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Sarwat Valim

Sarwat Valim

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: 92 News

Sarwat Valim's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Muqabil Thursday
What is going to happen in Sindh? Are we going to witness another separation
Muqabil Wednesday
An important statement from chief justice of Pakistan regarding accountability
Muqabil 5-Sep
What are obstacles in the way of police reform
Muqabil 3-Sep
How to resolve Kashmir issue? PM Khan dialogue offer to Modi
Muqabil 2-Sep
Councillor access to Kulboshan, National political scenario
Subh Savaray Pakistan 2-Sep
Subh Savaray Pakistan
New Islamic year, Importance of Muharram Ul Haram
Subh Savaray Pakistan 31-Aug
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Difference between old time movies and movies of current era
Muqabil 29-Aug
Afghan peace process, Zardari might be given short relief on medical grounds.
Muqabil 28-Aug
What is the ultimate solution Kashmir dispute?
Muqabil 26-Aug
PM announced to support Kashmiris till the last breath
Subh Savaray Pakistan 24-Aug
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Different types of fear & human reaction
Subh Savaray Pakistan 23-Aug
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Reasons of suicide in Pakistan
Muqabil 22-Aug
Why Arabs kept silence on Kashmir issue?
Muqabil 21-Aug
American always protect own interest first
Muqabil 20-Aug
Pakistan has to take concrete steps regarding Kashmir issue
Muqabil 19-Aug
3 years extension in General Bajwa tenure
Subh Savaray Pakistan 19-Aug
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah is exclusive guest in today show.
Muqabil 14-Aug
Independent day special show
Muqabil 13-Aug
What lesson sacrificial EID teaches us?
Muqabil 8-Aug
India can go to any extent to divert attention from occupied Kashmir
Muqabil 1-Aug
Senate proceeding & an increased prices of petroleum products
Subh Savaray Pakistan 1-Aug
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Experts are telling various treatment diabetes
Subh Savaray Pakistan 31-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Reasons, symptoms & solution of HIV/AIDS
Subh Savaray Pakistan 30-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Exclusive show with Pakistan baseball team
Subh Savaray Pakistan 29-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Motivational speaker Syed Qasim Ali Shah is exclusive guest in today show.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 26-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
An increased trend of begging in Pakistan
Subh Savaray Pakistan 25-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Heart diseases and its reasons
Muqabil 24-Jul
Indian effort to isolate Pakistan diplomatically failed badly
Subh Savaray Pakistan 24-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Women problems during pregnancy
Muqabil 23-Jul
An overall performance of PM Khan visit of America
Subh Savaray Pakistan 23-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Reasons behind increased ratio of domestic violence
Muqabil 18-Jul
LNG scam, NAB arrested former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Subh Savaray Pakistan 18-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Interesting chit chat with full cast of upcoming Pakistani movie Ready Steady No
Muqabil 17-Jul
FIA arrested main character of Judge Arshad Malik video scandal
Subh Savaray Pakistan 17-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Wealth is the only standard to test people
Muqabil 16-Jul
Hearing of NAB judge leaked video case in supreme court
Muqabil 15-Jul
Shahbaz Sharif in big trouble after Daily Mail story
Subh Savaray Pakistan 12-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Stone impact on human life
Muqabil 11-Jul
It is impossible that Railway earn profit
Subh Savaray Pakistan 11-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
International population day, political scenario of Pakistan
Muqabil 10-Jul
PM Khan visit of Karachi and people problems there
Muqabil 9-Jul
Why opposition wants to remove Chairman senate?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 9-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Makeup styles for extreme weather
Subh Savaray Pakistan 8-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Why career counseling is necessary?
Muqabil 4-Jul
Decrease in dollar value, what does it mean?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 4-Jul
Subh Savaray Pakistan
women power in our society
Muqabil 3-Jul
FBR action against all undeclared property holders
Muqabil 2-Jul
All arguments in favor of Rana Sanaullah are baseless


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