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Dr Musadik Malik

Dr Musadik Malik

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Muslim League N
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drmusadikmalik

Dr Musadik Malik's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Breaking Point with Malick 24-Nov
Breaking Point with Malick
What would happen next after the appointment of a new COAS & CJCSC?
On The Front 23-Nov
On The Front
Would Imran Khan continue fight with the military institution even after the COAS appointment?
Faisla Aap Ka 16-Nov
Faisla Aap Ka
Will Imran Khan show money trail of Toshakhana gifts income?
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 15-Nov
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
Why did PTI change route of its long march? New facts about Arshad Sharif murder
On The Front 14-Nov
On The Front
History of Imran Khan U-Turns, Imran Khan also ashamed on his visit to Russia
Breaking Point with Malick 27-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the DG ISPR & DG ISI press conference
On The Front 24-Oct
On The Front
Discussion on the brutal killing of Arshad Sharif
Nadeem Malik Live 20-Oct
Nadeem Malik Live
Election commission will give verdict of Toshakhana reference tomorrow
Capital Talk 19-Oct
Capital Talk
What is the reality of talk between Imran Khan and the establishment?
On The Front 17-Oct
On The Front
If my demands are not accepted then I will give long march call in October. Imran Khan
On The Front 10-Oct
On The Front
Does the government know about PTI planning for the long march?
Breaking Point with Malick 5-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the appointment of a new army chief.
Capital Talk 4-Oct
Capital Talk
Discussion on a long march of Imran Khan and preparation of the Govt.
On The Front 26-Sep
On The Front
Imran Khan speech at GC university, PTI goons harassed Maryam Aurangzeb in London.
Breaking Point with Malick 15-Sep
Breaking Point with Malick
September could be decisive between the opposition & the government.
Nadeem Malik Live 13-Sep
Nadeem Malik Live
Imran Khan latest statement about the appointment of Army Chief
On The Front 12-Sep
On The Front
Will the government accept Imran Khan suggestion of giving extension to the current COAS?
Breaking Point with Malick 9-Sep
Breaking Point with Malick
Should Imran Khan worry now after today proceeding in IHC?
On The Front 6-Sep
On The Front
Why did Imran Khan make an appointment of a new army chief controversial?
On The Front 31-Aug
On The Front
Are courts showing double standards? Would IK be able to survive in a contempt case?
Nadeem Malik Live 30-Aug
Nadeem Malik Live
Imran Khan offered court to take back his words about the lady magistrate
Nadeem Malik Live 18-Aug-22
Nadeem Malik Live
Imran Khan last warning to the establishment.
Bolo With Talat Hussain 16-Aug-22
Bolo With Talat Hussain
Is Nawaz Sharif losing grip on his party? Current hike in the petrol prices
Nasim Zehra @8:00 15-Aug-22
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Is Nawaz Sharif really coming back in September?
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 12-Aug-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Discussion on the political & economic challenges to Pakistan
Capital Talk 11-Aug-22
Capital Talk
Revelations of Shahbaz Gill created new trouble for Imran Khan
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 5-Aug-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Can Imran Khan contest election in the 9 constituencies at once?
Nadeem Malik Live 4-Aug-22
Nadeem Malik Live
The federal government announced to file reference against Imran Khan
Nasim Zehra @8:00 3-Aug-22
Nasim Zehra @8:00
The coalition government got an opportunity to push back Imran Khan
Capital Talk 3-Aug-22
Capital Talk
What would happen next after ECP judgment?
On The Front 1-Aug-22
On The Front
Election commission to announce PTI foreign funding case verdict tomorrow
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 28-Jul-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Political and economic crisis of Pakistan
Faisla Aap Ka 27-Jul-22
Faisla Aap Ka
Is Supreme Court misusing its powers?
On The Front 25-Jul-22
On The Front
Maryam Nawaz & Bilawal Bhutto grilled Supreme Court
Capital Talk 21-Jul-22
Capital Talk
Who did make the current political system persecute for the people of Pakistan?
Capital Talk 18-Jul-22
Capital Talk
What is reason behind PMLN defeat in the by-election in Punjab?
On The Front 18-Jul-22
On The Front
Discussion on the upset defeat of PMLN in the by-election in Punjab
Mere Sawal 15-Jul-22
Mere Sawal
By-election in Punjab, Proceeding of article 6 against PTI leaders.
Capital Talk 13-Jul-22
Capital Talk
An expected decline in the petroleum prices and other issues.
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 7-Jul-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Who is responsible for load shedding?
Breaking Point with Malick 6-Jul-22
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the energy crisis of Pakistan.
On The Front 29-Jun-22
On The Front
Shah Mahmood statement against own party.
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 28-Jun-22
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Severe load shedding despite high prices of electricity.
Nadeem Malik Live 28-Jun-22
Nadeem Malik Live
Inflation and load shedding are out of control.
Breaking Point with Malick 23-Jun-22
Breaking Point with Malick
Imran Khan attack on the establishment
Nadeem Malik Live 22-Jun-22
Nadeem Malik Live
Discussion on the progress of talk with IMF and Imran Khan new plan
On The Front 20-Jun-22
On The Front
Did the statement of Khurram Dastagir increase trouble of the Shahbaz Govt?
Capital Talk 16-Jun-22
Capital Talk
Petrol prices going up & up day by day.


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