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Tahir Malik

Tahir Malik

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Din News
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tahir.malik.568294
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fromlahore

Tahir Malik's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Hai Thursday
Khabar Hai
Petition against Drama Mere Pas Tum Ho
Khabar Hai Wednesday
Khabar Hai
Trump, Imran meeting and futures Kashmir & CPEC
Khabar Hai 21-Jan
Khabar Hai
The accountability process is being rolled back
Khabar Hai 20-Jan
Khabar Hai
Who is involved in current flour crises in Pakistan?
Khabar Hai 16-Jan
Khabar Hai
New appointments & transfers in Pakistan Army
Khabar Hai 14-Jan
Khabar Hai
Shehryar Khan Afridi responded Rana Sanaullah in national assembly
Khabar Hai 13-Jan
Khabar Hai
Who played role to eliminate Musharraf sentence?
Khabar Hai 9-Jan
Khabar Hai
Why PMLN leadership took oath from party members in London meeting?
Khabar Hai 7-Jan
Khabar Hai
PMLN narrative of Vote Ko Izzat Do buried today
Khabar Hai 2-Jan
Khabar Hai
PMLN announced unconditional support for army act amendment
Khabar Hai 1-Jan
Khabar Hai
Discussion on an amendment in the army act & current parliamentary session
Khabar Hai 31-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
What task Maryam Nawaz given to Rana Sanaullah
Khabar Hai 30-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
New NAB ordinance and its main beneficiaries
Khabar Hai 26-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
Army Chief extension issue in supreme court again
Khabar Hai 24-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
Why could not government & ANF produce evidence in court against Rana Sanaullah
Khabar Hai 19-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
What was discuss in meeting meeting army chief & PM Khan
Khabar Hai 16-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
Detail verdict of Army Chief service extension case
Khabar Hai 11-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
Lawyers attack on PIC exposed Punjab government writ
Khabar Hai 5-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
PM adviser on NAB Shahzad Akbar press conference against Shahbaz Sharif
Khabar Hai 4-Dec-19
Khabar Hai
PMLN mission of London & Shahbaz Sharif press conference
Khabar Hai 27-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
What options PTI government left after today proceeding of supreme court
Khabar Hai 26-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Will General Bajwa tenure be extended by PTI government?
Khabar Hai 25-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Did PM Imran Khan decided to remove CM Punjab Usman Buzdar
Khabar Hai 21-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
PM Khan going to take major decision in few days.
Khabar Hai 20-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
PM Imran Khan vs Chief Justice of Pakistan
Khabar Hai 19-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Will PM Khan also let Maryam Nawaz to fly out of Pakistan?
Khabar Hai 14-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Nawaz Sharif and minus one formula
Khabar Hai 13-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Ending of Maulana Azadi March is a big success of PM Khan
Khabar Hai 12-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Who is guarantor of Nawaz return from Abroad?
Khabar Hai 11-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Will Nawaz Sharif be excluded from ECL?
Khabar Hai 6-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Maulana Azadi March is about to end soon
Khabar Hai 5-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
What an Important announcement expected in next 48 hours
Khabar Hai 4-Nov-19
Khabar Hai
Will Maryam Nawaz join Maulana Azadi March now after being granted bail by LHC?
Khabar Hai 31-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Final round between Maulana vs PM Khan, Train incident
Khabar Hai 30-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Will Maulana stay in Islamabad for long sit-in, PPP & PMLN participation in Azadi March
Khabar Hai 29-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
How Nawaz Sharif granted bail from Islamabad High Court
Khabar Hai 28-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Who wants to send Nawaz Sharif abroad?
Khabar Hai 23-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
PM Khan announced not to give resignation on Maulana pressure
Khabar Hai 21-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Maulana politics & LOC are heating up at once
Khabar Hai 15-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
What will PMLN announce tomorrow?
Khabar Hai 14-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Which are the hidden powers supporting Maulana Fazal Azadi March?
Khabar Hai 9-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Is Nawaz Sharif agree to support Maulana Azadi March by own?
Khabar Hai 7-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
PTI government strategy to stop Maulana Azadi March
Khabar Hai 3-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
PMLN still confused on the issue of Maulana Azadi March
Khabar Hai 2-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
What important message Ahsan Iqbal conveyed to Maulana?
Khabar Hai 1-Oct-19
Khabar Hai
Inside of Bilawal, Shahbaz meeting to join Maulana Azadi March
Khabar Hai 30-Sep-19
Khabar Hai
Discussion on Maulana Azadi March & possibility of Maryam Nawaz release
Khabar Hai 26-Sep-19
Khabar Hai
more big arrests possible in nest few days


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