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Munizae Jahangir

Munizae Jahangir

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Aaj TV

Munizae Jahangir's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Spot Light Wednesday
Spot Light
We need to clean our home before other countries fix it.
Spot Light Tuesday
Spot Light
Minorities protection is the first preference of PTI government
Spot Light 16-Sep
Spot Light
Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman is ready to challenge PTI government in Islamabad
Spot Light 11-Sep
Spot Light
Big changes possible in Punjab police
Spot Light 10-Sep
Spot Light
America again offered mediation on Kashmir
Spot Light 9-Sep
Spot Light
Afghan peace dialogue and recent attacks in Kabul
Spot Light 2-Sep
Spot Light
PTI under pressure of writing off Rs 300 billion debts of big guns
Spot Light 26-Aug
Spot Light
Modi committed big mistake, PM Khan announced big action
Spot Light 21-Aug
Spot Light
Why Sindh government thinks Mayor Karachi statement is step toward civil disobedience
Spot Light 12-Aug
Spot Light
1st day EID Special on AAJ News
Spot Light 7-Aug
Spot Light
Whole world condemning Indian act in occupied Kashmir
Spot Light 6-Aug
Spot Light
We will take all diplomatic measures to expose Indian act
Spot Light 5-Aug
Spot Light
Jammu & Kashmir went direct Delhi control whereas Laddakh became part of India
Spot Light 31-Jul
Spot Light
What message opposition success in senate will left for ruling party?
Spot Light 30-Jul
Spot Light
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Spot Light 29-Jul
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with Mushahid Ullah Khan
Spot Light 24-Jul
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with president of Pakistan
Spot Light 23-Jul
Spot Light
Will US restore coalition support fund after PM KHAN visit
Spot Light 22-Jul
Spot Light
US President offers mediation between India & PAKISTAN on the issue of KASHMIR
Spot Light 17-Jul
Spot Light
Pakistan will take right step after today verdict of ICJ about Kulboshan
Spot Light 16-Jul
Spot Light
How government determined betterment in the economy?
Spot Light 15-Jul
Spot Light
Discussion on Daily Mail story against Shahbaz Sharif & family
Spot Light 9-Jul
Spot Light
Leaked video of judge Arshad Malik will benefit PMLN
Spot Light 8-Jul
Spot Light
On what grounds Zardari claiming that PTI government will be dissolved in few months
Spot Light 2-Jul
Spot Light
Opposition criticizing Tareen press conference on agricultural reforms
Spot Light 26-Jun
Spot Light
Is opposition really ready to launch any campaign against ruling party?
Spot Light 25-Jun
Spot Light
People of tribal areas are still as far away from justice system as they were before merger
Spot Light 24-Jun
Spot Light
Ban on use of word Selected in national assembly.
Spot Light 19-Jun
Spot Light
Opposition showing reservation on Speaker conduct on the issue of Zardari production order
Spot Light 18-Jun
Spot Light
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Spot Light 17-Jun
Spot Light
Maryan Nawaz political future in the party
Spot Light 12-Jun-19
Spot Light
What will happen on June 14?
Spot Light 11-Jun-19
Spot Light
What impact this budget will put on our economy?
Spot Light 10-Jun-19
Spot Light
NAB can arrest people from ruling party in coming days.
Spot Light 4-Jun-19
Spot Light
Panic in ruling party on various issues
Spot Light 3-Jun-19
Spot Light
Exclusive show with Chinese Ambassador
Spot Light 29-May-19
Spot Light
PTI government filed references against supreme court judges
Spot Light 28-May-19
Spot Light
Exclusive interview of Sardar Akhtar Mengal
Spot Light 27-May-19
Spot Light
Pakistan commission for Human rights also demanded parliamentary commission on Waziristan incid..
Spot Light 22-May-19
Spot Light
Discussion on the issue of fake marriages of Chinese men with Pakistani girls
Spot Light 21-May-19
Spot Light
Chairman NAB became controversial after giving interview to Javed Chaudhry
Spot Light 20-May-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Spot Light 15-May-19
Spot Light
Tax amnesty scheme and NAB arrests
Spot Light 14-May-19
Spot Light
Imran Khan was big opponent of amnesty scheme now he himself introduced it in his own governmen..
Spot Light 13-May-19
Spot Light
Discussion on new wave of terrorism in Pakistan
Spot Light 8-May-19
Spot Light
Several police Jawans martyred in Lahore blast
Spot Light 7-May-19
Spot Light
Why opposition thinks PTI government being run through rented advisers
Spot Light 6-May-19
Spot Light
People are losing patience over increased inflation, fuel prices


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