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Usman Dar

Usman Dar

Address: Sialkot, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Usman Dar 's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Off The Record 7-Dec-21
Off The Record
Both w with inner & loser in NA-133 by-poll are happy with the results.
Capital Talk 6-Dec-21
Capital Talk
PDM meeting, Sialkot incident and by-poll results in NA-133
On The Front 30-Nov-21
On The Front
PTI MNAs are planning to contest the next election without party affiliation.
Capital Talk 23-Nov-21
Capital Talk
Why PTI is defending former CJP Saqib Nisar? PMLN demanding removal of cases
Nadeem Malik Live 10-Nov-21
Nadeem Malik Live
The government on the backfoot after allies refused to take part in the voting
Capital Talk 8-Nov-21
Capital Talk
Once again PM absent from the meeting of national security committee
Off The Record 4-Nov-21
Off The Record
Martyrdom of policemen while TLP protest has gone useless
Nadeem Malik Live 3-Nov-21
Nadeem Malik Live
The inflation ratio in Pakistan is less than the region. PM Khan
Nadeem Malik Live 14-Oct-21
Nadeem Malik Live
Controversy on the appointment of the new DG ISI, CM Baluchistan refused to resign
Capital Talk 13-Oct-21
Capital Talk
Is PM really taking major decisions by witchery?
On The Front 11-Oct-21
On The Front
PM Khan did not attend funeral of Dr Qadeer Khan, DG ISI appointment issue
Off The Record 7-Oct-21
Off The Record
What are the reason for the recent hike in inflation?
G For Gharida 6-Oct-21
G For Gharida
Discussion on the new NAB amendment ordinance
Nadeem Malik Live 5-Oct-21
Nadeem Malik Live
Why is the government hiding the information of foreign gifts.
Off The Record 29-Sep-21
Off The Record
Shahbaz Sharif press conference and counter statements from the government.
Capital Talk 20-Sep-21
Capital Talk
What is wrong between the Govt & the ECP?
Off The Record 20-Sep-21
Off The Record
Federal ministers targeted ECP again today.
Nadeem Malik Live 16-Sep-21
Nadeem Malik Live
New rate of inflation after the current hike in the petroleum products.
Capital Talk 15-Sep-21
Capital Talk
The government intentionally making the ECP controversial.
On The Front 7-Sep-21
On The Front
PM Khan failed to establish a rule of law in Pakistan.
Aitraaz Hai 3-Sep-21
Aitraaz Hai
The government is insisting on the use of EVM in the next election
Capital Talk 1-Sep-21
Capital Talk
The government is insisting on use of EVM in 2023 election
Off The Record 1-Sep-21
Off The Record
Reconciliation with this government is not possible. Maryam Nawaz
On The Front 31-Aug-21
On The Front
American forces destroyed all their war equipment before leaving Kabul airport.
On The Front 26-Aug-21
On The Front
Performance of the PTI government, what change came after 3 years of the PTI Govt.
Nadeem Malik Live 25-Aug-21
Nadeem Malik Live
PM Khan praised the performance of CM Punjab
Capital Talk 23-Aug-21
Capital Talk
Is the PTI government preparing to arrest Shahbaz Sharif again?
Breaking Point with Malick 12-Aug-21
Breaking Point with Malick
What is the concern of the opposition about EVM
Nadeem Malik Live 11-Aug-21
Nadeem Malik Live
Back channel contacts between PPP & PMLN
Capital Talk 10-Aug-21
Capital Talk
PPP is preparing for the election whereas PMLN is still confused on the issue of narratives.
Off The Record 10-Aug-21
Off The Record
Leadership of the PDM to hold meeting tomorrow
On The Front 9-Aug-21
On The Front
Discussion on the Nawaz Sharif future in the UK
Sawal 8-Aug-21
Division in the PMLN because of two narratives
Sawal Yeh Hai 6-Aug-21
Sawal Yeh Hai
Future of Nawaz Sharif, Noor Mukadam case and Pakistan still on the red list of the UK
On The Front 5-Aug-21
On The Front
What is the final solution of the Kashmir dispute
11th Hour 3-Aug-21
11th Hour
PMLN to issue whitepaper over rigging in AJK
Aitraaz Hai 30-Jul-21
Aitraaz Hai
Usman Dar vs Attaullah Tarar after Sialkot election
Breaking Point with Malick 29-Jul-21
Breaking Point with Malick
What is going on in the politics of Sindh?
Nadeem Malik Live 29-Jul-21
Nadeem Malik Live
Why PMLN lost a by-election in Sialkot?
11th Hour 28-Jul-21
11th Hour
How much important was PTI victory in Sialkot?
Off The Record 28-Jul-21
Off The Record
Has Maryam Nawaz narrative failed in Sialkot?
G For Gharida 27-Jul-21
G For Gharida
By-poll in a provincial assembly seat in Sialkot.
On The Front 27-Jul-21
On The Front
Is there any reality in PMLN allegations of rigging in Kashmir election?
News Beat 17-Jul-21
News Beat
Discussion on the political campaign in Azad Kashmir
Aitraaz Hai 17-Jul-21
Aitraaz Hai
PM Khan reached Azad Kashmir for political campaign
Sawal 16-Jul-21
Food inflation is rising up again
Capital Talk 15-Jul-21
Capital Talk
The Govt spokesperson calling the recent increase in petrol prices a relief for the public.
Off The Record 13-Jul-21
Off The Record
Whose responsibility strengthening the parliament is?


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