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Think Tank

Think Tank

Anchor: Syeda Ayesha Naz
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Ayaz Amir

Think Tank Talk Show Program - All episodes
Think Tank 9-May
Think Tank
Will the PDM get unite again after Shahbaz Sharif bail?
Think Tank 8-May
Think Tank
Did the government commit contempt of court by stopping Shahbaz Sharif?
Think Tank 7-May
Think Tank
New Finance Minister criticizing own government.
Think Tank 2-May
Think Tank
What impact the European resolution will put on Pakistan?
Think Tank 1-May
Think Tank
The Election Commission of Pakistan holds notification of PPP win in NA-249 on PMLN appeal.
Think Tank 30-Apr
Think Tank
Banned TLP got more votes than the PTI in NA-249
Think Tank 25-Apr
Think Tank
Ice has melted between India & Pakistan.
Think Tank 24-Apr
Think Tank
The third wave of the Corona is out of control in India & Pakistan.
Think Tank 23-Apr
Think Tank
Has any contact established between Shahbaz & Tareen?
Think Tank 18-Apr
Think Tank
The PTI government could not understand the economy of Pakistan in 2 & a half years.
Think Tank 17-Apr
Think Tank
Jehangir Khan Tareen is turning out to be a big threat to the PTI government.
Think Tank 16-Apr
Think Tank
The helplessness of the government exposed during TLP protest?
Think Tank 11-Apr
Think Tank
Why did PTI lose in the Daska despite in the government?
Think Tank 10-Apr
Think Tank
PTI candidate will lose in the Daska re-election.
Think Tank 9-Apr
Think Tank
Can Jehangir Tareen change the whole scenario of Pakistani politics.
Think Tank 4-Apr
Think Tank
Why is the PTI government helpless before the mafias?
Think Tank 3-Apr
Think Tank
Shahbaz Sharif important message to the PDM
Think Tank 2-Apr
Think Tank
The government is earning embarrassment by own step.
Think Tank 28-Mar
Think Tank
PM Khan brave step toward the betterment of the economy of Pakistan.
Think Tank 27-Mar
Think Tank
Why Bilawal posing Hamza Shahbaz as a new CM Punjab in case of vote of no confidence?
Think Tank 26-Mar
Think Tank
PPP succeeded in a big game against PMLN
Think Tank 21-Mar
Think Tank
The PDM is looking for face-saving after differences
Think Tank 20-Mar
Think Tank
Maulana Fazal cannot challenge the PTI government.
Think Tank 19-Mar
Think Tank
The politics of Pakistan reached an interesting stage.
Think Tank 14-Mar
Think Tank
PM Khan trying to hide his incompetent under the shadow of a political rift
Think Tank 13-Mar
Think Tank
The opposition or problems o the people, what is the target of PM Khan?
Think Tank 12-Mar
Think Tank
7 votes in favor of Gilani rejected caused defeat in the senate
Think Tank 7-Mar
Think Tank
Will the Chaudhry brothers support no confidence in Punjab?
Think Tank 6-Mar
Think Tank
PM Khan got a vote of confidence after defeat in the senate election.
Think Tank 5-Mar
Think Tank
The bad performance of the PTI government caused defeat in the senate election.
Think Tank 28-Feb
Think Tank
Discussion on the upcoming senate election
Think Tank 27-Feb
Think Tank
PTI government is in trouble due to its own party members
Think Tank 26-Feb
Think Tank
PTI government could not win a by-poll in Daska
Think Tank 21-Feb
Think Tank
The government is assuming big danger in the senate election
Think Tank 19-Feb
Think Tank
Why did the government make by-election an issue of life & death?
Think Tank 14-Feb
Think Tank
PMLN also took a U-turn on the issue of a vote of no confidence
Think Tank 13-Feb
Think Tank
PM Khan says 5 years are not enough to show performance
Think Tank 12-Feb
Think Tank
PM Khan wants transparency only in the senate election
Think Tank 7-Feb
Think Tank
Both the opposition & the government are not interested in the issues of the general public.
Think Tank 6-Feb
Think Tank
Why does not the opposition want reforms in the senate election process?
Think Tank 5-Feb
Think Tank
Discussion on the PDM new strategy against the PTI government.
Think Tank 31-Jan-21
Think Tank
Does PM Khan want a constitutional amendment to protect their own interest?
Think Tank 30-Jan-21
Think Tank
The broadsheet scandal will be hurt PTI in the long term
Think Tank 24-Jan-21
Think Tank
District Government launch an anti-encroachment operation against the PMLN leaders.
Think Tank 22-Jan-21
Think Tank
The broadsheet case cannot change the political scenario of Pakistan
Think Tank 17-Jan-21
Think Tank
After failing in the rallies the PDM is going to demonstrate in front of ECP
Think Tank 16-Jan-21
Think Tank
Which political party took foreign funding?
Think Tank 15-Jan-21
Think Tank
The broadsheet scandal opened a new Pandora box in Pakistan.


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