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Ali Muhammad khan

Address: Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Phone# 0343-9151109

Ali Muhammad khan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Clash With Imran Khan Monday
Clash With Imran Khan
Should lockdown be more tighten or allow people to move?
Face to Face Saturday
Face to Face
No real preventions even in the lockdown, what have to do now?
Aitraaz Hai 27-Mar
Aitraaz Hai
British PM tests positive for Coronavirus, America leading in terms of corona cases.
Tonight With Fareeha 26-Mar
Tonight With Fareeha
What else needs to be done to stop corona exposure in Pakistan
On The Front 25-Mar
On The Front
Will the PTI government take opposition suggestions seriously?
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 23-Mar
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Lockdown in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Kashmir & GB
In Focus 21-Mar
In Focus
Is the government equally reacting to the corona issue?
Capital Talk 18-Mar
Capital Talk
Is there no need to panic after PM address to the nation regarding the corona issue?
News Beat 15-Mar
News Beat
Our health system not too strong to deal with corona
92 At 8 14-Mar
92 At 8
World Health Organization admiring steps taken by the Pakistani government for coronavirus
Nadeem Malik Live 10-Mar
Nadeem Malik Live
Utility Stores Association decided to buy sugar from Tareen without issuing tender.
On The Front 9-Mar
On The Front
Laws to protect women rights available, their implementation is the real issue.
On The Front 3-Mar
On The Front
Did PTI take the political fight in London by writing a letter to Britian government.
Aitraaz Hai 29-Feb
Aitraaz Hai
Bhutto was selected, Imran Khan is elected. Sheikh Rashid
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 27-Feb
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Pakistan Air Force celebrating a memorable day of February 27
Nadeem Malik Live 25-Feb
Nadeem Malik Live
Will government challenge today verdict of IHC in SC?
Capital Talk 24-Feb
Capital Talk
Did PPP forget its past of regarding judges surveillance?
92 At 8 22-Feb
92 At 8
Discussion on the governance issues under the PTI government
Sawal 21-Feb
Reference against Faez Isa took the government to the no-man land
Faisla Aap Ka 18-Feb
Faisla Aap Ka
Scattered opposition planning protest again. Leakage of the mysterious gas in Karachi.
Aitraaz Hai 15-Feb
Aitraaz Hai
PTI government using article 6 as political revenge
Sawal Yeh Hai 14-Feb
Sawal Yeh Hai
Erdogan wins hearts of people of Pakistan, voices of article 6
11th Hour 13-Feb
11th Hour
Will opposition protest during Turkish president address to the parliament?
Kal Tak 6-Feb
Kal Tak
Hamza Shahbaz granted bail by Lahore High Court in Ramazan Sugar Mill Case
Nadeem Malik Live 4-Feb
Nadeem Malik Live
An internal rift between PMLQ & PTI government, current economic crises of Pakistan
News Beat 2-Feb
News Beat
Who is the mafia? government & opposition blaming each other.
92 At 8 31-Jan
92 At 8
Daily Mail to prove allegations against Shahbaz in London high court
Capital Talk 29-Jan
Capital Talk
Trump announced controversial peace plan for Palestine
Sawal Yeh Hai 25-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Cracks within PTI in Punjab & Khyber Pakhtunkha
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 23-Jan
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Corruption increased in Pakistan during PTI government. TI Berlin
Faisla Aap Ka 21-Jan
Faisla Aap Ka
20 MPAs of PTI created new group in Punjab, Fawad Hassan Fawad bail
News Eye 20-Jan
News Eye
Opposition demanding parliamentary commission over flour crises
Sawal Yeh Hai 17-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Cracks within Punjab government its allies on the issue of bad governance
On The Front 14-Jan
On The Front
Use of religion against each other in the national assembly,
11th Hour 13-Jan
11th Hour
Discussion on Lahore high court verdict in favor of Musharraf
Power Play 9-Jan
Power Play
Possible amendment in the NAB laws after army act consensus
Kal Tak 8-Jan
Kal Tak
Pakistan will no more be a part of any conflict in the region. PM Khan
Sawal 4-Jan
KPK government appointed metric passed as education minister
Sawal Yeh Hai 3-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Looks like both opposition & government have no interest in legislation of public interest
92 At 8 3-Jan
92 At 8
Discussion on the issue of opposition party position on army act
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 2-Jan
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Why government seeks help from parliament only when founds itself in trouble
Capital Talk 1-Jan
Capital Talk
Government invited opposition for joint agenda on NAB laws amendment
Aitraaz Hai 27-Dec-19
Aitraaz Hai
Modi following Hitler narrative. PM Khan
Sawal 22-Dec-19
Why parliament nonfunctional despite hot current issues
Sawal Yeh Hai 20-Dec-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Federal minister Fawad Ch demanding institutional dialogue
Capital Talk 17-Dec-19
Capital Talk
Special court announced verdict against Musharraf in hurry
Jawab Chahiay 12-Dec-19
Jawab Chahiay
In current scenario no political party can run the country
Nadeem Malik Live 11-Dec-19
Nadeem Malik Live
Why did not Punjab government react on lawyers violence in PIC?


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