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Think Tank

Think Tank

Anchor: Syeda Ayesha Naz
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Ayaz Amir

Think Tank Talk Show Program - All episodes
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Who will be a major beneficiary in case of Imran Khan arrest?
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
Why is not PTI taking court proceeding seriously?
Think Tank 17-Mar
Think Tank
Imran Khan is not setting a good example by appearing in court with a sizeable group of support..
Think Tank 12-Mar
Think Tank
PTI twice postponed its rally in Lahore.
Think Tank 5-Mar
Think Tank
Islamabad police announced the arrest of Imran Khan at any price.
Think Tank 4-Mar
Think Tank
Are the political parties do have the way out from the ongoing crisis?
Think Tank 3-Mar
Think Tank
Are PMLN and other PDM parties ready for the election in Punjab?
Think Tank 26-Feb
Think Tank
Why could not democracy be deep-rooted in Pakistan?
Think Tank 24-Feb
Think Tank
Discussion on the proceeding of the Supreme Court in the election case.
Think Tank 19-Feb
Think Tank
Does President Alvi have the power to announce the election dates?
Think Tank 18-Feb
Think Tank
Can a president dictate ECP for the election date? What will be the counter strategy of the Gov..
Think Tank 12-Feb
Think Tank
General Bajwa was main planner of regime change in Pakistan. Imran Khan
Think Tank 11-Feb
Think Tank
How implementable Lahore High Court verdict is?
Think Tank 5-Feb
Think Tank
Does any political party have a solution for the current crisis?
Think Tank 4-Feb
Think Tank
The performance of the PDM government is a shame for the handlers
Think Tank 3-Feb
Think Tank
Who did allow TTP to settle in Pakistan?
Think Tank 29-Jan
Think Tank
Imran Khan will only be a PTI candidate in all 33 constituencies for by poll
Think Tank 28-Jan
Think Tank
Election in KPK & Punjab could be held in the mid of April
Think Tank 27-Jan
Think Tank
US Dollar crushed PKR, Plan C to assassinate Imran Khan
Think Tank 21-Jan
Think Tank
Will political parties accept the role of the current ECP in the next general election?
Think Tank 20-Jan
Think Tank
Why is the PDM government afraid of PTI return in the parliament?
Think Tank 15-Jan
Think Tank
Why did MQM boycott the local body election in Sindh?
Think Tank 13-Jan
Think Tank
What would be the future of political alliance between PMLQ & PTI
Think Tank 8-Jan
Think Tank
Does any political party have a solution to the current economic crisis of Pakistan?
Think Tank 7-Jan
Think Tank
Would CM Pervez Elahi be able to take vote of confidence?
Think Tank 6-Jan
Think Tank
Will Imran Khan last warning to Chaudhry Pervez Elahi work?
Think Tank 1-Jan
Think Tank
Would the current political leadership be able to deal with the challenges of 2023?
Think Tank 30-Dec-22
Think Tank
Rumors about caretaker or technocrat setup
Think Tank 18-Dec-22
Think Tank
Pervez Elahi came out in favor of General Bajwa after Imran Khan allegations
Think Tank 16-Dec-22
Think Tank
PMLQ & PTI have different position on the issue of the dissolution of the Punjab assembly.
Think Tank 11-Dec-22
Think Tank
Imran Khan insisting on dissolving the assemblies in December
Think Tank 10-Dec-22
Think Tank
Imran Khan ready to sit with the PDM government
Think Tank 9-Dec-22
Think Tank
Does Imran Khan really believe that Pervez Elahi will follow his instruction?
Think Tank 4-Dec-22
Think Tank
Will Imran Khan dare enough to dissolve the Punjab assembly?
Think Tank 2-Dec-22
Think Tank
Does Imran Khan really want to sit with the PDM government to get early election date?
Think Tank 27-Nov-22
Think Tank
Would Imran Khan be able to get a two-thirds majority in the parliament?
Think Tank 25-Nov-22
Think Tank
Would the appointment of a new military leadership bring stability in the country.
Think Tank 20-Nov-22
Think Tank
Would Imran Khan be able to get date for the early election?
Think Tank 19-Nov-22
Think Tank
Why is Imran Khan focusing on Rawalpindi instead of Islamabad?
Think Tank 18-Nov-22
Think Tank
What is the merit in the view of Imran Khan? who would be the new army chief?
Think Tank 13-Nov-22
Think Tank
Why political parties are not ready to sit together?
Think Tank 12-Nov-22
Think Tank
What would be the political scenario of Pakistan after the appointment of a new army chief?
Think Tank 11-Nov-22
Think Tank
Is there a chance of any upset on the political front?
Think Tank 6-Nov-22
Think Tank
What would be the logical end of a deadlock on the political grounds?
Think Tank 4-Nov-22
Think Tank
Why is not Punjab police registering FIR?
Think Tank 30-Oct-22
Think Tank
Lack of decision making power in the political parties
Think Tank 28-Oct-22
Think Tank
What would be the logical conclusion of PTI long march?
Think Tank 23-Oct-22
Think Tank
What is the reality in backdoor dialogue between the Govt & Imran Khan?


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