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24 News
Captain Safdar Press Conference Friday
Captain Safdar Press Conference
Captain Safdar important press conference
Mehwish Hayat Got Emotional 11-Jan
Mehwish Hayat Got Emotional
Mehwish got emotional after appearing in court against Youtuber
Ch Salik Becam PMLQ Voice President 27-Dec-22
Ch Salik Becam PMLQ Voice President
Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain son Chaudhry Salik has become voice president of PMQ.
Najam Sethi Show 21-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
What is the game being played in Punjab?
Najam Sethi Show 20-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Punjab assembly will not be dissolved, possibility of governor rule in Punjab
Najam Sethi Show 19-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Will Punjab assembly be dissolved or elect new leader of the house?
Imran Khan Addressing Rally in LHR 17-Dec-22
Imran Khan Addressing Rally in LHR
Imran Khan addressing rally at Liberty Chowk, Lahore.
Federal Info Minister Media Talk 17-Dec-22
Federal Info Minister Media Talk
Federal Information minister Maryam Aurangzeb media talk.
Goonj 15-Dec-22
Pervez Elahi put big demand before Imran Khan before the dissolution of Punjab assembly
Politics of PAK is in Hand of Khan 15-Dec-22
Politics of PAK is in Hand of Khan
Politics of Pakistan is in hand of Imran Khan. Najam Sethi
Najam Sethi Show 14-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Possible disqualification and arrest of Imran Khan, Has Pakistan defaulted?
Najam Sethi Show 13-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Supreme Court proceeding on NAB amendments case
Najam Sethi Show 12-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan could be arrested after the dissolution of assemblies
Goonj 12-Dec-22
Will Imran Khan be disqualified before the dissolution of assemblies?
Najam Sethi Show 7-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
Nawaz Sharif is likely to get relief from courts before his return
Najam Sethi Show 6-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
PTI likely to sit together with the PDM leadership for future scenario
Najam Sethi Show 5-Dec-22
Najam Sethi Show
The future of the Punjab assembly, Will this government amend the law to give the army chief an..
Goonj 1-Dec-22
When will the Punjab assembly be dissolved, PTI is still not sure
Najam Sethi Show 30-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Analyzing the six years tenure of General (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa
Najam Sethi Show 29-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Governor rule, vote of no-confidence or dissolution of the assembly?
Najam Sethi Show 28-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Would Zardari be able to create any crack in the Punjab government?
Gen Bajwa Interview to Arab Media 28-Nov-22
Gen Bajwa Interview to Arab Media
General Bajwa explained why Army decided to become Apolitical
Najam Sethi Show 23-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
General Asim Munir will be a new army chief of Pakistan
Najam Sethi Show 22-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Who will be the new army chief? Why is GHQ delaying summary?
Najam Sethi Show 21-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Why there is a delay in the process of a new army chief?
Rangers Deployed, Containers Planted 19-Nov-22
Rangers Deployed, Containers Planted
Rangers deployed, containers planted in Islamabad.
Azam Swati Press Conference 17-Nov-22
Azam Swati Press Conference
Senator Azam Swati media talk.
Najam Sethi Show 16-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Early election after the appointment of a new army chief
Goonj 16-Nov-22
Those who were going to build state of Medina sold watch gifted by MBS
Najam Sethi Show 15-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
The government is going to change Army Act again, The appointment of a new army chief
Goonj 15-Nov-22
Imran Khan is on a mission to dispute the appointment of a new army chief.
Najam Sethi Show 14-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Result of T20 World Cup final, Who will be the next army chief?
Goonj 14-Nov-22
Were all the coalition partners on board in the consultation between Nawaz & Shahbaz in London?
Najam Sethi Show 9-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan not happy on the outcome of backdoor meetings.
Najam Sethi Show 8-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Increased tension in the country, what going to happen in the next 15 days?
Najam Sethi Show 7-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
What going to happen in the next 15 days? CM Punjab offered his resignation
Imran Khan Inked Letter to President 7-Nov-22
Imran Khan Inked Letter to President
Imran Khan inked letter to President Arif Alvi about life threat to him.
PM Shahbaz Press Conference 5-Nov-22
PM Shahbaz Press Conference
PM Shahbaz Sharif important press conference
Najam Sethi Show 2-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Would Imran Khan be able to get face saving?
Najam Sethi Show 1-Nov-22
Najam Sethi Show
Is Imran Khan still waiting for a green signal? What is the Plan B of Imran Khan?
Najam Sethi Show 31-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Who is in contact with Imran Khan? What is the outcome of Pervez Elahi and COAS meeting?
Najam Sethi Show 26-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Will Imran Khan accept government action to probe the murder of Arshad Sharif?
Najam Sethi Show 25-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Is the PDM worried about the PTI-long march? Will PTI comeback in the parliament?
Federal Law Minister Resigned 25-Oct-22
Federal Law Minister Resigned
Federal law minister Azam Nazir Tarar resigned
Najam Sethi Show 24-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
IHC will give a stay to Imran Khan against the ECP verdict.
Najam Sethi Show 19-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Long march of Imran Khan is just a threat, still no deal between Khan and the establishment
Najam Sethi Show 18-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Documentary on Sharif family corruption, Fawad Chaudhry active again.
Najam Sethi Show 17-Oct-22
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan will not go for long march, the coalition Govt may give him early election.


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