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Zarrar Khuhro

Zarrar Khuhro

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Anchor/Columnist
Affiliation: Dawn News

Zarrar Khuhro's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Zara Hat Kay 27-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
Discussion on the arrest of Asad Toor, Speeches about Lahore incident in the senate.
Zara Hat Kay 20-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
The resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner, PM of PMLN & President from PPP
Zara Hat Kay 13-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
PPP demanded all constitutional position in return of supporting PMLN PM.
Zara Hat Kay 12-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
Manipulation on its peak after the election, Who will form the govt
Zara Hat Kay 6-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
Minus PTI election has arrived, How many children martyred in Gaza?
Zara Hat Kay 5-Feb
Zara Hat Kay
Election date has arrived, Another controversial judgement against Imran Khan
Zara Hat Kay 29-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Criticizing the court judgement is not a crime, Face off of MQM & PPP in Karachi
Zara Hat Kay 25-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Zardari factor is still dominating in Sindh, India killing Pakistanis
Zara Hat Kay 22-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
The politics of BJP is vastly depending on extremism
Zara Hat Kay 18-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Pakistan counter operation in Iran after Baluchistan strikes.
Zara Hat Kay 8-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
One door of political engineering has been closed today. The situation in Gaza
Zara Hat Kay 3-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Special show with young artist, culturist from internal Sindh
Zara Hat Kay 1-Jan
Zara Hat Kay
Legendary film actor Mustafa Qureshi is exclusive guest in today show.
Sawal Yeh Hai 31-Dec-23
Sawal Yeh Hai
Key incidents of 2023 that had changed the whole scenario
Zara Hat Kay 21-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Police crackdown on Baloch protestors, PTI could likely lose its election symbol.
Zara Hat Kay 20-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Who will accept the possible results of Election 2024? Narratives of the political parties in B..
Zara Hat Kay 19-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Global pressure on the US & UK for ceasefire in Gaza.
Zara Hat Kay 15-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Taling live calls of the viewers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 14-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Hamas still in position to give Israeli forces a tough time in Gaza
Zara Hat Kay 13-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Climate conference in Dubai, What did Pakistan achieve there?
Zara Hat Kay 12-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan group accepted the responsibility of attack in D I Khan
Zara Hat Kay 11-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
America announced big military aid to Israel, Indian SC validated merger of IOK
Zara Hat Kay 7-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Thousands of Palestinians have been hostaged by Israeli forces.
Zara Hat Kay 6-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Israeli forces bombing on Khan Younas, Nawaz Sharif meets Chaudhry Shujaat
Zara Hat Kay 5-Dec-23
Zara Hat Kay
Hamas is conducting military exercise, How many disable persons are in Pakistan?
Zara Hat Kay 30-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Ceasefire between Hamas & Israel extended for one day
Zara Hat Kay 28-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Protest in Turbat after the killing of Baloch youngman
Zara Hat Kay 22-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
A conditional ceasefire in the Gaza, political scenario of Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay 17-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viwers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 16-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Global Teacher Award, Use of Cartoon series to exploit ethnic and religion.
Zara Hat Kay 14-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Israel can be held in an international court of law due to war crime in Gaza
Zara Hat Kay 13-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
More than hundred UN workers have been died in Gaza due to Israel attacks.
Zara Hat Kay 9-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Thousands of Palestinians are houseless in Gaza. Question mark on the upcoming election
Zara Hat Kay 3-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Viewers are sharing their issues and views about the current happening in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 1-Nov-23
Zara Hat Kay
Why is India fully supporting Israel? Crackdown against illegal foreigners in Pakistan.
Zara Hat Kay 31-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Aerial attack on Jabalia refugees camp in Gaza, The US facilitating war crimes of Israel.
Zara Hat Kay 30-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Violence in District Kurram, Is the state really facilitating Nawaz Sharif?
Zara Hat Kay 26-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
What options left for the Muslim Ummah if Israeli land forces enter in Gaza?
Zara Hat Kay 24-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Arms trade between Israel & Europe, Nawaz Sharif is expected to become PM again
Zara Hat Kay 23-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
The historic verdict of Supreme Court, Israel ready to enhance the war
Zara Hat Kay 19-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Nawaz Sharif from Aven-field to level-playing field, Situation in Gaza
Zara Hat Kay 17-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Gaza has almost been demolished after brutal aerial attacks
Zara Hat Kay 12-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
The people of Gaza are dying day by day and the international world is supporting Israel.
Zara Hat Kay 11-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Did Hamas behead 40 Jewish kids? The supremacy of the parliament accepted
Zara Hat Kay 10-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Hamas-Israel war and fake news, New demands from the World Bank
Zara Hat Kay 9-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Israel seized Ghaza from all side, US, Britain, and Germany are supporting Israel.
Zara Hat Kay 6-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
Taking live calls of the viewers in today show.
Zara Hat Kay 4-Oct-23
Zara Hat Kay
The future of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, How is the life of Pakistani women?


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