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The Review

The Review

Anchor: Kamran Yousaf
Channel: Express News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis

The Review Talk Show Program - All episodes
The Review Friday
The Review
Why did the IMF get access to the state bank of Pakistan?
The Review 10-Nov
The Review
Exchange rate management & external financing gap are the two issues not settled with IMF
The Review 3-Nov
The Review
A report of a think tank about special investment board, Dialogue between IMF & Pakistan.
The Review 28-Oct
The Review
Close relation between Pakistan & Saudi Arabia, Progress in CPEC
The Review 27-Oct
The Review
The IMF delegation is about to visit Pakistan for first review in November
The Review 20-Oct
The Review
No Significant decrease in the prices of goods despite of the US Dollar fall
The Review 13-Oct
The Review
The US Dollar continues to fall against PAK Rupee, Good news for the economy of Pakistan
The Review 7-Oct
The Review
US Dollar downfall continues, A good sign for the economy of Pakistan.
The Review 6-Oct
The Review
Pakistan imposed new restriction on Afghan transit trade.
The Review 30-Sep
The Review
5th meeting of Special Investment Facilitation Council
The Review 29-Sep
The Review
China is no longer interested in the CPEC projects in Pakistan.
The Review 23-Sep
The Review
Asian Development Bank report about the economic growth in Pakistan.
The Review 22-Sep
The Review
The caretaker PM meets IMF chief in New York, Tension between Canada & India.
The Review 15-Sep
The Review
IMF is surprised to know that Pakistan is facing shortage of dollars.
The Review 9-Sep
The Review
The G-20 summit in India, Crown Prince of KSA did not visit Pakistan.
The Review 8-Sep
The Review
IMF conditionally agreed for the relief in the electricity prices
The Review 25-Aug
The Review
The caretaker govt made the life of layman more tough, China & Russia are ready to rule the who..
The Review 19-Aug-23
The Review
The caretaker government is ready to increase the electricity prices.
The Review 3-Mar-23
The Review
Finance minister Ishaq Dar press conference and support from friendly countries.
The Review 24-Feb-23
The Review
The IMF program is becoming tough and tough for the PDM government.
The Review 17-Feb-23
The Review
Rehablitation of IMF program and future economic scenario
The Review 11-Feb-23
The Review
How will Pakistan fulfill the tough conditions of the IMF?
The Review 4-Feb-23
The Review
Discussion on the progress of talks between IMF and Pakistan
The Review 28-Jan-23
The Review
The economy of Pakistan is on the verge of destruction
The Review 13-Jan-23
The Review
Shortfall in the tax collection of FBR, Super tax is coming soon
The Review 7-Jan-23
The Review
The future of the Pakistan economy in 2023?
The Review 16-Dec-22
The Review
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan
The Review 25-Nov-22
The Review
State Bank of Pakistan increased interest rate, Appointment of a new army chief
The Review 11-Nov-22
The Review
Who will be the next army chief? The current scenario of Pakistan economy.
The Review 4-Nov-22
The Review
The outcome of PM Shahbaz China visit and an attack on Imran Khan
The Review 22-Oct-22
The Review
World organizations are not ready to give any sort of relief to Pakistan.
The Review 21-Oct-22
The Review
Would this verdict of ECP be sustainable in IHC?
The Review 14-Oct-22
The Review
What message was given to Ishaq Dar in the US?
The Review 8-Oct-22
The Review
Will Pakistan vote against Russia in the United Nation?
The Review 1-Oct-22
The Review
Army Chief in America on important visit.
The Review 17-Sep-22
The Review
Eye-opener report of the World Bank about flood bank.
The Review 16-Sep-22
The Review
What did Russian President Putin offer to PM Shahbaz?
The Review 10-Sep-22
The Review
Destruction of flood followed by relief work.
The Review 27-Aug-22
The Review
Will PTI take part in the APC called by the federal government?
The Review 12-Aug-22
The Review
How will the government implement one year agreement with IMF?
The Review 5-Aug-22
The Review
Pakistan survived from default. Should the policy makers celebrate it?
The Review 30-Jul-22
The Review
China showing concern over Pakistan security
The Review 18-Jun-22
The Review
Talk between Pakistan & TTP and its impact on FATF
The Review 11-Jun-22
The Review
Will IMF be happy with this budget?
The Review 26-Feb-22
The Review
Another storm of inflation is coming in Pakistan.
The Review 18-Feb-22
The Review
Petrol prices are likely to increase more.
The Review 11-Feb-22
The Review
More inflation expected in the coming days.
The Review 28-Jan-22
The Review
The opposition facilitated the government in the senate


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