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Usman Dar

Usman Dar

Address: Sialkot, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Usman Dar 's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front 11-May-23
On The Front
A big setback to the government as SC ordered to release Imran Khan
Power Politics 10-May-23
Power Politics
Any Future action will not be tolerated. ISPR
On The Front 2-May-23
On The Front
Is the parliament going to start contempt proceeding against Supreme Court?
Kal Tak 27-Apr-23
Kal Tak
JUIF decided not to become part of a dialogue
On The Front 26-Apr-23
On The Front
Why does the government want to confront with Supreme Court?
On The Front 20-Apr-23
On The Front
Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman refused dialogue with Imran Khan
Sawal Awaam Ka 16-Apr-23
Sawal Awaam Ka
Political parties are not taking JI move seriously.
On The Front 11-Apr-23
On The Front
Is Shahbaz Sharif government in serious trouble?
News Beat 8-Apr-23
News Beat
Division in the supreme court, who is facilitating Imran Khan?
On The Front 5-Apr-23
On The Front
Would election be possible or not on May 14th? Why is the Govt considering SC judgment unimplem..
Kal Tak 4-Apr-23
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif asked his government to make reference against 3 member bench
On The Front 27-Mar-23
On The Front
A big division in the supreme court, Election in Punjab & KPK would not be possible
On The Front 21-Mar-23
On The Front
The government and the establishment decided not to conduct election before October
On The Front 7-Mar-23
On The Front
To whom and why does Imran Khan want to meet? Zardari personal attacks on Khan
News Beat 11-Feb-23
News Beat
Will Imran Khan present himself for arrest to empowered his Jail Bharo movement?
Kal Tak 7-Feb-23
Kal Tak
IMF tough conditions for Pakistan, IHC formed a larger bench to hear IK disqualification case.
On The Front 6-Feb-23
On The Front
Will Imran Khan start Jail Bharo movement from himself?
On The Front 31-Jan-23
On The Front
Reentry of TTP in Pakistan, who is responsible?
On The Front 30-Jan-23
On The Front
Imran Khan allegation on Asif Ali Zardari, What is reality?
News Edge 24-Jan-23
News Edge
Possible arrest and disqualification of Imran Khan before general election.
On The Front 24-Jan-23
On The Front
Imran Khan wants to hang some powerful people, what is going on?
On The Front 17-Jan-23
On The Front
Big move from the PDM, What will Imran Khan do now?
Nadeem Malik Live 11-Jan-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Who drew the red line on Imran Khan? Has Chaudhry Pervez Elahi lost majority in the assembly?
Breaking Views with Malick 22-Dec-22
Breaking Views with Malick
Why is the governor taking time to identify CM Punjab?
Kal Tak 19-Dec-22
Kal Tak
Who is Chaudhry Pervez Elahi standing with?
On The Front 19-Dec-22
On The Front
Do not cross your limit against General Bajwa. Chaudhry Pervez warned Imran Khan
On The Front 14-Dec-22
On The Front
Imran Khan took gifts worth 6 billion from Toshakhana by paying only 15 million.
On The Front 6-Dec-22
On The Front
Supreme Court in action on Arshad Sharif murder case
On The Front 29-Nov-22
On The Front
Who planned to challenge an appointment of a new army chief in the Supreme Court?
Breaking Point with Malick 28-Nov-22
Breaking Point with Malick
Could Imran Khan still force a new army chief to extract support?
Sawal Awaam Ka 28-Nov-22
Sawal Awaam Ka
Is PTI really going to get out of the system or it is just a threat
On The Front 17-Nov-22
On The Front
Imran Khan finally called off Jihad against the mighty US
Aitraaz Hai 12-Nov-22
Aitraaz Hai
More increase in inflation, Once again London is the place where key decisions of Pakistan are ..
On The Front 9-Nov-22
On The Front
Eye-opening facts about the murder of Arshad Sharif
Kal Tak 7-Nov-22
Kal Tak
Imran Khan letter to President Alvi and PTI long march
On The Front 2-Nov-22
On The Front
Who misleaded the supreme court on May 25th violence case?
On The Front 1-Nov-22
On The Front
Why is Imran Khan terming the current scenario of Pakistan as it was in East Pakistan before Dh..
Aitraaz Hai 29-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
PTI long march reached Mureedke, The Government is preparing for a crackdown
On The Front 26-Oct-22
On The Front
The long march of Imran Khan is against the establishment rather than the government.
On The Front 20-Oct-22
On The Front
Imran Khan on the verge of disqualification in Tashakhana reference.
Kal Tak 17-Oct-22
Kal Tak
A victory of Imran Khan in the by-polls and its impact on the politics
On The Front 6-Oct-22
On The Front
People are dying due to post-flood troubles and Imran Khan demanding new election
Aitraaz Hai 30-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Big question mark on the security of PM House.
Off The Record 12-Sep-22
Off The Record
Imran Khan demand for new election and army chief appointment
On The Front 9-Sep-22
On The Front
What does Imran Khan want? Why is not he tendering unconditional apology?
Off The Record 9-Sep-22
Off The Record
Discussion on today proceeding in IHC.
Aitraaz Hai 3-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Sindh government vs PTI, IMF deal and inflation
On The Front 23-Aug-22
On The Front
Is the government putting pressure on Imran Khan by registering cases against him?


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