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Arif Hameed Bhatti

Profession: Senior Journalist
Affiliation: ARY News

Arif Hameed Bhatti's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Hai Thursday
Khabar Hai
PM Khan concerns regarding lockdown were right
Khabar Hai Wednesday
Khabar Hai
Will the COVID19 loss impact in summer? Government extended lockdown till April 14
Khabar Hai Tuesday
Khabar Hai
Why PM Khan address to nation delayed?
Khabar Hai Monday
Khabar Hai
What is a bigger danger: corona and fake news related to COVID19?
Khabar Hai 26-Mar
Khabar Hai
Clerics & Health Experts opinion about Jummah prayer
Khabar Hai 25-Mar
Khabar Hai
How Shahbaz Sharif more informed about corona cases in Punjab than CM Buzdar
Khabar Hai 24-Mar
Khabar Hai
Would a relief package announced by a PM be reached to poor?
Khabar Hai 23-Mar
Khabar Hai
On what information Punjab government announced lockdown in Punjab?
Arif Hameed Bhatti Vlog 23-Mar
Arif Hameed Bhatti Vlog
Arif Hameed Bhatti analysis on why PM Khan confused over imposing lockdown
Face to Face 22-Mar
Face to Face
PM Khan still not in the mood of lockdown despite increased number of corona cases.
Khabar Hai 19-Mar
Khabar Hai
Revelations of Nawaz Sharif pro India policies, Corona spread in Pakistan
Khabar Hai 18-Mar
Khabar Hai
Chief Justice of Pakistan blasted on government over corona issue.
Khabar Hai 17-Mar
Khabar Hai
Why could not the federal government make a proper strategy for corona?
Khabar Hai 16-Mar
Khabar Hai
What are the source of an outbreak of corona in Pakistan?
Clash With Imran Khan 12-Mar
Clash With Imran Khan
Breakup in the party brought Maryam Nawaz back in the politics
Tonight With Fareeha 12-Mar
Tonight With Fareeha
Will opposition get stregnthen after Maryam return in the politics?
Khabar Hai 12-Mar
Khabar Hai
Why Maryam Nawaz broke silence? NAB arrests Jang/Geo group owner.
Khabar Hai 11-Mar
Khabar Hai
Martyrdom of a PAF pilot in an F-16 crash and Indian propaganda.
Khabar Hai 10-Mar
Khabar Hai
In the absence of party major leadership, PMLN losing political importance
Khabar Hai 9-Mar
Khabar Hai
Contact between Barrister Shahzad Akbar & Shahbaz Sharif
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 7-Mar
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
PTI government performance disappointed people of Pakistan.
Khabar Hai 5-Mar
Khabar Hai
Who is the mastermind of Aurat March?
Khabar Hai 4-Mar
Khabar Hai
Controversial Aurat March opened the new Pandora box
Khabar Hai 3-Mar
Khabar Hai
PM Khan wants to see Nawaz Sharif back in jail.
Khabar Hai 2-Mar
Khabar Hai
What Maryam Nawaz & Shahid Khaqar are planning?
Khabar Hai 27-Feb
Khabar Hai
Muslims genocide in the Indian state of Delhi
Khabar Hai 26-Feb
Khabar Hai
Who made secret video of former PM Nawaz Sharif?
Khabar Hai 25-Feb
Khabar Hai
Preparation to bring Nawaz Sharif back in the power
Khabar Hai 24-Feb
Khabar Hai
Justice Qazi Faez Isa case, new Pandora box opened.
Khabar Hai 20-Feb
Khabar Hai
Umar Akmar suspended by PCB over spot fixing charges
Why PM IK Worry From Few Days? 20-Feb
Why PM IK Worry From Few Days?
Why PM Khan worry these days. Arif Hameed Bhatti told inside
Khabar Hai 19-Feb
Khabar Hai
On whose signal Maulana Fazal again preparing for the demonstration?
Khabar Hai 18-Feb
Khabar Hai
Why an issue of Dawn Leaks again taking time on national media?
Nawaz Severe Angry on Shahbaz 18-Feb
Nawaz Severe Angry on Shahbaz
Nawaz Sharif severe angry on Shahbaz Sharif. Arif Hameed Bhatti
Khabar Hai 17-Feb
Khabar Hai
A journalist who broke the story of Bilawal train march murdered
Khabar Hai 13-Feb
Khabar Hai
Bilawal Bhutto assuming his arrest under NAB case
Khabar Hai 12-Feb
Khabar Hai
Did Hafeez Sheikh share correct figures in the national assembly today?
Khabar Hai 11-Feb
Khabar Hai
Inside story of Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif meeting
Khabar Hai 10-Feb
Khabar Hai
PM Khan last warning to his ministers on the issue of inflation
MNS Hurdle in PMLQ & PMLN Deal 8-Feb
MNS Hurdle in PMLQ & PMLN Deal
Maryam Nawaz is a big hurder between PMLN & PMLQ contact
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 7-Feb
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
MQM looks again joined hand with the federal government
Khabar Hai 6-Feb
Khabar Hai
Can PTI government stop Maryam from leaving Pakistan?
Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga 5-Feb
Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga
Discussion on Kashmir dispute with senior journalist.
Khabar Hai 5-Feb
Khabar Hai
Whole world community silent on Kashmir issue
Khabar Hai 4-Feb
Khabar Hai
PM Khan visit to Malaysia and reservations of Saudi Arab
Khabar Hai 3-Feb
Khabar Hai
The reason behind differences between PM Khan & Jehangir Tareen
Face to Face 31-Jan
Face to Face
Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervez Elahi again has shown discomfort with Govt
Clash With Imran Khan 30-Jan
Clash With Imran Khan
OGRA recommends Rs 0.06 decrease in petrol prices. What a joke


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