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Syeda Ayesha Naz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Dunya News
Twitter: @Ayeshanaz1Naz

Syeda Ayesha Naz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Friday
Think Tank
The government is a big enemy of its own
Think Tank 26-Jul
Think Tank
The opposition establishing contacts on a fast track
Think Tank 25-Jul
Think Tank
PTI government has wasted its first two years in the government
Think Tank 24-Jul
Think Tank
No institution is working in Pakistan. Chief Justice of Pakistan
Think Tank 19-Jul
Think Tank
Issue of Dual Nationality, Khan suddenly announced a big decision
Think Tank 18-Jul
Think Tank
Is CM Punjab changing or not? PM Imran clears the situation!
Think Tank 17-Jul
Think Tank
Chair of CM Punjab, PTI new Player in political ground
Think Tank 12-Jul
Think Tank
Uzair Baloch JIT controversy opened a new debate in Pakistan
Think Tank 11-Jul
Think Tank
Bad performance of the ministers made PM Khan angry
Think Tank 10-Jul
Think Tank
Maulana Fazal is again active against the PTI government.
Think Tank 5-Jul
Think Tank
What did We Learn From 5th July?
Think Tank 3-Jul
Think Tank
Discussion on the future of the PTI government and PM Khan
Think Tank 28-Jun
Think Tank
Discussion on the political future of PM Imran Khan
Think Tank 27-Jun
Think Tank
PM Imran Khan has failed in front of every mafia in Pakistan
Think Tank 26-Jun
Think Tank
Why Did PM Imran Khan call Al-Qaeda chief Usama Bin Laden a martyr?
Think Tank 21-Jun
Think Tank
Are only rulers responsible for Corona destruction in Pakistan?
Think Tank 20-Jun
Think Tank
How much the PTI government serious to stop corona exposure?
Think Tank 19-Jun
Think Tank
Both parties are happy on Qazi Faez Isa case
Think Tank 14-Jun
Think Tank
NAB cases, virus infection to various opposition leaders
Think Tank 13-Jun
Think Tank
The government decided to impose strict lockdown in Lahore
Think Tank 12-Jun
Think Tank
Budget 2020-21 will increase people problem more
Think Tank 7-Jun
Think Tank
PM Khan has made historic decision against the sugar mafia
Think Tank 6-Jun
Think Tank
Pakistan is in deep trouble as Corona has become unstoppable in Pakistan
Think Tank 5-Jun
Think Tank
The situation regarding corona getting worst day by day.
Think Tank 31-May
Think Tank
Karuna wreaked havoc after Relief in LockDown
Think Tank 30-May
Think Tank
Discussion on the current situation of Coronavirus and Pakistani nation
Think Tank 29-May
Think Tank
Corona has been controlled in Pakistan, Government warning for the lockdown again.
Think Tank 23-May
Think Tank
Fawad Chaudhry & Mufti Muneeb are up front on the issue of Eid moon.
Think Tank 22-May
Think Tank
Why did PIA plane crash before landing in Karachi?
Think Tank 17-May
Think Tank
The situation is getting out of control after easing the lockdown
Think Tank 16-May
Think Tank
The leadership of PMLN & PPP once again in the radar of NAB
Think Tank 15-May
Think Tank
We cannot let people die due to hunger. PM Imran Khan
Think Tank 10-May
Think Tank
National assembly session on Corona and helplessness of the government.
Think Tank 9-May
Think Tank
The impact of Coronavirus is increasing day by day in Pakistan.
Think Tank 8-May
Think Tank
Finally the government of Sindh following instructions of the federal government.
Think Tank 3-May
Think Tank
Provincial & the federal governments are preparing for countrywide relief in the lockdown.
Think Tank 2-May
Think Tank
Coronavirus shaping up more deadly in Pakistan. Strict action needed.
Think Tank 1-May
Think Tank
The blame game between Sindh & the federal governments
Think Tank 26-Apr-20
Think Tank
Government and opposition upfront on the issue of sugar & wheat crises report.
Think Tank 25-Apr-20
Think Tank
Pakistani doctors foreseeing more destruction due to COVID19
Think Tank 24-Apr-20
Think Tank
Would Health Organization expressing concerns over COVID19 exposure in Pakistan
Think Tank 19-Apr-20
Think Tank
Another big announcement by PM Khan regarding politics on the issue of COVID19
Think Tank 18-Apr-20
Think Tank
The government passed an ordinance against hoarders of sugar & wheat
Think Tank 17-Apr-20
Think Tank
Why consensus could not be developed among political parties?
Think Tank 12-Apr-20
Think Tank
Will world financial institutions give any relief to Pakistan at time of pandemic?
Think Tank 11-Apr-20
Think Tank
People of Pakistan will have to take danger of COVID19 seriously
Think Tank 10-Apr-20
Think Tank
PM Khan warns the nation about corona danger, sugar & wheat crises
Think Tank 5-Apr-20
Think Tank
Corona exposure could not be controlled in Pakistan


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