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Sardar Nabeel Ahmed Gabol

Sardar Nabeel Ahmed Gabol

Date of Birth: 16-Nov-1962 (Age: 57 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Muttahida Quami Movement
Phone# 0321-5255111

Sardar Nabeel Ahmed Gabol's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Sawal Awaam Ka Saturday
Sawal Awaam Ka
Coronavirus exposure in Pakistan & preparation of federal government
Rubaru 27-Mar
Nonbailable arrest warrant against Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, COVID19
News Talk 27-Mar
News Talk
NAB Court issued a nonbailable warrant of former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Beat 15-Mar
News Beat
Our health system not too strong to deal with corona
Rubaru 6-Mar
What is going on in Karachi? Is PMLN seeking support from other political parties?
In Focus 29-Feb
In Focus
Is PM Khan slogan of accountability dying with the passage of time?
On The Front 18-Feb
On The Front
Why is PM Khan blaming media for his failure?
11th Hour 13-Feb
11th Hour
Will opposition protest during Turkish president address to the parliament?
Jawab Chahiay 12-Feb
Jawab Chahiay
What did we find after 18 months of ruthless accountability?
Aapas Ki Baat 12-Feb
Aapas Ki Baat
Package of 15 billion will only benefit layman Rs 68 only
On The Front 11-Feb
On The Front
Non-serious people are part of the federal cabinet, IMF package is the big reason of inflation ..
Aapas Ki Baat 5-Feb
Aapas Ki Baat
Has a narrative of accountability really weaken?
On The Front 3-Feb
On The Front
PTI economic team lacking mutual understanding
Sawal Awaam Ka 1-Feb
Sawal Awaam Ka
PM Khan decided to distribute buffalos & cows among poor families.
Aapas Ki Baat 28-Jan
Aapas Ki Baat
Supreme Court unhappy over Railway Ministry performance
11th Hour 28-Jan
11th Hour
IG Sindh issue yet to be resolved, unnecessary expenditure of previous government.
Kal Tak 22-Jan
Kal Tak
Forward block in PTI in Punjab, flour crises and future of CM Buzdar
On The Front 20-Jan
On The Front
First wheat exported on cheap price now planning for import on higher price
News Beat 18-Jan
News Beat
Accountability still first priority of PTI government despite several governance issues
Sawal Yeh Hai 12-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
What actually happened between MQM & PTI government?
On The Front 9-Jan
On The Front
An approval of army act bill in the parlaiment and role of opposition parties
Faisla Aap Ka 30-Dec-19
Faisla Aap Ka
Voices of mother of NRO, Will opposition support government in the parliament
News Beat 28-Dec-19
News Beat
Hidden objectives of PTI government behind recent NAB ordinance
In Focus 28-Dec-19
In Focus
Amendment in NAB laws is actually a NRO which government given to itself
On The Front 25-Dec-19
On The Front
If supreme court would also have given verdict in favor of Rana Sana than what will happen
Aapas Ki Baat 23-Dec-19
Aapas Ki Baat
Directed of NAB action could not be changed, Ahsan Iqbal arrested
11th Hour 23-Dec-19
11th Hour
NAB summoned Bilawal Bhutto, Ahsan Iqbal arrested by NAB
On The Front 19-Dec-19
On The Front
Special court verdict is completely out of sense
Nadeem Malik Live 11-Dec-19
Nadeem Malik Live
Why did not Punjab government react on lawyers violence in PIC?
On The Front 5-Dec-19
On The Front
Shahzad Akbar press conference, ECP Chairman & members appointment issue
Sawal 29-Nov-19
Summary to give service extension to army chief exposed PTI government competency
On The Front 25-Nov-19
On The Front
Change in Punjab administration, Maryam Nawaz will also leave soon
Jawab Chahiay 20-Nov-19
Jawab Chahiay
First NAB Chairman & Now Chief Justice of Pakistan Warned government
Nadeem Malik Live 19-Nov-19
Nadeem Malik Live
Many Federal Ministers are angry on Nawaz Sharif departure
On The Front 12-Nov-19
On The Front
Federal cabinet approved conditional removal from ECL
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 25-Oct-19
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Maryam bail possible on Monday, Nawaz Sharif got bail from Lahore high court
Nadeem Malik Live 24-Oct-19
Nadeem Malik Live
Discussion on Nawaz Sharif health & other political scenario of Pakistan
On The Front 23-Oct-19
On The Front
Why PTI government gave permission of Azadi March
On The Front 10-Oct-19
On The Front
Nawaz Sharif asked his workers to take part in Maulana Azadi March
11th Hour 1-Oct-19
11th Hour
Is Maulana Fazal coming to Islamabad in October?
News Eye 1-Oct-19
News Eye
PPP & PMLN wants Maulana to shift his long march in the month of November
On The Front 1-Oct-19
On The Front
Maulana dream of toppling PTI government is dying
Off The Record 26-Sep-19
Off The Record
Can current system system in Pakistan be rolled back?
Clash With Imran Khan 25-Sep-19
Clash With Imran Khan
Increased popularity of PM Khan and Maulana Fazal long march.
On The Front 24-Sep-19
On The Front
Imran Khan unexpected Statement in the US, report on earthquake
Sawal Awaam Ka 21-Sep-19
Sawal Awaam Ka
is PML N leave to maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman or not?
Nadeem Malik Live 18-Sep-19
Nadeem Malik Live
People are taken to the streets in Kasur after new cases of child abuse
Aapas Ki Baat 17-Sep-19
Aapas Ki Baat
PTI own members national assembly criticizing government policies


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