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Spot Light 20-May-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Spot Light 14-May-19
Spot Light
Imran Khan was big opponent of amnesty scheme now he himself introduced it in his own governmen..
Spot Light 13-May-19
Spot Light
Discussion on new wave of terrorism in Pakistan
Spot Light 8-May-19
Spot Light
Several police Jawans martyred in Lahore blast
Spot Light 7-May-19
Spot Light
Why opposition thinks PTI government being run through rented advisers
Spot Light 6-May-19
Spot Light
People are losing patience over increased inflation, fuel prices
Spot Light 1-May-19
Spot Light
World observed labor day today. What protection our constitution gives to laborer
Spot Light 30-Apr-19
Spot Light
Is US really going out of Afghanistan?
Spot Light 29-Apr-19
Spot Light
NDS & RAW are providing funds to PTM. DG ISPR
Spot Light 24-Apr-19
Spot Light
Will model courts fulfill demand of quick justice?
Spot Light 23-Apr-19
Spot Light
Is opposition rightly criticizing PM Khan over his statement in Iran?
Spot Light 22-Apr-19
Spot Light
Change in cabinet created division in PTI.
Spot Light 17-Apr-19
Spot Light
What is standard of value of assets declaration scheme?
Spot Light 15-Apr-19
Spot Light
Who is responsible for peace restoration in Baluchistan
Spot Light 10-Apr-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with Mushahid Ullah Khan of PMLN
Spot Light 9-Apr-19
Spot Light
NAB needlessly acts immediately to arrest any accused
Spot Light 8-Apr-19
Spot Light
Can PPP & PMLN come closer against PTI Government
Spot Light 3-Apr-19
Spot Light
Discussion on economy of new Pakistan
Spot Light 2-Apr-19
Spot Light
Discussion on the issue of minority exploitation in Pakistan
Spot Light 1-Apr-19
Spot Light
Required reforms in police & judiciary not being done.
Spot Light 27-Mar-19
Spot Light
Electricity prices going to increase again
Spot Light 26-Mar-19
Spot Light
Shahbaz asked Nawaz to avail plea bargain offer of NAB
Spot Light 25-Mar-19
Spot Light
FATA merger with KPK & other political issues
Spot Light 20-Mar-19
Spot Light
PTI government took action against peaceful protesters of PPP
Spot Light 19-Mar-19
Spot Light
NAB appearances of big political faces
Spot Light 18-Mar-19
Spot Light
Ruling party & opposition are face to face on the issue of NAB
Spot Light 13-Mar-19
Spot Light
Bilawal Bhutto powerful response after verbal attack from PTI leadership
Spot Light 12-Mar-19
Spot Light
Afghan peace process & role of Pakistan
Spot Light 6-Mar-19
Spot Light
Why did not PM participate in briefing to parliamentary leaders
Spot Light 5-Mar-19
Spot Light
Modi still in war mood despite embarrassment in the world
Spot Light 4-Mar-19
Spot Light
Civil society against Indo-PAK war, Danger of war still exist
Spot Light 27-Feb-19
Spot Light
Pakistan replied back India by shooting down its two fighter jets
Spot Light 26-Feb-19
Spot Light
It is time to get united to respond India
Spot Light 25-Feb-19
Spot Light
Nawaz Sharif cannot be given bail on medical grounds. IHC
Spot Light 20-Feb-19
Spot Light
Current tension between Pakistan & India
Spot Light 19-Feb-19
Spot Light
Reality of Saudi Arab investment in Pakistan
Spot Light 18-Feb-19
Spot Light
Saudi Arab & Pakistan entered in a new era of relationship
Spot Light 14-Feb-19
Spot Light
An impact of Shahbaz Sharif bail on PMLN politics
Spot Light 13-Feb-19
Spot Light
Politics on the issue of Public Accounts Committee chairmanship
Spot Light 12-Feb-19
Spot Light
Exclusive discussion with governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
Spot Light 11-Feb-19
Spot Light
Why Child commission not activated yet
Spot Light 7-Feb-19
Spot Light
Supreme Court historic decision on Faizabad sit-in case
Spot Light 6-Feb-19
Spot Light
More arrests possible from government section after Aleem Khan
Spot Light 5-Feb-19
Spot Light
Will government take step to bring Pakistani women back from occupied Kashmir?
Spot Light 4-Feb-19
Spot Light
If deal has been done then which country played role in it?
Spot Light 31-Jan-19
Spot Light
18th amendment approved without discussion in parliament
Spot Light 30-Jan-19
Spot Light
Creation of new provinces in Pakistan, Chief Justice of Pakistan big statement
Spot Light 29-Jan-19
Spot Light
Appearance of Sahiwal incident victims families before senate committee


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