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Benazir Shah

Benazir Shah

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Geo News

Benazir Shah's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card 21-Nov
Report Card
The opposition insisting on Peshawar Jalsa despite COVID19 threat
Report Card 20-Nov
Report Card
A ban might be placed on PMLN due to its anti-state stance. Babar Awan
Report Card 31-Oct
Report Card
How to bring down the political temperature in Pakistan?
Report Card 30-Oct
Report Card
PM should first ask his ministers for an apology for their irresponsible statement.
Report Card 23-Oct
Report Card
PM Khan mission of bringing Nawaz Sharif back
Report Card 20-Oct
Report Card
PDM does not have even a single leader of the caliber of PM Khan. Fawad Chaudhry
Report Card 17-Oct
Report Card
Analysis of Opposition Power Show in Gujranwala
Report Card 9-Oct
Report Card
Discussion on the PM Khan aggressive speech today.
Report Card 3-Oct
Report Card
A new storm of inflation in Pakistan & the challenge of the opposition.
Report Card 2-Oct
Report Card
PM Khan claimed that India is helping the Nawaz Sharif anti-army agenda.
Report Card 25-Sep
Report Card
What is going on in Lahore?
Report Card 18-Sep
Report Card
FBR issued tax details of the parliamentarians
Report Card 11-Sep
Report Card
Disgusting statement of CCPO Lahore regarding the motorway incident
Report Card 4-Sep
Report Card
Will Opposition Start Movement Against Govt
Report Card 22-Aug
Report Card
Is the PTI government rightly raising questions regarding Nawaz Sharif health?
Report Card 15-Aug-20
Report Card
Is Maryam Nawaz damaging Shahbaz Sharif politics of consensus?
Report Card 14-Aug-20
Report Card
This day every year remind us to follow Jinnah vision
Report Card 7-Aug-20
Report Card
Shahbaz Sharif performance as opposition leader
Report Card 25-Jul-20
Report Card
Assessing the performance of the PTI government in the last two years.
Report Card 24-Jul-20
Report Card
Chief Justice of Pakistan observations about NAB
Report Card 18-Jul-20
Report Card
Usman Buzdar performance, Who is on Right opposition or Govt?
Report Card 3-Jul-20
Report Card
Is Maryam Nawaz rightly demanding to overturn judge Arshad Malik verdicts.
Report Card 27-Jun-20
Report Card
PM Khan has badly exposed under the crises of locusts & corona
Report Card 26-Jun-20
Report Card
PM statement regarding Usama Bin Laden and criticism from some sectionsk.
Report Card 20-Jun-20
Report Card
Discussion on the current Corona update in Pakistan
Report Card 13-Jun-20
Report Card
Discussion on post-budget 2020-21 scenario
Report Card 6-Jun-20
Report Card
Jehangir Tareen and his son leave for London despite name in the sugar crises report
Report Card 5-Jun-20
Report Card
Government going to quit all Pakistan Steel Mill employees
Report Card 25-May-20
Report Card
First Eid celebration under the lockdown due to Pandemic Corona
Report Card 13-May-20
Report Card
Shah Mahmood statement regarding setting government in Sindh opened new debate.
Report Card 6-May-20
Report Card
Pakistan is the 24th most affected country by COVID19
Report Card 25-Apr-20
Report Card
Sheikh Rashid press conference & COVID19 cases update in Pakistan.
Report Card 18-Apr-20
Report Card
Meeting between President Alvi & the clerics of difference sects
Report Card 11-Apr-20
Report Card
How many politicians & government officials will accept their crimes?
Report Card 26-Mar-20
Report Card
PM is not being informed about the situation accurately
Report Card 21-Mar-20
Report Card
PM Khan confused on the issue of lockdown in Pakistan due to corona
Report Card 10-Mar-20
Report Card
Cases of coronavirus increasing in Pakistan as 11 more reported in Karachi.
Report Card 4-Mar-20
Report Card
Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar abusive verbal attack on social activist
Report Card 22-Feb-20
Report Card
How much productive PM Ehsas program is to take people out of poverty?
Report Card 8-Feb-20
Report Card
Punjab government turned Ishaq Dar residence into shelter home.
Report Card 1-Feb-20
Report Card
Should the government bring back Pakistan students from China?
Report Card 18-Jan-20
Report Card
Clear division within PTI on the issue of governance in Punjab
Report Card 15-Jan-20
Report Card
Opposition supported army act bill by kissing army boot. Faisal Wada
Report Card 11-Jan-20
Report Card
Fawad ch says clashes in PMLN, what is the part of other countries is the attack on an aeroplan..
Report Card 7-Jan-20
Report Card
What PMLN will get in result of supporting army act?
Report Card 4-Jan-20
Report Card
Middle East scenario after US strike on Iranian powerful military commander
Report Card 14-Dec-19
Report Card
Is Media really not covering lawyers?
Report Card 12-Dec-19
Report Card
Attack on Punjab Institute of Cardiology & black listing of Rao Anwaar


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