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View Point

View Point

Anchor: Samina Pasha
Channel: Public News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates

View Point Talk Show Program - All episodes
View Point 31-Dec-23
View Point
2023 is getting wind up and 2024 is knocking on the door.
View Point 16-Dec-23
View Point
Efforts are being made to push PTI chairman toward the wall
View Point 25-Nov-23
View Point
Election 2024 is already being considered a fixed match.
View Point 19-Nov-23
View Point
PMLN has no answer to the criticism of Bilawal Bhutto
View Point 21-Oct-23
View Point
The future political scenario of Pakistan after the entry of Nawaz Sharif
View Point 13-Oct-23
View Point
Discussion on the repercussions of the Supreme Court judgment.
View Point 23-Sep-23
View Point
Big offer to Imran Khan, Surprise ready for Nawaz Sharif if he comes back.
View Point 15-Sep-23
View Point
What would be the political impact of SC judgement in NAB Amendment case?
View Point 10-Sep-23
View Point
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
View Point 8-Sep-23
View Point
Who does not want election in 90 days? Imran Khan in trouble.
View Point 25-Aug-23
View Point
What happened with Sardar Latif Khosa when he was stuck in IHC stuck?
View Point 12-Aug-23
View Point
How is the choice of Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar as the caretaker PM.
View Point 11-Aug-23
View Point
Stunning revelations in the Diary of Bushra Bibi
View Point 23-Jul-23
View Point
Who will be a caretaker PM? Political parties are in huddle
View Point 22-Jul-23
View Point
Did the court give clean chit to PTI chairman Imran Khan on May 9 incidents?
View Point 16-Jul-23
View Point
What is the Plan B of the PTI chairman if he is now allowed to contest election?
View Point 9-Jul-23
View Point
PM Shahbaz leveled serious allegations on Chairman PTI about campaigning against the army chief
View Point 2-Jul-23
View Point
Political parties are in the run to bring their PM, What is big going to happen?
View Point 21-May-23
View Point
PDM does not want the election due to the unbreakable popularity of Imran Khan.
View Point 19-Mar-23
View Point
Important meeting in PM House, Who disappeared court file after getting IK signature?
View Point 18-Mar-23
View Point
Did the police intentionally stop Imran Khan from appearing in court?
View Point 17-Mar-23
View Point
The current political situation is getting out of control
View Point 5-Mar-23
View Point
Imran Khan vs the PDM government and future scenario
View Point 4-Mar-23
View Point
Imran Khan could be the next PM, PDM yet to decide future strategy.
View Point 26-Feb-23
View Point
Can NAB Iinvestigate judges corruption? Issues between General Bajwa & Imran Khan
View Point 19-Feb-23
View Point
Imran Khan strong message to the President, Who can announce election under section 105?
View Point 18-Feb-23
View Point
More audio leaks of PTI leaders, Imran Khan could be arrested soon
View Point 12-Feb-23
View Point
Why is Maryam Nawaz unhappy on the judiciary?
View Point 4-Feb-23
View Point
What signal the PDM government is for? What is going on in the politics?
View Point 29-Jan-23
View Point
The PDM government surrendered before the IMF. Huge increase in the petroleum prices
View Point 27-Jan-23
View Point
What would be the Plan B of Imran Khan if election is not called in 90 days?
View Point 7-Jan-23
View Point
Forward block in PTI, is there any hidden hand behind or magic of Zardari?
View Point 6-Jan-23
View Point
What will PMLN do if Chaudhry Pervez Elahi does not take vote of confidence?
View Point 30-Dec-22
View Point
Minus Imran formula, National government for 3 years
View Point 18-Dec-22
View Point
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi vs Imran Khan and the future of Punjab assembly.
View Point 17-Dec-22
View Point
What message was delivered in Chaudhry Pervez Elahi in Rawalpindi.
View Point 16-Dec-22
View Point
Possible return of Nawaz Sharif before the dissolution of the assemblies
View Point 11-Dec-22
View Point
Who did get Nawaz Sharif disqualified from politics?
View Point 10-Dec-22
View Point
Anti-narcotics court acquitted Rana Sanaullah in 15kg drug case.
View Point 9-Dec-22
View Point
Imran Khan gives last two options to Nawaz Sharif
View Point 4-Dec-22
View Point
Even Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is not ready to support the narrative of Imran Khan against General ..
View Point 2-Dec-22
View Point
What message did Nawaz Sharif send to PM Shahbaz on the issue of the dissolution of the Punjab ..
View Point 27-Nov-22
View Point
Who are others seeking face-saving under the current scenario?
View Point 26-Nov-22
View Point
Imran Khan has played a dangerous move, Nawaz Sharif will have to comeback now
View Point 19-Nov-22
View Point
What is being planned in Islamabad? An inside from analyst
View Point 18-Nov-22
View Point
The gifted watch put Imran Khan in big trouble
View Point 13-Nov-22
View Point
Are all the coalition partners on board on the issue of the appointment of a new army chief?
View Point 12-Nov-22
View Point
Asif Ali Zardari is not happy over PM Shahbaz, What is going on in the PDM?


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