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Think Tank

Think Tank

Anchor: Syeda Ayesha Naz
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Ayaz Amir

Think Tank Talk Show Program - All episodes
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Pak Army mouth breaking reply to India on LOC.
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
PTi government in action against Maulana Azadi March
Think Tank 18-Oct
Think Tank
Shahbaz Sharif announced support for Maulana Azadi March
Think Tank 13-Oct
Think Tank
The big shock to Maulana, PMLN made a big bet for the sit-in
Think Tank 12-Oct
Think Tank
PTi government offered negotiation to Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman
Think Tank 11-Oct
Think Tank
Clear division in PMLN on the issue of Maulana Azadi March
Think Tank 6-Oct
Think Tank
Shahbaz and Bilawal cheated to Molana, Moulana has a big shock.
Think Tank 5-Oct
Think Tank
Maulana Azadi March and future of PTI government
Think Tank 4-Oct
Think Tank
No change will come after Maulana Azadi March
Think Tank 29-Sep
Think Tank
Fazal ur Rehman Determined on Azadi March, is PMLN & PPP with him.
Think Tank 28-Sep
Think Tank
PM Khan speech created fear among Indians
Think Tank 27-Sep
Think Tank
General Assembly of united nation meeting and PM Khan speech
Think Tank 22-Sep
Think Tank
Captain ready to show India true face in front of the global community
Think Tank 21-Sep
Think Tank
is in house changes possible or not now in situations?
Think Tank 20-Sep
Think Tank
is PPP and PMLN with Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman in his sit-in?
Think Tank 15-Sep
Think Tank
The economic and political situation of Pakistan
Think Tank 13-Sep
Think Tank
PM Khan blasting speech in Kashmir rally in Muzaffarabad
Think Tank 8-Sep
Think Tank
Big setback to peace process in Afghanistan
Think Tank 7-Sep
Think Tank
PM Khan announced big regarding change in Punjab
Think Tank 6-Sep
Think Tank
Army Chief reiterates support for independent movement in Kashmir
Think Tank 1-Sep
Think Tank
PM Khan addressed Muslim community in US state Houston, current political scenario of Pakistan
Think Tank 31-Aug
Think Tank
Scattered opposition lost power to challenge PTI government
Think Tank 30-Aug
Think Tank
PM announced to cross any limit for the sake of Kashmir independence
Think Tank 25-Aug
Think Tank
Trump to meet Modi in France to talk on Kashmir
Think Tank 24-Aug
Think Tank
No relief for Kashmiris of Indian occupied Kashmir
Think Tank 23-Aug
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif still in jail despite supreme court announced verdict of judge video scam
Think Tank 18-Aug
Think Tank
PTI government to put more burden taxes on layman
Think Tank 17-Aug
Think Tank
Pakistan put India in deep trouble by forcing security counsel of UN to talk on Kashmir
Think Tank 16-Aug
Think Tank
Discussion on the statement of Indian defense minister
Think Tank 11-Aug
Think Tank
Minorities are protesting in Pakistan in favor of Kashmiris brothers
Think Tank 10-Aug
Think Tank
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood visit of China
Think Tank 9-Aug
Think Tank
Occupied Kashmir is slipping from the control of Modi
Think Tank 4-Aug
Think Tank
National security meeting after Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir
Think Tank 3-Aug
Think Tank
India again increasing escalation on LOC
Think Tank 2-Aug
Think Tank
Big setback to opposition as Chairman Senate survived no confidence motion
Think Tank 28-Jul
Think Tank
More revelations about daily mail story against Shahbaz Sharif
Think Tank 27-Jul
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif big message, Irfan Siddiqui arrest
Think Tank 26-Jul
Think Tank
Imran Khan successful visit of US and panic in India
Think Tank 21-Jul
Think Tank
Exclusive discussion on PM Khan visit of United States
Think Tank 20-Jul
Think Tank
Finally people of FATA got right of electing their representatives
Think Tank 19-Jul
Think Tank
More troubles for PMLN after an arrest of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Think Tank 14-Jul-19
Think Tank
Another coward act by India, Another corruption scandal of Sharifs
Think Tank 13-Jul-19
Think Tank
What PTI government should do on traders strike?
Think Tank 12-Jul-19
Think Tank
Discussion on Audio, Video scandal of AC Judge
Think Tank 7-Jul-19
Think Tank
Judge Arshad Malik issued press release to denied alleged video.
Think Tank 6-Jul-19
Think Tank
Stunning press conference by Maryam Nawaz Sharif
Think Tank 5-Jul-19
Think Tank
Economic progress of Pakistan and opposition future in Pakistani politics
Think Tank 30-Jun-19
Think Tank
PMLN member parliamentarians are joining PTI


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