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Syeda Ayesha Naz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Dunya News
Twitter: @Ayeshanaz1Naz

Syeda Ayesha Naz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
What would be the authenticity of a new election without dialogue?
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
Why do not the politicians solve their issues by sitting together?
Think Tank 2-Jun
Think Tank
Why is it a political activity only in Punjab for the next election?
Think Tank 28-May
Think Tank
Has Pakistan become unbeatable after the nuclear explosions in 1998?
Think Tank 27-May
Think Tank
Would PTI be able to contest the election again? Will the Govt give IK another chance for dialo..
Think Tank 26-May
Think Tank
Will PTI be completely politically eliminated? What is the solution to the current political tu..
Think Tank 21-May
Think Tank
Mysterious silence on the issue of election in KPK & Punjab.
Think Tank 20-May
Think Tank
First Imran Khan alleged the US of regime change and now he is requesting them for help
Think Tank 19-May
Think Tank
Would the situation be changed after the condemnation of the May 9 incidents from Imran Khan?
Think Tank 14-May
Think Tank
Federal ministers are requesting the PDM to shift sit-in outside redzone.
Think Tank 7-May
Think Tank
No political party have solution to the current political scenaro?
Think Tank 6-May
Think Tank
Imran Khan announced country-wide public protest after May 14
Think Tank 5-May
Think Tank
How many chances of same-day election in all provinces?
Think Tank 30-Apr
Think Tank
Can the court issue any judgment despite talks between PTI & the Govt?
Think Tank 28-Apr
Think Tank
What possible outcome could be of dialogue between PTI and the Govt?
Think Tank 16-Apr
Think Tank
Will Imran Khan and PM Shahbaz Sharif participate in the APC of JI
Think Tank 15-Apr
Think Tank
PTI and the government are ready to sit together on the dialogue table
Think Tank 14-Apr
Think Tank
Why are the political parties not ready to put 2nd glance at their conduct?
Think Tank 9-Apr
Think Tank
How much reality is in the apprehensions about the future of democracy in Pakistan?
Think Tank 8-Apr
Think Tank
The ruling alliance divided on the issue of talking with PTI.
Think Tank 7-Apr
Think Tank
Why is the PDM government insisting on full court?
Think Tank 2-Apr
Think Tank
Would Supreme Court be able to get Pakistan out of political crisis?
Think Tank 1-Apr
Think Tank
Why do politicians take their issues in the supreme court?
Think Tank 31-Mar
Think Tank
Supreme court itself caught by crisis during the hearing of election case
Think Tank 26-Mar
Think Tank
PM Shahbaz Sharif replied to a letter sent him by President Alvi
Think Tank 25-Mar
Think Tank
Could Imran Khan be able to get early election by force of popularity?
Think Tank 24-Mar
Think Tank
Why did Election Commission of Pakistan postpone the election in Punjab?
Think Tank 19-Mar
Think Tank
Who will be a major beneficiary in case of Imran Khan arrest?
Think Tank 18-Mar
Think Tank
Why is not PTI taking court proceeding seriously?
Think Tank 17-Mar
Think Tank
Imran Khan is not setting a good example by appearing in court with a sizeable group of support..
Think Tank 12-Mar
Think Tank
PTI twice postponed its rally in Lahore.
Think Tank 5-Mar
Think Tank
Islamabad police announced the arrest of Imran Khan at any price.
Think Tank 4-Mar
Think Tank
Are the political parties do have the way out from the ongoing crisis?
Think Tank 3-Mar
Think Tank
Are PMLN and other PDM parties ready for the election in Punjab?
Think Tank 26-Feb-23
Think Tank
Why could not democracy be deep-rooted in Pakistan?
Think Tank 24-Feb-23
Think Tank
Discussion on the proceeding of the Supreme Court in the election case.
Think Tank 19-Feb-23
Think Tank
Does President Alvi have the power to announce the election dates?
Think Tank 18-Feb-23
Think Tank
Can a president dictate ECP for the election date? What will be the counter strategy of the Gov..
Think Tank 12-Feb-23
Think Tank
General Bajwa was main planner of regime change in Pakistan. Imran Khan
Think Tank 11-Feb-23
Think Tank
How implementable Lahore High Court verdict is?
Think Tank 5-Feb-23
Think Tank
Does any political party have a solution for the current crisis?
Think Tank 4-Feb-23
Think Tank
The performance of the PDM government is a shame for the handlers
Think Tank 3-Feb-23
Think Tank
Who did allow TTP to settle in Pakistan?
Think Tank 29-Jan-23
Think Tank
Imran Khan will only be a PTI candidate in all 33 constituencies for by poll
Think Tank 28-Jan-23
Think Tank
Election in KPK & Punjab could be held in the mid of April
Think Tank 27-Jan-23
Think Tank
US Dollar crushed PKR, Plan C to assassinate Imran Khan
Think Tank 21-Jan-23
Think Tank
Will political parties accept the role of the current ECP in the next general election?
Think Tank 20-Jan-23
Think Tank
Why is the PDM government afraid of PTI return in the parliament?


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