violence against children
Spot Light 20-Nov-19
Spot Light
PM Khan complained, Chief Justice responded
Spot Light 19-Nov-19
Spot Light
Why government ally parties showing their concerns now?
Spot Light 18-Nov-19
Spot Light
Did PM Khan rightly make fun of opposition leader?
Spot Light 14-Nov-19
Spot Light
PMLN declared indemnity bonds as ransom
Spot Light 13-Nov-19
Spot Light
Maulana preparing for countrywide lock down
Spot Light 12-Nov-19
Spot Light
What are the conditions upon Nawaz will be sent abroad
Spot Light 6-Nov-19
Spot Light
What result will come in Chaudhry Pervez & Maulana meeting?
Spot Light 4-Nov-19
Spot Light
Discussion on Maulana Azadi March and its impact on Pakistani politics


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