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Anchor: Imran Khan (Anchor)
Channel: Express News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Talk Show
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakrarOnExpress
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imrankhananchor

Takrar is a television show that covers variety of subjects like social issues, current affairs, political issues, regional issues and the governance issues of the ruling parties in the provinces and in federal. This is typical talk show of Express News in which guests from various professions are invited to give there experts analysis on the agenda or topic tabled by the anchor related to the current political scenario. Takrar broadcasts on Express News every Monday to Thursday at 8:03pm.

Takrar is one of the Express News pioneer current issues based talk show. Express News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan. It was launched on January 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by Daily Express newspaper which is Pakistan’s 2nd largest news group. Express news presents news bulletin, breaking news, latest news, talk shows and various other entertainment and infotainment based programs. Kal Tak ,  Khabar Say Agay and @ Q with Ahmed Qureshi are  the other talk shows presented on Express News. Geo News, Duyna News, ARY News and Samaa News are the other channels with same category to Express News exist in Pakistan.

Imran Khan who has vast experience of field reporting is hosting this show. He has exposed many special, investigative and exclusive stories on his credit i.e. Ramond Davis case. He was the first journalist who reported this incident to nation. He is very kind hearted and known for his social and hard work and services to the people as well. He has been working for Express News for more than 7 years. In recent past he was shifted to Dunya News channel but very soon Express News abled to reclaim him back. The production team of his talk show Takrar is very enthusiastic and zealous to work hard towards betterment of the society and to bring positive change by building its thinking about the politics and force them to think critically and rationally. Takrar is presented under the production skills of Mr. Rana Naveed Anwar with other team mates too.  

Takrar Talk Show Program - All episodes
Takrar 14-Aug-19
Discussion on Independent day & Jasmine issue
Takrar 13-Aug-19
light mood discussion with guests from politics & media
Takrar 12-Aug-19
Kashmiris will surely succeed in their strguggle
Takrar 7-Aug-19
National security counsel took major decisions today
Takrar 6-Aug-19
India can wage war against Pakistan to hide its failure in occupied Kashmir
Takrar 5-Aug-19
Which country can support Pakistan on the issue of IOK?
Takrar 31-Jul-19
Who will be next target of opposition after chairman senate?
Takrar 30-Jul-19
Finally PM Khan took notice on increased price of bread
Takrar 29-Jul-19
Can opposition go for collective resignation from national assembly?
Takrar 24-Jul-19
Government decided to celebrate day of thanks tomorrow in reply of opposition black day
Takrar 23-Jul-19
Trump offer of mediation and reaction from Indian media
Takrar 22-Jul-19
What an outcome possible after Trump, PM Khan meeting
Takrar 17-Jul-19
International court of justice admitted Kulboshan as Indian spy
Takrar 16-Jul-19
PTI government exposing more corruption stories of opposition
Takrar 15-Jul-19
How government will prove Daily Mail story right?
Takrar 10-Jul-19
Government impost 17% sales tax on flour mills and PM says he will not give NRO to opposition
Takrar 9-Jul-19
PTI government issued detail of previous governments travelling expenditures
Takrar 8-Jul-19
Did PMLN again start confrontation with national institutions?
Takrar 3-Jul-19
Government started action against undeclared properties
Takrar 2-Jul-19
Cabinet decided to revisit law of issuing production order
Takrar 1-Jul-19
Why PTI wants change in the regime of Sindh
Takrar 26-Jun-19
All parties conference of opposition in Islamabad & budget session of national assembly
Takrar 25-Jun-19
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Takrar 24-Jun-19
All Parties Conference of divided opposition
Takrar 19-Jun-19
Will government amend budget 2019-20 on the demand of opposition?
Takrar 18-Jun-19
PM ordered speaker national assembly not to issue production order of arrested members
Takrar 17-Jun-19
What actually is going on in national assembly
Takrar 12-Jun-19
What relief for poor announced in budget 2019-20
Takrar 11-Jun-19
Annual budget 2019-20 & arrest of opposition leaders
Takrar 10-Jun-19
What will be PPP next strategy after Zardari arrest?
Takrar 5-Jun-19
EID special show with poet Anwar Masood
Takrar 4-Jun-19
High rate of inflation & hike in petroleum prices before EID
Takrar 3-Jun-19
Exclusive show on Pakistan vs England
Takrar 30-May-19
Character assassination of Justice Qazi Faez Isa
Takrar 29-May-19
Exclusive discussion with Inzamam-ul-Haq & Mushtaq Ahmed on World Cup 2019
Takrar 28-May-19
Maryam aggressive speech, What will happen after EID?
Takrar 27-May-19
PPP & PMLN are speaking n favor of PTM after violence in North Waziristan
Takrar 22-May-19
Maryam Nawaz blasting speech in Bahawalpur, Economic crises
Takrar 21-May-19
Controversy after Chairman NAB interview to Javed Chaudhry
Takrar 20-May-19
Maryam Nawaz blasted against PTI government after opposition grand gathering
Takrar 15-May-19
Will all opposition parties take part in protest against PTI government after EID?
Takrar 14-May-19
PTI government is taking political revenge by using national institutions against opposition.
Takrar 13-May-19
What relief being given to poor in the Holy month of Ramadan
Takrar 8-May-19
Pakistan accepted all conditions of IMF, this will take inflation to the new level
Takrar 7-May-19
Is Nawaz Sharif narrative still alive in the politics of Pakistan
Takrar 6-May-19
PTI government deal with IMF will increase inflation more in the country.
Takrar 1-May-19
Do not give NRO to opposition but for God sake think about poor of Pakistan.
Takrar 30-Apr-19
Is PM Khan being used against other political parties.


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