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View Point

View Point

Anchor: Samina Pasha
Channel: Public News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates

View Point Talk Show Program - All episodes
View Point Friday
View Point
Mafia is stilling ruling Pakistan
View Point 25-Jul
View Point
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan after two years to the PTI government
View Point 24-Jul
View Point
Is the restoration of the Ottoman Caliph started?
View Point 19-Jul
View Point
Is PM Khan Advisors are a spy?
View Point 18-Jul
View Point
Analysis of the current situation of Imran Khan now in days
View Point 17-Jul
View Point
What is the political challenges for Govt? is Bilawal Bhutto an Indian agent?
View Point 12-Jul
View Point
Discussion on the latest happening in the political scenario of Pakistan.
View Point 11-Jul
View Point
Discussion on the current political scenario scenario of Pakistan
View Point 10-Jul
View Point
Imran Khan is in action against own cabinet members
View Point 5-Jul
View Point
Analysis of JIT reports on Uzair Baloch and other reports
View Point 3-Jul
View Point
Will Nawaz punishment also be turned down after judge Arshad Malik removal?
View Point 28-Jun
View Point
The danger of war between India & Pakistan has increased in the last few days.
View Point 27-Jun
View Point
History of the Israeli occupation on the Jerusalem
View Point 26-Jun
View Point
Why did the PTI government increase prices of the petroleum products?
View Point 21-Jun
View Point
Discussion on the COVID19 current situation in Pakistan
View Point 20-Jun
View Point
A real enemy of PM Khan within the party
View Point 14-Jun
View Point
Shahbaz Sharif family is in serious trouble
View Point 13-Jun
View Point
Big defeat to the Indian army in Ladakh
View Point 12-Jun
View Point
Is this budget 2020-21 IMF oriented?
View Point 7-Jun
View Point
Is the United States going to divide into pieces?
View Point 6-Jun
View Point
How American lady got access to the PM house to make immoral allegations on PPP
View Point 5-Jun
View Point
Is NAB itself allowed Shahbaz to get bail from LHC?
View Point 31-May
View Point
Politics on Nawaz Sharif new viral pic and his illness
View Point 30-May
View Point
Coronavirus and Locust, Is famine coming?
View Point 29-May
View Point
Exclusive discussion with governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
View Point 23-May
View Point
Who is maligning the religion for his petty politics?
View Point 22-May
View Point
The heart-wrenching incident of PIA plane crash in Karachi.
View Point 16-May
View Point
Did Shahbaz Sharif fail to establish a deal with the powerhouses?
View Point 15-May
View Point
NAB in action again, summoned both Nawaz & Zardari
View Point 10-May
View Point
Why Turkish Drama on PTV is being criticized from some section?
View Point 9-May
View Point
Discussion on political future of Jehangir Khan Tareen
View Point 8-May
View Point
Bilawal Bhutto again criticized the federal federal government over lockdown issue.
View Point 3-May
View Point
Is Nawaz Sharif seeking another deal in return for supporting Govt on the issue of the 18th ame..
View Point 2-May
View Point
Is Shahbaz Sharif really contacting powerhouses for relief?
View Point 1-May
View Point
Corruption charges on former information adviser Firdous Ashiq Awan
View Point 26-Apr-20
View Point
PM Khan has been hostage by the opportunist in the PTI
View Point 25-Apr-20
View Point
Who is speaking truth: Hamid Mir or Maulana Tariq Jameel?
View Point 24-Apr-20
View Point
Is Shahbaz Sharif a bigger theory in the Sharif family?
View Point 18-Apr-20
View Point
Future of CM Buzdar after pandemic, NAB in action again
View Point 17-Apr-20
View Point
An honest PM with dishonest cabinet
View Point 12-Apr-20
View Point
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan and COVID19
View Point 11-Apr-20
View Point
PMLN president Shahbaz Sharif active again.
View Point 10-Apr-20
View Point
Is Jehangir Khan Tareen really responsible for sugar crises?
View Point 5-Apr-20
View Point
PMLN demanding action against PM Khan and CM Punjab after FIA report
View Point 4-Apr-20
View Point
Where is Shahbaz Sharif? Corona tiger force under criticism of the opposition
View Point 3-Apr-20
View Point
Corona relief force became controversial before its creation
View Point 29-Mar-20
View Point
The establishment is not happy over Khan for his incompetent
View Point 28-Mar-20
View Point
A big offer to PM Khan by Shahbaz Sharif


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