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Shaukat Mehmood Basra

Shaukat Mehmood Basra

Date of Birth: 1-Mar-1966 (Age: 54 Years)
Address: Bahawalpur, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan People's Party
Phone# 0333-7676767

Shaukat Mehmood Basra's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
To The Point 29-Dec-20
To The Point
Maulana Sherani announced a separate party after being expelled from the JUIF.
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 17-Nov-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Discussion on the PDM meeting about the GB election
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 8-Oct-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
The main objective of the PDM is to give the people a real constitutional government.
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 24-Sep-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
Who is responsible for the current political stress?
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 11-Sep-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
The state is facing serious political and economic crises
On The Front 9-Sep-20
On The Front
Nawaz Sharif filed a review petition in IHC rather coming back
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath 2-Sep-20
Abb Takk Dr Danish Ke Sath
The government and the courts allowed Nawaz Sharif to go out on medical grounds
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 31-Aug-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
I allowed Nawaz Sharif to go out on the advice of Dr Yasmeen & Dr Faisal. PM Khan
To The Point 19-Aug-20
To The Point
The federal government and the Sindh government agreed over the committee for Karachi
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 27-Jul-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Heavy rain in Karachi and other political issues
To The Point 21-Jul-20
To The Point
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
Live With Nasrullah Malik 20-Jun-20
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Confrontation between the federal government and Sindh
Clash With Imran Khan 17-Jun-20
Clash With Imran Khan
PTI government is in serious trouble after BNP Mengal quit
To The Point 15-Jun-20
To The Point
Punjab government decided to impose lockdown in various areas of Lahore.
Clash With Imran Khan 11-Jun-20
Clash With Imran Khan
Who is doing politics on dead bodies of corona patients?
Live With Nasrullah Malik 31-May-20
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Maryam Nawaz Active on Twitter
Tonight With Fareeha 28-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Who will bring sugar mafia under law of the state?
Fight Between Chatan & Basra 21-May-20
Fight Between Chatan & Basra
Fight between Akhunzada Chatan & Shaukat Basra in live TV show.
Tonight With Fareeha 19-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
The number of corona patients reached to 44000 in Pakistan.
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 19-May-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Suspected corona patient declared positive by a government lab and he is found negative by a pr..
Tonight With Fareeha 13-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Corona cases are increasing in a rapid pace in Pakistan
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 11-May-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
No stoppage of mafias under the government of PM Khan
Face to Face 8-May-20
Face to Face
The federal government left people on the clemency of COVID19 by easing lockdown.
To The Point 20-Apr-20
To The Point
Will NAB arrest Shahbaz Sharif at time of Pandemic in Pakistan?
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 14-Apr-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
PM announced partial relief in the lockdown till April 28
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 11-Apr-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Indian violations on LOC, Sindh government sealed 11 Unions in Karachi due to COVID19
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 19-Mar-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Bilawal Bhutto announced not to do politics on corona issue despite government mismanagement
News Talk 14-Mar-20
News Talk
Establishing new provinces is the need for Pakistan
Tonight With Fareeha 11-Mar-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Why could not the economy of Pakistan come out of crises?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 3-Mar-20
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Writing a letter to Britain to bring back Nawaz Sharif is just a political stunt.
News Beat 1-Mar-20
News Beat
PTI government decided to bring back both Nawaz & Shahbaz
News Talk 29-Feb-20
News Talk
After a 20 years of war, US & Afghan Taliban signed peace agreement
Nasim Zehra @8:00 26-Feb-20
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Violence in an Indian state New Delhi during Trump visit
To The Point 19-Feb-20
To The Point
How much dangerous 2nd round of opposition parties protest will be?
Jawab Chahiay 4-Feb-20
Jawab Chahiay
Has a change initiated in Punjab? PM Khan visit to Malaysia
To The Point 27-Jan-20
To The Point
Usman Buzdar will remain as CM Punjab, PM Khan cleared to everyone.
Jawab Chahiay 20-Jan-20
Jawab Chahiay
People of Pakistan facing various crises due to bad governance and incompetent government
Breaking Point with Malick 18-Jan-20
Breaking Point with Malick
What is actually going on between PTI government and its allies?
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 17-Jan-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
CM Buzdar in Punjab in danger, Allies are active against him.
News Talk 17-Jan-20
News Talk
Pakistan most populated provinc is being governed by incompetent man
To The Point 14-Jan-20
To The Point
MQM, GDA & PMLQ all allies are unhappy over PTI government
Aitraaz Hai 11-Jan-20
Aitraaz Hai
Opposition government reconciliation, what is behind the scenes ...!
News Talk 11-Jan-20
News Talk
PMLN Deceived Its Voters, is it true or not?
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 2-Jan-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Bill for an amendment in the army act will be presented in the parliament yesterday
News Beat 29-Dec-19
News Beat
Discussion on PTI government performance in 2019
Nadeem Malik Live 26-Dec-19
Nadeem Malik Live
FIA raid at PMLN central secretariat in Lahore
Jawab Chahiay 24-Dec-19
Jawab Chahiay
What is worth of roosevelt hotel in New York? Who is after this property of PIA
To The Point 24-Dec-19
To The Point
PMLN applied for extension in Nawaz Sharif bail period


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