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Syeda Ayesha Naz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Dunya News
Twitter: @Ayeshanaz1Naz

Syeda Ayesha Naz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Najam Sethi Show Wednesday
Najam Sethi Show
Whole plan of Imran Khan revealed. what is going to happen?
Najam Sethi Show Tuesday
Najam Sethi Show
Nawaz Sharif is also coming back. How Ishaq Dar will control the economy?
Najam Sethi Show Monday
Najam Sethi Show
Return of Ishaq Dar and its impact on the economy, Leaked audio of PM House
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
What does this on-slot of audio leaks indicate?
Think Tank 23-Sep
Think Tank
Is PTI really coming in islamabad? Ishaq Dar is returning
Najam Sethi Show 20-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan formula is not to get scared but make others scare
Najam Sethi Show 19-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Nawaz, Shahbaz meeting, Imran Khan ultimatum and other issues
Think Tank 18-Sep
Think Tank
To overcome the economic disaster PDM government has no strategy.
Think Tank 17-Sep
Think Tank
Is Imran Khan in a danger zone due to legal cases against him?
Think Tank 16-Sep
Think Tank
Can the current crisis be over by a fresh election?
Najam Sethi Show 13-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan threat of long march, Who will appoint new army chief?
Najam Sethi Show 12-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Possible change of the government in Punjab
Think Tank 11-Sep
Think Tank
Which is final authority to decide the election date in Pakistan?
Think Tank 10-Sep
Think Tank
Sword of disqualification is hanging on Imran Khan
Najam Sethi Show 7-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
How will IHC react on the supplementary reply submitted by Imran Khan?
Najam Sethi Show 6-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
How will the government deal with Imran Khan?
Najam Sethi Show 6-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Establishment asked the government to deal Imran Khan with iron hands
Think Tank 4-Sep
Think Tank
Why is Imran Khan threatening to become more lethal?
Think Tank 2-Sep
Think Tank
Would Imran Khan be able to survive in a legal war?
Najam Sethi Show 30-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Differences between Chaudhry Pervez Elahi & Imran Khan
Najam Sethi Show 29-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Another audio leaked, Was this a deliberate attempt to damage the state economy?
Think Tank 28-Aug
Think Tank
Loss of lives and inhuman behavior of the politicians.
Think Tank 27-Aug
Think Tank
Is this the right time for politics in Pakistan?
Think Tank 26-Aug
Think Tank
Should Imran Khan take cases against him seriously?
Najam Sethi Show 24-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
PTI urging its provincial governments to make political cases against the PDM
Najam Sethi Show 23-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
What is the big going to happen in September?
Think Tank 21-Aug
Think Tank
Is threatening the Institutional heads political act?
Think Tank 19-Aug
Think Tank
Why did the leadership of PTI distance from Gill statement?
Najam Sethi Show 17-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Will Nawaz Sharif be hospitalized or sent to jail upon his return?
Najam Sethi Show 16-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Why is Miftah Ismail being targeted? When will Nawaz Sharif come back?
Najam Sethi Show 15-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
How big danger Toshakhana reference is for Imran Khan?
Think Tank 14-Aug
Think Tank
What is the major issue of Pakistan?
Think Tank 12-Aug
Think Tank
Shahbaz Gill statement and counter action from the federal government.
Najam Sethi Show 10-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan could be arrested in the next phase of push back.
Think Tank 7-Aug
Think Tank
Discussion on the future political scenario
Think Tank 6-Aug
Think Tank
Does PTI really want early election?
Think Tank 5-Aug
Think Tank
The government is going to put the whole leadership of PTI on ECL
Najam Sethi Show 3-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan will be colled down, The economy of Pakistan is going to stabilize soon.
Najam Sethi Show 2-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
What could be consequences of the ECP judgment for PTI?
Najam Sethi Show 1-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Could Imran Khan survive or not? Najam Sethi gives big inside
Think Tank 31-Jul
Think Tank
What reality in the soft intervention?
Think Tank 30-Jul
Think Tank
Why is Imran Khan afraid of Chief Election Commissioner?
Think Tank 29-Jul
Think Tank
Could the pressure of Nawaz Sharif work for a new election?
Najam Sethi Show 27-Jul
Najam Sethi Show
What would be the next strategy of the PDM?
Najam Sethi Show 26-Jul
Najam Sethi Show
The ruling of deputy speaker Punjab suspended by supreme court.
Najam Sethi Show 25-Jul
Najam Sethi Show
Big setback to the PDM, Hamza Shahbaz in big trouble
Think Tank 24-Jul
Think Tank
Why are PTI & Sheikh Rashid insisting on the election in October/November?
Think Tank 23-Jul
Think Tank
Who is pushing the government for a fresh election?


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