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Arif Hameed Bhatti

Profession: Senior Journalist
Affiliation: ARY News

Arif Hameed Bhatti's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Hai Friday
Khabar Hai
Discussion on the possibility of a ban on PTI and martial law
Khabar Hai 15-Jul
Khabar Hai
The situation is heading toward either the resignation of PM or national emergency.
Khabar Hai 11-Jul
Khabar Hai
Is PTI seriously to resign from the national assembly to put pressure on the govt?
Khabar Hai 10-Jul
Khabar Hai
Imran Khan could possibly be trialed in the military court.
Khabar Hai 9-Jul
Khabar Hai
The government allowed ISI to tap anyone phone, Good news is about to come for IK
Khabar Hai 4-Jul
Khabar Hai
Imran Khan is evenly popular among the international powers
Khabar Hai 3-Jul
Khabar Hai
International pressure for the release of Imran Khan, Big resignations may come in the next few..
Khabar Hai 1-Jul
Khabar Hai
The demand of an new election from Maulana Fazal, Trump would likely be the next US President.
Khabar Hai 27-Jun
Khabar Hai
A new IMF program is in danger after the resolution passed in the House of Representatives
Khabar Hai 26-Jun
Khabar Hai
China and the US expressed their reservations on the election in Pakistan.
Khabar Hai 25-Jun
Khabar Hai
Special seats case proceeding, Imran Khan rejected a new military operation.
Khabar Hai 24-Jun
Khabar Hai
The proceeding in the supreme court, Political parties are opposing military operation
Khabar Hai 21-Jun
Khabar Hai
The possible return of Imran Khan in the next 6 months, A big test of CJP & COAS
Khabar Hai 20-Jun
Khabar Hai
Has PTI been stepped back from dialogue with the government
Khabar Hai 5-Jun
Khabar Hai
It would be difficult to keep Imran Khan in Jail for a longer time
Khabar Hai 4-Jun
Khabar Hai
PTI could become a majority party in the national assembly
Khabar Hai 3-Jun
Khabar Hai
The establishment is on the backfoot after IHC judgment, Special seats case
Khabar Hai 30-May
Khabar Hai
Formation commanders meeting, Judges response on PM remarks.
Khabar Hai 29-May
Khabar Hai
The Cypher and Nikah cases have been set aside. Would another PM have to face contempt of court..
Khabar Hai 28-May
Khabar Hai
Active President Yousuf Raza Gilani issued two ordinance, deal offer to Imran Khan
Khabar Hai 27-May
Khabar Hai
It seems Imran Khan aggressive policy worked, The government is ready to talk
Khabar Hai 22-May
Khabar Hai
A big relief to PTI leaders, What would Iran do now?
Khabar Hai 20-May
Khabar Hai
Who is the mastmind of the Iranian President death in helicopter crash?
Khabar Hai 13-May
Khabar Hai
Are the establishment and the government ready for the grand dialogue?
Khabar Hai 9-May
Khabar Hai
Exclusive interview of British Intellectuals in today show.
Khabar Hai 8-May
Khabar Hai
International pressure to release Imran Khan, New facts about May 9 incidents
Khabar Hai 6-May
Khabar Hai
Chief Justice of Pakistan may reject the government offer of extension
Khabar Hai 15-Feb-24
Khabar Hai
The pressure of the international powers is being mounted on the state to allow PTI to form a G..
Khabar Hai 14-Feb-24
Khabar Hai
There is no way out except taking Imran Khan on board to get Pakistan out of trouble.
Khabar Hai 13-Feb-24
Khabar Hai
PPP will navigate the nex government. PMLN is the loser in the election.
Khabar Hai 12-Feb-24
Khabar Hai
Would MQM Pakistan go with PPP or PMLN? The formation of the government.
Face to Face 11-Feb-24
Face to Face
Manipulation on its peak after the results of the election.
GNN News Election Transmission 7-Feb-24
GNN News Election Transmission
GNN News special election transmission.
Aik News Special 5-Feb-24
Aik News Special
Aik News special transmission for election 2024
Khabar Hai 5-Feb-24
Khabar Hai
Surprised results are expected in the election 2024. New survey revealed
Khabar Hai 31-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Another big setback to PTI chairman, Imran Khna rejected big deal
Khabar Hai 30-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Why did Imran Khan laugh after hearing the judgement in the Cypher case?
Khabar Hai 29-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Both PMLN & PPP are making false promises to the public of Pakistan.
Khabar Hai 25-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Is state ready to talk with PTI chairman Imran Khan?
Khabar Hai 24-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
PTI ready to form a government of independents, The proceeding of the Cypher case.
Khabar Hai 23-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Young generation is still with Imran Khan, The independents of PTI may form a government after ..
Khabar Hai 22-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Imran Khan can gather huge number of people in one hour notice if he is allowed
Khabar Hai 18-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Counter strikes from Pakistan on Iran, National security meeting
Khabar Hai 17-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Pakistan should retaliate on Iran missile strike in Baluchistan.
Khabar Hai 16-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
PTI lawyer wing active to get back its symbol, President Alvi may dissolve assembly soon after ..
Khabar Hai 15-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
A big question mark on the credibility of the election after SC judgement.
Khabar Hai 10-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
PTI got back its election symbol, What is the new London plan?
Khabar Hai 9-Jan-24
Khabar Hai
Next 48 hours are very important in the politics of Pakistan.


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