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Sajid Ahmed

Sajid Ahmed

Date of Birth: 10-Jul-1973 (Age: 47 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Muttahida Quami Movement
Phone# 0300-9206884

Sajid Ahmed's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Kal Tak 22-Sep
Kal Tak
Could the opposition be able to achieve all the goals of the APC?
Kal Tak 27-Aug
Kal Tak
Discussion on the current situation of Karachi after heavy flood
Faisla Aap Ka 27-Aug
Faisla Aap Ka
The opposition demanding to declare Karachi an emergency zone.
Tonight With Fareeha 17-Jan-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Federal minister Fawad Chaudhry writes letter to PM Khan against CM Punjab
Kal Tak 14-Jan-20
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif viral picture opend new debate between government and PMLN
To The Point 13-Jan-20
To The Point
Big relief for Pervez Musharraf from Lahore High Court
DNA 25-Dec-19
Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam & today political scenario
DNA 20-Sep-19
PM Imran Khan Big Trip To US On Kashmir Issue
Live With Nasrullah Malik 14-Sep-19
Live With Nasrullah Malik
What are the solution of Karachi problems
Live With Nasrullah Malik 31-Aug-19
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Discussion on the issue of garbage in Karachi
Khara Sach 10-Jun-19
Khara Sach
Double standard of NAB, Who will be next target of NAB
Live With Nadia Mirza 13-Apr-19
Live With Nadia Mirza
Corruption cases against all political leadership of opposition parties
Khara Sach 9-Apr-19
Khara Sach
Tsunami of inflation hit people of Pakistan badly.
Tonight With Fareeha 22-Mar-19
Tonight With Fareeha
Murder attack on Moulana Taqi Usmani in Karachi.
Sawal To Hoga 26-Jan-19
Sawal To Hoga
Anti encroachment operation in Karachi and reservations of political parties.
Live With Nadia Mirza 19-Dec-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Nawaz Sharif will be in jail again on December 24
Tonight With Jasmeen 14-Nov-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
Government signed an agreement with British government for exchange of criminal
Live With Nadia Mirza 15-Oct-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Troubled PMLN got something to cheer in by-election
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim 15-Oct-18
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim
Results of by-election, MQM Pakistan problems
Tonight With Jasmeen 17-Sep-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Live With Nadia Mirza 16-Sep-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Can PM Imran Khan solve problems of Karachi
Kal Tak 2-Aug-18
Kal Tak
PTI still manipulating for forming government in center
Tonight With Jasmeen 31-Jul-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
PTI leading in number game in center & Punjab.
10PM With Nadia Mirza 27-Jul-18
10PM With Nadia Mirza
PTI active to prove majority in Punjab to form government there.
Spot Light 20-Jun-18
Spot Light
Chaudhry Nisar problem will increase after leaving party.
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 9-Jun-18
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Ticket distribution from political parties, NAB Court proceeding
Live With Nadia Mirza 31-May-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan.
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 16-May-18
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Who will be the caretaker Prime Minister?
Live With Nadia Mirza 10-May-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan.
Tonight With Jasmeen 8-May-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
Why PPP, PTI workers such mess in the Karachi?
Tonight With Fareeha 8-May-18
Tonight With Fareeha
Tension between PPP & PTI workers in Karachi
Live With Nadia Mirza 3-May-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Current political scenario of Pakistan
Tonight With Jasmeen 1-May-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
Discussion on politics of Karachi
Rubaru 28-Apr-18
Nawaz criticized Imran Khan for taking orders from higher points.
News Beat 21-Apr-18
News Beat
Who will solve problems of Karachi
Kal Tak 16-Apr-18
Kal Tak
PEMRA will decided which speech of Nawaz will be on aired
Point of View With Dr. Danish 23-Mar-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
Has Mayor Karachi no power to serve people of Karachi with?
Tonight With Fareeha 21-Mar-18
Tonight With Fareeha
Discussion on Rao Anwaar appearance in supreme court after over month disappearance
Kal Tak 5-Mar-18
Kal Tak
Senate election under horse trading and manipulations
10PM With Nadia Mirza 2-Mar-18
10PM With Nadia Mirza
Discussion on senate election and parties reservations.
Tonight With Fareeha 2-Mar-18
Tonight With Fareeha
MQM Pakistan united again day before senate election.
News Beat 16-Feb-18
News Beat
Maryam Nawaz anti judiciary speech and MQM Pakistan internal problems
Point of View With Dr. Danish 13-Feb-18
Point of View With Dr. Danish
More grouping in MQM Pakistan will not solve problems of people of Karachi
On The Front 13-Feb-18
On The Front
Ali Khan Tareen defeated in NA-154, Lodhran
News Room 8-Feb-18
News Room
Discussion on troubles of MQM Pakistan.
Kal Tak 8-Feb-18
Kal Tak
Kamran Tessori is the only cause of split in MQM Pakistan leadership.
Kal Tak 6-Feb-18
Kal Tak
MQM Pakistan political future is in danger after current differences among party leadership
News Beat 27-Jan-18
News Beat
PMLN Jalsa in Jaranwala, Fake police encounters and Rao Anwaar disappearances.


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