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Haider Waheed

Haider Waheed

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Samaa TV

Haider Waheed's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
92 At 8 Friday
92 At 8
Why did PTI boycott the Apex committee meeting?
Experts 14-Jan
Controversy on local body election in Karachi
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 23-Dec-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Punjab assembly passed resolution against governor Punjab
Siasat 14-Dec-22
NAB amendments and proceeding in the supreme court
News Eye 9-Nov-22
News Eye
Imran Khan allegations on military establishment
Experts 16-Sep-22
An early election cannot be possible without political consensus
Experts 15-Sep-22
The world is celebrating day of democracy today.
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 6-Aug-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
PTI challenged the by-election schedule on the 9 seats of national assembly.
Agenda 360 26-Nov-21
Agenda 360
Discussion on the audio tape of Saqib Nisar and Maryam Nawaz press conference.
Agenda 360 16-Oct-21
Agenda 360
The Govt is trying to get control over social media
Agenda 360 15-Oct-21
Agenda 360
The govt created a mess on the issue of the new DG ISI
Agenda 360 2-Oct-21
Agenda 360
Reconciliation or resistance, what would be the strategy of PMLN?
Agenda 360 21-Aug-21
Agenda 360
Do the men only deserve freedom in Pakistan?
Agenda 360 20-Aug-21
Agenda 360
Future scenario of the region after Taliban control in Afghanistan
Agenda 360 17-Jul-21
Agenda 360
Political differences turned into personal issues
Agenda 360 9-Jul-21
Agenda 360
What is more dangerous to Pakistan TTP or TLP?
Agenda 360 3-Jul-21
Agenda 360
US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan.
Agenda 360 2-Jul-21
Agenda 360
The opposition has become friendly opposition.
Agenda 360 26-Jun-21
Agenda 360
PTI Govt failed to provide relief to layman
Agenda 360 19-Jun-21
Agenda 360
Who will provide relief to the people of Karachi?
Agenda 360 4-Jun-21
Agenda 360
Is there any deal going to be done between PTI and PMLN?
Agenda 360 22-May-21
Agenda 360
What actually happened in the meeting of CM Buzdar and the Tareen group?
Agenda 360 21-May-21
Agenda 360
Could the PTI government be able to complete its term?
Agenda 360 15-May-21
Agenda 360
Israeli forces are doing the genocide of Palestinians.
Agenda 360 9-Apr-21
Agenda 360
An increased differences between PMLN & PPP
Agenda 360 3-Apr-21
Agenda 360
Government supported opposition leader in the senate?
Agenda 360 2-Apr-21
Agenda 360
Is the opposition leader in the senate really a government supported?
Agenda 360 27-Mar-21
Agenda 360
PMLN & PPP are once again turned into old rivals
Agenda 360 26-Mar-21
Agenda 360
Gilani victory put the future of the PDM on risk
Agenda 360 20-Mar-21
Agenda 360
Will the PDM movement succeed without PPP?
Agenda 360 19-Mar-21
Agenda 360
Is the PDM going to minus PPP?
Agenda 360 12-Mar-21
Agenda 360
Discussion on the victory of Sadiq Sanjrani
Agenda 360 13-Feb-21
Agenda 360
How damaging Maryam Nawaz statements for PMLN?
Agenda 360 12-Feb-21
Agenda 360
Horse-trading is being done in the senate election 2021 as well.
Agenda 360 30-Jan-21
Agenda 360
Discussion on the future strategy of the PDM
Agenda 360 16-Jan-21
Agenda 360
NAB tried to sabotage the efforts of the broadsheet
Agenda 360 9-Jan-21
Agenda 360
Who blackmailed PM Imran Khan? Burial of Hazara coal miners
Agenda 360 8-Jan-21
Agenda 360
PM refused to visit Quetta till the burial of the deads.
Agenda 360 2-Jan-21
Agenda 360
Division within the opposition alliance exposed
Agenda 360 1-Jan-21
Agenda 360
2020 has over but the PTI is still in government.
Agenda 360 26-Dec-20
Agenda 360
Demanding resignations to giving resignations from the PDM
Agenda 360 25-Dec-20
Agenda 360
PDM caught by the differences on the issue of resignations
Agenda 360 18-Dec-20
Agenda 360
PDM announced long marches all over the country.
Agenda 360 5-Dec-20
Agenda 360
The PTI government is under fire due to misconduct in the LNG deal.
Agenda 360 28-Nov-20
Agenda 360
The government ready to give the opposition a tough time.
Agenda 360 27-Nov-20
Agenda 360
Legal proceeding to bring back Nawaz Sharif
Agenda 360 20-Nov-20
Agenda 360
What strategy the government will make against the PDM mass protest.
Agenda 360 31-Oct-20
Agenda 360
Opposition divided on the statement of Ayaz Sadiq


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