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Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukari

Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukari

Date of Birth: 23-Dec-1952 (Age: 68 Years)
Address: Rawalpindi, Punjab
Profession: Lawyer
Affiliation: Pakistan Peoples Party

Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukari's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
G For Gharida 24-May
G For Gharida
No compromise with mafias. PM Khan announced in the core committee meeting.
Off The Record 24-May
Off The Record
Warm welcome given to Shah Mahmood on his return from the US
G For Gharida 5-Apr
G For Gharida
PPP demanged the trust of the rest of the PDM parties
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 23-Mar
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Discusstion on the differences between the PPP & PMLN
Face to Face 21-Mar
Face to Face
Maryam Nawaz another flurry speech in the youth convention of the PMLN
G For Gharida 9-Feb-21
G For Gharida
Discussion on the senate election by show of hands
In Focus 7-Feb-21
In Focus
Pakistan Peoples Party rejected Presidential ordinance for senate poss.
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 6-Feb-21
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Will the opposition challenge the presidential ordinance?
News Eye 16-Dec-20
News Eye
We are fully ready to dissolve Sindh Assembly. Bilawal Bhutto
Off The Record 30-Nov-20
Off The Record
A political launch of Asifa Bhutto in the Multan Jalsa of the PDM
Off The Record 17-Nov-20
Off The Record
Discussion on the GB election results and PM address to the nation.
Off The Record 16-Nov-20
Off The Record
What will be the political impact of GB election results?
Sawal Awaam Ka 26-Sep-20
Sawal Awaam Ka
The government fells into more trouble as the opposition going towards extreme steps.
Off The Record 18-Aug-20
Off The Record
How much successful PTI government in two years?
Ho Kya Raha Hai 11-Feb-20
Ho Kya Raha Hai
PMLN decided not to become part of any move to topple Khan government
Off The Record 2-Jan-20
Off The Record
Part of PM Khan today speech censored, an amendment in the army act
Ho Kya Raha Hai 2-Jan-20
Ho Kya Raha Hai
PTI government trying to make opposition agree for constitutional amendment
G For Gharida 1-Jan-20
G For Gharida
NAB amendment ordinance, 2020 is the year of relief claimed by PM
Night Edition 30-Dec-19
Night Edition
Will MQM Pakistan accept Bilawal Bhutto offer?
Ho Kya Raha Hai 18-Dec-19
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Rapid relief to PPP leadership from court
News Eye 12-Nov-19
News Eye
Federal Government asked Sharif family to provide guarantee in shape of bonds
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 9-Nov-19
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Maulana Azadi March & Opening of Kartarpur Corridor
Faisla Aap Ka 6-Nov-19
Faisla Aap Ka
What PTI government can offer to Maulana Fazal?
Opposition Rahbar Committee Presser 2-Nov-19
Opposition Rahbar Committee Presser
Opposition Rahbar committee pres conference
PPP Leaders Media Talk 23-Oct-19
PPP Leaders Media Talk
PPP leaders media talk in Islamabad
Ho Kya Raha Hai? 16-Oct-19
Ho Kya Raha Hai?
PTI will take part in Maulana Azadi March
G For Gharida 4-Oct-19
G For Gharida
Current political scenario of Pakistan & Maulana Azadi March
Off The Record 1-Oct-19
Off The Record
Why does opposition want to topple PTI government?
G For Gharida 27-Sep-19
G For Gharida
Discussion on an important speech of PM Khan in UNGA
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 26-Jul-19
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Opposition rejected government request of stepping back from no confidence move against senate
Faisla Aap Ka 10-Jul-19
Faisla Aap Ka
PM Khan visit of US, Current rate of inflation
On The Front 13-Jun-19
On The Front
High power commission to investigate last 10 years debts
11th Hour 21-May-19
11th Hour
NAB on the target of whole opposition after NAB chairman controversial interview.
PPP Leaders Media Talk Outside NAB 25-Mar-19
PPP Leaders Media Talk Outside NAB
PPP leaders media talk outside NAB during CM appearance
Live With Moeed Pirzada 13-Mar-19
Live With Moeed Pirzada
PTI not serious in taking real action against banned organizations. Bilawal
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 10-Mar-19
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Only with peace economy of Pakistan & India can grow
News Point 10-Dec-18
News Point
Nawaz likely to go Adiyala again as AC will announce verdict of other two references on Dec 24
News Room 27-Nov-18
News Room
Opposition thinks PTI failed to give any relief to people of Pakistan in first 100 days.
Off The Record 26-Nov-18
Off The Record
100 days to PTI in power and reality of change
Off The Record 21-Nov-18
Off The Record
Discussion about PM Imran Khan speech in Malaysia to the Pakistani community
News Room 13-Nov-18
News Room
Across the board accountability and reservations of opposition parties
Power Play 12-Nov-18
Power Play
How to bring back looted money of nation of Pakistan?
Nadeem Malik Live 12-Nov-18
Nadeem Malik Live
Special Assistant to PM Barrister Shahzad press conference and big claims
Dusra Rukh 10-Nov-18
Dusra Rukh
Who is interfering in Punjab government affairs?
Jawab Chahiay 7-Nov-18
Jawab Chahiay
Which laws of NAB PTI Government wants to change?
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 1-Nov-18
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
After failed attempt of APC what will be the next strategy of opposition?
News Beat 28-Sep-18
News Beat
Claim vs reality of PTI performance in last 30 days.
Faisla Aap Ka 19-Sep-18
Faisla Aap Ka
What will be Nawaz immediate plane after release from Adiala?


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