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Major Gen (r) Ijaz Awan

Major Gen (r) Ijaz Awan

Profession: Defense Analyst
Affiliation: Pakistan Army

Major Gen (r) Ijaz Awan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 22-Apr
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Bilawal in London to discuss electoral alliance with Nawaz Sharif
News Beat 26-Feb-22
News Beat
How dangerous PM Khan could be if removed?
View Point 25-Feb-22
View Point
Future political scenario of Pakistan and Ukraine-Russia conflict
Capital Talk 21-Feb-22
Capital Talk
PM Imran Khan was a big critic of PECA laws in past
Face to Face 20-Feb-22
Face to Face
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Faisla Aap Ka 17-Feb-22
Faisla Aap Ka
Vote of no-confidence and future scenario of Pakistan.
Jirga 29-Jan-22
What is real danger to Pakistan?
Capital Talk 25-Jan-22
Capital Talk
Why after every few years a debate on the Presidential system is triggered.
Faisla Aap Ka 25-Jan-22
Faisla Aap Ka
Weak democracy is a reason behind increased corruption
On The Front 24-Jan-22
On The Front
Why was resignation taken from Barrister Shahzad Akbar?
On The Front 19-Jan-22
On The Front
Will the British government hand over convicted people to Pakistan?
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 14-Jan-22
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Discussion on the first national security policy.
On The Front 13-Jan-22
On The Front
Pervez Khattak criticized PM Khan in the parliamentary meeting.
On The Front 4-Jan-22
On The Front
Foreign funding case report and objection from PTI
News Beat 31-Dec-21
News Beat
How was the 2021 for the Govt & the opposition?
On The Front 29-Dec-21
On The Front
Is the opposition in position to stop the mini-budget?
Breaking Point with Malick 16-Dec-21
Breaking Point with Malick
7 years to APS incident. Pakistan talking with TTP
On The Front 16-Dec-21
On The Front
Which are the 20 MNAs of PTI looking toward PMLN?
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 12-Dec-21
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Is there no option other than democracy in Pakistan?
On The Front 2-Dec-21
On The Front
Has inflation become an issue of national security?
Capital Talk 24-Nov-21
Capital Talk
Maryam Nawaz demanding the high judiciary to take notice of Saqib Nisar audio tap
On The Front 18-Nov-21
On The Front
TLP chief release is a big news, it indicates that the Govt implemented the agreement.
Sawal 13-Nov-21
The government defeat in the parliament, allies are showing serious concerns
On The Front 11-Nov-21
On The Front
It is in the hand of Nawaz Sharif whether to go for a vote of no-confidence or let PTI to compl..
Breaking Point with Malick 2-Nov-21
Breaking Point with Malick
The government has signed 5th agreement with TLP
Faisla Aap Ka 1-Nov-21
Faisla Aap Ka
TLP no more a banned outfit after the agreement
Night Edition 27-Oct-21
Night Edition
Is the TLP really challenging the writ of the Govt?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 27-Oct-21
Nasim Zehra @8:00
How will the government establish the state writ?
Breaking Point with Malick 26-Oct-21
Breaking Point with Malick
Why did the government waste 20 days to appoint the new DG ISI?
Kal Tak 26-Oct-21
Kal Tak
PM office says PM took interviews and selected Lt General Nadeem Anjum.
Tonight With Fareeha 22-Oct-21
Tonight With Fareeha
Timing of TLP long march toward Islamabad, Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
On The Front 20-Oct-21
On The Front
City to city protest by PDM, current economic scenario
Breaking Point with Malick 19-Oct-21
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the current scenario of Pakistan economy.
Faisla Aap Ka 12-Oct-21
Faisla Aap Ka
What would be the logical end of the controversy created on the issue of DG ISI?
G For Gharida 7-Oct-21
G For Gharida
Will Maryam Nawaz be able to get any relief with his hard line?
G For Gharida 30-Sep-21
G For Gharida
The US showing concerns on the safety of Pakistan nuclear assets
On The Front 29-Sep-21
On The Front
Who wants to control political system, justice and media?
Kal Tak 2-Sep-21
Kal Tak
Political tension continued in Pakistan, Situation in Afghanistan.
On The Front 2-Sep-21
On The Front
How much the economy grew in the 3 years if the PTI Govt?
Capital Talk 31-Aug-21
Capital Talk
Is the government preparing for the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif?
Breaking Point with Malick 24-Aug-21
Breaking Point with Malick
Should Pakistan really be celebrating Taliban success in Afghanistan?
Aitraaz Hai 21-Aug-21
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the possible form of new government in Afghanistan
G For Gharida 19-Aug-21
G For Gharida
Discussion on the 3 years performance of the PTI government
Capital Talk 16-Aug-21
Capital Talk
India is still stunned over the success of the Taliban
On The Front 16-Aug-21
On The Front
Taliban took the control of Kabul. What will happen next?
To The Point 16-Aug-21
To The Point
Taliban announced not to take any revenge to anyone.
Sawal Yeh Hai 15-Aug-21
Sawal Yeh Hai
Taliban got the control of Kabul finally
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 13-Aug-21
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Pakistan asked Turkey to have face to face dialogue with Afghan Taliban.


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