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Ikhtilafi Note

Ikhtilafi Note

Anchor: Ume Rabab
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Barrister Saad Rasool
Others: Barrister Saad Rasool
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ikhtilafinote
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IkhtilafiNote

Ikhtilafi Note is newly started talk show on dunya news in which all the core and political issues including top stories of the day and weekly top stories are discussed. Syeda Mehreen Sibtain hosts the show along with Senator Dr. Baber Awan who is famous Pakistani statesman, lawyer, author, analyst, columnist, and leftist writer. He participates in the show as an expert analyst. Being a lawer, Dr. Babar Awan also presents his analyses with references from law. The program Ikhtilafi Note live broadcasts on dunya news on every Friday to Sunday at 8:03pm.

Ikhtilafi Note is presented on dunya News which is a 24 hour Urdu news channel of Pakistan. It was launched on December 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by famous celebrity Mian Aamir Mehmood who is also the chief editor of Daily Dunya Newspaper and also is the former mayor of the city of Lahore. Dunya news generally telecasts, news bulletin, talk shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs in its 24 hour a day broadcasting. Dunya news also presents various other talk shows including On The Front, Siasat Hai Ya Sazish,  Kab, Kaisay aur Kyun and Khabar Yeh Hay. PTV Sports, ARY news, Express news and Samaa news are the other channels of its kind.

Dr. Babar Awan participates in the show as an expert analyst. He was born in District Rawalpindi in 1958. He completed his master degree in economics from Punjab University in 1978. Then he shifted to Karachi where he completed his Law degree and started his law practice there as well. He has served as law minister in the previous government of PPP. Currently he is serving as a Senator elected from Punjab. Syeda Mehreen Sibtain is young talent among the other journalists. She is beautiful young emerging journalist possesses master degree in business administration but she decided to earn name in the field of journalism.

Ikhtilafi Note is a great addition among many other shows including Khabar Se Agay of express news and Meray Mutabiq With Hassan Nisar of geo news.

Ikhtilafi Note Talk Show Program - All episodes
Ikhtilafi Note 30-Dec-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Is the state heading toward a transparent election in 2024?
Ikhtilafi Note 8-Oct-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Israel warned Ghaza residants to vacate Ghaza otherwise it will be demolished completely.
Ikhtilafi Note 25-Jun-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Nawaz Sharif and Jehangir Tareen are ready to play another political innings
Ikhtilafi Note 5-May-23
Ikhtilafi Note
What will Supreme Court do if election is not conducted on May 14?
Ikhtilafi Note 9-Apr-23
Ikhtilafi Note
How to break the current political deadlock?
Ikhtilafi Note 8-Apr-23
Ikhtilafi Note
After minus Imran Khan now PMLN wants minus Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Ikhtilafi Note 7-Apr-23
Ikhtilafi Note
PMLN is making the supreme court controversial.
Ikhtilafi Note 2-Apr-23
Ikhtilafi Note
The current constitutional crisis is getting longer and longer.
Ikhtilafi Note 31-Mar-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Good news for Nawaz Sharif in the judicial reforms bill
Ikhtilafi Note 26-Mar-23
Ikhtilafi Note
How implementable 10 point agenda of Imran Khan?
Ikhtilafi Note 5-Mar-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Possible arrest of Imran Khan before the election in Punjab & KPK
Ikhtilafi Note 3-Feb-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Unflexible political behavior of Imran Khan and its consequences.
Ikhtilafi Note 27-Jan-23
Ikhtilafi Note
What is plan C? Economic crisis of Pakistan
Ikhtilafi Note 8-Jan-23
Ikhtilafi Note
Discussion on the political uncertainty and economic instability.
Ikhtilafi Note 30-Dec-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Imran Khan lost hope for the early election
Ikhtilafi Note 2-Dec-22
Ikhtilafi Note
What does actually Imran Khan want? The future of Punjab and KPK assembly
Ikhtilafi Note 27-Nov-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Vote of no-confidence or Governor Rule, What PDM is thinking?
Ikhtilafi Note 12-Nov-22
Ikhtilafi Note
President Arif Alvi latest statement on the issue of new army chief appointment
Ikhtilafi Note 11-Nov-22
Ikhtilafi Note
The future of Pakistan is being decided in London
Ikhtilafi Note 6-Nov-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Why there are doubts about the bullet injury to Imran Khan?
Ikhtilafi Note 4-Nov-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Every element of society condemned the attack on Imran Khan.
Ikhtilafi Note 15-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Statement from the US President and its consequences
Ikhtilafi Note 14-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Why is Imran Khan taking time to announce his long march
Ikhtilafi Note 9-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Imran Khan narrative vs Nawaz Sharif narrative
Ikhtilafi Note 8-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Pervez Elahi government in Punjab is in danger?
Ikhtilafi Note 7-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Every day gives new setback to PTI, PMLN is strengthening its grip on the govt.
Ikhtilafi Note 2-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Politics of Pakistan is revolving around the cipher issue.
Ikhtilafi Note 1-Oct-22
Ikhtilafi Note
What legal action the government is going to take against Imran Khan?
Ikhtilafi Note 25-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Political impact of alleged audio leaks of PM House
Ikhtilafi Note 23-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Will PTI go back to the parliament again?
Ikhtilafi Note 18-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Inside of Nawaz, Shahbaz meeting.
Ikhtilafi Note 17-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Many high-profile NAB references finished after NAB amendments.
Ikhtilafi Note 16-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Future of MQM Pakistan in the coalition government.
Ikhtilafi Note 10-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
A new strategy of Imran Khan and its consequences.
Ikhtilafi Note 4-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
I am losing patience, I am being pushed too much. Imran Khan
Ikhtilafi Note 2-Sep-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Who was the target of Khan message of becoming dangerous day by day?
Ikhtilafi Note 28-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Tough conditions of IMF and terrible flood in Pakistan.
Ikhtilafi Note 27-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Inflation, flood and internal differences, the PDM is in big trouble.
Ikhtilafi Note 26-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
The government announced national emergency due to heavy flood
Ikhtilafi Note 21-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
The PDM government could arrest Imran Khan in coming days.
Ikhtilafi Note 19-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
What does the Police actually want to make Gill state?
Ikhtilafi Note 13-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
A plan to knock out Imran Khan & his party on technical grounds.
Ikhtilafi Note 6-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Why did Imran Khan decide to contest by-election on all 9 seats.
Ikhtilafi Note 5-Aug-22
Ikhtilafi Note
What is going on in the mind of PMLN leadership?
Ikhtilafi Note 31-Jul-22
Ikhtilafi Note
What is going on in the mind of PMLN leadership?
Ikhtilafi Note 30-Jul-22
Ikhtilafi Note
How much chance of Nawaz Sharif return?
Ikhtilafi Note 29-Jul-22
Ikhtilafi Note
Can ECP ban PTI in foreign funding cases?
Ikhtilafi Note 24-Jul-22
Ikhtilafi Note
PMLN relying on foreign funding case of PTI


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