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Fareeha Idrees

Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa News
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fereehaidrees.official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fereeha

Fareeha Idrees's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Edge Tuesday
News Edge
Possible arrest and disqualification of Imran Khan before general election.
News Edge 9-Jan
News Edge
Who is responsible for the shortage of flour across Pakistan?
News Edge 28-Dec-22
News Edge
Election could be delayed till 2024 prolonged technocrat setup
News Edge 27-Dec-22
News Edge
Who will rule in Punjab? Governor rule will not be an easy option.
News Edge 26-Dec-22
News Edge
President Alvi surfaced a new offer of election in April or May
News Edge 20-Dec-22
News Edge
Speaker Punjab Assembly rejected governor advice
News Edge 19-Dec-22
News Edge
What would Imran Khan do if Chaudhry Pervez Elahi goes against him?
News Edge 15-Dec-22
News Edge
Punjab & KPK assembly will be dissolved in the next 72 hours.
News Edge 12-Dec-22
News Edge
Another big trouble for the PDM government along with the economic crisis
News Edge 6-Dec-22
News Edge
Danger time for Imran Khan has begun, What is going to happen?
News Edge 5-Dec-22
News Edge
What would be the Plan B of PTI if Imran Khan id disqualified?
News Edge 1-Dec-22
News Edge
Imran Khan will soon get majority in senate as well after general election
News Edge 29-Nov-22
News Edge
Orya Maqbool Jan & Haroon-Ur-Rasheed analyzing the current scenario.
News Edge 23-Nov-22
News Edge
Who is going to become the new army chief? Are the Govt & Establishment on the same page?
News Edge 22-Nov-22
News Edge
What would be the consequences of PTI long march in Rawalpindi?
News Edge 17-Nov-22
News Edge
Discussion on the appointment of a new army chief and other issues.
News Edge 16-Nov-22
News Edge
Former Dupty Speaker Qasim Khan Suri exposed Toshakhana propaganda.
News Edge 14-Nov-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
News Edge 9-Nov-22
News Edge
Will this PDM government give extension to the current army chief?
News Edge 8-Nov-22
News Edge
What is the new strategy of Imran Khan about the appointment of a new army chief?
News Edge 2-Nov-22
News Edge
Discussion on the future political scenario of Pakistan
News Edge 1-Nov-22
News Edge
If the Govt and PTI do not come on table then the whole system will be in serious trouble
News Edge 31-Oct-22
News Edge
Minus Imran Khan or Minus All? Voices of Martial Law
News Edge 24-Oct-22
News Edge
Imran Khan disqualification under article 63-1P, Who is involved in Arshad Sharif murder
News Edge 20-Oct-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Asad Qaiser & Farooq Sattar
News Edge 18-Oct-22
News Edge
Double game of Zardari in backdoor talk with Imran Khan
News Edge 17-Oct-22
News Edge
Discussion on the post by-polls scenario
News Edge 13-Oct-22
News Edge
Sheikh Rashid asked Imran Khan to announce date for long march.
News Edge 11-Oct-22
News Edge
Exclusive interview of newly appointed governor Sindh Kamran Tessori
News Edge 10-Oct-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
News Edge 6-Oct-22
News Edge
What is plan B of Imran Khan? Will the government deal him with iron hands?
News Edge 4-Oct-22
News Edge
Exclusive interview of PTI general secretary Asad Umar
News Edge 27-Sep-22
News Edge
Exclusive interview of Syed Khurshid Shah
News Edge 21-Sep-22
News Edge
Exclusive interview of President Arif Alvi
News Edge 19-Sep-22
News Edge
What options Imran Khan has left? What could be political scenario in October?
News Edge 15-Sep-22
News Edge
Exclusive talk with Asad Umar
News Edge 14-Sep-22
News Edge
Has the political game entered in the last phase?
News Edge 12-Sep-22
News Edge
What double game is Imran Khan playing?
News Edge 7-Sep-22
News Edge
Exclusive interview of Ishaq Dar
News Edge 6-Sep-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
News Edge 1-Sep-22
News Edge
Who is pushing Imran Khan toward wall?
News Edge 23-Aug-22
News Edge
Is Imran Khan going to disqualified soon?
News Edge 18-Aug-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Asad Umar
News Edge 17-Aug-22
News Edge
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
Gen Bajwa Wanted Aleem as CM Pun 16-Aug-22
Gen Bajwa Wanted Aleem as CM Pun
General Bajwa wanted Aleem Khan as CM Punjab. Imran Khan
Tonight With Fareeha 4-Aug-22
Tonight With Fareeha
Discussion on the post ECP judgment scenario.
Tonight With Fareeha 3-Aug-22
Tonight With Fareeha
Consequences of PTI foreign funding case verdict.
Tonight With Fareeha 2-Aug-22
Tonight With Fareeha
PTI rejected the ECP judgment. The coalition government is celebrating


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