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Syeda Ayesha Naz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Dunya News
Twitter: @Ayeshanaz1Naz

Syeda Ayesha Naz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Friday
Think Tank
Would the government be able to achieve its target in 2 years?
Najam Sethi Show Wednesday
Najam Sethi Show
Interior minister and information minister press conference about Indian conspiracy.
Najam Sethi Show Tuesday
Najam Sethi Show
What was Tosha Khana reference against Nawaz Sharif?
Najam Sethi Show Monday
Najam Sethi Show
Future of international cricket in Pakistan, internal issues of PMLN
Think Tank 19-Sep
Think Tank
PM Khan efforts for an inclusive government in Afghanistan.
Think Tank 18-Sep
Think Tank
Did New Zealand call off series with Pakistan by planning?
Think Tank 17-Sep
Think Tank
Ground reality of Pakistan economy and the government claims.
Najam Sethi Show 15-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Past, Present & Future of Democracy in Pakistan.
Najam Sethi Show 14-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
ECP in action, US to revisit its relation with Pakistan.
Najam Sethi Show 13-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Cantonment boards election and the opposition protest in the parliament joint session.
Think Tank 12-Sep
Think Tank
A real story of Indian atrocities in IOK.
Think Tank 11-Sep
Think Tank
20 years to 9/11 attack in the United States.
Think Tank 10-Sep
Think Tank
Why is the government insisting on the use of EVM in the next election?
Najam Sethi Show 8-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
Objections of the ECP on Electronic Voting Machine.
Najam Sethi Show 7-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
The new government in Afghanistan, ECP rejected EVM
Think Tank 5-Sep
Think Tank
What is the major obstacle in the way of forming a new Govt in Afghanistan?
Think Tank 4-Sep
Think Tank
Pakistani delegation led by General Faiz visited Kabul today.
Think Tank 3-Sep
Think Tank
Taliban is giving importance to the OBOR and Chinese role in the region.
Najam Sethi Show 1-Sep
Najam Sethi Show
7 years to PTI sit-in in 2014, current political scenario
Najam Sethi Show 31-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Future of Afghanistan after the complete US withdrawal
Najam Sethi Show 30-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
PDM is back, Taliban & the US are together against ISIS
Najam Sethi Show 30-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
PDM rally in Karachi and threat of long march to the government
Think Tank 29-Aug
Think Tank
Is TTP only an issue of Pakistan? Will Afghan Taliban support Pakistan against TTP?
Think Tank 28-Aug
Think Tank
Did the Taliban allow the US for drone strike in Afghanistan?
Think Tank 27-Aug
Think Tank
ISIS accepted the responsibility of the Kabul blasts.
Najam Sethi Show 25-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
People are losing hopes over the economy, What is the reality in Mulla Brother & CIA chief meet..
Najam Sethi Show 24-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Division in the Supreme Court and other issues
Najam Sethi Show 23-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
PDM is preparing for the mass protest, Will the Taliban keep a check on the TTP?
Think Tank 22-Aug
Think Tank
Reviewing the 3 years performance of the PTI government.
Think Tank 21-Aug
Think Tank
The world is still in shock over the quick success of the Taliban
Think Tank 20-Aug
Think Tank
How would be the structure of the Taliban government?
Najam Sethi Show 16-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
A long age civil war has ended in Afghanistan after Taliban took control of Kabul.
Think Tank 15-Aug
Think Tank
Taliban advancement in Afghanistan and the role of the US
Think Tank 14-Aug
Think Tank
What is the reason behind Taliban advancement?
Goonj 14-Aug
What is the obstacle in the way of the success of New Pakistan?
Think Tank 13-Aug
Think Tank
Ghani government offered Taliban a part in the government
Najam Sethi Show 11-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
Opposition Reservations on the EVM. PDM meeting and future strategy.
Najam Sethi Show 10-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
PM Khan visit to Karachi & Baluchistan, problems in PMLN
The Najam Sethi Show 9-Aug
The Najam Sethi Show
Increase in the prices of medicines, IMF latest statement
Think Tank 8-Aug
Think Tank
What would be the strategy of the Taliban regarding neighboring countries?
Think Tank 7-Aug
Think Tank
Why did Aoun Chaudhry resign from special assistant to CM Punjab?
Think Tank 6-Aug
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif will have to leave UK after rejection of his visa extension appeal
Najam Sethi Show 4-Aug
Najam Sethi Show
No lift to Pakistan by Biden, Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
The Najam Sethi Show 3-Aug
The Najam Sethi Show
Big revelation about Asim Saleem Bajwa resignation
Think Tank 1-Aug
Think Tank
Why there is a difference of approach between the federal govt & the Sindh Govt.
Think Tank 31-Jul
Think Tank
Is PMLN losing popularity in Punjab?
Think Tank 30-Jul
Think Tank
Did Shahbaz Sharif resign from the designation of party president?
Think Tank 25-Jul
Think Tank
Why did the AJK people prefer PTI on the other parties?


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