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Muhammad Izhar ul Haq

Muhammad Izhar ul Haq

Date of Birth: 14-Feb-1948 (Age: 72 Years)
Address: Attock, Punjab
Profession: Columnist
Affiliation: 92 News

Muhammad Izhar ul Haq's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front 18-Mar-20
On The Front
More panic after PM address to the nation of corona issue.
Nasim Zehra @8:00 12-Jan-20
Nasim Zehra @8:00
MQM no more part of federal cabinet, what actually happened with Rana Sanaullah
On The Front 6-Jan-20
On The Front
Discussion on dispute between Fawad Chaudhry & Mubashir Luqman
Cross Talk 30-Nov-19
Cross Talk
CM Punjab performance and Punjab bureaucracy
Cross Talk 17-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Will Asif Ali Zardari also be given a relief like Nawaz Sharif
Cross Talk 15-Sep-19
Cross Talk
what will take Imran Khan stand at United Nations meeting.?
Cross Talk 16-Mar-19
Cross Talk
50 Muslims including 5 Pakistanis martyred in Christchurch terror attack
Cross Talk 10-Mar-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on health condition of former PM Nawaz Sharif
Cross Talk 9-Mar-19
Cross Talk
Pakistan fasten implementation of national action plan
Ho Kya Raha Hai? 7-Mar-19
Ho Kya Raha Hai?
Discussion on Saudi foreign minister visit of Pakistan
Cross Talk 3-Mar-19
Cross Talk
Resolution to condemn Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir passed by OIC
Cross Talk 2-Mar-19
Cross Talk
Indian replied good gesture from Pakistan with dead body & shelling on LOC
Cross Talk 24-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir after Pulwama attack
Cross Talk 23-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Strong foreign policy unfold Indian agenda after Pulwama attack before world
Cross Talk 17-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Special show on Crown Prince visit of Pakistan
Cross Talk 16-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Economic crises of Pakistan and Saudi investment
Cross Talk 10-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Arab countries becoming new economic hub for Pakistan
Cross Talk 9-Feb-19
Cross Talk
Aleem Khan is an important figure of PTI now in custody of NAB
Raey Apni Apni 9-Dec-18
Raey Apni Apni
The government is running away from its manifesto
Raey Apni Apni 8-Dec-18
Raey Apni Apni
NAB Laws should remain as it is. We have suffered now it is time for other.Nawaz Sharif
Raey Apni Apni 28-Oct-18
Raey Apni Apni
is Gwadar Port an alternative of Hong Kong and Singapore Port?
Raey Apni Apni 9-Sep-18
Raey Apni Apni
Talking about New President of Pakistan Dr, Arif Alvi
Special Transmission with Moeed Pirzada 19-Aug-18
Special Transmission with Moeed Pirzada
PM Imran Khan Speech Special Transmission with Moeed Pirzada
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada 19-Aug-18
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada
Talking on many points of Imran Khan new Government
News Room 7-Aug-18
News Room
Heavy rain in most part of the country, Opposition protest
News Room 6-Jul-18
News Room
Nawaz will have to surrender before law prior to filing appeal
News Room 4-Jul-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif requested NAB Court to postponed July 06 court session
News Room 22-Jun-18
News Room
Discussion on Political persons Assets they declare in the election commission
News Plus 21-Jun-18
News Plus
After Chaudhry Nisar now Zaeem Qadri blasted over party leadership.
On The Front 12-Jun-18
On The Front
Reasons behind Chaudhry Nisar rude behavior towards party leadership.
On The Front 28-May-18
On The Front
Did General Durrani really commit treason?
On The Front 17-May-18
On The Front
Nawaz violated his oath by giving statement regarding Mumbai attack.
News Room 16-May-18
News Room
Former PM Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned from his assembly membership.
News Room 15-May-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif statement is causing loss to everyone
News Room 14-May-18
News Room
Why Mumbai attacks investigation is not complete yet
News Room 11-May-18
News Room
Pakistan also restricted American diplomats movement in Pakistan.
News Room 10-May-18
News Room
Nawaz demand of Chairman Nab resignation
News Room 9-May-18
News Room
Exclusive discussion with General (R) Pervez Musharraf
News Room 8-May-18
News Room
When will Ishaq Dar appear in supreme court to defend his cases?
News Room 7-May-18
News Room
NAB court proceeding going toward conclusion that increasing pressure on Nawaz.
News Room 4-May-18
News Room
This time it will be PMLN who will cry for rigging in election.
News Room 3-May-18
News Room
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
News Room 2-May-18
News Room
Rao Anwaar did not appear in court today.
News Room 30-Apr-18
News Room
Nawaz says he will now bow before any pressure from any side
News Room 27-Apr-18
News Room
Sword of article 62-1F is hanging over every politician.
News Room 26-Apr-18
News Room
Exclusive discussion with Dr. Babar Awan
News Room 25-Apr-18
News Room
Nawaz Sharif getting harsh against Supreme Court day by day.
News Room 24-Apr-18
News Room
Nawaz admitting mistake of not eliminating NAB laws


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