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Syeda Ayesha Naz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Dunya News
Twitter: @Ayeshanaz1Naz

Syeda Ayesha Naz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Najam Sethi Show Wednesday
Najam Sethi Show
PTI long march succeeded or flopped? Reality of talk between the Govt and PTI
Najam Sethi Show Tuesday
Najam Sethi Show
What is going to happen tomorrow?
Najam Sethi Show Monday
Najam Sethi Show
Why did the PDM decide to stay in the government?
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
How bigger challenge PTI long march is for the Shahbaz government?
Think Tank 21-May
Think Tank
How much reality in the news of Imran Khan arrest?
Think Tank 20-May
Think Tank
Is Fawad Chaudhry rightly demanding resignation from Hamza Shahbaz?
Najam Sethi Show 18-May
Najam Sethi Show
Possibility of governor rule in Punjab. Najam Sethi revealed
Najam Sethi Show 17-May
Najam Sethi Show
Future of the Punjab government after the verdict of SC
Najam Sethi Show 16-May
Najam Sethi Show
Has Nawaz Sharif decided not to continue government under the current economic scenario.
Think Tank 15-May
Think Tank
Dangers to Imran Khan life but why?
Think Tank 14-May
Think Tank
Talking about Imran khan words in their speech about NEUTRALS
Najam Sethi Show 11-May
Najam Sethi Show
Possibility of an early election and other issues.
Najam Sethi Show 9-May
Najam Sethi Show
Who is Mir Jaffer & Mir Sadiq? What is going on?
Think Tank 8-May
Think Tank
Why is ISPR having to warn over malicious campaign against the Army?
Think Tank 7-May
Think Tank
Sheikh Rashid irresponsible statement about bloody long march
Think Tank 6-May
Think Tank
Why is PTI & PMLN holding public rallies?
Think Tank 1-May
Think Tank
What would be the political scenario of Pakistan after Eid?
Think Tank 29-Apr
Think Tank
Condemnable incident in Masjid-e-Nabvi PBUH
Najam Sethi Show 27-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
PTI to challenge Lahore High Court order, Which news channels made Khan hero?
Najam Sethi Show 26-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Rs 5000 fine on Imran Khan, could this government be sustained till the election date?
Najam Sethi Show 25-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
What is going to happen in the PTI foreign funding case?
Think Tank 24-Apr
Think Tank
Economy or Imran Khan, which is the bigger challenge for Shahbaz Sharif?
Think Tank 23-Apr
Think Tank
Why didc Imran Khan demand the resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner?
Think Tank 22-Apr
Think Tank
No evidence of international conspiracy was found. NSC
Najam Sethi Show 20-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
How the differences were created between the Khan government and the establishment.
Najam Sethi Show 19-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Bilawal Bhutto going London to meet Nawaz Sharif
Najam Sethi Show 18-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Imran Khan could not escape in Toshakhana case
Think Tank 17-Apr
Think Tank
What does want to remove Imran Khan from the current political scenario
Think Tank 16-Apr
Think Tank
Why did the police enter in the Punjab assembly?
Think Tank 15-Apr
Think Tank
What is the future of PTI in the foreign funding case?
Najam Sethi Show 13-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Ousted of Imran Khan, Who will be the next CM in Punjab.
Najam Sethi Show 12-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Demonstration from PTI workers, Army leadership stand by the constitution & rule of law.
Najam Sethi Show 11-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Huge challenges ahead of PM Shahbaz Sharif
Think Tank 10-Apr
Think Tank
Shahbaz Sharif vs Shah Mahmood Qureshi for the next PM
Think Tank 9-Apr
Think Tank
Could PM Khan get popularity of past again?
Think Tank 8-Apr
Think Tank
A last day of PM Imran Khan government
Najam Sethi Show 6-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Counter strike from the opposition in the Punjab.
Najam Sethi Show 5-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Why there is a delay in the final verdict on speaker ruling in the supreme court?
Najam Sethi Show 4-Apr
Najam Sethi Show
Why did Imran Khan dissolve the national assembly?
Think Tank 1-Apr
Think Tank
Why did ally parties leave the government?
Najam Sethi Show 29-Mar
Najam Sethi Show
New revelation about letter to PM, Who will be a new CM of Punjab?
Najam Sethi Show 28-Mar
Najam Sethi Show
Why did Pervez Elahi refuse the CM offer from PMLN?
Think Tank 25-Mar
Think Tank
Why is the government concentrating on public rallies rather trying to bring their members back
Najam Sethi Show 23-Mar
Najam Sethi Show
I will not resign but may leave the government. PM Khan
Najam Sethi Show 22-Mar
Najam Sethi Show
What is the number game in the vote of no+confidence?
Najam Sethi Show 21-Mar
Najam Sethi Show
Can the speaker NA adjourn the session for an indefinite time?
Think Tank 20-Mar
Think Tank
Will PM Khan appeals to his disgruntled members work?
Think Tank 19-Mar
Think Tank
Have the allies settled their issues with the government?


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