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Sarwat Valim

Sarwat Valim

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: 92 News

Sarwat Valim's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Muqabil Saturday
Who made the country a nuclear power? Haroon Rasheed Analysis
Muqabil 17-May
Why was Mayor Islamabad suspended? What will happen in the case of importing medicins from Indi..
Muqabil 15-May
Rate of recovery from Corona in Pakistan is much bigger than the rest of the world.
Rumor About Change of Gov Sindh 11-May
Rumor About Change of Gov Sindh
The rumor about change of governor Sindh.
Muqabil 10-May
What will be the agenda of the parliamentary session? Rumors about change of governor Sindh
Muqabil 9-May
House of Saud is in danger as US dragged its support to the Royal family.
Muqabil 8-May
Which federal minister going to be removed over importing medicines from India?
Muqabil 7-May
Is lifting the lockdown right decision under current scenario?
Differences Between PMLQ & Khan 7-May
Differences Between PMLQ & Khan
Differences between PMLQ leadership & Imran Khan
Muqabil 6-May
Why Chaudhry brothers reached court against NAB? Are they going to leave alliance?
Muqabil 3-May
International day of press freedom, the performance of CM Punjab.
Muqabil 2-May
Is Firdous Ashiq Awan thinking about leaving PTI after being removed from the cabinet?
Muqabil 1-May
Bilawal demand of PM Khan resignation, Tension between India & US
Muqabil 30-Apr
Ahmedi induction in the minority commission, Corona vaccine preparation
Firdous Is a Woman Version of SR 30-Apr
Firdous Is a Woman Version of SR
Firdous Ashiq Awan is a woman version of Sheikh Rashid. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
Muqabil 29-Apr
White House unfollowed Indian PM & President on Twitter
Opposition Future Plan & JKT Role 27-Apr
Opposition Future Plan & JKT Role
Haroon-ur-Rasheed is telling about future plan of the opposition and role of Tareen.
Muqabil 26-Apr
Future planning of the opposition, Why Musharraf decided to remove Kiani?
HR Remarks on TJ Statement 25-Apr
HR Remarks on TJ Statement
Haroon-ur-Rasheed remarks on Tariq Jamil controversial statement.
NS Paid US 500m Before Leaving 25-Apr
NS Paid US 500m Before Leaving
Nawaz Sharif paid US 500 million before leaving for London. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
Muqabil 24-Apr
Maulana Tariq Jameel statement regarding national media.
Muqabil 19-Apr
Inquiry report of IPPs, A rift between opposition & government.
Muqabil 18-Apr
What will happen on April 25? Shahbaz as PM and Chaudhry Pervez as CM Punjab
Muqabil 17-Apr
What is happening in the politics of Punjab? Why IMF so kind on Pakistan?
PM Khan Can Dissolve Assembly 16-Apr
PM Khan Can Dissolve Assembly
PM Khan can dissolve the national assembly temporarily. Dr Shahid Masood
Nothing Find Against Tareen 13-Apr
Nothing Find Against Tareen
Inquiry commission find nothing against Tareen. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
Muqabil 12-Apr
Has Tareen settled issues with PM Khan? What is future of sugar crises report?
Muqabil 11-Apr
Khawaja brothers meet Chaudhry Pervez Elahi today
Can Tareen Topple Khan Govt? 11-Apr
Can Tareen Topple Khan Govt?
Can Jehangir Khan Tareen topple PM Khan government?
Turning Point Between Khan & JKT 11-Apr
Turning Point Between Khan & JKT
The turning point between PM Imran Khan & Jehangir Khan Tareen.
Muqabil 10-Apr
Conspirators are active against PTI government, Tareen raised valid questions
HR Exposes Mismanagement of CM 6-Apr
HR Exposes Mismanagement of CM
Haroon-ur-Rasheed exposes mismanagement of CM Punjab Buzdar
Muqabil 5-Apr
Political manipulation, Sugar & Flour crises inquiry report
Muqabil 4-Apr
FIA inquiry report for sugar & flour crises revealed.
Muqabil 3-Apr
Relief package for the construction industry, new plan of PMLN & Corona Tiger Force
IK Was Made Mind of Removing CM 30-Mar
IK Was Made Mind of Removing CM
PM Khan first time was made the mind of removing CM Buzdar before COVID19 exposure.
Muqabil 29-Mar
Government effort to suppress media, Shahbaz Sharif is much active than Buzdar
Muqabil 27-Mar
Has pandemic COVID19 been brought for new world order?
PAK Army is Favor of Lockdown 23-Mar
PAK Army is Favor of Lockdown
Pakistan army is in favor of lockdown. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
Muqabil 22-Mar
Shahbaz Sharif return, Army called in Punjab & Baluchistan and lockdown in Sindh
Muqabil 20-Mar
What options Pakistan have to fight against corona?
Muqabil 15-Mar
Anti state activity of Nawaz Sharif exposed
Muqabil 13-Mar
Rebellion within PMLN, future of Sharif family & Coronavirus
One PTI Minister Could be Arrested 9-Mar
One PTI Minister Could be Arrested
One PTI minister could be arrested in clour crises case.
Muqabil 8-Mar
Three senior members of the Royal Family are in the custody of the Saudi Government.
Muqabil 7-Mar
Flour crises report presented to PM, Big face of PTI is going to arrest soon
Muqabil 6-Mar
What is the PMLN game plan in Karachi? Few political faces are going to join PMLq
Why Maryam Wanted to Go London 2-Mar
Why Maryam Wanted to Go London
Haroon Ur Rashid revealed why Maryam Nawaz wanted to go London


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