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Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq

Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq

Date of Birth: 20-May-1952 (Age: 69 Years)
Address: Rawalpindi, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Muslim League-Z
Phone# 0300-5553777

Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 2-Dec-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Pakistan has caught by political uncertainty
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 19-Nov-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Will the opposition be able to topple the government with mass power?
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 5-Nov-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Why could not the PTI government perform in the last 2 years?
Rubaru 19-Sep-20
All Parties Conference of the opposition
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 16-Sep-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Discussion on the current issues of Pakistan
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 31-Aug-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
Rubaru 20-Aug-20
Discussion on the confrontation between the government and the opposition.
Rubaru 19-Jul-20
Talking about Dual Nationality and Other Issues of PTI Govt.
Rubaru 23-Feb-20
Donald visit to India and its impact on Pakistan
Jawab Chahiay 16-Dec-19
Jawab Chahiay
Has current PTI government surrendered on the issue of Kashmir?
Jawab Chahiay 27-Nov-19
Jawab Chahiay
Government proved incompetent in all legal & constitutional affairs
News Talk 12-Oct-19
News Talk
Maulana Fazal ready to challenge PTi government on October 31
Jawab Chahiay 20-Aug-19
Jawab Chahiay
Discussion on the performance of PTI government
News Talk 10-Aug-19
News Talk
China announced to support Pakistan in security counsel of UN on Kashmir dispute
News Talk 26-Jul-19
News Talk
Ban, restriction on media and opposition protest
Jawab Chahiay 25-Jun-19
Jawab Chahiay
Will PMLN & PPP remain united on the issue of chartered of economy?
Jawab Chahiay 6-May-19
Jawab Chahiay
Pakistan might suffer further if IMF delays bailout
Jawab Chahiay 25-Apr-19
Jawab Chahiay
Does PTI still think they are opposition party?
Night Edition 23-Feb-19
Night Edition
PTI government giving lolly pop on the issue of South Punjab province
News Point 23-Jan-19
News Point
Another mini budget indicates failure of economic policies
News Room 4-Dec-18
News Room
Assistant to PM for overseas Pakistani affairs Zulfi Bukhari status is in danger due to his dua..
Jawab Chahiay 27-Nov-18
Jawab Chahiay
Democratic process should be continue in Pakistan
Public Pulse 7-Nov-18
Public Pulse
First meeting of parliamentary committee to prob rigging in election 2018
Jawab Chahiay 6-Nov-18
Jawab Chahiay
Discussion on internal & external challenges for Pakistan
Jawab Chahiay 30-Oct-18
Jawab Chahiay
Nawaz Sharif ruled out any chance of NRO
Jawab Chahiay 30-Jul-18
Jawab Chahiay
PTI ready to form government in Punjab.
Jawab Chahiay 2-Jul-18
Jawab Chahiay
Is current situation in Pakistan ideal for general election?
Point of View With Dr. Danish 6-Jun-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Proceeding of Asghar Khan case in Supreme Court
Point of View With Dr. Danish 29-May-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Nawaz Sharif & Asad Durrani running same narrative.
Off The Record 23-May-18
Off The Record
Finally Nawaz revealed inside story of 2014 sit-ins
Point of View With Dr. Danish 16-May-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Nawaz Sharif wants to pressurize Chairman NAB
Off The Record 15-May-18
Off The Record
Talking on The National Security Committee statements
Off The Record 2-May-18
Off The Record
Nawaz narrative and future of PMLN in 2018 election
Q & A with PJ Mir 2-May-18
Q & A with PJ Mir
Discussion on future of PTI in Pakistani politics
Point of View With Dr. Danish 1-May-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Pakistani official will not entertain CIA offer regarding an exchange of Dr. Afiya with Dr. Sha..
Off The Record 25-Apr-18
Off The Record
Top faces of PPP are leaving party in Punjab.
Point of View With Dr. Danish 17-Apr-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Ruling party keeps attacking institutions
Off The Record 17-Apr-18
Off The Record
Why Nawaz sighting chaos, uncertainty in Pakistan.
Off The Record 12-Apr-18
Off The Record
Nawaz Sharif called his members gold outside NAB Court.
Q & A with PJ Mir 11-Apr-18
Q & A with PJ Mir
Nawaz future is connected with Adayala Jail. Imran Khan
Kal Tak 10-Apr-18
Kal Tak
NAB Court proceeding, Nawaz media talk about those who left PMLN in the name of new province
92 At 8 10-Apr-18
92 At 8
Nawaz rude behavior with Party members cause breakup in PMLN
92 At 8 2-Apr-18
92 At 8
Nawaz & Maryam anti institutions speeches in Swat.
Point of View With Dr. Danish 27-Mar-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Nawaz accepted mistake in memo gate, Nehal apology accepted
92 At 8 15-Mar-18
92 At 8
Supreme Court in action in contempt cases against PMLN leaders
Point of View With Dr. Danish 14-Mar-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Reaction of Nawaz Sharif over senate chairman election.
Live With Nasrullah Malik 9-Mar-18
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Election for Chairman senate and party position.
Off The Record 7-Mar-18
Off The Record
Criticism over national institutions from the platform of parliament.


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